Phoenix melting?

Two of my kids have reported seeing what they call angels on multiple occasions. For example, I remember seeing our oldest standing at the front door, looking up toward the chandelier that was turned off. At first, I couldn’t tell if she was frightened or mesmerized, but after awhile, I realized she was in her own little world and strongly revered whatever it was she saw.

After about 30-60 seconds of her staring into the same spot, ignoring my questions, she finally responded to, “What do you see?” The image apparently disappeared because she started to walk away, answering my questions, “My angel,” which she described later as a big blue man. She was 3 at that time, and these instances have slowly vanished.

Incidentally, some researchers claim that kids lose their ability to see into the otherly realms because they are conditioned by their parents, friends, or culture at large that this is impossible or that they are strange or weird for having this ability.

However, I can genuinely say that this has not been the case for my daughter, for over the years she has had less and less of these special occasions even though we’ve paid special attention to give her nothing but a positive atmosphere to share her experiences.

In my non-scientific study of this phenomenon, my hypothesis is that the physical life seems to gradually grow stronger and more defined as we age, and as it does so, we naturally separate ourselves from the other reality(ies). On the back side of life, we gradually merge back into the non-physical again, having less association with the physical reality and more in the alternative reality. My grandmother was an example of this recently. At 98, she laid there so peacefully, barely uttering any words. She seemingly was bouncing between worlds because whenever she managed to talk, it was either “I’m going home” (a very spiritually-oriented statement) or “I’m thirsty” (a very physically-oriented statement).

In other words, the soul connection to the non-physical world can be stronger at the beginning and end of life, which allows these unseen realities to become more prominent. In the middle portion of life, reality is just way too potent and consuming to where the otherly signals aren’t strong enough to reach conscious awareness through the typically strong noise of our everyday lives.

Now, of course, this is just a generic observation and only applies to people who fall inside “the norm.” Outside the norm are those indigo kids, spiritual adepts, or just general people experiencing a “spiritual emergency.”

Also, age old wisdom says that we can purposefully learn to attune to this alternate reality, but such is not the purpose of this post.


Dream from an Indigo?

We had a reader from Phoenix who recognized their 5-year-old possibly tapping into the unseen world, this time via dreams. This was submitted on June 8th to the DreamBase…


This dream actually came from my 5-year-old daughter, so I don’t have as many details as I might if it were me, but she honestly has had many instances of talking about things before the happen, etc, that I take her little thoughts & dreams very seriously. (For example, a few weeks ago she randomly said “God needs more people in heaven,” and then a week later my grandpa unexpectedly fell down the stairs and passed away.)

This morning she came stumbling groggily in to my office after waking and said, ”In three weeks this whole place is gonna melt!”

I asked her what she meant, and she repeated it again. I asked her if it was from a dream and she said, “Yes, that’s what they were all saying.” I asked her who, and at that point all she could remember was her brother, but it was clear there were many people involved.

We do live in Phoenix, so it is entirely possible that we will “melt” here in three weeks, but the tone of her voice made me feel it was necessary to report.



Remember that when working with dreams, there are so many ways to work with and interpret them. One of the highest tenants when working with dreams is that no dream has just one meaning, and the other tenant is that only the dreamer can say with any certainty what their dream actually means.

As for the National Dream Center and our DreamForecasts, we’re mainly concerned about how the interpretation affects the future, so what about the melting dream?

Here are two obvious implications if the dream is prophetic:

Option 1. It will become unusually hot in Phoenix within three weeks. Having lived in Phoenix for some time myself, being extremely hot is not unusual. To confirm this particular headline would have to probably include some physical object melting because of the unusual heat (like tires or pavement melting might be an indicator).

Option 2. A big fire melts everything in its wake.

Connection to Linguistics

Here’s a very interesting phenomenon that has been apparent in the linguistics lately, and it has to do with location. The number one dream city in the collective unconscious is….Phoenix (rivaled only by Atlanta).

