Report 1


Project August

Report #1

May 4, 2014


Disclaimer: Although the staff strives for objective analysis in all aspects of Project August, we are still in uncharted territory with respect to precognitive dreams. Project August should not be assumed a scientific study. Any projections into future predictions should always be considered merely speculation, especially when matched with dates and locations. Readers assume full responsibility for their actions based on any information provided in or referred to from the content within this report. Readers and dreamers alike are cautioned to use a high level of discernment when reading anything related to Project August. Any material and content that discusses Project August should be considered ‘for entertainment only.’



Admin stuff

I’ll begin by saying just how excited I am about this project. Frankly, I can’t believe it’s actually started, and believe me, we have a LOT to talk about. I want to express how grateful I am to have you all participating in this truly groundbreaking project. I can’t tell you how many people are anxiously awaiting August just to see how this thing unfolds…me included!

The amount of dreams we’ve had so far is fairly in line with our estimates. Of course, to really get a good picture of the collective dream landscape, we really need millions of dreams, literally. Therefore, we ask that you please continue posting your August dreams, and if it presses you to do this, try to get a couple other friends to participate as well. We tried to scale down our entry procedures to appeal to more people.

This particular project is just the tip of the iceberg. Being the first of its kind, Project August is much more than just analyzing how well the collective dreams can predict the future; it’s also about helping us design more scientific studies in the upcoming months/years. The more we know, the better our design so that our follow-on projects are even that much tighter in terms of scientific credibility. We needed a starting point, and Project August was the ticket.

One word of caution: in a very pristine research project, I wouldn’t want to affect future dreaming by allowing the dreamers to see the previously dreamed dreams (unintentional tongue twister). For example, if participants read about a catastrophe on the West coast, will they then start dreaming about that coastline just because they saw it earlier? The same goes for this report. If this was a perfect study, no one would be able to read previous dreams OR the predictions prior to August.

Make no mistake, though. The big key to this project is simply participation. This is partly the reason we’re offering these predictions periodically: a sort of reward in a way for continuing to participate in the project. If no one ever gets any feedback, then I suspect that participation would eventually wane.

Therefore, this report is in honor of YOU. It’s the only thing I have as a gift in exchange for your time and your dedicated work.

But just realize that reading this report can influence your dreams. I want you to do two important things here: 1) only read this report in the morning, and 2) before you read, affirm that you will dream about fresh, new content and not simply a regurgitation of what you saw here. Why only the morning? This will give your mind a full day to trump your subconscious with other irrelevant crap instead of the predictions we have here. It’s no big secret that despite your intentions of August headlines, all of you still provide some amount of day residue in your dream stories. That is to be expected. I just don’t want the day residue to be any material from this report!! That being said, if you dream about an exact headline below, then still write it up…you did your best, and if you dreamed about it, trust that there was a reason for it! Don’t filter your dreams after the dream happens.

Got it? Great! We’re getting closer to the predictions…

The way precognitive dreams seem to work

50% of the Project August (PA) registrants answered that their precognitive dreams seem to play out in real life in a mixed way. They have some of their real-life events happening identically as the dream, but then other times it plays out metaphorically (still an undeniable precognition, but it wasn’t the direct event they were necessarily expecting).

Therefore, I expect that if our dreams come true in August, we’re going to see much of the same sort of thing. Hopefully we’ll see some events that are just about identical to some of our dreams, but I can almost guarantee that others will play out allegorically. So is the name of the game….our dreamwork here will have to include all these ideas and even more.

The PA methodology for making predictions was actually formed from what ended up being called DreamForecasting™, which I’m hoping will become a regular process at the National Dream Center™. DreamForecasting is a method I developed from several different sources, including my own dreams! Just to be clear, though, I don’t pretend to be a dramatically precognitive dreamer. I’ve had only two dreams that predicted insignificant events (I believe my dreams fall into the mathematical explanation of coincidence).

However, I live with a prolific precognitive dreamer and thus I have to sit back and marvel about how dream after dream comes true. As a utilitarian, though, I developed a sense that these dreams were almost useless ahead of time, until we acted upon one of her dreams to avoid a fatal traffic accident.

