PA Report 4


Project August

Report #4

June 20, 2014




Disclaimer: Although the staff strives for objective analysis in all aspects of Project August, we are still in uncharted territory with respect to precognitive dreams. Project August should not be assumed a scientific study. Any projections into future predictions should always be considered merely speculation, especially when matched with dates and locations. Readers assume full responsibility for their actions based on any information provided in or referred to from the content within this report. Readers and dreamers alike are cautioned to use a high level of discernment when reading anything related to Project August. Any material and content that discusses Project August should be considered ‘for entertainment only.’



Note: Project Uno dreams were analyzed in the linguistics for the PA DreamForecast, but were not included for making headline predictions in this report. Project Uno dreams can be viewed here. Join the contest, you only have one more week to submit your Project Uno dream!

Warning: If you’re planning on digesting this material in one setting, forget it. You’ll want plenty of time to read through some of the amazing revelations that came out in these dreams.

Important: If you feel that someone would truly benefit from the material in this report, you may distribute the password to them. If you would like permission for a mass distribution, please ask me directly. Thank you.


Section 1: Dream Lessons


This round of dreams was not only fun to read, but also educational! We start off with nutrition:


“…my father has already finished making my crepes, placing them on the coffee table in the family room. I say to him, “Oh, I see that you’ve finished making the rest of the crepes. What did you use?” As I expected, he used the 3 ingredients that I told him “never EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER to use” – oil, white flour and sugar. After explaining the reasons why we should be avoiding these items I ask, “Do you understand?” and he says “yes”, but I quickly retort, “NO YOU DON’T because the ingredients that you used comprise half the crepes!” Although the food has an attractive, “fluffy” appearance and odor, I feel incredibly frustrated and angry that he just doesn’t listen.”

Overall, a fine lesson, except that the TYPE of oil and sugar is important. Avoid vegetable oil and instead use coconut oil…it’s good for the brain! Also, never use artificial sweeteners and you can find superfood-grade sugars to use, like the plant-based stevia. Then, you can combine some 100% whole wheat flour and voila, your pancakes/crepes suddenly become superfood (delicious and super good for you)!


This dream was a mix of prophetic warning, encouragement for a particular mission, and also educational. Let’s start with the very end of the dream:

“He said many more things, but before I woke up, he told me to remember that everything is anonmeric? It sounded like a-nun-mur-rick…This dream gave me a lot of mixed feelings…I tried to look up the word I was given, but could not find any meaning to it.”

I’m thinking that perhaps this last piece was given to the dreamer to show her the validity of the overall message. It turns out that ANOMERIC is a basic building block of our physical existence. Being that I did very poorly in chemistry class, I can’t add a whole lot to this educational piece, other than to provide the said definition:

In carbohydrate chemistry, an anomer is a special type of epimer. It is one of two stereoisomers of a cyclic saccharide that differs only in its configuration at the hemiacetal or hemiketal carbon, also called the anomeric carbon.”

What’s more profound is the rest of what the dream stranger discussed to the dreamer. The dream itself is very long, so here are just some snippets:

He went on to say that the eyes betray and the best way to navigate life is through the spirit….He went on to tell me a lot of things…. he said something that made me feel as if he were telling me God didn’t exist. My world was crumbling around me and it HURT. I was very upset because I knew there was truth to a lot of what he was saying… so I asked him if he was trying to tell me that there was no God. He shrugged and said “Well, yes and no”. Well what was THAT supposed to mean? It could only be one or the other… He said that it would depend on who or what I thought God was. He is Love and hope… in short… he is everything. The blind man nodded, and said that by that definition, there is in fact a God. I was relieved…

I walked with the man over to a balcony. Looking over the balcony, the floor WAY below us was glass and I had a clear view of earth… it was breath taking, but I felt sad and upset. I asked the man why ‘they’ (The people on earth) didn’t see what was coming. How could they not know when it is so close. He never specified what exactly was coming, but I knew it was something very bad. He told me that many didn’t see for different reasons.

Some didn’t see because they didn’t want to. Others didn’t see because they had forgotten how to..and then there were those who were just too busy to see the forest for the trees. As we spoke, I wondered if there was anything I could do to stop whatever it was from happening.

He told me no.

The man told me not to worry. Everyone has a purpose– a reason for being, right now all I had to do was to “help one person at a time”… well that certainly wasn’t going to change much… but it WOULD change one person’s life, who might change another’s. Maybe I was doing that by warning people and trying to help them prepare? I felt a little better… but still hopeless.

He said the reason I felt this way was because it wasn’t my time to do anything yet.

My time to change the world is after the world changes. He said that people who survive will be weak and poor and will not remember what is important or “how to live”… then it will be time for the people in the building, including me, to teach them “love, life, and new sight.”


This is a very interesting lesson, because it’s also something I stated before. I believe that after the inevitable monetary collapse, it will be up to US (as in you and me) to rebuild that which we want our new creation to look like!! It’s fantastic to get a blind dream guru to back me up on that!



Section 2: In the Heavens Above



Has this one already happened? One dreamer (“Tree Sister”) was given a beautiful rendering of another planet….Saturn.

Outside the window was a huge planet that filled the whole view, and it had a red (brownish-orange shade) ring around the equator area that was flat and stuck out, not too far. (As if a sphere were bisected by a CD which stuck out all around.) The planet seemed to be black with some shades of gray or light brown around the edges, to delineate it from the black sky behind it. I was amazed by the sight. I seemed to be in a small room. Someone—I believe it was my partner—was in the room with me but I only saw the planet and the window. I said, “Is that REALLY Saturn?” and he answered in the affirmative.

Then in a conversation to get more details, she wrote something worth mentioning here:

“My incubation for that dream was a bit interesting: After trying the recommended & recalling nothing, that night before going to bed I said, quite exasperatedly to my DreamMakers (I have some funny dialogues with them/it): “Oh, come on guys, won’t you PLEEEEZE show me something about a headline in August???” Then I had that dream! It stood out; it was sort of shocking.”

Well, not only was it shocking, but 4 days later, NASA would publish a very unusual article about Saturn. Basically, Saturn’s moon, Prometheus, skirted through the rings around Saturn and affected the way the disc appears to us. Gotta check out that photo and article…pretty amazing.

