Closing in on Apocalypse

Mission P1_12 was established to investigate some of the memes that developed from a rather unusual sequence of DreamBot runs. Six days ago, on 12/12, the NDC experienced a most weird degradation in the DreamBot to where it was working at only about 40-50% capacity. But despite that, the bot managed to pick up some clear memes at the Red … Read more

Favorite What Happened to DreamForecasts?

DreamForecasts were running weekly up to and throughout August 2014. When they first came on line in the Spring of 2014, they were quite vague and simply designed to map out the collective unconscious. However, when the predictive processes matured, NDC readers were afforded a very accurate picture of the future. Therefore, what happened to the DreamForecasts?


The DreamBot … Read more

Red Alert now canceled for September

I am so very proud of the P1 dream team for pushing through some grueling P1 missions last week while we conducted an exhaustive review of the evil-looking snakehead poking through in the dream language.

For those just joining us, we recently witnessed an extraordinary surge of dream themes at the beginning portion of the month that seemed to suggest … Read more

Verging on Red Alert: P1 Dreamers needed asap

If you have little time, please go straight to the end for summaries, headline prediction, and TO DO item. FIRST, on your way through to the bottom, ensure you specifically read the NDC First Axiom!

I apologize for typos in advance…this was my fastest writing/publishing to date.

I have never seen so many big and varying memes coming together all … Read more

DreamForecast 8/12/2014: Hospital and Base Closures

If you’re new to the NDC, then welcome! We’re still in phase 1 of formulating predictions based on collective dreamwork, and thus some of the content seems dire and substantially negative.

Stay tuned, though, because the success we’re having here will carry us directly into the next phase, where we actually get to choose the outcome ahead of time…or at Read more

Definitive Guide to Sky Flash: August 2014

This discussion has moved to the forum section. Link:


We’re going to keep the Sky Flash meme updated via the comment section of this article.

Please submit your Sky Flash stories as they happen. Include a link to the appropriate news article and don’t forget to supply the date of the event! We’ll discuss relevancies and DreamSeer … Read more

DreamForecast Vol 3: Storms and Wars (or Riots?)

NDC Weekly Headlines (Beta): Unprecedented but clamoring for meaning. (Note: no email alert was granted for this article because of how new this process is, but there are some somewhat pressing headline-related specifics for the Midwest persons and those living near the border.)

I hope everyone caught this in the latest DreamForecast…that we are working on extracting headlines for … Read more

Sky Flash: Turning into a Meme

For all intents and purposes, I’ve been “gone” for a few days. In reality, I didn’t go anywhere, but fell into a state of administrative trance, if you will. The response from Monday night’s radio show was very impressive, and there’s literally no way to cover everyone’s fabulous inputs and questions.

Let’s start off by talking about the topic that … Read more

DreamForecast: Humanity Waking, Vol 2

Note: this article is part two of the latest Dreamforecast


This latest version of the linguistics basically serves to map out specific areas of the collective unconscious. We’ll look at various topic areas that typically arise in dreams to: 1) see what’s subtly surging in the collective unconscious 2) store meta-data on these areas for long-term storage and analysis.… Read more

DreamForecast: Humanity Waking, Vol 1

Sorry this late. As luck would have it, a pretty nasty storm swept through our area and took out everyone’s electricity in its wake. I’ve been on emergency power all afternoon….my system right now is being run by a marine battery and inverter. Always nice to have on hand for times like this…

I split this DreamForecast into two posts … Read more

Major Predictions Get Perfect 5.0 Score

If it’s not obvious by now, the combination of Project August dreams being analyzed by the webbot spinoff called the DreamBot is becoming a very powerful tool. We currently have a backlog of storytelling to do, but this one takes the cake on how the dream material is directly manifesting in real life.

First, lemme give a quick shout out … Read more

DreamForecast 07/15/14: More Floods

If the dream world was played like a stock market, the best word to describe this week’s DreamForecast would be…Correction. The crystal clear trends that have been building during the last three weeks are for the most part correcting this week.

Words like ‘equator’ / ‘north pole’ / ‘south pole’ have fallen off a linguistical cliff. This can be interpreted … Read more

Floods and Freezes: Yellow Caution Issued

First issue: Flood….past, present, or future?

Two of the biggest jumps in this week’s DreamForecast are “flood” and “Ghana” (as in the country). So, I naturally asked, “What the heck kind of DreamForecast is this anyway?”

It’s not too uncommon to see headlines about floods, which I did manage to find a couple today, but trying to find dream-worthy news … Read more

Trending 7, Peak Moon & White House

The last two DreamForecasts have been quietly presenting us with something that I believe deserves more attention. The numbers forecasts, in particular, were vying for our attention. I knew this while writing the posts, but it wasn’t very clear as to where the message was taking us.

I recently came across a recorded video of Christine Lagarde (she’s only the … Read more

DreamForecast 07/01/2014: Trends growing


It’s really the only word I know to describe this week’s DreamForecast. Do you remember last week’s discussion about the tremendous changes that were happening in dreamland? Well, most of those trends have actually magnified!

For example, the month “November” is not only still on top of all the months, but it actually increased an additional 219%!

November is … Read more

DreamForecast 06-24: Pole Shifts and Brand New Memes

Get your Project Uno dreams in…only a couple of days left !!!

This might start off sounding the same, but I assure this week’s Dreamforecast is showing some very interesting changes. I like to start with the weather because like in individual DreamWork, weather terms can enlighten us about the inner states of the dreamer.

Remember, I’m not at all … Read more

Proj Aug: DreamForecast for Report #4

I’ve been working like mad to get the fourth Project August report finished. I’m telling you, now…if anyone tries to read it in one sitting, well, just don’t do it. This one put me on a very wild adventure, but I hope that everyone benefits, especially the dedicated, brilliant, and amazing Project August dreamers that have been supplying me with … Read more

DreamForecast 06-16-14

The Collective Weather

Unfortunately, our collective sunshine is waning. The dreamers are registering clouds, storms, and even more clouds. The next word is “sun,” but the grouping after that happens be a very interesting combination: wind, sandstorm, and dry. Incidentally, the biggest losers in our weather run was “sunny” and “hot,” so that also seems to confirm the stormy/cloudy overall … Read more