Report 5


Project August

Report #5

July 21, 2014


Disclaimer: Although the staff strives for objective analysis in all aspects of Project August, we are still in uncharted territory with respect to precognitive dreams. Project August should not be assumed a scientific study. Any projections into future predictions should always be considered merely speculation, especially when matched with dates and locations. Readers assume full responsibility for their actions based on any information provided in or referred to from the content within this report. Readers and dreamers alike are cautioned to use a high level of discernment when reading anything related to Project August. Any material and content that discusses Project August should be considered ‘for entertainment only.’

Preface: YOU AGREE…

1. This will be the last pre-August report. However, a list of headlines will be published to Proj Aug participants just before August.

2. If I missed someone’s dream in this report, it was not intentional. If you believe your dream could have really beefed up an identified headline or even created a new headline, PLEASE let me know.

3. I changed the rules on this report. Seeing how so many of our previous predictions are coming true (and at a very high precision level), I felt it was important to publish this final report publicly. I apologize for changing the rules, but I’m sure most would agree that the general public could probably benefit from some of the material contained herein.

4. Realize that this report does not cover all headlines for Proj Aug. The other 4 reports will remain privileged material for our Proj Aug dreamers until sometime in late August.

5. YOU AGREE, that by reading this report, only you are responsible for your actions. This report is based on speculation and forward looking, which means there are no guarantees. If there is any doubt, readers agree that this report is for entertainment only. The author is not responsible for what you do as a result of this material.

6. Email alerts are now available for important updates from the National Dream Center.




I don’t know how this report will be received by our Project August participants, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Having just completed a thorough read of all these dreams, I sit back and just quietly ponder… what the heck does all this mean for August?

All the reports thus far seemed to have a major theme that was clear and distinct. Sure, there was plenty of diversity in those dreams, including location, events, and dream characters, but this time we have several interesting mini-themes. Some of them are completely new, and some add to the previous memes.

In this final report, we are going to work big to small, which is exactly how I like to work the dream analysis process to begin with. We put all the PA dreams together in a safe corner of the internet and we send the DreamBot over to look at all of them. We have several iterations of runs being thrown at this project, as opposed to just the one we started with at the very beginning of Project August (i.e., DreamBot1).

Remember that Project August was/is officially classified as a non-scientific study, meaning that there are no control groups, no hypotheses, no literature reviews, although I have done everything I can to maintain integrity and congruence throughout.

The informal aspect to this classification means that we cannot and will not expect the scientific community to roll over on their backs even if we achieve 100% success from the headline compliation. But the advantage we have right now is that we can use iterative learning with respect to pulling out headlines from the dreams and linguistic runs.

And that is exactly why we now have three main DreamBot versions, and they are all continuously being fine-tuned based on how successful their results. Although we still lack a rigorous, street-ready study of this whole process, the results right now look incredibly encouraging.


When the DreamBot goes out, we have to do at least 3 separate runs on the same dream words. Each run is looking for different things. This first DreamBot run is looking for only the top trends in the dream language AND it uses an algorithm to place certain words in certain places such that a sentence can be automatically extracted.

Now, for those who have seen these phrasings, there’s rarely a perfect, English sentence laid out by the bot, but many times something meaningful can be extracted. For example, in the second report we had a long discussion about how the DreamBot was suggesting that either someone was going to leave the White House, or that the White House was going to be evacuated.

Well, as it stands, now, both of these predictions came true, although Jay Carney’s departure was a direct hit, and on…[edited]

July 17th,  All Clear Given At White House After Lockdown

Published July 17, 2014, 4:35 PM EDT

The White House was locked down on Thursday afternoon while Secret Service investigated an unattended package, NBC News reported.

The all clear was given early Thursday evening and the lockdown was lifted.

    All clear here at the @WhiteHouse after suspicious package prompted lockdown

    — Josh Lederman (@joshledermanAP) July 17, 2014

    Security lockdown at WH over. All clear given.

    — Mark Knoller (@markknoller) July 17, 2014

The package was on the North Fence line. Lafayette Park, across the street from the White House, was also evacuated.

[end edit. Note: The original article here was accidentally copied from the Bush/Cheney White House period, but the linguistics were indeed fulfilled because an even bigger evacuation happened just this month, as indicated by the new article above. The moron author that wrote this publication accidentally pasted the old article. This was a clerical error, but the outcome stays the same: The DreamBot was correct.]



Okay, so that was just a workup for this report’s DreamBot1, and there are two separate runs we have to discuss: 1) just the dreams from period 5, and 2) all the PA dreams. As for that latter, there is absolutely nothing to discuss from DreamBot1, unfortunately. All the phrasings housed too many adjectives and adverbs crunched together and made it meaningless. This isn’t the DreamBot’s fault, but rather the words that just happened to be used in the dreams

However, the Period 5 dreams might be even more critical anyway simply because it comes from just the dreams with the most proximity to August.

The significant linguistics here starts with “man” and “husband.” This is unprecedented in all the time I’ve been doing dream linguistics, and it shows a very strong patriarchal presence. For those in the peace-making industry, we know what the unbalanced Yang energy can bring…worst case we can see wars, strife, etc. and in the best case, life-changing creating, hard laboring, heavy exertion, etc.

The rest of the list doesn’t look very balanced towards the other direction at all. Except for “feeling kind” in the middle, we have “dark” “gun” “night” “running” and “strange.”

This definitely matches the earlier reports where all we saw was busy-ness and lots of struggling. Plus, the biggest relevant phrasing suggests…

inside group running dark ground.

Although this isn’t detailed enough to extract meaningful headlines, the context here DEFINITELY matches the period 5 dreams, as you will soon see, and this is the big “texture” change that I noticed while reading the dreams.


DreamBot2 was required in order to give us more detail about potentially important memes. We began noticing that there were important surges in specific words, which should have been noticed by the bot, but they weren’t common-enough words to make the elite pairings of DreamBot1.

Normally, I just list out the phrasings from this bot run, but I’d like to do something a bit different here. I’m going to simply list the words that shot up like a stalk of Poke Salad weed and rose significantly during this last PA period. In other words, these words that follow are well beyond the norm for where they should be historically…

Surprisingly High # of hits includes: Little, gun, running, food-making, device, comes, taken, store, pull, corn, neighbor, bad-thinking, grab, number, property

Note: these words were not supposed to be any particular phrase. This was simply a list of all the words that were much more frequent than they “should have been” (based on the DreamBot norms).

So, these words could be looked at as the non-typical trends for period 5, and I somehow see lots of current events in these words. For example, Little and Running and Taken and Comes and even Property seem to resonate with the border “crisis.” Obviously Gun and Grab look coincident, and some would say that those are also related to the manufactured aforementioned so-called “crisis.”

Wow, could all these surprisingly high hits be warning of us of an escalation on the border? Hold that thought, cause the dreams are much more detailed about this.

