Project Uno

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No registration necessary (other than establishing a DreamBase account).

How well do your dreams predict the future? Our new parallel contest to Project August is called “Project Uno.”

The goal is to see who can dream up the biggest, international headline of the very first day in August 2014. More specifically, what will be the biggest, most … Read more

Airplanes and the Death of Illusion

For this post, I’m pulling out all the stops, trying to get clarity on the intersections of our red alert plane watch. Although we didn’t see the same level of plane crash dreams yesterday as we did two nights ago, we did add yet another plane crash dream, probably at about the same time I was posting the article last … Read more

Red alert: Possible headline is imminent

We break our usually-scheduled post to bring you some very pressing information this morning. The DreamForecast today will be coming straight from raw, unadulterated manifest dream content never before seen at the National Dream Center. In addition, we’ll discuss more relevant DreamOsophy, where the lines between predicting and creating merge and intermingle.

What’s so pressing?

The first big difference you’ll … Read more

Earthchanges, Cops, and Vampires

Is anything going to happen in August?

The standard rule is to not display Project August dreams until August 2014, but there is a developing trend in the works. Here’s a single example that I hope highlights my concern:

“The details really elude me this dream. I have been trying to dream project august intention dreams many nights and every

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DreamBot2, Mind, and the Veil

2x2StarsMovingWe have a very special DreamForecast to present! Not only do we have the standard linguistics profile, but we have a new algorithm to test out….it’s still in beta form, but I think most of us should find this quite interesting.

Let’s begin with the ‘old-fashioned’ method and look at the still-neutral linguistics. Right off the bat, I’m not too … Read more

Collapse? …and more Hul

We’re going to do something just a bit different today since I’ve been on the road this week. I’m going to post some food for the soul from our guest writer, Eric Hul, and then later in the day, I’ll hopefully get around to seeing what the DreamBot is saying.

I do know what the NON-DreamBot world is saying, and … Read more

‘Layered Dreams’ & yet another PA dream comes true!

Another gold star for Project August!

Another Project August (PA) dream accurately predicted a current headline that has high possibility for happening in or near August 2014. Here are the details:

Project August participants know that one of the biggest trends in our entire collection of PA dreams is the archetype of WATER. However, this PA prediction comes from a … Read more

Important info for all guests

In this announcement, we’ll talk about a new menu item, new and important DreamScapes, problems and workarounds with the DreamBase, and some other grab-bag items.

DreamBase Problem and Workaround

Have you had issues trying to input a dream into the DreamBase? Specifically, have you submitted what you thought was a thorough dream only to find it completely empty? Well, we … Read more

DreamBot Stages and Humanity on the Move

Okay, well this is it everyone! We’re headed into the “next turn” as a human race. Early on in our DreamBot runs, we were seeing a “nice and easy, expected turn.” However, more recent DreamBot runs have indicated that this turn would be more “Different/Unfamiliar” and then most recently, an all-out “weird” and “strange” was hinted.

However, I do get … Read more

Update on Report #2

Project August’s Report #2 is now published. If you submitted a Project August dream and did not receive a password via your DreamBase account’s email, then please contact us. 

DreamForecasting is a multi-step process. First, we take all the text from the dreams and analyze just the words that were used (i.e., what was said and with what frequency). The … Read more

New DreamScapes Added

As I continue divining future headlines through your Project August dreams, you may find it pleasurable to peruse the various DreamScape categories (see the main menu item of same name above). The two new DreamScapes are “Ingesting for Dreams,” where guests discuss, compare, and refine their optimum pre-sleep concoctions, while in “Open Mic,” guests finally have a place to just … Read more

Don’t miss this!!!….DreamScapes

Attention dreamers: Because of the unbelievable similarities between three recent dreams concerning the missing Malaysian flight (all documented without knowledge of each others’ dreams), we have created a special page for speculation, intrigue, theorizing, and general comments. Please take a look at the new menu item called “DreamScapes” where the dropdown menu will offer you at least one … Read more

We believe in You and your Dreams!

For those of you who tuned in to Coast to Coast last night, you heard me talk about quite a few topics on collective, precognitive dreams. I did my best at relaying our research and objectives here at the Dream Center but my overall goal was to somehow express one of my most innermost convictions:

Dreamers, I believe in you … Read more

Where do dreams live?

As discussed on Coast to Coast last night, our innovative DreamBot technology (adapted from Grady’s Nostracodeus program) spiders out on the web to read, collate, and analyze dream content. It then spits back a full linguistics interpretation about the latest condition of the collective unconscious. The more dreams it has to ‘read,’ the closer we reach true understanding of … Read more

Readying for the “Next Turn” but which direction?


The DreamBot

Everyday, our DreamBot scours the internet looking for current dreams from ordinary people. It seeks to grab a snapshot of the most current manifest content from humanity’s dreams. It doesn’t bring or store the content here, but rather it analyzes all the dreams collectively, spitting out a linguistics chart of what it found. The technology itself was adapted … Read more

The History of the Future

Banner3August 2014 marks a potential turning point in human history. We will finally see how well Jung’s collective unconscious can show us the future as well as it connects us with our ancient past. Introducing Project August, an unprecedented global effort that seeks to determine the effectiveness of mass dreams.

Project August is a collective initiative, and it’s success requires … Read more

Soul Rising, ITT, August Teaser

sparklingdiamondI guess I should just accept the fact that neat little surprises will magically appear every time I run the DreamBot. Something sparkled like diamonds in our collective dreams last night, something that definitely stands out from the typical bot run.

Barring any other significant news, I was planning on tossing a little bit of theory into our discussion. Most … Read more

Another Incredible Day for Dreams: Carriers and Numbers

The Carrier: Hero or Victim?

I’m really not sure how to keep my cool on this report. When George called me yesterday to discuss some extraneous stuff, he randomly blurted out a word that I recognized from my post yesterday. He was in the middle of a different discussion point, when he said, “Grady’s big word yesterday was “Aircraft … Read more