So, now that Tree Sister achieved at least a 4.0 on the DreamSeer scale (a very high score, by the way….it would have been even higher if it was closer to August)…Is that the Saturn headline she dreamed about, or is there more coming in August? Keep in mind that the linguistics said this about August:

“Satan realize control somewhere August”

In order to make this meaningful, one must know that “Satan”, “Saturn”, and “Saturday” all come from ancient Rome. The brightest heavenly bodies were to represent their gods, and the god of agriculture happened to be Saturn. Now, Satan obviously came on the scene in the Christian world, and most preachers teach that Satan is equal to Lucifer. However, there’s nothing in the Bible that actually equates the two.

In fact, Lucifer actually means the morning star or “bringer of light.” Interestingly, “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning” in Isaiah 14:12 is connected to “THE morning star,” which was and still is Venus because it’s the brightest star in the sky (other than the moon) and it precedes the Sun in the morning, thus, “the bright morning star” is the bringer of the Sun, or light. So Lucifer equates to Venus but Satan equates to Saturn.

Anyway, the whole point of this discussion is all about August. Why does our NON-Project August linguistics point to Satan realizing control? I have a couple of thoughts here, and it might turn out that neither is correct:

Possibility #1. The linguistics and the dream suggest that Saturn will be a definite force on our planet come August. This would manifest in weather irregularities or perhaps a diversion of the poles. I’m not sure that it would be strong enough to take down the Earth’s magnetosphere, but you never know.

Possible Headline: Saturn to blame for weird weather / pole diversion.


Possibility #2. It is perhaps well-known that cabalists are perhaps satanists (do they worship Saturn, Saturday, and Satan?) Anyway, what would that headline look like? Well, I initially thought that there wouldn’t be a headline for that, but there already is one that came out on Tuesday…

Washington Post: “Satanist arrested for ritual murder in square.” This apparently happened in Athens on June 17, 2014.

But as far as the original linguistics goes, the phrase seems to infer a bigger, more powerful group that can actually gain control of something. I would consider a brand new war to fit the bill here. I’m not saying I want a war because I’m actually a peace activist. I’m just saying that if “they” get their wishes, then another war would kickstart the still-struggling economy.

Improbable Headline: WWIII begins: Russia vs USA

More Probable Headline: Iraq situation escalates…More US troops ordered to deploy



With regards to planets, there’s even more here. Dreamer MTB dreamed of Neptune:

My wife was apparently in charge of a diving expedition. The expedition was to take place on the planet Neptune, in the atmosphere where it was frozen enough to act as if it was a liquid.

This isn’t the end of planets in this report, by the way. So, if there’s any predictive value here about planets, what would it be?



Constellations: Is it Koo or Coup?

First part of the dream: “I can’t remember how I got there exactly, but I was floating in space. I felt warm and weightless, but I wasn’t floating aimlessly, I felt like I was being guided. I eventually came to rest at a place surrounded by many constellations and I heard a warm, gentle male voice call my name. He told me that very soon my world would change and he gently spun me around in space to face a set of constellations.”


I warned you that you wouldn’t want to miss this report, and this is one of the dreams that made me say that remark. This dream is a book in and of itself. Seriously.

So, she starts off getting shown a bunch of constellations and the history behind them.

Dreamer: “He told me that these constellations were those of “forgotten heroes”….He mentioned that the world had “purposefully forgotten” these heroes and that because of this, things have gotten much worse, much faster than it should have? When he had finished telling me about all of the other constellations, he turned me to face a HUGE constellation. This one was shaped like a man clad in armor.”


As a connoisseur of constellations, I know that there are several really big ones out there in the night sky. The biggest is Hydra, which is a super big snake, and number 2 is Virgo, whom I discussed in a recent post. To find the biggest hero, we’d go down to #5, Hercules, whose constellation looks somewhat like a spinning pinwheel. He was a big Roman hero who was actually adopted from ancient Greece. But this figure doesn’t have body armor because he’s busy beating up the big bad Hydra.

So, the biggest armor-clad constellation that’s also a hero is probably going to be the hero himself, Perseus, who was also named after Greek mythology. His constellation depicts him wielding a weapon in one hand and carrying Medusa’s head in the other. And of course he’s fully clad in armor.

But there’s a problem.

Dreamer: “He was holding up a huge shield as if he were protecting himself, but also he had a great, long spear that looked like he was about to thrust forward. It was still pointing upward, but slightly tilted forward.”

Perseus doesn’t have any hands free to hold a large shield, but someone else of the same constellation size might fit the bill: ……Orion.

Sometimes the mythology shows Orion with a dead animal, but other times, he has a bow and arrow. Personally, I gotta say that the constellation itself does look just like a shield in front of him, but different artists have rendered him different throughout the ages.

First picture is the actual constellation of Orion…check out the shield-looking shape out front; second picture is an artist rendition of the constellation…notice the animal out front. Third picture depicts a sword and shield, just as the dreamer discussed (first two pictures courtesy of the free Stellarium program, and the third picture was found here.)



The other information that supports Orion being the center of this dream is that he was well known to be a great big giant, which could explain the dreamer’s comment here:

Dreamer: “It was hard to tell if it was so big because it was bigger than the rest of the constellations or if I was just closer to it than the other ones.”

Nope…The constellation is big, but it appeared giant because Orion was a giant.

Why is this important?

Before I describe the next issue (the name), lemme jump to why all of this could be important (either metaphorically or literally).

Dreamer: “Anyway, this fellow either is or will be coming here (to earth) soon. The voice who had been speaking to me didn’t give me a lot of information about this constellation like he did the others… instead, he started warning me.

He told me that there was a “great evil” in the world now. It is everywhere. When he told me it was everywhere, I saw hundreds of images in my head ALL AT ONCE. It felt really weird. The images were that of Televisions, backyards, schools, churches, computers, random crowds of people, the white house, the sky, gardens and LOTS of other things. One was even of a bottle of water…”


Got your attention yet? This character is either metaphorically or literally coming to this planet (if the dream material is speaking truth). Now get this…in a separate blog, I wrote about ISIS and how there’s just so much of this archetype everywhere, not just in the Middle East. This includes a brand new Egyptian president whose name is ISIS spelled backwards (SISI—I kid you not). ISIS is literally everywhere!

So now everyone’s asking, “Who cares?”

Orion is actually a constellation that has been emulated in structures around the world from Egypt to Arizona. A prominent theory is that the Giza pyramids were actually built in exact proportion to the Orion constellation, and there’s evidence to suggest that the Hopi tribes of Arizona did the same.