But what I find really interesting is the Food, Making, and Corn themes. The dreams themselves didn’t have a lot of explanation on the food theme (save one in particular about corn), but we will explore some of this later.

…And now for the typical phrasings from DreamBot2…

1. From just the period 5 dreams:

1A 2014 August black first place
1B Suddenly away building hole men really running well

(sorry, wordpress won’t let me fix this unsightly alignment error)

2. From all the PA dreams:

2A Find room white being going large
2B Night outside woke again inside why feeling dreams?
2C Friend blue last area come head face huge
2D Young apparently found children open help needed person running across
2E Try change bad thinking flash ever near
2F Father male angry hard somehow stuff mean holding wife however money arms circle decide clean moment


For those of you who only see gibberish, I feel your pain! I see a lot of hints that are trying to come out, but they didn’t quite make it blatant for all to see. Fortunately, there are some phrases here that match some of our overlapping dream material, which is not only cool, but it helps to define the context AND it improves the likelihood of the meme occurring later (based on previous non-scientific observation).

Comments on these phrasings:

1A: Although POTUS has fulfilled a third White House prediction from Proj Aug (i.e., his ratings plummeted in June to fulfill headline #14 “The President’s approval rating plummets” – he lost ratings based on immigration and general foreign policy, and these headlines came right at one month from the prediction date), he will remain in office throughout August (as also confirmed by a BIG deal dream we’ll cover later).

1B: Sink holes will continue, and in August will swallow a building.

2A: More “Otherlies” meme building, but now we get an overlap. This phrase seems different from our dreams in that it isn’t attack related, but it may not be an alien per se.

2D: We’re seeing headlines now about militias gearing up to protect the border, but you’re also going to see child advocate groups and outreach organizations doing exactly what this phrase implies…helping the open children running across.

Possible Headline: People gather together to help the refugee children.

Oops…too late. This headlines just came true as of July 18th: Some cities open arms to children caught on the border. Note that 99% of the dreams predate this news, so the dream content did predict this headline, so call it win for our PA dreamers.

2E: The “Sky Flash” meme, which is largely a non-PA topic, is now merging with Proj Aug. We’re going to keep this meme outside of Proj Aug, but we definitely want to keep an eye on that trend.

2F: I included this one mainly because of the additional patriarchal and very emotional jargon. The “arms and circle” might indicate an underlying weapons cache, but it’s too sketchy to pair up with our list of weapon cache dreams.


Partly inspired by George Ure (although the preliminary workings were already underway before his synchronistic idea made it out to hundreds of thousands of his readers), the DreamBot3 captures and records linguistics data on important dream topics. We measure emotions, weather, geographical topography, cities, countries, numbers, and much more.

For DreamBot3, the number of hits is less important than the overall trend. That’s exactly how we managed to find the pole shift acceleration AND the eventual return to normal (if there is such a thing with meandering and weakening poles).

Color Collapse!

Say hello to Green, everyone. It was a bombshell theme this go-around, which produces a complete collapse of Headline #6: Civil War Breaks Out in Latin America   OR   Greece Finally Collapses, Taking the World with It   OR   Humanity’s Power Problem Solved from Finish Physicist

The gig is up with these bold hits of green. It totally derails the previously significant color trend that seemed to be developing into Red, White, and Blue.

In report #1, which is where Headline #6 came from, the two dominant colors were White and Blue only, and so we interpreted those colors to possibly indicate a particular country’s flag (i.e., Greece, Finland, etc.). But then in reports #2 & 3, Red began streaking up to the number 2 position. This is why I began closing off all conversation about color…because it appeared that USA was floating to the top of the dream colors with Red, White, and Blue. I wanted the incoming dream colors to not be affected by the reports, so I stopped talking about it.

But that is officially wiped away now, even though White is at the very top (not uncommon in collective dreamwork). So, basically, we have our first disbanded PA headline.

As for weather, floods become much more prominent in period 5 as compared to all the rest of Proj Aug dreams. This isn’t particularly surprising, and doesn’t necessarily predict anything because we do have a lot of day residue associated with flooding. However, this does overlap with a growing dream topic, so we’ll cover that later.

There is nothing significant for space bodies (i.e., sun, moon, mars, etc.), and no major changes in States (Florida, Louisiana, Hawaii, Alabama, Alaska, Montana, Arkansas, and Texas are the main themes).

There are not a lot of changes in the numbers either. Number 2 is still at the top by a wide margin. The only big jump by any number was #7, which went up 4 positions (not a big jump), and #6, which dropped 3 positions. But here’s something interesting inside the dream stories. The number 5 comes out in a very even and symbolic way, representing some multiple of 50. Note the last example there…500 sick/dying eagles, and the 3rd example relates to a “White House” selling items on ebay in order to buy $50K drapes (wow, doesn’t that sound like America or what?)

5 missiles are being set up, pointing upward, under ocean water

5 gunny sacks

She wanted $50,000 for them.

Large eagles everywhere, at least 500, if not more


Perhaps the most meaningful data here is geography. Although the actual name changed, hill/mountain is the big-time winner. These trends have endured throughout all of Proj Aug, including this last period. Does this mean that the major news in August will be about hills/mountains?

New geo-trends that look important this period are: Desert and River.

Emotions are truly a mixed bag. Negative trends are pretty much co-equal with positive emotions, no matter how you slice and dice the data. Big picture, this is really the only thing that balances our previously-identified Yang/Male dominance. At least the highest emotion isn’t hate/angry/fear!

There’s only problem here: Sometimes words like “angry” or “hate” never get quoted in a dream, and instead the act of violence replace those words. That is unfortunately what we see in the Manifest Content…


The Manifest Content


At the precipice: “Getting close”

Where shall we begin? How about a warmup dream to get us all in the mood. This dreamer is given two outcomes, and it indicates that WE, collectively, have a big choice to make, and the choice might be presented much quicker than many imagined.

7/15/2014 This dream starts I am walking earth, above it almost like in orbit. Someone besides me shows me Humanity and what it becomes with out love and compassion for all things. Everything is dead looking and burning and ashes.

Next we move into a light the earth becomes beautiful shining this is Humanity with love and compassion for all things. I am told we are at the brink and these are the only 2 outlooks for the future of mankind.

I turn to ask a question as to how long do we have and I wake up. With the words in my head: “Not long!!”


…and with that cheery news from Paradigm 3, let’s head into the all-important Paradigm 1, where these dreamers see the highest probabilities for humanity’s future. Recall from DreamBot1 the massive presence of a male-dominant energy and what that could mean for our future.

The readers at this point might start to ponder …from which gender are these male-dominant dreams coming, as they probably assume that all this masculinity is coming from men’s dreams.

No way, Jose! In fact, I’ll only show you several snippets from female dreamers, and you’ll see that the Yang energy is gripping our lovely ladies, just as much, if not more than our males.