Now, of course, there could be absolutely nothing to this, but when linguistics overlap with actual dream content, particularly dreams in our DreamBase, the percentages of likelihood tend to also increase.

The other interesting linguistics on our last run was that “warmer” and “sunny” both made a jump upward in frequency, while “wet,” “cloud,” and “flood” went significantly lower.

Finally, the number 13 made a huge jump (42% higher), and I’m anxious to see whether that has any connection. Not that this means anything, but Phoenix fire station #13 sits at 2828 N. 47th Place, Phoenix.


In future work

In future phases of the Dream Center, we’ll have some sort of probability or percentage attached to a dream sequence / prediction that will indicate how likely it is for a physical world event to take place.

Then, based on the type of prediction and the actual probability, we’ll have teams making transpersonal interventions to either fulfill the dream or disenable it. If we were faced with this melting scenario, particularly Option 2, we’d obviously desire some sort of fire prevention.

The modalities for intervention will vary by whatever is preferred by the individual. We know that intentions can sway random number generators and that resonating collective intentions can sway the RNGs even more. Other modalities include meditation, prayer, lucid dreaming, and many more.




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Phoenix melting? — 2 Comments

  1. I am sorry to say this but you missed options 3 and 4 for Phoenix melting, option highly unlikely is Phoenix being hit by a asteroid or comet. Option 4 unlikely but not nearly as much as option 3 is a nuclear strike, bear in mind the Phoenix area is home to Luke Air Force Base, one of the worlds largest bases and home to a large amount of our F16’s and almost all our training facilities for future F16 pilots which still are the bulk of our Air Force, if you are at war with the US it would be a top ten military target. modern Russian military doctrine no longer follows MADD it follows a plan to target key military and industrial targets only, avoiding cities unless they host said target. If you don’t think this is possible just look at history such as WW1, it only takes a spark. If something gives Putin a good excuse to invade Eastern and Southern Ukraine to push across the Black Sea coast to take Odessa and the Russian base in Moldova he will take it, he is counting on no one in NATO doing anything but Poland and to a lesser extent Turkey and Romania have given indications under certain circumstances they would come to the aid of Ukraine, Poland and Turkey have large well equipped and trained armies, if things did not go Russia’s way quickly, I could easily see Putin attacking them on their home soil claiming “self defense” counting on the West backing down as usual like Hitler felt Britain and France would back down on Poland, he was wrong and Putin would be as well, at that point with US involvement, if Russia hoped to win they would need quick unexpected strategic strikes to destroy our ability to project our power, attacking places like Luke Air Force base for example. Somewhere maybe here I saw a prediction for Russia doing something of consequence on the 18th, maybe a invasion of Ukraine? which could spiral out of control within a couple of weeks, her prediction was three weeks from now.

    • Dean, always a pleasure getting your take. Nope, I can’t argue your extra options there. If I had to find an argument, though, it would be the likelihood of Luke AFB being targeted. If any of our supposed enemies goes the nuclear route, then there are a bazillion targets ahead of Luke, maybe more even. I was stationed at Luke for some time….training bases seem great, but they have a lot of operational squadrons to take out first…and LOTS of ’em. Remember this is the most bloated military (by numbers, money spent, and technological advancement) that the world has ever seen (all originating on a pyramid-scheme-economy that depends on an absurdly bloated military machine).

      Plus, I’m willing to bet that the Hoover dam is higher in the enemy list, with so many people dependent on water AND electricity in the Southwest, so all bets are off there.

      I’m not sure about this notion of all-out war anyway. Of course, I could be wrong, but who’s really going to be willing to start a mutually-assured self-annihilation? The new war is done all under the table via economics. This is where the real war exists. The old physical war is all propped up by fake mercenaries, mind-programming, and God knows what else.

      Plus, the idea that most of the world leaders all work for the same cronies is also an option. This would mean even more fakeness going forward (that is, until the safety net starts unraveling, in which case everyone’s going to start pointing fingers at each other, in which case, real war may actually ensue).

      As always, great conversation, though, Dean!