But even more importantly, (from Wikipedia…)

The stars of Orion were associated with Osiris, the sun-god of rebirth and the afterlife, by the ancient Egyptians

Wow….so Orion is the Egyptian sun god, Osiris. Osiris just happened to be joined to Isis, and they had son named Horus, aka Marduk. Now get this. Isis was actually a virgin, and the story between Osiris/Isis/Horus is actually strikingly similar to the story about Joseph/Mary/Jesus.

Now, just so I don’t ruffle any religious feathers, I’m not trying to prove anything here other than to say that Jung’s archetypes are definitely present in this whole dream exploration. We have a resurgence of the ISIS theme playing out on the world stage right now, and VERY prominently in the Middle East, just as I discussed in the ISIS article.

Now we have a dreamer who appears to have symbolically connected the second and third pieces of this puzzle. Incidentally, much of this happened on the same night. The dream about Orion takes place on the 9th of June, and tons of news comes out on the 9th about ISIS (note: not only did the mainstream news about Iraq’s ISIS come out, but other ISIS news made it big, too).

Isis is big now, but so is Osiris (as we’ll see later); thus, where’s their deity son?

Interim Specuation

So, can we make any inferences about this connection here? Are we in for an archetypical rebirth of society? What or who is going to be the new Horus? Is Jesus coming in August? Is Doloros Cannon’s New Earth going to be birthing in August?

My question is…isn’t this character Orion/Osiris already here? In mythology, Orion threatened to kill every animal on the planet. Well, look at all the birds falling from the sky and all the species going instinct. Isn’t this a metaphoric display of the Orion threat taking place before our eyes?

YES says the archetype! The fact that Orion is already here killing all the animals AND the fact that Isis is everywhere in daily headlines confirms that the Horus/Jesus/Rebirth could be right around the corner!

I couldn’t imagine that headlines would even be around for something like this, but what if it’s a metaphor for the long-awaited global reset? Heck, even mainstream has mentioned this concept before. Therefore,

Recall from the first report that we had an interesting character called Kokopelli: “Kokopelli is a fertility deity.” Holy crap…this is actually overlapping dream material from the first report!

Possible Headline: Global reset will now happen. Countries agree to apply new currency values as of [xyz—date unknown—August?] (I’m guessing this is a headline only and the actual reset might happen later)


We need to return to the dream because there’s an issue we need to explore further…

Back to the Name – Koo

Dreamer: “He told me the name of this guy was Koo-Curiosus. I thought the first part of the name sounded funny, so I held onto it in my mind by remembering “goo” with a K… but perhaps it is spelt coo, ku, or cu? As for the second part… I THINK it was curiosus… but it could be something close to that.

Okay, so Koo (or Ku) has tons of inferences in a Google search. First, Ku stand for the chemical element kurchatovium, whatever that means. We also have the frequency band Ku: “Ku-band uses frequencies between 12-18 GHz.” I won’t even acknowledge the band of white-robed idiots that went around terrorizing people in decades past.

But ancient languages might be the most appropriate:

Sumerian lexicon says that Ku means “to base, found, build”

In Latin, the syllable Ku simply is a sound for the letter Q. Could this imply the word Queen (or back to the Isis archetype?)

Of course, the first part, Ku, might simply be the beginning of the second name, and in fact, that’s exactly how the Latin translation lays it out:

“curiosus (Latin) / Origin & history: From cūra (care, concern, worry).

Pronunciation (Classical): IPA: /kuː.riˈoː.sus/


   – Careful, diligent, thoughtful, devoted.

   – Elaborate, complicated.

   – That injures himself by care; careworn, emaciated, wasted, lean.

   – in a good sense – Curious, inquisitive.

   – in a bad sense – Meddlesome, officious, prying, interfering, curious, inquisitive.

   – substantive – One who pries; a spy or scout; secret police, informer.”

The reason that Latin is important is because this is where most of the constellation names came from (in addition to ancient Greece).

Fast Forward right back to the beginning

This is the point where I really started doing some really deep research, and I got some pretty profound results. Without going into a whole new full-blown research project, let me try and skinny it down for everyone.

The Egyptians and Hopi weren’t the only ones mesmerized by the Orion constellation….so were the Mayans. We already know that Orion was the Egyptian sun god, but now we know that the Mayan’s sun god was also in the constellation Orion (these words directly from a Mayan elder).

Would anyone like to guess the name of the Mayan god that happens to be in the Orion constellation? Answer: Hunab Ku. Yes, exactly…….wow!

Hunab Ku is actually the Orion Nebula that is situated directly in the middle of the Orion constellation. I find it amazing that ancient cultures saw something magnificent in this section of the Orion constellation, being that they supposedly only had the naked eye in which to see this. In my experience, the Orion Nebula looks just like an ordinary tiny star.

Here’s what Hunab Ku (Orion Nebula) looks like closer up. (I thought it was pretty cool to see a white/pink heart right in the middle of this thing, and in fact, the Mayans called this place the Heart of the Universe [more on that later].)

orion nebular

…and the picture below shows it’s exact position (it’s the middle tiny star in the vertical of three stars below Orion’s Belt; the vertical three stars represents Orion’s knife or sword):

orion nebula2

Furthermore, my research took me into what science has found out about Hunab Ku / Orion Nebula. Scientifically, it’s actually where new stars are born!

I kid you not. These are big-time astronomers we’re talking about here:

Cosmic dust unveils birthplace of stars in the Orion constellation (That was published in May 2012 of all months….May=Maya and   2012 was a big year for the Mayans and possibly humanity).

Now, if you want to get more esoteric here, we find out that…

All of the major ancient creation myths point to a beginning in Orion.  This includes the Sumerians, Egyptians, Olmecs, Dogon and the Mayans.  It is clear historically we are all worshiping the same God.  These Vatican artists were separated by thousands of years from ancient cultural spiritual ideology yet they too capture the origin of worship to the Orion nebula.  These artist have validated what the Hubble Telescope captured as exact and irrefutable evidence of  a link between Earth, Man and Orion.

If you go anywhere on the web that connects spirituality and this Orion nebula, you’ll most likely come across the concept of Christ Consciousness, which Edgar Cayce said was the “Holy Spirit.”

Okay, so basically we have a dreamer that was clearly visited by the god from the Orion nebula, and we’ve skimmed history to see a correlation among all god-like origins (can we rule out coincidence on all this yet?) But wait….there’s much more even!

Back to the Name – Third and Final Try

The only thing we haven’t fully affirmed yet was the Curiosis aspect to the dream. First I suggest going back to the Latin definition and reading it as if this entity might be the same as described by the ancient texts of the Old Testament. Certainly not all of it applies, but it does tend to have a texture of what those books present. Maybe it’s just me.