But the work for PA predictions and DreamForecasting isn’t for individuals…it’s a whole different ballgame, almost a whole different genre of dreamwork. We’re interested in the collective dream. This could be the epitome of Carl Jung’s work, considering how much I combine everyone’s unconscious dream content into a great big cauldron of linguistic goo…and then analyze. It’s amazing how the archetypes just POP right out in this format, just staring us in the face.

But just because I can easily find archetypes in the collective moshpit of dreams, doesn’t get me any closer to seeing the headlines in August.

The Tools

The first step is to look at the major trends within the manifest content (this is a Freudian term that simply means the actual dream account—the latent content is the memory association that caused the manifest content). What I’m trying to say here is that I basically have little use for the latent content, or any underlying personal meanings for the dream material. If you dreamed about Oregon, for example, I try not to scoff that off and just say, well, he or she just probably visited Oregon. Latent content is very useful in individual dream therapy, but for PA it weighs me down big time.

So, we’re going to look at all the major themes within each dream and identify patterns and trends. Not having done mass group precognition work before, I estimate that this will be our most reliable aspect to the model.

Then, we conduct some linguistic analysis. This isn’t the same analysis as you’ve seen from other people, but I suppose it’s similar. If you’ve followed the works of the greats like George Ure or his sidekick, Grady from, you’ve inevitably heard that language precedes real events.

My extension to this theory obviously includes dreams, but we do this for the original intent of the aforementioned visionaries. In direct context, I believe we actually get exponentially closer to what these gentleman originally desired with their already eyewatering linguistic models. Are they looking just for the words themselves, or are the words actually a manifestation or symbolism of something deeper that if tapped properly can really enhance our prediction capability?

I argue that the deeper source here is the inner mind. Some people call it the subconscious, the unconscious, the morphogenetic field, and still other terms. Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious mind, where I believe resides the connection between 3D reality and timelessness (i.e. the future). There are other ways to slow the brainwaves down, but our path is dreaming, so let’s get to it!

The major trends so far

Trends are important to me, because it feels like some sort of homing device on the future. Of course, if everyone is dreaming about an event, it still doesn’t guarantee anything, but this is where the collective unconscious comes in. If Jung was right, then trends are where I expect our more pronounced predictions to occur. Just remember that as more dreams are added, the trends you see here may be reduced to secondary priority on subsequent updates.

Right now, the biggest trend is water on a coastline, and we may actually have the exact location of this event. Five dreams had water in them, but that figure by itself seems downright lame. However, the way that water is portrayed in these four dreams is something to raise eyebrows over. We’ll discuss these in detail in just a second.

The second trend is an undeniable bombastic color combination that has me absolutely mesmerized. As with anything artsy like this, there are multiple possibilities which we shall explore, but the mathematical probability of having these colors, joined at the hip in multiple dreams = downright impossible!

Before Friday, May 2nd, there was an amazing trend that had me very concerned. Instead of beating around the bush, let me just quote the linguistic phrase for you: “Dark order move huge around underground.” Have I got your attention yet? This phrase no longer exists in the linguistics since Fridays’ dreams were added, but we have it documented and will be watching that one like a hawk!

The word ‘van’ shows up more than it should, frankly, and the way it’s laid out in the dreams make me think that this one has got to be a big metaphoric headline.

Finally for trends, we have two dreams that both mention leafless trees! Is there an extraordinary weather event expected in the August or are our dreamers homing in on some different geographical locations (remember that so far, all our dreams are coming from the US, I believe).

Detailed analysis

In this section, we’ll cover the above trends as well as some of the direct dream events we might expect come August. We’ll also cover a smattering of metaphors when appropriate. I laid this out in order of probability (highest probability is first).

Note: All “headlines” are purely speculation and should not be taken out of its true context (which is predicting events based on dream content)…sorry to insult your intelligence, but that was to make the lawyers happy J

Headline 1: The Bundy Ranch Goes Nuclear! This topic will likely make it out into public view in a DreamBlog early next week because in essence the headline has already happened. We’re simply waiting for the event now, and guess when all this will go down? Great job….August 2014!

