Proj Aug Report #4 Published

Proj Aug Report #4 Published


Note: Project Uno dreams were analyzed in the linguistics for the PA DreamForecast, but were not included for making headline predictions in this report. Project Uno dreams can be viewed here. Join the contest, you only have one more week to submit your Project Uno dream!



Section 1: Dream Lessons


This round of dreams was not only fun to read, but also educational! We start off with nutrition:


“…my father has already finished making my crepes, placing them on the coffee table in the family room. I say to him, “Oh, I see that you’ve finished making the rest of the crepes. What did you use?” As I expected, he used the 3 ingredients that I told him “never EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER to use” – oil, white flour and sugar. After explaining the reasons why we should be avoiding these items I ask, “Do you understand?” and he says “yes”, but I quickly retort, “NO YOU DON’T because the ingredients that you used comprise half the crepes!” Although the food has an attractive, “fluffy” appearance and odor, I feel incredibly frustrated and angry that he just doesn’t listen.”

Overall, a fine lesson, except that the TYPE of oil and sugar is important. Avoid vegetable oil and instead use coconut oil…it’s good for the brain! Also, never use artificial sweeteners and you can find superfood-grade sugars to use, like the plant-based stevia. Then, you can combine some 100% whole wheat flour and voila, your pancakes/crepes suddenly become superfood (delicious and super good for you)!


This dream was a mix of prophetic warning, encouragement for a particular mission, and also educational. Let’s start with the very end of the dream:

“He said many more things, but before I woke up, he told me to remember that everything is anonmeric? It sounded like a-nun-mur-rick…This dream gave me a lot of mixed feelings…I tried to look up the word I was given, but could not find any meaning to it.”

I’m thinking that perhaps this last piece was given to the dreamer to show her the validity of the overall message. It turns out that ANOMERIC is a basic building block of our physical existence. Being that I did very poorly in chemistry class, I can’t add a whole lot to this educational piece, other than to provide the said definition:

In carbohydrate chemistry, an anomer is a special type of epimer. It is one of two stereoisomers of a cyclic saccharide that differs only in its configuration at the hemiacetal or hemiketal carbon, also called the anomeric carbon.”

What’s more profound is the rest of what the dream stranger discussed to the dreamer. The dream itself is very long, so here are just some snippets:

He went on to say that the eyes betray and the best way to navigate life is through the spirit….He went on to tell me a lot of things…. he said something that made me feel as if he were telling me God didn’t exist. My world was crumbling around me and it HURT. I was very upset because I knew there was truth to a lot of what he was saying… so I asked him if he was trying to tell me that there was no God. He shrugged and said “Well, yes and no”. Well what was THAT supposed to mean? It could only be one or the other… He said that it would depend on who or what I thought God was. He is Love and hope… in short… he is everything. The blind man nodded, and said that by that definition, there is in fact a God. I was relieved…

I walked with the man over to a balcony. Looking over the balcony, the floor WAY below us was glass and I had a clear view of earth… it was breath taking, but I felt sad and upset. I asked the man why ‘they’ (The people on earth) didn’t see what was coming. How could they not know when it is so close. He never specified what exactly was coming, but I knew it was something very bad. He told me that many didn’t see for different reasons.

Some didn’t see because they didn’t want to. Others didn’t see because they had forgotten how to..and then there were those who were just too busy to see the forest for the trees. As we spoke, I wondered if there was anything I could do to stop whatever it was from happening.

He told me no.

The man told me not to worry. Everyone has a purpose– a reason for being, right now all I had to do was to “help one person at a time”… well that certainly wasn’t going to change much… but it WOULD change one person’s life, who might change another’s. Maybe I was doing that by warning people and trying to help them prepare? I felt a little better… but still hopeless.

He said the reason I felt this way was because it wasn’t my time to do anything yet.

My time to change the world is after the world changes. He said that people who survive will be weak and poor and will not remember what is important or “how to live”… then it will be time for the people in the building, including me, to teach them “love, life, and new sight.”


This is a very interesting lesson, because it’s also something I stated before. I believe that after the inevitable monetary collapse, it will be up to US (as in you and me) to rebuild that which we want our new creation to look like!! It’s fantastic to get a blind dream guru to back me up on that!


Section 2: In the Heavens Above



Has this one already happened? One dreamer (“Tree Sister”) was given a beautiful rendering of another planet….Saturn.

Outside the window was a huge planet that filled the whole view, and it had a red (brownish-orange shade) ring around the equator area that was flat and stuck out, not too far. (As if a sphere were bisected by a CD which stuck out all around.) The planet seemed to be black with some shades of gray or light brown around the edges, to delineate it from the black sky behind it. I was amazed by the sight. I seemed to be in a small room. Someone—I believe it was my partner—was in the room with me but I only saw the planet and the window. I said, “Is that REALLY Saturn?” and he answered in the affirmative.