Then again, the dreamer presents doubts as to the exact name. Based on my research and the connections we’ve made so far, I hypothesize that the name might have been more like ‘Ku of [something]’. The something would obviously be in or near Orion, and I came across a website during my research that names out all the stars in that constellation.

They all have a somewhat informal name and then the associated Latin “Orionis.” For example, Kappa Orionis, Lamda Orionis, Tau Orionis, Chi-1 Orionis, etc. Basically, they are ancient letters (mostly Greek) preceding the Latin word ‘Orionis’.

The sound Ku probably originates in the Roman Empire, where they derived the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics symbol and made it Q (pronounced Ku). So my hypothesis is that the entity that showed the dreamer the constellations was:

Q-Orionis, or Ku of Orionis.

Imagine if you only heard those words and weren’t allowed to see the words. Imagine how it might have sounded to our dreamer: ‘KOO-ree-oh-nis’ or ‘KOO-of-REE-oh-nis.’ That’s pretty doggon close to Curiosis or “KOO-ree-oh-sis.” In fact, it’s just one sound off (the ‘n’ instead of ‘s’ sound).

Conclusions to Koo

In conclusion to the constellation dream, there are four possible end-states (note: I’ll include the entire dream at the end of this report for those who want to really take it all in…there’s quite a few goodies and lessons for those who are interested—see appendix):

Possibility 1. While the information is pretty cool, all this research could mean nothing at all. Nothing happens.

Possibility 2. This dream might simply be telling us about the situation in the cosmos. In the past, our DreamBot has been spot on about celestial phenomenon (e.g., blood moons, Cardinal Cross alignments, etc). In this case, the Egyptian/Mayan/Hopi sun god (Orion) just happens to be transited by….well, the Sun! Don’t believe me? Here’s today’s snapshot of the cosmos on my Stellarium program (the sun is in between Gemini and Taurus, but just barely skirting Orion):


Could this be all it is…just telling us that the sun is close to the ancient Heart of the Universe? Somehow this explanation seems relevant but still incomplete.

Job 38:31 Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?

Possibility 3. God visited the dreamer to tell her our world is about to change drastically. For those who like this possibility, there’s even more to the story. Elyse goes back to sleep after this dream, and receives an amazing dream about BIRTH (full dream is provided in the appendix). The theme is undeniable because everyone in this dream is birthing lots of kids/kittens/etc. Incidentally, the dreamer picks up on the collective’s false understanding of birth (that it has to be painful).

Newsflash…births do NOT have to be painful, as my wife can attest in her multiple birth experiences (she’s a hypnobirthing practitioner, too). The point here: Life is about to change and it involves a birthing of something incredibly new, BUT, humanity is currently poised for a painful birth, and it doesn’t have to be painful….its up to us, the collective unconscious!


Possibility 4. Ditch all the celestial and goddess stuff presented here and say that Koo actually equals Coup. Now, this one is also a possibility, and not just because of this dream. We actually bring in another dream to overlap.

Dream Yoga Master sends us this fairly detailed dream:

“I am walking east to west across a nation that is quite large. After walking for a long time I approach the western end of the country. Several individuals walk up to me and inform me they are breaking away and forming their own nation. Behind the man are a tractor and a grain drill used for drilling grains such as wheat. The man turns around goes over to the tractor and drives it with the grain drill lowered into planting position into what they consider the border of their newly formed independent nation. For a while I follow behind watching as the man plants or drills into the earth the new grain seeds forming the outline of this new nation.”

Support for Probability 3 above:

Before we move out of the celestial body section, we MUST cover two more dreams because it infers the same sort of concept here. On June 6th, Eric dreamed this snippet ….

Suddenly and unexpectedly, an ancient relic emerges from the ground across the grass field behind. It is an enormous 100 ft. animate stone statue of an Egyptian war god who sits on a “throne of stone soldiers”

There would be some contention as to which Egyptian god this was referring to, but “war god” narrows it down a lot and Horus would be the best candidate because he was both the “first known national god” and a war god. More importantly for our purposes, he was the son of ISIS, and the god that emerged from the virgin, just as many others over the years: Ra (to the virgin Net), Attis (to the virgin Nana), Zeus (to virgin Persephone), Rama (to Vishnu and his virgin wife), Huitzilopotchli (to the ancient Mexican virgin, Coatlicue), and MANY more. The point is….this is further evidence of the emerging birth archetype….at a collective level.

Then, on the 11th of June, someone on the other side of the planet (‘Yoda’) dreamed this…

Drank 2 beers in the evening. Went to bed about 0:00, made my notices about 03:07

I’m member of a crew wich operates a huge simulator, like sim-city but much more enhanced, more like sim-earth or sim-planet. On the ultra wide screen in front of us I can see a river flowing in curves from right to left. The river has very steep waters edge, 90 degree steep and about half the width of the river deep. very unnatural. Amidst the river are snow-white isles. These isles have the same steep edge as the river and have exactly the same height, so that their upper side is flush with the surrounding. I explained the strange view to me with the knowledge that it is the result of a simulation.

The sky was partly (fifty-fifty) covered with dark clouds. The rims of the clouds were illuminated from low sun light. Could not see the sun itself. At the edge of the river there was standing an huge mass of uncountable people.

The people were in a state of expectation of something. Could not tell what they expected. Then someone from my simulator-crew says: “All various scenarios end similar. There is no difference in outcome.”

The title came spontaneously into my mind, just before writing down the dream. Maybe the mass of people waits for the journey to start…. (name of the dream: Journey Begins)

Possible Non-Headline: Attention all Earthlings…the journey has begun!




Section 3: And Back Here on Earth…


3rd-World Meme—Continuation of Coup?

What’s going on in the third world countries? We had a sudden rash of three somewhat similar dreams all in one day. The first of the bunch talked about a Nigerian girl getting purposefully burned, and then the dreamer had to wade through a ton of dead bodies in the water.

The second dream was a sporting venue in a country where mostly slightly-darker skinned people live. Except the stadium wasn’t holding a sporting event, it turns out this was cover for an underground railroad system to cart off the enslaved people.

