Project August – Basic Procedures

Thank you for your interest in this groundbreaking project. We very much need your help and we promise that it will not cost you very much time, especially considering that all your “work” will be done while you’re sleeping!


TBanner3he procedures are very simple with only two steps:

1. After lying down but just before falling asleep (as the last thing in your head before falling asleep), repeat a phrase 5 times that expresses your desire to dream about big, news-worthy, global events that will happen in August 2014. Here are some examples:

– “I will dream about a major headline that will take place August 2014”

– “My dreams will show me the biggest news stories in August 2014”

– “I will dream about major events to take place in August 2014”

– “Dreams, please show me the biggest world events taking place in August 2014”

2. Upon waking, write the dream(s) down immediately. Log into the DreamBase, choose the category “Project August” and finish documenting your dream.


Registration. The only registration that is required for participation is to set up an account in the DreamBase with a valid email. Please continue reading for additional information.

Note: if you have any problems starting your database account, please contact us here.



What the goal of the project?

The goal is to see how accurately a collective set of dreams can predict future, wide-scale events. Project August will be officially classified as an informal, public venture that seeks to achieve objective yet unofficial observations about the nature of precognitive dreams.

Who should consider participating?

Anyone who can set an intention and remember a dream. You need not be a precognitive dreamer to participate.

What kinds of dreams should participants document?

In short, all of them. If you went to sleep affirming to dream about August 2014, then please document the dream in our database, even if the material does not seem like earth-shattering, or even news-worthy material. However, if you failed or forgot to affirm the dream commitment prior to sleep, then please do not log that dream. The pre-sleep affirmation is the crux of the whole project.

 How do I write up my dream in the DreamBase.

Much of our dreams (sometimes to a 100% proportion) is very metaphoric, meaning that the dream object actually stood for something else. For example, if a dream character shows up named Sue, she might actually symbolize a court case of someone else getting sued. Here are the things we’ll need in the dream report:

Where the dream took place is important

– Describe the most prominent object and biggest event that happened

– Colors are important, any numbers, any names (try not to include full names, though… we do not want to embarrass real people. Just include the first or last or nickname that holds metaphoric value)

– Leave out sexually explicit material or profane words

– Please include whether or not you were lucid


Quick Disclaimer:

1. The National Dream Center, as the moderator of all incoming dream material, maintains the inherent right to delete any post or portion of post for any reason without notice. They may also decide to not post any or all dreams until sometime after the project period.

2. When the participant inputs a dream story to the database, they agree to allow the National Dream Center to discuss their dream publicly on a public blog.

3. There is no limit to the amount of dreams that each participant may document.

NOTE: by participating, you agree to our full terms of use


Project August – Basic Procedures — 17 Comments


      • Thanks, Cindy! Nope, it’s totally free, including the reports throughout and at the end. NO strings attached. If you don’t like it, you walk away. However, at a minimum, this project is a blast, so even if nothing comes true, I can just about guarantee that you’ll enjoy yourself! Of course, a double-whammy when everything comes true.

  1. Haven’t been having many vivid dreams lately. BUT I had a fascinating one last night I was finding hundred dollar bills all over the place , but I don’t know who was losing them I just kept finding more. Exciting! I’m of the opinion that yes maybe war is( Putin) but I am of the internal belief that the devils thousand year reign is just about up. SO GOOD IS COMING. I read somewhere that Mars and Venus reign like the God of war for a good cause. NOSTRADAMUS.

    • Good is absolutely welcome in my book! Did you know Dr. Bruce Goldberg did a lot of future life progressions, and most/all of his clients stated (under hypnosis) that in the 21st century, “World peace is attained and lasts three thousand years. Hunger, greed, and prejudice are reduced.” The future is ours and is NOT cast in stone. We are creating our reality as we speak, and the DreamBot has shown that Good is just as (if not more than) prevalent in our current reality than negativity is. Right on, Cindy!

  2. ALSO THE WORDS TO THE SONG” THIS IS THE DAWNING OF THE AGE OF Aquarius song I am not much into horoscope. the word threescore just popped up. but I keep hearing the line MOTHER AND CHILD REUNION IS ONLY A MOTION AWAY! It has been along while since I heard that song so why it is in my head all the time lately. JUST A THOUGHT.

  3. Im a very frequent dreamer an i believe i can offer many useful post about my dreams. I look forward to trying this system.

  4. I love dreams I talk about them with my wife everyday i wake up .Ive even got her to talk about her dreams when we wake up and sit down though i have more dreams than her and have more vivid dreams than her she tries to remember them but most the time don’t i remember every dream i have i have very vivid dreams that seem like reality

    • sometimes i have a hard time not knowing but trying to remember if it really happened for real or if it was a dream that’s how real my dreams can be sometimes

  5. I’ve had 2 dreams in which I found out that I was dreaming and it was the scariest feeling in the world I felt a million miles away from my body.At that moment I found out I was dreaming in my dream I knew in my mind I was at home sleeping.I instantly felt a million miles away from my body and had no control but i did find control over jolting my body but never been so scared in my life

    • but I do ever since those dreams try and control those types of dreams and make a good dream out of them but had some luck but not much

  6. Just learning to lucid dream. I had a recent dream where I was running around telling everyone I met in the dream “I am lucid dreaming” But everyone in the dream just ignored me. Would like to participate in the Project August.

  7. I was happy I woke up in time to tune into Coast to Coast last night and learn about Project August. I’ve been writing down dreams off and on for several years and it sounds like right up my alley. God willing this experiment will catapult me into the world of lucid dreaming, which has alluded me so far. Thanks much!

  8. I recently had a dream in which there were several planes and drones in the sky…and of having to hurry to leave the area, with no time to pack. I forgot about it until my niece had a very similar dream that same week. Hmmmmm.

  9. Is it too late to participate? i just had an operation but i think registered how can i tell if i am signed up?

    • Sorry, as of tonight it closes down. BUT I’ll give you tonight to try it once, just because you sound nice! 🙂
      You’re registered if you can pull up a form to submit a dream. Please remember the intentions…that’s the whole crux of the project. Thanks!

  10. As a child, I’d have premonitions pretty often. It’s been a while though. I heard about your project on an internet radio webcast a few months back, so I thought I’d give it a try. A few nights I’d fell asleep after following the procedure, but didn’t wake up with any meaningful dreams. The thing is, if I ever do premonitions, it’s only ever a few days ahead, so I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. After a few nights of nothing happening, I decided my ability wasn’t fine tuned enough to get any meaningful info. So lately I’ve been playing this Minecraft-style game called Minetest, and just last week built a pixel-art of Aladdin – – Hearing about Robin Williams’ death kinda blew me away in that regard. Also while scrolling through the news on the ‘net I saw a clip how someone tossed a knife out of a high-rise ap’t building and it landed on a guy’s head. Normally this would just be shocking, but I dreamed about that very thing last week, tho it was a dart instead.