Our PA dreamer was shown three empty parking garages. One was above ground and two were below ground level. In the first below-ground scene, the dreamer recognized a person who resembled Clive Bundy (please note that Clive’s shirt in the dream was white and blue…that’ll be key later).

Okay, so less than two weeks after this dream, this dreamer feels compelled to figure out the significant relationship with Bundy, August, and Underground. Very good question, but I had no time to explore it…this dreamer fortunately did!

Let’s start a little loose with our associations and tighten up as we go…Bundy and Underground are somewhat related because his ranch resides in that infamous area where all the nuclear testing was conducted over the years. The dreamer points us to this testing facility, but I assure you there are MANY more.

As a previous fighter aviator, I spent much time flying over these areas in southern Nevada’s NTTR. This seems to help our cause here, geographically speaking, because based on what I’ve heard in public forums is that much of the nuclear testing over the years was conducted underground (not just because the government cared about its population’s health (yeah right), but more because of the Cold War and spy satellites). They wanted to test without other people knowing about….the standard party line…have to keep things secret.

Okay, so for me, the connection between Bundy and Underground is solid, but more importantly it does two things: 1) it establishes a general location for an August headline, and 2) the word “nuclear” is generated from this relationship. Note that by “nuclear” I don’t intend on the bomb, but rather the adjective. This situation is not going to end well….and now we’re ready for the punchline.

We already know that the far right extremes (i.e. militias, libertarians, etc.) are currently rotating forces out at the Bundy ranch right now. But come August, we’re going to see the extreme other side, the far, far left…and they’re going to be NAKED!

Okay, I realize this is starting to sound more bazaar than a dream, but these are actual headlines already! Ready everyone? Introducing Bundyfest!

Oh, you want to see a preview of the events? Here you go (courtesy of


And with that, I beg you, how in the world can this NOT be ‘nuclear?’ By the way, I do need to honor our dreamer for doing this investigative homework. You can find her original material here.


Headline 2: Florida Coastline Gets Decimated!. One dreamer identified a “wall of water” taking out the coastal town of Ft Meyers, FL, while another dreamer saw “water may be moving very fast. It may not be a river because I can’t see the other side” and in the same dream “Belongings bobbing in water.” Another dreamer was concerned about the speed of the water/river, as well as one other that was canoeing in the back of the house.

Now, I know this is heresy, but I can’t help but bring in a dream from the public database. Just as these PA dreams were being input into the DreamBase, we had a non-PA dreamer ‘see’ a bulge in the water on a sunny day. Might that “bulge” and the “wall of water” be associated? The bulge dream happened around an atoll, or small island. The wall of water happens of the west coast of Florida, AND, another dream depicts a flood scene, where goodies are floating in the deep water. Wait, what state did you say it was? Florida?

Could it be that these dream collections already came true in Pensacola, FL recently?


Doesn’t the following picture resemble the discussion of floating objects? It’s a picture from Pensacola, courtesy of Deborah Dupree’s article over at Before Its News


Above photo credit: Nate Wardle / Twitter

When we mix still another dream account about metaphoric associations to yet another PA dream, this dream trend may have already occurred. After all, it is Florida and Pensacola is right on the coastline, and there are (or were) objects floating. However, there’s something missing from the scenario, which I believe is a key ingredient: waves and fast-moving water approaching from off the coast.

Despite having the headline in Florida, we had another dreamer with a Hawaii dream, so that state could also be the headline instead of Florida. Therefore, expect a major coastal event in either Hawaii or Florida, possibly Ft Meyers, on or after August 20th (but before September 1st).