The third dream is the only one where the dreamer witnessed the person retaliating the atrocity and succeeding…

Two days ago i dreamt i saw a young fair skinned woman stationed at a base in the Middle East, i think it was viet nam or korea. the she was on an military base and her parents had come to see her. im not sure what had happen but the military had told her X she was crying as though, it wasnt enough time or warning or the enemy army had harmed one of her family or friends. yet i later saw her parents getting into the us military vehicle escaping. however the young woman sees one of the enemy soldier, kills him and takes his clothes. becuz she is also short with black hair, she disguises herself as one of the enemy soldier an she takes his rifle on her shoulder and she leaves the base with her head down, know one notices as she walks through what seems like a rice field.

In a way, all these examples support the coup meme earlier. However, kept it separate because the obvious offshore location in these dreams. I wouldn’t have made such a big deal about these except for the fact that they all came in at the same time. Unfortunately, the overlap is nebulous at best. There are numerous countries that could qualify here.

The first dream obviously sounds like Africa, my impression of the second was South America, and the dreamer of the third dream thinks its SE Asia. Perhaps the message here is: a) nothing at all, or b) a wide-spectrum, general upheaval of the current global socio-economic spectrum.

For example, we saw a lot of world citizens in 2010-2013 taking it to the streets and even overthrowing their governments. I think this meme has the same sort of feel.

Possible Headline: More governments across the globe are overthrown.

Big Boat theme continues

I present this from Sherriann because it adds the big boat them from the previous reports. This time bodies aren’t being saved; boxes are being unloaded.

This time there was a BIG ship painted all white, including the windows and a bald guy and crew unloading it. The bald man couldn’t get the truck close enough to the docked ship so men were hand hauling boxes from the ship, down the dock toward the truck on land.

No additional headlines created here since the last report.

Landslide/Mudslide meme strengthens

Dreamers MTB and NativeAmericanDreamWeaver have nearly the same dream about landslide/mudslides. The latter pinned it down to the Pacific coastline, while MTB wasn’t sure if the beach he dreamed about was an ocean or lake. I took the liberty of combining the two together:

Possible Headline: Mudslide on California coastline [or Oregon/Washington coastline]

Airplane meme escalates

The scary thing about this dream is not just the dream itself, but who dreamed it….our prodigious dream master, Suzanne.

“Last night I dreamed I heard on the news that an American Airlines plane had crashed, don’t recall the location but seems it was in the Midwest, perhaps Milwaukee or Cleveland. Then same night, second dream, though seems a continuation of the first dream, I was with friends on vacation in Florida, and one suddenly announced that another American Airlines plane had crashed in Commons, Florida. And we were so surprised that two American airplanes had crashed within 2 days. Whereas there was some loss of life with the first crash, believe there was a total loss of life on the second crash. I don’t know if there is a Commons, Florida, didn’t see when I searched, but there are many Commons sites in Florida.”

(another from nuit777)

I was “birds eye” view of a back of a plane, I more felt like I was a bird and not on the plane but it was India the plane was Indian and there was issues and problems with the plane. This dream has been the most disturbing dream I have had about project august as I woke up thinking plane crash/plane issues with an indian plane.

Keep in mind that in our non-Project August DreamForecasts of late, the Midwest has been on our radar, AND a couple of older PA airplane crashes were in that Tennessee / Midwest area. Florida continues to be the top state of interest also, but that was the linguistics without any event data attached to it.

Therefore, the old headlines from Report #3 continue into August, but there’s also a parallel metaphor that also overlaps into our previous dream material. It’s akin to the meme about Lady Liberty flying away in a tornado.

In the dream just quoted above, check out the name of the airlines…American Airlines. And what are these two planes doing? Crashing within 2 days. So, does this dream go into the raw airplane meme, or does it going into the crashing Lady Liberty meme (discussed in the last report)?

We have to honor both, and in fact, it may be both. However, let’s divide up the likelihood to give it some concreteness:

65% of this dream goes to overlap the airplane crashes from Report #3 and other coastal crashes from Tessie and Nuit777 this time around:

But we add an additional headline here….

Possible Headline: Corporate jet lands on water, all survive. [might be an Indian plane or US plane taking off from a Florida location]


Even though “Fire” is near the top of the archetype list, this is not particularly unexpected. Fires happen everyday around the globe, so we’ll try to be as discriminating as possible here. Understand that not all the details are clear just yet.

Possible Headline on August 24th: Large modern building burning to a crisp (building has lots of glass, about 25-30 stories high, and probably in an “English-speaking country.”)

Possible Headline: Wall of fire takes out neighborhood (stone walls might be surrounding this community)

Possible Headline: Firemen save majority of Mosque in downtown… [a major city, could be LA]


Most of our hits for “fire” are actually descriptions for something else, like firing squads or airplanes firing munitions. One of our dreamers already registered on the DreamSeer scale with one of her dreams that felt a little bit like the whole ISIS debacle in Iraq.

They were all dressed the same, but also from different places from all over the world. Some of these dark military men carried guns and shot into the crowd and some threw some kind of liquid at us that burst into flames.”

One of Eric’s splices also has this sort of terroristic feel to it…

“Several young people and I are lying flat on the ground next to a white rack or table (to our left) that has been overturned to shield us from the bullets that are being aimed at us from a man firing an automatic weapon across the room. His intention is to kill everyone in the room, and he will stop at nothing.”

Then Save Life experiences this:

“I was up in the air inside a low flying helicopter, looking over at a Man with an A.K 47 armed and ready.”

Great…more tornadoes

I wouldn’t be too concerned, but this is our now-famous tornado dreamer at work here. Jennifer already scored a 4.2 dream with April’s devastating tornados in Arkansas (if it had happened in August, this would have been a 4.9 or 5.0 dream). Fast forward to June, and we get yet another similar dream from the same dreamer…

I look around and notice that it is a huge black cloud over us….It looks really scary and I am scared that it is a tornado or something, but it doesn’t look like anything is forming…. I wondered if this was the tornado that was going to wipe out part of the city. I’m mad because I didn’t take the first Project August dream seriously and now I am a precarious situation. Why did I come to Fayetteville? ….The clouds are growing darker by the minute and they look so viscous. What am I going to do. Then I wake up.

The good news is that “it doesn’t look like anything is forming.” Therefore,

10% Possible Headline: Tornado rips through NW Arkansas

90% Possible Headline: Families in Arkansas are relieved…Tornado watch didn’t progress during latest storm bout.

Section 4: New Memes



There was another interesting and very unexpected overlap in the dream material. Peanuts don’t show up anywhere else in the PA dreams, except for two dreams that were input to the database right next to each other! Uncanny, but what does it mean?

