Update on the Transition

As most readers know, there is going to be a new face to the National Dream Center website. This old site has grown well out of it’s usefulness, and it was built in a modular manner, which makes it confusing to navigate.

The new site will only have one login requirement for dreams, forum, and blog responses. It’s hard to … Read more

Are you a Dreaming Prodigy?

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2015: A Look Ahead to the New Year

As the elves are quietly wrapping up the 2014 predictions into a Top Ten list and our DreamForecasters are working overtime trying to derive predictions for the coming year (from the Project Año dreams and linguistics), I thought I’d take some time to document what 2015 might look like with respect to the NDC’s mission and internal operations.

I think … Read more

The Fate of Paradigm 3

Predicting and Creating. Regardless of whether anyone recognizes these two processes, just about every human on Earth is accomplishing them every minute of every day. Now take those processes and magnify the energy and intensity. You now have high energy and high frequency directly clashing with behind-the-scenes reality creation. It might actually be a legitimate metaphor to envision the bull … Read more

Dual Red Alerts (Updated Oct 31)

Update, 8PM CST: According to the news, our huge headline for one of the memes has come to fruition.

“Private Spaceship Bound for Space Station Explodes on Launch,” says NASA publicists. As of local time here, one cannot find any news link on the web that doesn’t have this news highlighted front and center. The story is huge, but fortunately … Read more

NDC: How does it work? Part 1

As more and more milestones continue getting trampled by our absolutely astounding team of dreamers, seers, interpreters, forecasters, and linguistics analysts (okay, yeah, you got me there…we only have one of those), it’s probably about that time to step back, use this short break to focus in on how this whole process really works.

This post will be designed for … Read more

Forum is back up, and….

Back from hell, thanks for asking! I have good news and bad news. I decided to speak the words this time instead of typing them out.

In this video, I explain a little about what happened, what we’ll do about it, and the longer view of the NDC. I apologize for the office area still under construction.


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Congrats, Apology, and Request

Been awake for too many hours, so making this one very short. I want to apologize to a couple of dreamers…I hadn’t realized that not all form submittals were forwarded to our inbox, and therefore, a couple of dream validations have been overlooked. Unfortunately, I have an urking suspicion that there are more you who submitted forms for “My Dream … Read more

Getting this a lot lately…a question about non-dreams

The question is…Are you accepting not only dreamers who have prophetic dreams but is NDC also open to remote viewers, seers, people who are psychic or highly perceptive and intuitive etc.?

Answer: Yes, we value all forms of intuition here at the NDC. Unless specifically prohibited (we’ve had a couple of projects disallowing non-dreams), seers may put their intuition, remote … Read more

Scoring: Change 4 posted + Sherriann’s latest validated precog

Link: nationaldreamcenter.com/wp/how-to/score-a-dream/

This change is very profound, I believe. Historically, if dreams are to come true in real life, the bulk of them do so within a week (that is according to JM Debord, whose link is on the right sidebar).

Therefore, it makes sense that people not be penalized if they are not given a specific date in their … Read more

A Peek into the Forums

As I go off to start compiling today’s DreamForecast and predictive headlines, let me quietly introduce a couple new areas of the NDC. I believe the forum overall is now refined enough and appears to be very stable, so let’s start checking it out…

Don’t worry, this article is not meant to be your official introduction to the forums, but … Read more

Exciting New Connections: Ginette Matacia Lucas

The National Dream Center introduces a prolific dreamer and public figure to our operations here. Please welcome Ginette Matacia Lucas, who is best known for using her well-honed dreaming talents in the field of forensics.

Ginette has a plethora of well-documented dream predictions, but her real specialty gets showcased when working with police departments, the FBI, and other governmental bodies … Read more

More on Phase II: The Transition

In perfect synchronistic fashion, as soon as I posted the new scoring system (which I believe will serve as the backbone to our future operations here), one of our active users posed several very synchronistic questions.

Let me first back up and make an apology to everyone. I am very sorry for not being able to respond to everyone’s Read more

Done with this: Taking it to the next level

Folks, August 14th will be a day of spelling out the next phase of NDC. Phase one might as well be considered a tremendous success, although the data still needs to be compiled to be sure we know what we’re dealing with.

But in the background, my mind is working on overdrive with new conceptualizations of Phase 2 and how … Read more

Proj Aug Headlines Available


In the menu, it’s under Proj Aug => Reports and Predictions => Proj Aug Headlines

I’ll try to keep this updated, but no promises. When communicating together, please reference the Headline NUMBER (first column).



---------- NDC Announcments -----------

Don’t miss our daily DreamBot run which shows a brief status of the collective unconscious.

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Another great time…

Thanks for the great interaction last night, everyone! I had a great time with George Noory, but now I find myself very sleepy. We have a backlog of great news to get out, but it will have to wait until after some shuteye. I’ll have something out by this afternoon timeframe; perhaps I’ll even include a dream or two (‘course … Read more

Want the Future to come to you?

The National Dream Center is now offering email notifications for critical DreamBlog / DreamBot updates. We will limit the email notifications to weekly DreamForecasts, any urgent trend / caution / red alert, or high-level news that fulfilled a previous prediction (only those with a high DreamSeer score will be included).

Also, the NDC vows to never use your email for … Read more