The Fate of Paradigm 3

Predicting and Creating. Regardless of whether anyone recognizes these two processes, just about every human on Earth is accomplishing them every minute of every day. Now take those processes and magnify the energy and intensity. You now have high energy and high frequency directly clashing with behind-the-scenes reality creation. It might actually be a legitimate metaphor to envision the bull … Read more

Danger vs. Opportunity: Paradigm 3’s real mission

Crisis. Has anyone in the history of the world eluded a crisis in their life? Show me someone without a crisis at some juncture in their life, and I’ll show you someone who is completely disassociated from reality.

Because of how this word is used in our Western culture, crisis denotes pain and anguish, or at least very difficult circumstances … Read more

Paradigm 3: The New Journey has Begun!

cooltreeParadigm 3 is a world-changing concept that promises to move humanity into a more promising and beneficial future. It operates on the concepts of wholeness and synergy. It takes contrary viewpoints and makes a workable process for collective change.

Creating and predicting are seen by most people as contradictory, but in Paradigm 3, they not only feed off each other, … Read more

Paradigm 3: A Look at the Processes

Paradigm 3 can seem confusing until we define the actual processes. This isn’t for the faint at heart, because Paradigm 3 stands right at the razor’s edge of where free will and destiny meet. Many people are vying to control our reality right now, and to the outsider, Paradigm 3 looks like just one more organization doing the controlling.

This … Read more

What’s Coming in Paradigm 3…in succinct words

Paradigm 3 incorporates two completely separate and contradictory teams. You might see them also referred to Group 1 and 2, Teams 1 and 2, or even Paradigms 1 and 2.

Group/Team/Paradigm 1 will be our prophetic dreamers, remote viewers, seers, etc.. They will be helping us get a clearer picture of:

1. The current, authentic, pure state of humanity

2. … Read more

What’s Paradigm 3

Intro: What is Paradigm3?

Paradigm 3 is a new process of interacting with our collective reality. Currently, we seem to be tossed about, to and fro, by the two different forces affecting our daily experience. By not being aware of these forces, they both run havoc in our lives.

Most people might accidently make the mistake of equating the two … Read more

Fireworks exploding on Headline #90: Paradigm 3 needed ASAP!

Reporting the amazing hits from Project August is so far beyond ego-level touting. Now it’s just getting downright scary. When the Spanish King stepped down, I thought that was pretty amazing, as it was our first really big Proj Aug “hit.”

But then the wall of fire took out a neighborhood, just like the PA headline said. That was a … Read more

More on Phase II: The Transition

In perfect synchronistic fashion, as soon as I posted the new scoring system (which I believe will serve as the backbone to our future operations here), one of our active users posed several very synchronistic questions.

Let me first back up and make an apology to everyone. I am very sorry for not being able to respond to everyone’s Read more