First of all, there was no linguistics or big trend with peanuts, so we really just need to see the context around the peanuts. In the first peanut dream, the dreamer was forced to carry around a sack of peanuts, which she was then directed to place at the feet of someone she calls, “the first lady.” The dreamer was in a hostage situation, basically working for a rogue government. As soon as she finished her chores, including placing the peanuts down at the lady’s feet, she was put into a line and shot. No, not a happy ending.

Next dream: “I was on a green mountain/hill top. I was endeavoring to make perfect healthy roasted peanuts with some sort of flavoring. I had a wok, which was hot. I had put coconut oil into the wok, and it was at the proper temperature. I had a lot of peanuts, which I kept opening. I kept getting halves or poorly formed peanuts; for some reason I had to have exactly 30 good peanuts. The number 30 is what resounded, I don’t know why or what the significance was. I had just gotten the 30th peanut; I was woken up at that time by my cat…”

This combination is very curious. You have a tragedy on one dream and a seemingly blissful occasion on the other (except the peanuts keep breaking apart). Peanuts and 30. Hmmm.

I found out that there’s 176 calories in 30 peanuts (176 is sort of similar to 1776), but that connection isn’t too convincing. The last “30” on the Peanuts comic strip would have been May 30th, 2014 (source link):


“I’m through, I’m finished” is apropos to both dreams In the first dream, she not only finished her chores, but her life was also finished. In the second dream, the peanut-roasting was finished at 30.

So, what is the item that finished in this metaphor, and what does the 30 mean? Here are a couple of hypotheticals:

Possible Headlines on August 30th:

– Peanut company [xyz] files for bankruptcy

– Peanut crops devastated by [fill in the blank] in [TX, NM, OK, FL, MI]

Other unlikely headlines in August:

– Peanut industry is finished…too many recorded allergy deaths

– White House receives last of 30 orders of peanut butter.


Before we go onto something else, peanuts also denotes something like ‘pocket change.’ This dream fragment was from Wendlo:

In my dream I was looking down and my pocket change was falling into what looked like brown dried grass or straw and when it hit the straw or grass it was gone and I couldn’t find it.

If this is an overlap with “Peanuts,” and it has precognitive value, then perhaps everybody’s money becomes worthless, or mere peanuts. This isn’t too far out of the realm of possibility. Even the Pope called it, and the IMF just slashed US forecasts while issuing a warning to the politicians.

One thing I think is hysterical is that if you go to that last link, you’ll see that they called the IMF, “The global crisis lender.” Guess where all that lending money comes from? This non-governmental institution takes your money and then calls themselves the lender of last resort! What a hoot, AND they charge interest to whom they “crisis” lend (more interest if you’re Greece or Argentina).

Time/Space Portals

Only in our current PA dreams would we get some time and space vortexes opening and closing. What the hecko gecko?

— I was transported back into my home. The portal was gone now.

— There was a big, black hole or portal in our wall. It was unnaturally black. It was SO BLACK that it hurt to look at it, much like it hurts to look at the sun. Out of the portal came a long, slender woman-like creature

— After venturing around for a while, I find my “team” and we assemble to confront the hooded figures near a large stone circle. The inside of the circle is some kind of portal (stargate) through which people journey to other locations.

— The black portal was gone, everything seemed fine, so I went to look outside.

— After starting the August Project most of my dreams are just this, searching, walking in what I call the void.It is total darkness with no. emotions attached to it.The only thing is waiting for a voice or the dream to unfold. Reminds me of setting in a dark theater. Some times I am involved in the dream sometimes I am an observer. There may be times at the end clarity is told or shown.

— When I reach the east fence, there is now a large wooden slab resting against the fence, forming a type of cubby-hole. Crouching down to look inside, I see that it is very dark

— There was a portal in my kitchen that opened into a creepy looking place; I saw the man inside. He was on the phone. I walked into the portal and tried to talk to the man, and he waved his hand at me, as if to tell me to go away.

Stats: 5 instances of being “transported” and 7 portals.

Would anyone like to guess what the headline would be if all this is predictive of something? Being how much suppression there’s been on hidden technologies (including Tesla’s magnificent inventions), I just don’t expect any mainstream coverage on this issue. Of course, I have been surprised before, so you never know.

However, alternative media might actually pick something up here, like another major indicator that people are time traveling. This is a decent compilation of time traveling here. If we see something along these lines in Mainstream news, I’ll be floored.

Possible Alternative Headline: Eyewitness brings back evidence from time portal [or space portal].


Church and, unfortunately, Death

This was a very unexpected meme for sure and one that was nowhere in sight in earlier dreams. The meme started to grow in the last half of the 3rd report, but not enough to break the noise threshold. But now, it’s just outright obvious, even though none of the dreamers I think would probably have identified this connection with their own individual dreams.

Just in this last batch of dreams (last 2.5 weeks), there are 8 hits on the word “church,” but this doesn’t include other similar words such as mosque or churches (‘church’ has to be searched separately as ‘churches.’) We have one dream where a deadly virus is running rampant in the church, a terrorist group doing their gig in a church, an archetype entity enforcing a new religion… and then we have a very direct dream about someone dying in the Catholic church:

“5.31.2014 Dreamed about someone in the Catholic Church died and I was watching the funeral. The person that passed away was either the Pope, an Archbishop or Cardinal or someone in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church.”

This dream might have already occurred on June 11, 2014 (12 days after the dream) with a DreamSeer score of 2.6 (the priest who died in the following article wasn’t a cardinal or archbishop I don’t think; plus we were without location data in the dream and it didn’t happen in August, which knocks the score down a few notches. Here’s the article associated with the 2.6 score…

PHOENIX –  Police have arrested an ex-convict in an attack that left one priest dead and another injured at a Roman Catholic church in Phoenix, connecting forensic evidence from the crime scene with the suspect.

The priests were attacked Wednesday in the rectory of the Mother of Mercy Mission. The Rev. Kenneth Walker, 28, was shot and killed and the Rev. Joseph Terra, 56, was badly beaten. Terra was able to give Walker last rites after the assault.”

The big question is whether this ominous dream has been fulfilled or not. Since we have 3 aspects to it still somewhat “unresolved,” there is a good possibility that a higher DreamSeer score is forthcoming. Therefore,

Possible Headline: Catholic Church mourns the death of [xyz]

What’s interesting as all this dreaming is going on (at precisely the same time), the Pope has apparently ditched the body armor during his travels. He says that he doesn’t have a lot to lose.