There are a lot of sub-themes we can identify in this grouping, but I’ll simply call it…

Unusual Violence / Running from Violence

Dream 1. What resistance would this be?

I felt like I needed to join the resistance even if there were only a few of us, plus my gut feeling was very un-easy. Right then a lady approached me with an idea….she told me that she is in with the resistance, and has a plan that could save us all! She then told me her plan…”If the enemy breaks though the barrier, we then re-treat to the mountainous boarders, hide and take them out there, Never letting them through. This is where we hold them back!” Then I woke up [note: here’s the mountain theme also showing up as it does in so many other places]

Dream 2. Another revolution in southeast Asia…

I was a younger child in a very shady orphanage in what felt like a Southeast Asian country. …. There, I noticed people roaming the streets with weapons. Bicyclists were carrying assault weapons. There was looting in stores. Men were stealing liquor. There was one very strong man who could lift pallets of items: food, liquor, whatever he could get his hands on. He was tossing aside canisters of propane like they were plastic toys. They were looting because revolution was coming and they were taking whatever they could before there was nothing left. I was just trying to stay out of sight so they wouldn’t kill me, because they were shooting or hanging all foreigners and dissidents they could find. I knew I’d be on their list.

Dream 3. Not bad for a rookie…

My first attempt at Project August last night. I had a dream about a group that was performing suicide bombings. I was shown that they were not in the middle east but it did seem like maybe northern Africa. The suicide bombers had a ritual that they would perform….

Dream 4. Very short dream snippet:

OMG… he means to commit Jihad!” I don’t know how I jumped to that conclusion… but I felt very strongly about it. I just somehow knew

Dream 5. One dreamer vowed to stop dreaming about Proj Aug because of a different sort of violence…

…we heard a strange noise coming from the corner wall where the two men were working. The white door in the room was slammed shut. I said, “That wasn’t me. There’s something in here with us!” Afraid/fear is the word. Then, something/one with arms took hold of me from behind in my sleep and I began to fight it off knowing I was stronger than ‘it’. One of my granddaughters was sleeping with me and woke me up before moving to another bedroom to sleep.

I’ve been waiting for a while now for my train of missile/nuclear/bunker dreams to take a turn and now that it has happened, I have to quit this… I’ve been warned.

Lucky for us, this dreamer jumped right back in about 5 days later to provide us more valuable dreams.

Dream 6. Interestingly, the following Chicago dream is more about a potential spiritual awakening than being frightened, and I offer both parts of her dream in order to remind us that no matter what shows up in August, the spiritual aspect is what we should keep our attention on, not all the violence…

I was alone, driving to Chicago … There’s a downtown emergency of some sort. It feels like riot or other violence. I’m walking quickly, but I’m lost. I can’t remember where my car is parked. There are crowds walking around me. I’m in my tough city girl walk. Eye contact confident, body posture strong.

Then I run into a man. He says I have the power for initiation. In his hand is a “light box”. It stores the spirit in egg-shaped stones. … He looks at my spirit in the stones and a graph appears nearby that is solid red with just a small white space. He said this showed my power and my fear.

Dream 7. Adding to our previous stash of “agents” and “assassins,” we do need to share a male dream snippet here because it serves this general violence meme. The theme substantiates the linguistics and the other dreams: someone is running for their life due to violence:

My role was to be a special-ops assassin who enters and exits a target location quickly and can physically and mentally outperform any living thing on earth. Having had enough, I finally manage to escape the facility that I was being held at and am now literally running for my life.

In fact, the entire scene is reminiscent of a commercial for “parkour” or something from the video game “Mirror’s Edge.” Although my run is too long and detailed to describe here, it takes me through a number of public areas including a city square, 2 public schools, an art gallery and an auditorium.


Possible Headline: Suicide bombings becoming prevalent outside Middle East.

Possible Headline: Violence hits new highs in wake of emergency/riot in major US metropolitan area(s)… (Chicago?)

Possible Headline: Another move toward revolution in Southeast Asia; outlook bleak.

Possible Headline: Citizens run for their lives as violence escalates (highest possible areas: Middle East, northern Africa, Southwest Asia, and even major US cities). Note also that I had to include the Middle East because of the dream content, but I know this one is clearly quite obvious just from recent news headlines. Sorry for insulting everyone’s intelligence…not my intention.



EMP/Sky Flash

I’m going to present you four overlapping PA dream snippets which all magnify a recent post I wrote on “Sky Flashes.” Uh oh. Check this out, too. They also overlap with the most recent DreamBot2 phrase 2E “Try change bad thinking flash ever near.”

Is that phrase telling us to stop thinking that a sky flash would be a bad thing? At least it would mean the end of the current Yang-strong, debt-ridden, slave system as we know it, but it also would have the potential to take us back hundreds of years. Who’s in?

Here’s another indicator…three of these dreams were nearly simultaneous, which traditionally indicated a much higher probability of occurring. So now we have PA dreams overlapping and nearly coincident in timing, overlapping non-PA dreams, and overlapping with PA linguistics. What else do we need? Oh yeah, the actual event, duh…

Dream 1:

6-29-2014 I was working in garden and the was a very bright flash. I turned and asked my husband “What was that?” He said it was an EMP I said No! No!.. we have to get inside the ash is coming.. the ash will be falling. I woke up. my first thought was an mass eruptions some where to the North West of NM.

Dream 2:

I am talking about all the ways that God has been so good to us and I say God is so good. we get to top. there is dark sky and clear crisp air. we start to fall. My husband is giving a running commentary so I won’t be scared and the closer we get to the ground, the bigger the news. He says access hollywood, entertainment tonight, fox news, cnn, etc. Then he says, “kilowatt now we’re too close. “He must not have gotten it in time”?? He says, “I love you” then “I’ll see you on the next go around” then “I’ll find you.”

Explanation: This unfortunate couple is falling from the sky, plummeting to their death (which shows up later in the dream). However, on the way, down, there’s calmness. The husband knows their fate, and is not worried…he knows his information will make it to mainstream news, but his most insightful phrase is metaphoric…

KILOWATT! Attention reader: Say that a little slower…

“kill a watt”

Watt is an essential measure of electricity; thus, KILL ELECTRICITY!

By itself, I wouldn’t have been worried about this dream, but combined with all the others, lookout!

Dream 3: If the Sky Flash if big enough, even watches will stop working…

One of the items was a watch, the time had stopped on it and on the back was something scratched in Arabic with a date next to it. I can’t remember the date or the time that the watch had stopped working now. I was overwhelmed with the idea of what these guys might be planning to do… I was hoping to find a way to stop them, but I didn’t know how. I woke up in a panic.

