Koo means change, or so he says…

NOTE: If you’re looking for the mysterious dream character named Koo, who showed up in one of our Project August dreams, the full explanation is provided here.

As I discussed on James Jancik’s Feet to the Fire radio show on Sunday night (links to the archive forthcoming), I mentioned again a growing concern for the “Sister ended comments” linguistics since it’s been at least another 4 days without a peep. I have great news because not only did she manage to type in some comments last night at the library, but it appears that she might actually get a new computer out of the deal.

I still can’t get over the timing on those linguistics….for those who haven’t heard, Sister Rosemarie writes religiously every day to the National Dream Center, but on the very day the linguistic phrase came out, Sister ended comments, we’ve been worried sick that something happened to her. So, her library update was a relief, and we’ll be awaiting further poems and enlightening tales.


“Something Big”

For those who managed to catch Sunday’s show, you know how strongly that James intuitively feels that “something big” is coming. He’s not sure what it is, but it’s on the way. One thing I thought was extremely interesting was something from the other guest.

Since he’s apparently a very accurate psychic, James asked him about what the near future holds. Jim Shultz’ response was surprisingly similar to one of our recent Project August reports. He said that he felt like something is going down in South America, but he doesn’t know what it is. I don’t think he even has a neg/pos projection on this.

The reason this was so interesting, is because that was very close to my analysis three weeks ago on report #2. Although there were recurring numbers in the dream and a female presence, there was no overlapping linguistics or other dream material to help us hone in on the headline.

But what I felt at the time was something more positive oriented coming from South America, as opposed to something happening to that continent. Here’s what I wrote:

Something magnificent may be coming from South America. One dreamer was given several images chronologically, and she reported “feeling” the impressions more than seeing them. First, there was a mother presence. Next, a figure of two countries that together formed an ice cream cone filled with a scoop of ice cream. Next, the numbers 566 showed up. Analysis: There are a few places on the atlas that could comprise the ice cream cone, but none as prominent as South America (the cone would be Argentina, Bolivia, and Uruguay, and Brazil would be the ice cream). I believe it’s widely accepted that the number 5 means “travel, motion, adventure,” which screams a big confirmation of the DreamBot linguistics. But the number 6 is twice as strong in this dream, and it means:

The only big thing I know of in South America right now is the World Cup, but that’s not in August, but rather June-July. Jim never gave a timetable for his premonition, but I’m curious whether we were “feeling” the same headline or something totally different.

Kooing for Change

If you haven’t participated in Project August, yet, now’s the time. We just received perhaps the biggest dream of all come in last night. I am considering extending the #4 window so that more people have a chance to see this dream. Remember, only those who supply a Proj Aug dream will get a password to the report, and even if the linguists and everything else are boring, you really don’t want to miss this one.

In short, we have archetypical characters feeding our dreamer very important information. Is it all foreshadowing something big coming? I believe it does and the name “Koo” (the archetypical main character) sounds EXACTLY like another four-lettered English word. Can anyone guess what that is? Hint: starts with a “c.”


Winds of Change? ….DreamBot1

We finally got a tickle from DreamBot1 again, and remember that when DreamBot1 speaks, it offers big, broad-brush indicators of things to come.

“Different life sure felt weird.”

To me, this returns us to the streak about a month ago with that “strange” and “weird” meme, except this time we have a full “different life” to look forward to.

While DreamBot1 is very good at digging up cosmic-level awareness, it’s sometimes cryptic. We’ve seen the weird meme before, but we haven’t yet seen it attached to life itself. This has me wondering….is life about the change?

If it was just the linguistics, I wouldn’t be too enthused here, but we have a direct overlap in a recent Project August dream. In fact, it’s the one I just mentioned above. I just can’t keep my mouth shut on this. Here’s just a tiny fraction of what our dreamer saw….

He told me that very soon my world would change and he gently spun me around in space to face a set of constellations.