But we aren’t done yet with the church meme. There’s a lower possibility that this is all metaphoric for something bigger. Maybe a big church goes bankrupt or a whole line of religious thinking is somehow debunked. The fact that the death meme is so diverse around the church in these dreams, makes me think that there’s something bigger at play here, something that will change the course of human religion.

And I guess this might be the best time to introduce the “Moses dream.” In this very detailed dream (even though the dreamer complains about forgetting some details), Moses shows up in an anti-gravity machine and forces people to take on a new religion. The states get divided into blue and red states (maybe akin to the blue and red pills of the Matrix). Anyway, people have to ditch their religions, and the dreamer doesn’t know if it’s aliens or terrestrials enforcing the plan.

The likelihood of this happening is slim to none, but I thought I’d at least cover it because this metaphoric grouping is quite obtrusive, especially when considering “The Otherlies” of Report #3.


Confusing overlap with Russian Agents.

Ablelba dreamed about a dead Russian agent in Britain. He apparently got into an accident and died while searching for something, The other dream by DreamYogaMaster had the Russian agent printing off illegal weapons off of a 3D printer in Minnesota. The Russian overlap here is fairly pronounced, but the where’s and why’s aren’t very well laid out. For now, then, we’ll put together into one headline the Russian agent and put him somewhere in a Western country, and we’ll go ahead throw a 3D printer on there.

I also think that the 3D printer had a very separate feel to it, so we’ll have a separate headline for 3D printed weapons.

Possible Headline: Russian agent found dead in [Westernized country] with ties to 3D printing/smuggling op.

Possible Headline: Feds infiltrate illegal weapon ring; confiscate 3D printer and munitions.


“Lots Movie Seem Underground”

This is one of the biggest hidden mysteries in our dream material, but it is quite important, especially if the birthing/emerging/Koo meme is to come into fruition.

Here’s the breakdown of relevant words:

“Movie” received 16 hits, “Theater” has 11, and 3 “Performances.” The context surrounding all this is somewhat negative (sometimes horrific), but more importantly, the big word is Deceptive. The people are acting in the theaters; they are pretending, they are hiding something. Furthermore, in our PA dream material, we have hints of rabbit holes (irrelevance) and 16 foxes (deceiving entities).

So, what is being hidden, who is trying to deceive? Would it be the Saturn people (satanists) from the Saturn discussion? If this is connected to the Koo story, then these people would probably want to greatly oppose the birthing meme from Koo. They wouldn’t really like to have a new world, or a birth of something great, now would they? They like the world just as it is.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense that as the Isis/Mary/Net/Nana archetype attempts to birth the inevitable change, the old paradigm is going to hang on for dear life. Expect trickery and fakeness from the frontlines, the TV sets, the news anchors, etc.

You need to know that we have an abundance of kitchens in our PA dreams (26 of them), and so what are they cooking up this time? Be discerning, for things may not be as they seem. In these dreamers’ kitchens, there was a big mess of plates and the homeowners did everything they could to prevent others from seeing their mess.

Possible non-Headline: The illusion meter from mass media hits record high.

Low-Possibility Headline: CNN/FoxNews caught red-handed with media manipulation.

Possible Headline: False flag in NYC…plan failed; citizens arrest alleged purpetrators.



Misc Headlines

These headlines are based on single dream accounts and have no overlap with either the linguistics or actual dream content (either by way of metaphor or literal interpretation).

Possible Headline: New dream app called “Shadow” moves release date from July to August

Possible Headline: Whistleblower steps forward: children / adults tagged with special abilities (based on a dream from ArkanasElderX: In the dream I was both myself and was a young girl, perhaps 10-12 years old. The young girl me was part of a group of children tagged, perhaps hash tagged, with some special ability. The children were restricted and controlled. They were being moved somewhere as a group. As myself, an older adult male in real life, I was tagged with the same ability but was able to come and go more freely. I was going to go to the same place the children were being moved to but I would be able to come back without being restricted as the children were.)

Possible Headline: US Senator/Congressman probed for sexual misconduct / extramarital affair.

Possible non-Headline: Grid goes down, cause unknown (but does it matter?) [Based on HeavenDreamer’s latest]

We already fulfilled Tessie’s dream about the crying Bill Clinton, but that wasn’t August. Is there something else to the Clinton’s that may produce a metaphoric cry?

Possible Headlines by Date:

Aug 1: Project Uno headlines are possible

Aug 12: Pacific Ocean water level rising [or flooding near Pacific coastline]

Aug 13: Mudslide on California [or Oregon/Washington] coastline

Aug 18: “USGS earthquake system down for maintenance on August 18th” and/or “Alarming earthquake trend rising in mid-August”

Aug 24: Large modern building burning to a crisp (building has lots of glass, about 25-30 stories high, and probably in an “English-speaking country.”




Constellation/Birthing Dream in Full:

I can’t remember how I got there exactly, but I was floating in space. I felt warm and weightless, but I wasn’t floating aimlessly, I felt like I was being guided. I eventually came to rest at a place surrounded by many constellations and I heard a warm, gentle male voice call my name. He told me that very soon my world would change and he gently spun me around in space to face a set of constellations.


(Or at least I assume he was the one spinning me) He told me that these constellations were those of “forgotten heroes”. Each hero was portrayed as some kind of warrior, animal or mythical beast. He named each one and gave me a bit of the story behind it. I was shocked that a few that he mentioned were part of the crusades. Aside from the crusades, however, I didn’t recognize many of the battles he told me about, the rest I forgot.

 He mentioned that the world had “purposefully forgotten” these heroes and that because of this, things have gotten much worse, much faster than it should have? When he had finished telling me about all of the other constellations, he turned me to face a HUGE constellation. This one was shaped like a man clad in armor. He was holding up a huge shield as if he were protecting himself, but also he had a great, long spear that looked like he was about to thrust forward. It was still pointing upward, but slightly tilted forward. It was hard to tell if it was so big because it was bigger than the rest of the constellations or if I was just closer to it than the other ones. He told me the name of this guy was Koo-Curiosus. I thought the first part of the name sounded funny, so I held onto it in my mind by remembering “goo” with a K… but perhaps it is spelt coo, ku, or cu? As for the second part… I THINK it was curiosus… but it could be something close to that. It reminded me of the name Clavacus that I had in another dream… Anyway, this Koo fellow either is or will be coming here (to earth) soon. The voice who had been speaking to me didn’t give me a lot of information about this constellation like he did the others… instead, he started warning me. He told me that there was a “great evil” in the world now. It is everywhere. When he told me it was everywhere, I saw hundreds of images in my head ALL AT ONCE. It felt really weird. The images were that of Televisions, backyards, schools, churches, computers, random crowds of people, the white house, the sky, gardens and LOTS of other things. One was even of a bottle of water… Then he told me that soon, any who were religious or “peace seekers” would have no choice but to “pick up their swords”. He told me that the great evil had been sacrificing themselves and innocents to their Lord, and that soon, those that sought peace would also have to sacrifice themselves. I thought to myself that this was unfair… if evil was killing those who were good AND also sacrificing themselves, then if the good started sacrificing themselves as well… maybe there would be no good left. I guess he could read my mind, because he told me not to worry. The “righteous and valiant” have already won, and that is why the constellation was in the sky… but the pain and suffering endured would depend on those on earth now and their willingness to “pick up a sword and seek the truth” with Koo. I woke up from this dream feeling warm and fuzzy. Even though the message was a bit grim, it was nice that it had (or will have) a happy ending.