Dream 4: Not convinced yet? That’s understandable, but read this one, and realize what I’ve been trying to tell the readers about emotions: Emotions are one of the biggest indicators for futuring a dream…

I am at a social gathering in a large house, but there are no lights. Light conversation is happening. I’m given a drink. I can barely see the glass being handed to me. I try to see what this large house looks like. Straining my eyes I see a large fireplace and hearth. I ask why they don’t light a fire and am told it is too hot and that my eyes will ajust. I ask when the lights will be turned on and I’m told, “It is going to take awhile to get the grid back up.” I woke up with an overwhelming feeling of sadness.

Possible Headline (in places where the grid is still up): Grid goes down!




Water Meme Got Interesting

We had water as a very big theme all throughout Project August. To be sure, this wasn’t particularly surprising considering that water is a major Jungian archetype. In our normal day-to-day linguistics runs, water does tend to score fairly high; however, these dream events do seem to be somewhat non-ordinary, especially considering the level of detail afforded the dreamers (in some cases) and a couple trends seemed to overlap very well.

First, we get a very curious but definite overlap about not being able to cross a body of water. Interestingly, both of these dreamers were in Europe (Portugal and Germany and unknown to each other).

I really have little idea how these two could be connected. One of the dreamers was trying to get to a wedding, and the bride is complaining because the church is keeping her from Rome.

The German dreamer was trying to help a group of students cross a lake or wide river:

We needed to cross this body of water. i was looking for a way and had the feeling I don’t have the right tools, something here is missing. Then I realised that that used to be a bridge there that now I couldn’t see, a fact that irritated me.

Possible Headline: Traffic unable to pass one of Europe’s main waterways



Water (Cont’d)

The next meme is clearly a coastal flooding, as many areas are indicated in the dreams (most of them coastal). Let’s start with an unknown area:

Suddenly, the scene changes, and we are now standing on the edge of a flooded street. Under his right arm, the man holds a rather large pike which he releases into the ½ foot of water.

Next, New Orleans:

I dreamed that I was in a restaurant in New Orleans. It was an old house that had been renovated into a restaurant. I looked out of the window and saw water rising in the street. I thought “oh no it’s going to flood again”. The restaurant is on a corner lot. One of the street names starts with the letter M. I know that August is the middle of Hurricane season in Louisiana, so there always good chance of flooding at that time of the year.

Baltic Sea area:

A projector shows a map on a lowered screen. The map shows possible destinations at the northsea and the baltic sea. Cannot remember the exact shape of the coast. The sea was north, northwest. …..

Very tidy and clean, no signs of decay. My view was along a row of houses to the left and a single house to the right into direction of the sea. There came a huge wave in from the sea – at first I thought of the normal surge of waves at this place. But as the wave came down the whole road between the houses, I was very surprised. The water had a wonderful deep green color. On top the spray was white. On the descending front I saw the white foam in great detail. Behind this wave there was already the next one. From my point of view I could see, that this one was higher than the houses. It was also dark green. Everything went slowly and very majestic. I thought to myself: “Wow – a great place for surfing!!” The film finished here and I could not see how the higher wave hit the village. Finally a speaker mentioned the name “Kalynngrad”.

Remarks: I tried to draw/paint my view of the village and the waves – added this as jpg. The name the speaker mentioned sounded like “Ka”-“lyn”-“n”-“grad”, with a separately spoken “n”. I googled the name and found Kaliningrad – which is in fact at the right location in the baltic sea. I did not know – till now – where Kaliningrad is located.

Just so everyone knows, Kaliningad is the red pin on the following map

Kaliningrad (PA report 5)

North Sea / Caribbean:

Although no water was in her dream, we got a significantly metaphoric dream about the late Princess Juliana, who was the emanate Queen of the Netherlands until 1980 (she lived until 2004). In today’s world she might be best remembered by the Dutch airport of the same name, Princess Juliana International Airport.

Since the last dream mentioned the North Sea and the Netherlands is coastal to it, then the Netherlands gets a small checkmark here for coastal water bombardment, but the chances are greatly diminished because of the requirement for dream connections.

Perhaps a bit higher chance is the International Airport mentioned above.

Now, we do need to know that the Princess Juliana International Airport does not reside in mainland Netherlands. Instead, it’s actually in the Dutch part of the Saint Martin Island (see picture below courtesy of Google Maps…the airport resides at the red marker).

Princess Juliana Intl Airport

Is this really important? After all, we are getting distant from the original dream material, right? Well, yes, but there are multiple connections here that do make it somewhat plausible:

1. “Queen” is mentioned in the next dream, which talks about water taking the queen completely out of the picture.

2. Saint Martin island is strangely close to the original Florida coastline mentioned in report #1. Might they BOTH get hit by the same August coastal problem? Because of the multiple connections here, we reduce the likelihood, but still keep it in our radar.


I am in paradise hiking up a dormant volcano, I get the feeling that I am on a very large island even though I cannot see any water from the top of this volcano.

I begin to run down the road to find a place to shelter in. I yell at the ice queen to run, but she is standing there with the look of surprise on her face as a large rush of water swallows her up [note the last dream about Queen Juliana] and drags her down the mountain in a flood of now soupy chocolate milk colored water. The locals are now running everywhere. They do not understand where the water is coming from, but run in fear.

(I get the feeling from seeing the locals that I maybe in the Philippines, although I have never been there before I get this impression because of their unique accents when speaking English, as well as their sandals, clothing, and the color and of their skin which is not really dark but not white either, as well as their small size.)

….. I push my way in and shut the door quickly, I begin to block the doors on the hill side slope to stop any water from getting in…..we walk around the room and see how much water is coming down the hill. We scratch our heads because we have no idea where in the heck the water is coming from!


Headline #3 Gets Changed to: “Coastal town gets decimated (possible locations include Florida/Carribean, New Orleans, Baltic Sea, Philippines [or Southeast Asia], North Sea)”

Note: The Philippine dream above was dreamt on 12 July and input into the database on 13 July, which predates the following headline:

Philippines evacuates coastal areas as typhoon intensifies

   Reuters   Published: 13:39 July 15, 2014

Manila: The Philippines evacuated eastern coastal areas, suspended ferry services and closed schools in parts of its main Luzon island as the strongest storm to hit the country this year intensified as it headed straight towards the capital, Manila.

On its current path, the storm would also be the first in about four years to score a direct hit on Manila, the weather bureau said.


In essence, the Philippine prediction might have already taken place, and the DreamSeer score is very high, at a 3.8. But we keep the Philippines in that list because after all, some dreams can come true many times, but note that the chances of this headline occurring in the Philippines in August has diminished substantially.


White House

We already covered the $50K drapes that some upscale family was trying to put up in their “White House,” but the truth is that they were totally bankrupt, and were actually selling everything in their home in order to pay for these extravagant curtains.

To me, this is another huge, flashing metaphor for the state of the USA…bankrupt but spending beyond belief…and selling our valuable assets to China and India in order to pay for all the ridiculous spending.

Plus, we had the previous White House memes of evacuation that got an unprecedented hit in July, but still remains open because it was more a water theme than an unsuspected package.