More hints or just novelty?



Linguistics for DreamBot2, now, is behaving oddly. There’s a rather low amount of meaningful verbiage, and what I managed to extract doesn’t appear to provide many headline opportunities. I supply this short list because I felt obligated to provide at least something.


I don’t believe there are any headlines associated, although they all make for great discussion.


Love set world anyway ended
Notice between great change done
Party says play June mostly pain
Earth cops giant air show
Missing search alien concerned crying
August chasing closer


The first phrase up there reminds me more of the tennis version of “love.” It almost rings like “game, set, match” and has the same sort of feel.

The change meme is next, but what’s the “between” doing in there?

The 3rd entry is about the Ps: Party, Play, and Pain. Huh? This has a stock market feel to it. Right now the party’s in full swing, but June might end up being financially painful.

UFOs I suppose would have to enter the scene on “Earth cops giant air show.” We’re seeing lots more footage of UFOs, so maybe this is a head’s up to a stepup of some kind, which perhaps is related to the second to last line….the missing alien. WTF?

What’s interesting about “missing” and “alien” is that every google return takes you straight to the ol’ Malaysian flight. Hmmmm, but why would the alien be crying? Do they even have emotions?

And the finally, August is chasing closer…duh!


General Indicators? DreamBot3

What I find interesting is that the word “hot” plummeted recently in the weather words section of the linguistics and its opposite (“cold”) was the highest jump upward at 27%. So, in our dreams, we’re cold, mild, and wet. What a stark contrast from last week. Is summer going to be tame, or are these weather words talking about our broad social weather for humanity?

The top states in our dreams are California and Florida, but Wisconsin remains surprisingly high. As far as cities go, Phoenix keeps its average at the top, and Atlanta still just behind. Interestingly, Tyler, Texas pops onto the scene out of nowhere. What’s up with that?

Mountain Caves are atop the dreamscape, and interestingly, beach plummeted to last place.


…and the biggest jump of all for the entire linguistics?

1. Fear (67% jump!)

2. Anxious

3. Stress

4. Afraid

5. Anxiety

6. Friendly



Are we having fun yet?




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Koo means change, or so he says… — 1 Comment

  1. Happy Day, Chris… I’m back somewhat… and blessed with a new computer! A new picture graces my hermitage… Sai Baba and an eagle flying in Canada’s mountain cave like expanse.
    He’s pushing the hand of an Indian Chief down which is holding a rifle… while beckoning to the Peace Pipe which is in the other hand. White Buffalo Calf woman is in the back ground with white buffalo and mist energy of departing one.

    I have spent the morning in the forest dancing with flowers and creatures in praise and gratitude for life and all it holds… enjoyed hearing about your daughter… thank you for that. Now I come back to break in the new computer and catch up on missed emails. Will look forward to your link of the show.

    Two dreams:
    June 6
    I’m with a group of people. We are going to a play, I think. We have missed it already once.’I am wearing my orange silk and prayer shawl – they are all dressed in black and seem disconcerted that I will make them late. I go into the bathroom and there is another person there. We are sitting o the toilet! I say – at least you are still here. I can’t remember who she is…maybe the woman who is speaking with me at the Legacy of Fire – 2014.

    (Think it is Oprah, Michelle and Cici as Oprah makes mention of sitting on the toilet crying when she calls Maya Angelou!}

    June 9
    I have a dream about black scorpions. I’m looking in a box to see what is there – and soon scorpions come out. It reminds me of the White Lion I watched briefly – going in a cave and coming out suddenly since it was inhabited by some other squirrel – like critters. It was lost and seeking is mother.

    Comment: With Father’s Day coming the scorpions could allude to Jesus saying about a father giving bread not scorpion. I noticed on the headline CNN a comment that Bowe asked for more vegetables and fruit – not just lamb… and was given it!

    Bye for now! Thank you for your concern… must be something in my crash and disappearance!