 My boys were still asleep, so I decided to catch a little nap before I had to start the day… This time I dreamt that I was sharing my home with another woman. She looked familiar to me somehow, but I don’t think I know her. I was pregnant, she was pregnant, and even the cat was pregnant. I had fallen asleep in the dream, and woke up in a HUGE amount of pain to find out that I had given birth while asleep. Of course… there was a lot of cleaning to do now so that I could keep the baby in a clean area… also, I didn’t have time to wallow in pain… I had three boys that also needed me. I managed to clean the baby up and wrap he/she in clean sheets and change the bedding before I heard horrible screaming coming from the living room. The woman staying with me was also giving birth, so I ran to get some towels and warm water, stopping constantly to lean on the wall for a second or two when I found it too hard to take another step. It seemed like her baby’s head was stuck, and (as horrible as it sounds) I had to turn it. I don’t know how I managed to do this, but I somehow managed and the baby came out with no further issues. I cleaned myself up and gathered my boys in their playroom, so that I could check on my new baby lying in the middle of my bed. He/she was doing fine and sleeping soundly… but then I heard tiny cries in my bathroom… when I opened the door, the CAT was having kittens! Good grief! There were kittens EVERYWHERE, many had not even been cleaned yet, and one was lying still in its bubble on the floor… I was frightened it had died. I cleaned everything off of him and rubbed him as he lied limp in my hand. I opened its tiny mouth and blew into its nose and mouth while rubbing it’s belly. After a while, it started coughing and gave me little kitten squeaks. Words cannot express how relieved I was. It looked like the Mama cat (we call her Fuzzy) had been ignoring the other kittens because she had other problems. Her last kitten was stuck as well. I massaged her belly and talked to her sweetly, and eventually the kitten was birthed. I helped her clean all of the kittens, and made sure that they were all gathered around her before I left out again. The woman in the living room was still crying out in pain. I by no means felt well either, but SOMEONE had to hold it together in there. I thought that now would probably be the best time to call my husband and inform him that I just had a baby… I grabbed a phone, only to find that there was no service. This was a game changer, because with two newborns in the house, we NEEDED a phone… what if we had some kind of complications? After all… that woman was still screaming in pain …

 A strange man appeared in front of me and told me that if I participated in his game, he would not only fix the phone, but bring my husband directly to me. Well, considering I had very little choice, I agreed. The game would teleport you into the presence of a complete stranger for a short amount of time, then back. But you never knew WHO you would meet. It could be an ax murderer… it could be an angel…

 I was transported into a room with a returned American solder. He was sitting up in a bed. His legs had been completely crushed… and they had not been amputated. The poor guy just lied there. He seemed to be in pain, but either it wasn’t too bad, or he had some mean self-control or mind-over-matter techniques. He told me that his legs had been crushed while he was at war, and when he got home, he found that he no longer had any family and he had no access to any kind of VA care. I felt horrible. I asked several times if there was anything I could do and he replied “Just sit and talk to me.” He told me that he had been treated like a criminal since he came home. He could barely pay his bills, and shortly he would be out living on the street. I couldn’t hold back the tears and I started crying… when I cried, I was transported back into my home holding the phone.

 There was a ringtone now, but I hung up the phone, and went searching for the man who sent me to play his cruddy little game. There was a portal in my kitchen that opened into a creepy looking place; I saw the man inside. He was on the phone. I walked into the portal and tried to talk to the man, and he waved his hand at me, as if to tell me to go away. I got angry and slapped the phone out of his hand then demanded to know who the solder was that I had just met. He grinned and told me that he couldn’t tell me… it was the rules of the game… I was transported back into my home. The portal was gone now. I felt empty and defeated. I felt like I needed to find that soldier… but how? The woman in my home, who had just had her baby, sent me to fetch her some food and drink. She was whining about how much pain she was in. (It was her first baby… I guess she had no idea that the after pain is MUCH worse for each one after…) Every part of me was tired, hurt, upset, and frustrated… so, it was hard for me to hold my tongue and not tell her to “Suck it up…” I saw that my boys had fallen asleep, my new baby was asleep, and even the kittens and their mother was asleep. I was trying to keep my mind off of the pain… ALL of the pain, both physical and emotional… I went to wash the little bit of dishes that were sitting in the sink and the woman brought her dirty plate and cup to me. When she saw the small pile of dishes in the sink, she commented on how she keeps her home spotless and how she never understood women that let dishes sit in the sink. She told me that she understood that I had my hands full, but that maybe I should have thought harder about having so many children. It takes a lot to anger or upset me… but this woman had managed to do it with very little effort. Here I was taking care of her, her baby, my children, my new baby, an unnaturally large litter of kittens, while coping with excruciating pain and washing dishes… and she complains about me being a poor housekeeper and the size of my family? I woke up before I got to tell her how I felt…






Copyright (c) 2014 Chris McCleary. Except for quotes and snippets, all rights reserved.


PA Report 4 — 3 Comments

  1. Interesting…I encountered these particles in a previous dream that involved crashing a military drone.

    Regarding the church/death motif, I was surprised to feature both of these themes in a PA dream the day BEFORE I read this summary.

    To Chris and the NDC team – Absolutely wonderful report. It was both rivoting and informative. Keep up the excellent work.

  2. Regarding the death of a member of the Catholic hierarchy: interestingly there are a growing number
    of Catholics who believe that Pope Francis was not legally elected and the Benedict is still the pope. The apocalypse will go into full motion after Pope Benedict is killed. There have been pro-
    phecies about this by Catholic seers and Marian apparitions for several centuries.