But just in case people are thinking that the White House meme (especially the evacuation part of it) might include POTUS being dismissed, think again.

We have one of our top dog dreamers on the case here, and if anything, it looks like Obama might get a third term!

Now, to be fair, the dream character did NOT say that Obama will get a third term, but rather, “and she blatantly told me that it was very, VERY unlikely that he would be thrown out of office, in fact, it was more likely that he would serve a third term.”

That is critical here, especially when seeing the tremendous rise in just one big “Crisis” theme across the board.

Bohemian Grove Meets Scorpio

So, not to intentionally add any fear into anyone, but the Bohemian Grove is arguably where Presidents are chosen, and we had a dream that spoke as if she was actually there.

Something else that is interesting…it just happens to be the same very long dream that includes the 3rd term warning.

Okay, let’s get started.

First things first…the dreamer finds herself in California (she’s not from there). Next, she finds herself surrounded by ancient statues, most of which resemble Native Americans, and one of them has eyes that light up. Hmmm, can anyone name one of the few places in California that could match that description?

More dream descriptions about what goes on here:

…strange things were occurring around this area at night time, but it didn’t say exactly WHAT was happening. There were several brave people who would dare to spend the night in the circle. Some would say nothing happened, some were traumatized, and some said their eyes had been opened.

After getting the feel of the place and getting creeped out she sees…

several black scorpions running around….After making a note of the scorpions, I looked up at the sky. The stars were moving. They were changing just over us, but I don’t think anyone else noticed. It didn’t bother me at all, for whatever reason…

Note: this dreamer is now famous for getting constellation insights through her dreams, so it didn’t surprise me to see a very strong connection in her dream between scorpions and stars.

Enter Scorpio. This is the first thing I thought of when reading her dream. My next thought was, “Okay, she saw Scorpio in the night sky at the Bohemian Grove, which could indicate some timing issues here…so, when does Scorpio appear in the northern hemisphere?”

For evening viewing, July and August are prime-time months for observing this wondrous constellation…In the Northern Hemisphere

WOW! The timing here is spot on, but timing for what? Is it timing for when the visitors of Bohemian Grove make their decision about a 3rd term? Or is the crisis big enough to substantiate a 3rd term? Either way, this is HIGHLY unlikely that we will get any sort of confirmatory headline.


Possible Headline: Treasuries getting harder to sell to foreign investors (i.e., the first White House dream)

Improbable Headline: Elite make plans for Obama’s third term.


Happening now?!

For this meme, I need to take a diversion first. You’ll be reading one of our first Project August dreams from April to see how eerily similar it resonates to what’s apparently happening at the Mexican border. I bolded some areas that look particularly interesting…

“To Vaccinate or not to….”   April 27, 2014
Observed a family driving a jeep in a warm tropical climate. The driver was a young man who just received a very large noticeable vaccination that looked like an old fashioned smallpox vaccine only this was reddened, swollen, draining. He was falling asleep at the wheel like he was sick from the vaccine and could not stay conscious. A woman (mother?) next to him took the steering wheel as they came upon military guards at a checkpoint. It ‘felt’ like a quarantined area. The people spoke mostly Spanish and some English. The guards were distracted by something on TV in the guard house, so the woman was deftly able to drive the jeep through the checkpoint unnoticed. The illness spread by this family driving through countries. Next, I saw a woman I know who lives in Idaho. We used to show our dogs together. Her new dog was a new breed named “Banyon” dog. I asked her the origin of the breed, “Oh, it is derived from the Alaskan Malamute”. The sense I received from this was that outbreaks were reported either in Idaho/Northwest or as far north as Alaska. So the vector/transmission could be from airplane exposure. (air transmission) versus/or addition to border crossing. Either way. Smallpox? Something similar but hybrid/mutated strain. The woman I was speaking with who owned the dog has association with Washington D.C; so my associative impression was that news, orders, proclamations will emanate from that location not CDC in Atlanta- (marshal law-quarantine?)

Notes: This dream has so much associated with the current border crisis, it’s simply uncanny…the climate, the guards, the Spanish language, the sick appearance, the border. Thus, the items still outstanding MUST be heeded.

Our original headline from the 1st report was “Outbreak Claims 1,200 lives in Eastern Montana.”

The reason we chose Montana was because there was a similar dream called “Montana” just days prior the above dream where 1,200 people perished:

…She discussed how there was a large number of deaths in eastern Montana…(this dream was also in the “Idaho/Northwest area” but an exact state trumps the generic, so I went with Montana. Keep in mind that the location data for this is HIGHLY suspect, as we have places like “tropical,” Alaska, DC, Atlanta, Idaho, etc.)

One thing I’d like to point out here is that aerial exposure from the first dream is certainly not out of the question once this thing accelerates, particularly if there is indeed an agenda behind the whole thing (there’s no way there’s an agenda, right? I have been tickled pink about how many hidden agendas have come to light based on both the DreamBot and some of our dreams.)

The following news article spells out how the April dreams are coming true, and then after the article, we’ll look at even more PA dreams

Border Patrol agents being widely infected with diseases; union VP warns all of America at risk

Thursday, July 17, 2014 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The illegal immigrant situation currently taking place at our nation’s borders is rapidly spiraling out of control, according to reports. Border Patrol agents left and right are falling ill with diseases that haven’t been seen in the U.S. for decades, and the Vice President of the National Border Patrol Union (NBPU) says all of America is now at risk.


More Dream Snippets:

1.Very short snippet:

Their content finally abates when some kind of a “disease breaks out” and causes a great disturbance.

2. Somewhat related is the Toxic Nerve Agent that affected many people in NYC. However, this one will be contained by August 24th, as you’ll see in the list of headlines by date.

3. Of course, not all sickness would be restricted to just humans…

I notice all of the animals are sick, there is an emu or a large duck of some kind and its feathers look wet around its eyes like it has some sort of infection in the eyes. All of the Children also look very deformed, like the man from mask, or they have unusual growths all over their bodies. The children are poking the animals with sticks, and I think to myself I can’t stay here, what if this place is the reason everyone is sick?

4. Let’s also not forget about one of our Project Uno dreams, which were all intended for less than 2 weeks from now (August 1st):

I had a dream that we were with my brother and sister in law at their church in Kansas City, MO. My Uncle Marion was there and I think there was a funeral. There was talk going on about a little girl. All of a sudden my brother-in-law comes up and tells us we have to leave immediately because MERS has gone viral. We all pile in the vehicle and I am trying to make a phone call but the phone won’t work. We are safe in our car but then I get concerned because I am thinking about all the people at the church that we were just around. My brother-in-law had told me that it was now spreading easily from person to person and my mind was racing as I thought of the hundreds of people that we had shared air space with. There was something about water and other things and then I woke up.