Then in a conversation to get more details, she wrote something worth mentioning here:

“My incubation for that dream was a bit interesting: After trying the recommended & recalling nothing, that night before going to bed I said, quite exasperatedly to my DreamMakers (I have some funny dialogues with them/it): “Oh, come on guys, won’t you PLEEEEZE show me something about a headline in August???” Then I had that dream! It stood out; it was sort of shocking.”

Well, not only was it shocking, but 4 days later, NASA would publish a very unusual article about Saturn. Basically, Saturn’s moon, Prometheus, skirted through the rings around Saturn and affected the way the disc appears to us. Gotta check out that photo and article…pretty amazing.

So, now that Tree Sister achieved at least a 4.0 on the DreamSeer scale (a very high score, by the way….it would have been even higher if it was closer to August)…Is that the Saturn headline she dreamed about, or is there more coming in August? Keep in mind that the linguistics said this about August:

“Satan realize control somewhere August”

In order to make this meaningful, one must know that “Satan”, “Saturn”, and “Saturday” all come from ancient Rome. The brightest heavenly bodies were to represent their gods, and the god of agriculture happened to be Saturn. Now, Satan obviously came on the scene in the Christian world, and most preachers teach that Satan is equal to Lucifer. However, there’s nothing in the Bible that actually equates the two.

In fact, Lucifer actually means the morning star or “bringer of light.” Interestingly, “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning” in Isaiah 14:12 is connected to “THE morning star,” which was and still is Venus because it’s the brightest star in the sky (other than the moon) and it precedes the Sun in the morning, thus, “the bright morning star” is the bringer of the Sun, or light. So Lucifer equates to Venus but Satan equates to Saturn.

Anyway, the whole point of this discussion is all about August. Why does our NON-Project August linguistics point to Satan realizing control? I have a couple of thoughts here, and it might turn out that neither is correct:

Possibility #1. The linguistics and the dream suggest that Saturn will be a definite force on our planet come August. This would manifest in weather irregularities or perhaps a diversion of the poles. I’m not sure that it would be strong enough to take down the Earth’s magnetosphere, but you never know.

Possible Headline: Saturn to blame for weird weather / pole diversion.


Possibility #2. It is perhaps well-known that cabalists are perhaps satanists (do they worship Saturn, Saturday, and Satan?) Anyway, what would that headline look like? Well, I initially thought that there wouldn’t be a headline for that, but there already is one that came out on Tuesday…

Washington Post: “Satanist arrested for ritual murder in square.” This apparently happened in Athens on June 17, 2014.

But as far as the original linguistics goes, the phrase seems to infer a bigger, more powerful group that can actually gain control of something. I would consider a brand new war to fit the bill here. I’m not saying I want a war because I’m actually a peace activist. I’m just saying that if “they” get their wishes, then another war would kickstart the still-struggling economy.

Improbable Headline: WWIII begins: Russia vs USA

More Probable Headline: Iraq situation escalates…More US troops ordered to deploy



With regards to planets, there’s even more here. Dreamer MTB dreamed of Neptune:

My wife was apparently in charge of a diving expedition. The expedition was to take place on the planet Neptune, in the atmosphere where it was frozen enough to act as if it was a liquid.

This isn’t the end of planets in this report, by the way. So, if there’s any predictive value here about planets, what would it be?


Constellations: Is it Koo or Coup?

First part of the dream: “I can’t remember how I got there exactly, but I was floating in space. I felt warm and weightless, but I wasn’t floating aimlessly, I felt like I was being guided. I eventually came to rest at a place surrounded by many constellations and I heard a warm, gentle male voice call my name. He told me that very soon my world would change and he gently spun me around in space to face a set of constellations.”


Continue reading the rest of the 26-page report here. If you input a PA dream but did not receive a password, contact me as soon as possible.

The report itself includes predictions from world-changing events to building fires, plane crashes, and even headlines about peanuts and the church!

If you’d like to get in on the action for the next report, start logging your Project August dreams now. Here’s how to participate.


Copyright (c) 2014 Chris McCleary. Except for quotes and snippets, all rights reserved.

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  1. sister rosemarie June 21, 2014 at 12:37 pm - Reply

    Having some difficulty with my computer… but wanted to say your reports are awesome… Found the pillar of my last dream in the Scriptures where a pillar was used to designate where the King stood. How much of my dreaming after 45 years of Liturgical prayer is resonating with those scriptures is a question.
    The pearl today is from Aloyisius Gonzaga who prophesied his death one year before it happened. “I must rouse myself to make my way to heaven and to praise God forever in the land of the living. The Divine Goodness is a fathomless and shoreless ocean and my mind is carried away by its Immensity… His voice from heaven invites me to Infinite Bliss..”
    An interesting interview on Afterlife.TV where a psychologist who cared for vets for many years developed a rapid eye movement not only for healing, but for after life communication. I tried to enter the dreamtime in this way and came up with one word: Hanford.

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