More Hits: Hollywood and Guns

Let’s first look at the status of last week’s non-Proj Aug headlines. We had a lot of linguistical inferences, but came away with only two headlines:

1. Conflict over guns: Lawmakers clamp down on firearms

2. More storms in Hollywood: Shots heard at the Barrymore house

What we’ll find is that the trends were spot on, but the headlines were drafted poorly. Let’s start with Barrymore. The literal dream content talked about Barrymore’s mansion getting shot up (as in real bullets and firearms). The linguistics said, “Storms Hollywood blast Drew.”

So I don’t think too many people will fault me for choosing the literal version of this story, although I did have a discussion about which way we should go with it. Now that some news details are out, we can critique my work…

Would you believe that Drew is indeed being blasted? Lucky for her this is only a metaphor playing out. Her brother “blasts her over half-sister Jessica’s booze and drug related death.”

Yes, you heard it here. For some reason the dream material wanted us all to know what Barrymore said to her half-sister that might have caused her apparent suicide. Drew allegedly said…“How could I possibly be related to someone who is so fat?

Link is here:

This is the first time that the linguistics was so directly overlapping with the dream content, so I’m still wondering whether something bigger is coming. Don’t get me wrong…the DreamSeer hit here is direct and strong, but only metaphorically, so let’s call it a 3.8 and hope that this will be all of our Barrymore storms.

Of course, one has to wonder whether the collective unconscious was screaming to us about the William’s tradegy, and we just happened to pick up Barrymore instead.


Guns: 1,000’s Collected

Referencing that first headline about guns, we have quite a story that has pretty much nothing to do with the expected headline (i.e., lawmaking), but it does encapsulate the collective unconscious obsession with firearms.

The TSA Has Confiscated More Than 1,000 Guns at U.S. Airports This Year

Aug 8, 2014

It’s easy to forget that the Transportation Security Administration is out for more than just your bottled water. Indeed, every week TSA agents find dozens of firearms, most of them loaded, in travelers’ carry-on baggage at airports across the country.

Last year, the TSA found a total of 1,813 firearms in carry-on baggage through checkpoints around the country. As of the end of June 2014, the TSA has already found 1,025. According to the TSA, people may travel with firearms only if they are unloaded, declared and checked as baggage in locked, hard-sided containers. If officers find a

Report: TSA Confiscated 1,025 Firearms By June, Atlanta And Dallas Airports Top List

August 8, 2014 1:58 PM

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – The Transportation Security Administration found 1,813 firearms in travelers’ carry-on luggage last year, and as of the end of June 2014, TSA officials have already confiscated 1,025 firearms at U.S. security checkpoints.

Through June of this year, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport still tops the list, but Dallas/Fort Worth International has tied it with 46 firearms apiece, WSJ reports.

DreamSeer score: about the same as last…3.5. It wasn’t lawmakers clamping down but rather TSA.

More Location Data

Another valuable datapoint on linguistics locations. The top two cities in the dreams two weeks ago (as indicated in the last DreamForecast) were:

1. Hollywood

2. Dallas

This could be mere coincidence, but the biggest overlaps and memes have come from the #1 cities in the linguistics. Both news articles talked about the very cities that were dominant in the dreams.

Of course, Barrymore’s news is pennies compared to the tragic loss of Robin Williams. You can’t miss these headlines anywhere. Steve Martin apparently tweeted this…

I could not be more stunned by the loss of Robin Williams, mensch, great talent, acting partner, genuine soul.

He was apparently struggling with addiction and depression. The two have a statistically significant correlation. Very sad, but we see here how the collective unconscious picked up Hollywood right at about one week prior to this giant loss.


Our original time period for these two predictions / memes was open until the end of August. The news we shared today does definitely hit squarely on our overall dream overlaps, but the memes themselves do seem to be slightly bigger than what this news entailed. Time will tell…



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Copyright © 2014 Chris McCleary. Except for quotes, all rights reserved and any reference about this material requires a link back to this page.

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