5. Nanobots:

The population is caught in an ongoing battle with tiny “nanobots” that take over a host’s body in order to fuel their reproduction. The problem apparently began with a single “dormant” infected human, whose awakening also activated the machines, which began to spread at an alarming rate. Once infected, the host would inevitably become a slave to the machines, eventually becoming catatonic, but not before displaying aggressive “zombie-like” behaviour. As a member of an underground “faction” or “resistance” that assembled in response to the threat, I was quickly becoming aware that we were fighting a losing battle.

6. This one isn’t a disease but rather a scuffle/battle on the border. Our dreamer intended to “see” August 9th, and this is what she dreamed (note: this looks like a combination between border issues and drought, which I covered in an earlier DreamBlog post)…

I am in the southern US. My land boarders Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico. I am standing with Mexico behind me as I look at the scar Tissue Canyon landscape in front of me, I am facing North East, with New Mexico to my left, and my house to my right….We were cut off from everything. No electricity, No Water, people were fighting. A saw many men with the fat lips and black eyes of defeat, which made their stomach pains worse. The men were even fighting to get or keep their woman. Everything had become primitive overnight. I stood at the edge of the scar tissue canyon, wondering if there was water or a big hole on the other side.



Headline #11 Changes To: “Border crisis intensifies: Outbreak claims even more lives.”

Possible Headline: “Outbreak extends to the animal population.”

Possible Headline: “Drought worsens as illegal alien crisis intensifies”



Obviously, sinkholes will continue happening across the globe, but it is definitely worth mentioning here because we have two parallel dreams here.

Dream 1. I dreamed about driveways collapsing on a residential street and parked cars being swallowed up.  The houses seemed to be 1 level homes, the street was an uphill street, and there were no big trees around.

Dream 2. We went to a climbing convention and I am walking around the tables and they are lined by the edge of the asphalt which has fallen away, (square Sinkhole) I go to walk on the edge, but it isn’t there anymore. I am sliding over the edge and scream out my husband’s name…

Possible Headline: Sinkhole develops in [City TBD] swallows cars, homes, and asphalt.

Note: this does overlap with a Project Uno dream, where the dreamer helped rescue 9-10 people from a sink hole in [City?].

More on “The Otherlies”

The alien meme isn’t overly strong, but when combined with previous dreams, it’s definitely worth discussing. For some reason, the majority of alien dreams have a strong attack theme, including the older ones.

I’m wondering how much of this is simply day residue from Hollywood versus real warnings from elsewhere. OR could it be that the terrorism agenda has worn off from public fear consciousness, and so the unsuspecting peons need a new villain…aliens?

By now, it’s well known that Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project highlighted Carol Rosin’s hands on experience with the old Nazi rocket scientist Dr. Wernher Von Braun. In her statement, it appears that when terrorism no longer sways the public fear level, aliens will be brought in to continue the fear porn.

The transcript can be found here, but if you want to see the original speech, it’s here.

(Source) Wernher Von Braun never spoke to me about any of the details that he knew related to extraterrestrials except that one day extraterrestrials were going to be identified as an enemy against whom we are going to build an enormous space-based weapons system. Wernher Von Braun actually told me that the spin was a lie-that the premise for space-based weaponry, the reasons that were going to be given, the enemies that we were going to identify-were all based on a lie.

So, when I hear that there is a possible threat of extraterrestrials-and I look at the history of thousands of years of possible ET visitations, and hear the disclosures of honest military-intelligence- industry people who have had experiences with UFO’s, with crashes and landings, with live and dead bodies of extraterrestrial beings-I know it is a lie. And if I am ever told that these are enemies against whom we have to build space-based weapons systems, based on my own personal experience of having worked in the military industrial complex on weapons systems and military strategy, I am going to know it is a lie.

So now the question about the dreams is whether they are predicting something, and if they are, will it be the staged invasion that has apparently been in the works for decades?

Dream 1:

Alien invasion – hiding out in a tower block

Dream 2:

Alien Blimps: …I’m searching for my car when I look up into the sky and see several silver blimps orchestrating an attack. This wasn’t an earthly attack, and I flee the area. They are searching for a particular frequency or thought and soon, whoever or whatever they were had spread everywhere, including into the sewer grates. We were soon protecting a single person, minding our words and thoughts so we could remain undetected.


Very Improbable Headline: Unthinkable! Aliens attack Earth and governments respond.


Old Missile Theme: Connected to Nazi?

This time, the missiles are under water, and this really resonates with the Aircraft Carrier dream (it got hit by a missile). But now, we see not only underwater missiles, but we also get a resurface of Hitler’s reign…a reverse swastika…

I’ve been away from the Net for the most part since June 26 so don’t have much of a clue about what is going on ‘out there’ right now. July 9/10,2014 I watch as a row of probably 5 missiles are being set up, pointing upward,under ocean water and I can’t figure out how missiles can be set off from under water. These are the same kind of missiles that, in a previous dream, were in storage except this time there is a reversed swastika stenciled on each one.

Note that this dream was not the only talk of Nazi. There were at least 3 PA dreams, all connecting the Nazi theme to something different. For example,

Swastika & Missiles

Nazi and Teen boys killing a girl

Nazi and Church

Keep in mind that there was also a very heavy Nazi / Germany theme in the last DreamForecast (particularly the ending linguistics phrases)

Possible Headline Themes: “Nazi” (i.e., Nazi theme surges in world headlines)


Slight Tickle on 3D Weapon Printing

PA Dream: June 22/23, 2014 Plastic Hand Gun Training A bald guy is giving us (three women including me) handgun training using red plastic handguns that have a very large bore (an inch and a half, at least). At one point, with a snarl on his face because we just aren’t getting it, he grabs the gun away from me and places it slant wise up close to a dummy head to demonstrate a close up shot. The guns were never fired in the dream.



There was a very interesting overlap, just like the Peanuts meme, where two dreams (these almost back to back) talked about an unlikely word…burka.

The first dreamer specifically intended for August 10th, and dreamed…

I dreamed about a lady in a burkha. I was looking down on the scene from the usual dream view position (top corner of the room). She was stuck in a round hole about 18 inches wide, with her head and left arm on top, and the rest of her dangling unseen out the bottom of the hole. Light was sometimes visible under the hole, as she moved her body around. She was struggling not to fall through the hole, but could not quite get herself back up through it. Her body seemed to be pulled sharply to the left, right, and back by something. I kept trying to make it to be water, but not water; wind. In the process of struggling, the burkha came off her face. Her teeth were bared from exertion, but she did not cry out for help. No one else appeared to be there. She had straight black hair, light brown skin, dark brown eyes, a somewhat large nose. She appeared to be in her 30’s.