Headline 3: It’s Now Official: China Overtakes US as Biggest Economy. This item was not a group trend, but rather a single dream account. The dream involved, of all things, China inviting the world to a great big BBQ “in celebration of a financial accomplishment.” I think by now, most people have seen the economic news that China’s economy will overtake the US economy by the end of the year. I need everyone to know that this dream is the third PA dream to already come true, because I can prove this dream was dreamed just over a week prior to all the headlines coming out on major media outlets:

What’s extremely interesting about this dream is that the person tending the BBQ was standing with his back to the dreamer. I interpret this as China passing the US and not looking back.

Therefore, consider the official economic baton-passing to be in August (that is, if the economy can last that long!)

Also important in this dream is the coloring scheme. Wouldn’t you expect some sort of red as the backdrop, perhaps a little bit of white? Nope, not in this dream…there’s a great big all-white backdrop, and guess what color the dude’s shirt is? …..

Headline 4: Civil War Breaks Out in Latin America   OR  Greece Finally Collapses, Taking the World with It   OR   Humanity’s Power Problem Solved from Finish Physicist  This section is all about colors. The color of that BBQ dude’s shirt was blue. So, in that dream, white and blue were the main colors. This trend occurred in four of the dreams. We already talked about Clive’s shirt being white and blue, but I bet you didn’t know that in that same dream, the parking garage was all decked in fresh, pristine white and blue paint! Several more dreams had just white or just blue, but to put this in perspective, only one dream had orange, just a couple with green, one gold and one red! 9 occurrences of white and 8 occurrences of blue.

flagsSo, what does it all mean?

My first thought was that it had something to do with a country with only blue and white on their flag (slightly more white than blue), which would be one of the following: El Salvador, Finland, Micronesia, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Nicaragua, San Marino, Scotland, or Somalia.

See any there that could make headlines? Oh, you betcha! Next, let’s look at what dream themes where the blue/white combo showed up. Well, we have someone observing China’s celebration BBQ, someone observing empty spaces (both above and below ground), someone observing letters on a screen, and someone else being forced to move from one location to another (and also observing people floating down a too-fast river).

So, I’m guessing that the world will be intently observing this nation for some news-worthy event in August. For example, maybe Greece re-takes center stage for demolishing of the global economy. Maybe a civil war erupts in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, or Nicaragua (wow, notice all these blue/white countries in Latin America—that’s interesting!). Maybe a new overunity generator emerges from Finland.

Or, this dream symbol denotes that a single blue/white country will have its hand in many different key events around the world. Perhaps Israel gets caught meddling in the world’s affairs and is asked to remove their hand from the cookie jar.

I’m hoping our future dreams can shed some light on this.

Headline 5: Entertainer (insert any name that has “Van” in it) to Feed One Million Hungry Americans the Second Week of August (or an infinite amount of variations of this). Basically, expect the word or name “Van” to be a major headline in August. At first, I didn’t blink an eye…a couple of dreams about a van, who cares? After a week or so, though, “van” rose to the top of our word list…I couldn’t believe it! Van?!

I think the only way that “Van” can make it into the headlines in August is that something amazing is accomplished by a famous “Van,” such as Van Halen, Van Morrison, Van Jones, a last name Van Dyke, etc. I can’t imagine a scenario where an ordinary van could capture the world’s attention (or God forbid a false flag event where they claim a “van” was doing something malicious.)

Of course, there are always locations, such as cities like Van Buren or Van, Turkey. What is also interesting is that one of the dream vans had a hippie drug dealer in it, and it was parked in a region named Kokopelli. I looked up this mythical character, and here is the significance:


KokopelliKokopelli is a fertility deity, usually depicted as a humpbacked flute player (often with a huge phallus and feathers or antenna-like protrusions on his head), who has been venerated by some Native American cultures in the southwestern U.S. Like most fertility deities, Kokopelli presides over both childbirth and agriculture. He is also a trickster god and represents the spirit of music. Among the Hopi, Kokopelli carries unborn children on his back and distributes them to women (for this reason, young girls often fear him).

So, from the land of WOO-WOO, are we to expect a rebirth in August? Maybe the ascension that some are expecting or perhaps the step up to the 4th density if you follow the Law of One material?