The second dreamer seems to experience an out of body experience during her dream, floating around the world and gaining insights as she goes…

My whole body feels lighter than air, and my body feels like the life giving warmth of the sun. My heart soars with love, not of anyone or anything but just pure love of everything and everyone. I look past my body at the town below; there are groups of people down below in a dry hot brown medium brown colored desert town in the middle of nowhere. The woman are wearing burkas so I believe it is somewhere in the Middle East. They have segregated themselves by race, religion, and other common factors. They are Angry at each other and fighting each other over their differences instead of healing each other and accepting each other because of what common grounds they share.

Possible Headline: Middle Eastern women seen climbing out of cultural subservient “hole”


Child Tagging / Research

Headline #86 predicted, “Whistleblower steps forward: children / adults tagged with special abilities”

We received an additional dream that is somewhat related to the previous overlap. Headline #86 might need to be broadened to include something about stem cells…

I had given birth to twin daughters. I had taken them to my mother’s house so she could baby sit for me for two days….. I sat down at a table with some other people and in walks this very old man, very frail and unsteady. As he reached my table he lost his balance and fell, hitting his head on the floor. The people I was with and I helped him up and he took a chair at our table. He then thanked me for my “gift”, and I later found out that my mother had taken the babies to this lab where their stem cells were being harvested from their blood. The old man and another woman friend of mom’s were being given those stem cells to rejuvenate them. I did get my babies back, sans a little of their blood. I woke up with a feeling of utter betrayal and rage that this was done without my knowledge or consent.

Therefore, Headline #86 is now, “Whistleblower steps forward: children / adults tagged with special abilities and/or tagged for stem cell research”


A Note on Weather

It was very apparent from the US/Canadian dreamers that they were either not in the Northern Hemisphere or they were dreaming something outside August. The overlap is fairly prominent, and one explanation could always simply be that the intention to dream about August is hogwash.

However, other dreams have confirmed August timelines via other measures. For example, we had a constellation that only appears in July / August in the Northern Hemisphere. So, when I see dream snippets like the following, it makes me think that August might be much cooler than we first projected. Here are just few examples:

1. It was getting cold very quickly and it felt like winter.

2. I felt like there was a chill in the air, like the chill of fall was upon me.

3. I know it will be cold tonight and he will freeze but I have to get rid of these mice someway.

4. The weather outside is cold and I am wearing a long-sleeve shirt, toque, black shoes and a long black cloak.

5. The weather is cool and a little cloudy.

6. The window of my ground floor Victorian apartment home was open so I could feel the cool night breeze on me as I slept

Possible Headline: “August 2014: More cool weather on tap” or “Fall shows up early.”



Lower Probability Predictions

Note: this section outlines distinct dream content that is deemed “low probability.” We have seen from past predictions that individual dreams can and do come true, but there does tend to be a correlation between overlapping dreams and its later unfoldment. Therefore, these headlines are included, but they have only one dream supporting them.


Low-Probability Headline: Anthrax found in Nuclear Power Plant (Note: dreamer calls it ‘Heavy Cake Powder,” so anthrax may be a big stretch)

Low-Probability Headline: Skydivers from southeast US injured during latest stunt (Note: dreamer never finds out exactly what the stunt was, but this event gets them on the news).

Low-Probability Headline: Recent corn harvest blamed for community wide stomach issues / illness.

Very Low-Probability Headline: Vintage Aircraft spins out of control, crashes near Mt ??

Note: We almost added this to already-established low-level airliner meme (which might have been matched by the latest Malaysian Airliner), but this dream was too unique. Basically a vintage military plane crashed in CA. We suspect, based on the dream content and vintage plane schedules, that a B17 would be the most likely aircraft, but if it is a B17, it probably won’t be in California….

B17 schedule: (none in CA)


Possible Headlines by Date:

This section attempts to consolidate the predictions that had clear date stamps attached to them. There are no reliability estimates here. The list simply lays out the date-specific predictions in a linear pattern for easier reference. (Note: this represents a miniscule amount of headlines, which means that 95% of the headlines had no specific date, other than sometime in August.)

Aug 1: Project Uno headlines are possible

Aug 5: Possible Headline: Corporate jet lands on water, all survive. [might be an Indian plane or US plane taking off from a Florida location] (note: a new dream has surfaced with the same meme, but they specifically intended for August 5th: During this day to day stuff I find myself walking and swimming through either the hall of a ship sitting on the surface of the water or in the cargo hold of a large airplane sitting on the surface of the water.

Aug 9: Border skirmish in Texas or New Mexico? (Ref Scar Tissue dream)

Aug 10: Lady(ies) in Burka meme unfolds?

Aug 12: Pacific Ocean water level rising [or flooding near Pacific coastline]

Aug 13: Mudslide on California [or Oregon/Washington] coastline

Between Aug 13th and Aug 23rd…“Train derails and crashes into embankment.” (report #2)

Aug 15: Possible Headline: “Connections found between Church and Nazism.” (Note: Nazi and Swastica fairly strong in report 5, and this was dreamed with Aug 15 intention:

The PRESIDENT of the volunteer group 501c3 CHURCH is running the congregation like a NAZI, TIGHT SHIP. CONGREGATION members have to be DEDICATED enough to volunteer their private phone numbers to be published on a memo ROISTER and distributed. I am trying to find out if this is LEGAL.

Aug 18: “USGS earthquake system down for maintenance on August 18th” and/or “Alarming earthquake trend rising in mid-August”

Aug 24: Large modern building burning to a crisp (building has lots of glass, about 25-30 stories high, and probably in an “English-speaking country.”

Aug 24: Head line of the New York times, August 24th 2014. Toxic Nerve Agent has been contained.


In Closing

Please stay tuned because our Project August headline list is literally on fire. You can sign up for alerts via email to avoid missing all the excitement. You can also expect several big radio interviews in the near future to better outline the more complete picture of the Proj Aug forecast. Everyone be well and keep in touch!


Copyright (c) 2014 National Dream Center. Except for pictures courtesy Google and excerpts of news, all rights reserved.


Report 5 — 26 Comments

  1. the flashes of light in sky being thought of possible EMP pulse, I think is wrong, those flashes are what proceeds this case..very big one that will change everything..

    • I read about this report on the George Ure Urban Survival site prior to reading the report. In my mind I got the same feeling – earthquake lights. In reading the descriptions of the dreams, I wasn’t so sure. So last night I decided I’d do an intentioned dream related to earthquakes and the supermoon of August 12th, especially since there are articles relating to full moons and earthquakes. I was in a semi-dream state, and I got the word “Hawaii”, and saw the island. I didn’t see mass destruction. Which doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be a major earthquake some other time, but I didn’t get the impression that anything major would happen related to the supermoon. Maybe something minor on the 12th on Hawaii? Maybe its something worth intentioning on for other areas and/or times.

  2. I am a retired MS/EE, member of MENSA (and retired LTC USAF)who pays much attention to future matters, in particular to people like George Ure, Clif High, Kerry Cassidy, David Wilcock, Dr.Courtney Brown, etc.
    Very interested in the eventual maturation of the predictive ability of your project.

  3. All of the Dreams are very interesting and encouraging. I have few Dreams that seen to be not just rehashing my day. The “important” ones I write down. So here’s that “important” Dream as I wrote it down on waking up. The Dream: “I had a dream the morning of June 30th 2014. A waif of a girl standing all alone. She had an “illuminessence” that the dimness around her could not afford her. The words came to me, “Lucidia had a remnant of the City in her pocket. She had always had it. She didn’t know when or if she had gotten it.” End of Dream. I didn’t know who Lucidia was so I googled the name and found her. An artist in England had painted a beautiful Sprite called Lucidia. Green eyed with a red ribbon around her neck and on that ribbon an ornate bell. (a “bell weather”)Two moon halves behind her. I e-mailed the artist, told her my Dream and thanked her for her enchanting and “deep” art. Lucidia encouraged me to keep Dreaming whether while sleeping or awake. All the best David Hiebert

  4. Flashes in the sky jogged my memory about the lightening strike on the White House and it escapes me where exactly, but there was another one as well in the US just shortly afterwards….

    • Thhe second strike was on the new ” freedom towers” if my memory serves me correctly..

  5. I am not done reading but I wanted to answer this question you posed:

    First things first…the dreamer finds herself in California (she’s not from there). Next, she finds herself surrounded by ancient statues, most of which resemble Native Americans, and one of them has eyes that light up. Hmmm, can anyone name one of the few places in California that could match that description?

    At Disney Land when you are on Magic Mountain, you go through the mountain and you see a Yeti or Bigfoot with eyes that light up and it growls at you!

    All over northern California from the Santa Cruz mountains north to the Oregon boarder there are statues carved in wood of Bigfoots like creatures. I am sure some of those have had lights added to the eyes as well.

  6. Another one I should comment on:

    More on “The Otherlies”

    The Turtle people – which was not a part of project august but is an “Otherlies” category, concerns the Grays, and the smaller “Turtle people” which are not the bad guys.

  7. A quick read of the white-house article shows this to be from the Bush/Cheney administration.

    • I noticed that also. Thought maybe I just didn’t understand the context that was being referred to. Was Dreambot1 run back in the Bush/Cheney era, or is there some other explanation? A clarification would be appreciated, as this disconnect puts everything else in doubt.

      • No to the Bush/Cheney era. In fact, the DreamBot had nothing to do with this particular White House theme. This was simply two overlapping dreams referencing the White House. Might as well mention that since there is no DreamBot overlap here, it greatly reduces the probability of this happening, especially to hear something about it this early (i.e., why would a third term even be discussed at this point)? Have I answered the question yet? Let me know so that I can clarify if need be. Basically, the White House section of this report is referencing ONLY very fresh dream material…past 3 weeks max.

        Thanks for questioning…We need discerning minds, so keep up the good work!!!!

        • Okay, my pea brain has finally picked up on what Karla and BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor are talking about. I have two White House sections in the article. In the first White House section, I accidentally pasted an old article for a White House evacuation during the Bush era. That was in fact my error. However, there was also a full evacuation just this month, which does fulfill the the DreamBot linguistics. However, also note that I referenced the “1st evacuation” comment in my Coast to Coast appearance, which came from this old article. Therefore, I obviously recant that comment here. All said and done…I have edited this report and replaced the old article with a July 17, 2014 article, but the point is still the same…DreamBot was correct. I gravely apologize for whatever confusion I produced in all the readers.

          • Thank you for the explanation. I wondered if there had been a “cut and paste” error. Glad that it was something explainable. I feel better about the content now.

  8. My partner and I absolutely love your blog and find almost all of your post’s to be what
    precisely I’m looking for. Would you offer guest writers to write content available for you?
    I wouldn’t mind composing a post or elaborating on a lot of the subjects you
    write related to here. Again, awesome web log!

  9. With all the large volume of dream material centered on water, and since water is a significant symbol for man’s own soul/spirituality, I wonder if there exists not only an “individual spiritual opprotunity”, but also at the same time an opprotunity for man’s collective consciousness to become flooded by an “overwhelming flood ” of the new Acquarian promised age for the new spiritual awaking predicted by C.G. Jung and many others before him? This occurence would potentially become overwhelming for man’s individual psyche ( especially if the individual has not matured or “individuated sufficiently ” to withstand the flood of the new Aquarian consciousness, which demands individual responsibility for the care and growth of one’s own psyche, thus inner circuits will certainly become “blown “, and indeed all lines of communication will cease to exist, and many from all over the planet will walk around as if in a zombied state of stupidification. But those who have innerly prepared themselves sufficiently (ie psychially ), will survive intact and in fact, thrive like never before — many will find themselves walking in the ” outer darkness “, but at the same time there will be those who will walk the planet surrounded by their own light which comes from “within them”, for their benefit, and many others too — Peace

    • Lewie, nice to meet you…you’re one of my heroes now! As an aquarian myself, I simply remain speechless. I can’t believe this archetype eluded me, and I’ll investigate this further in subsequent posting. Very awesome releflection here and one heck of a transcendent observation! Blessings,

    • Wow, Fernando, I think you have a great point here. Just so everyone knows, one dream predates the event (June 27th), and the other was July 8th, one day after the event (making that day residue). I’ll take a look at this further, but this one actually get a pretty decent score (about mid to high 3, like a 3.7). More on this later, thank you!

  10. I have been having many (too many) dreams of water-flooding -rising and I am searching flooded buildings/homes/stores for food supplies- I live in California not near the coast and when I return to MY home no flood but down in Sacramento flooding is bad people are just gone-absent – I have had many versions of this dream and all have the same theme.

  11. I have been seeing blimps in my dreams. I will be driving and trying to watch them.

    Also, crazy vivid dreams of flood waters so deep that we walk on the rooftops of houses and building like sidewalks and jump from high point to high point like stones in a stream. We push hand trucks over the rooftops to make deliveries of food and water.

  12. Chris this one really jumped out at me:

    2D Young apparently found children open help needed person running across

    Person found Young children, running across apparently open, help needed

    Boarder crossing news perhaps in the future?

    Only time will tell.

  13. 2E Try change bad thinking flash ever near

    Maybe the flashes in the sky is not a bad thing?

    In my dream no one got hurt, although they were scared.

  14. In dream snippet #3 just above “Headline 11” we see “they have unusual growths all over their bodies”. Currently there is an town in China under quarantine after a resident died of bubonic plague. Bubonic plague’s most obvious external sign is swelling of lymph nodes which might look like “unusual growths”.

  15. A Note on Weather
    Possible Headline: “August 2014: More cool weather on tap” or “Fall shows up early.”
    Coolest Summer On Record In The US
    Posted on July 26, 2014 by stevengoddard
    The frequency of 90 degree days in the US has been plummeting for 80 years, and 2014 has had the lowest frequency of 90 degree days through July 23 on record.