OR, economically speaking, this archetypical Kokopelli, fertility deity, rebirth theme might be the big reset that the world is clamoring for. We’ll watch this one closely, too.

Headline 6: (Empty—no headlines anywhere). Sneaking off to the underground are they? And what would be the reason why…too many to list, so I refuse to do so.

Before Friday’s additional PA dreams, the underground theme was SO in-your-face significant. So just to play it safe, we’ll include it here even though it’s no longer anywhere on the linguistics table (a sigh of relief? I dunno, maybe). Here’s the spooky linguistics:

Dark order move huge around underground.” Here’s another one from earlier in the week: “Family order point huge smoke underground” ….and one more…”Move order around huge family underground.”

I’m fairly convinced that something is going to go down in the underground, but our contradictory linguistics doesn’t help to figure out if it’s positive or negative in nature. Maybe it’s actually both…the dark order goes to their underground bunker, only to get smoked out (or demolished). This rings of the old David Wilcock promise that the underground bunkers have been destroyed. Maybe a mainstream source verifies something along these lines? Foxnews reports: “Confirmed: Elite Hideout Self-Demolished.” Yeah, I agree…that’ll never happen.

One tall tell sign about this whole underground business, though is that the most significant dream about the underground was staged in an underground parking garage. While this mental imagery does make me think of the underground bunkers, particularly the ones that Jesse Ventura uncovered, here’s the deal: the bathrooms in the dream were in brand-new, pristine condition AND the whole place was completely void of people—completely empty!

Therefore, here’s the most likely headline for this category: “Old Underground Test Facility Will Be Converted into a Mal-Mart.”

Headline 7: Something in the Southern Hemisphere?. It’s kind of too early to say much about this issue, but it’s definitely something I’ll be watching all the way through. Both dreamers here claim that the trees were seasonally bare, and that it wasn’t caused by wind or disease or anything extraordinary. That makes me think that there’s something big coming in the Southern Hemisphere this August, but we don’t know any event or any better location markers. Just everyone keep an eye on the environmental indicators in your dreams. Look for foliage on the trees and try to remember to request information if the tree is bare. That’s all I’ll say on that.

Lowest possibility on our current forecast…Headline 8 Outbreak Claims 1,200 lives in Eastern Montana. The cause of these deaths is unknown, but the dream said it was caused by a certain sleep drug. Hmmm, maybe Montana is the epicenter of a new outbreak, or food poisoning. There was an additional dream overlapping here, and they claim that a border crossing or airborne spray was the culprit for the outbreak. That dream was mostly in the Idaho (NW) general viscinity.


One last item that I think is astounding…there is not one single emotion that stands out among all the various emotional states. We have curiousness, playfulness, disappointment, frustration, fear, anger, and many others, but nothing really shows up more than once! I’m actually in utter disbelief at this.

But to carry this into August 2014, perhaps it shows that August will be just one more month, just like any other. Maybe it’ll be just like all the others, with its standard peaks and troughs, but nothing out of the ordinary. People are still in their heavy routines, too hypnotized to care about anything of real concern (maybe too drugged out to care). At any rate, key in on your dream emotions and really pay attention to those feelings cues.

Finally, please document your biggest emotion in each dream, even if it’s extremely mild. Make that a standard input from now on, if you don’t mind.


Although we don’t have nearly enough dreams to get a broader set of predictions, I think we have a very solid start. What do you think? Are you as surprised as I was at all the symbology and trends? Without seeing all the actual dreams, yet, does anyone have some additional strong feelings about your dreams…perhaps something that was not mentioned? Like I said before, this is an absolute blast working on projects like these. I just hope it’s as fun for you as it is for me.

If you can do two things for me/us, that would be awesome: 1) keep dreaming and keep inputting those dream accounts, and 2) PLEASE try and get your friends to supply just one or two dreams. Heck, you could even have them give you the dream, and then you put it into the database, that would be acceptable, too.

Everyone did an absolutely phenomenal job. Thank you so very much! I’ll update this report in two weeks, and those who supply dreams will see it! Thanks again,

Chris McCleary


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