Report 6

July 30, 2014

Report 6 was actually published as two different articles in the DreamBlog, but we’ve consolidated them both here for easier access.

Part 1: From This Article

This article looks at mainly just the last couple of weeks worth of Proj Aug dreams. We ran the various DreamBot versions against these dreams and noticed some particularly interesting trends. These are important because they help support the next article, which pieces together some more possible August headlines.

One of the biggest trends in this final look is quite alarming. While most of the dreams came from the United States, all but one dream referred to non-US locations. This is alarming for more than just one reason:

1. This means more ugly headlines are located elsewhere (for example, a bus or bridge exploding in Europe).

2. But for those US residents, the need for supplying the names of US cities and states seems to have been replaced with a different sort of headline, and it’s not good news if we’re on the right track. Interestingly, this major trend does hold weight since it is being supported by several smaller well-supported memes, instead of just a couple of dreams.

The sub-memes are supported with overlapping dreams and linguistics, and then four of these sub-memes go up to support “The Mega-Meme.” The whole ball of wax is very intricately interwoven…we’ll crack that open for you here and in the next article.


We begin with context from the various DreamBot runs to see where the dreamers were taken in their recent intentional dreams. Note that these are NOT the overall big trends, but the overwhelming trends from the recent PA dreams (i.e., since Report 5 came out).


Biggest Trends

bridge 76.00% 1 5 14
coast 75.00% 2 4 4
bus 72.22% 0 8 5
apartment 71.43% 0 9 1
attack 71.43% 3 9 1
meeting 70.59% 3 5 7


Without having to explain this matrix, you can see that BRIDGE is a HUGE trend in this latest batch of dreams. Since Report #4, all these words are significant trends, and quite unusual for dream material. They are worth taking notice:

Bridge, Coast, Bus, Apartment, Attack, and Meeting.

There are many others, but these are the clear winners.

Another table is useful. Here are the words that surged in this last batch of dreams. More accurately, these are the words that got most of their hits in this last week or two of dreaming (the percentage indicates the portion of their overall hits that happened in the last couple of weeks. For example, “Animal” had 60% of its overall PA hits in the last two weeks):

animal 60.00%
bridge 56.00%
appearance 50.00%
main 50.00%
square 47.37%
worried 46.67%
student 46.15%


These Trends fell to ZERO!

These are all the trends that started Project August, but they ALL completely fell off the cliff in the second half of the project. The number in the right column indicates how many hits they had in the first half of the project.

approve 10
arrow 10
canyon 10
cards 10
modify 10
russian 10
crash 11
crashes 11
cream 11
guitar 11
magic 11
plate 11
theater 11
yelled 11
tent 12
security 14
counter 17
moon 19


First question: could “Counter” and “Security” at zero hits now imply that there won’t be any counter security in August? False flag anyone?

Also, what do you make of no more “crash” AND “crashes?” Does this mean that there will be no airliner crashes in August?

I’m personally baffled at the common word, Moon. This typically gets many hits every time I run the DreamBot, but it received ZERO hits in the last 3 PA runs. This would normally be bizarre by itself, but it’s even more bizarre considering…

August may be the best month for astronomy fans. Stargazers can look forward to a “super” supermoon, the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter and the annual Perseid meteor shower. The European Space Agency also has an important milestone in August as its comet-hunting Rosetta spacecraft will rendezvous with comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

The Perseids is one the most anticipated meteor showers of the year, along with the Geminids, but most of the discussion surrounding August astronomy has been centered on the Aug. 10 supermoon.

Also a HINT: are those celestial events our August Sky Flash? All three of the events are really big…earth shattering. The timing is spot on, too…just before the middle of August, which was the top of the bell curve in our Sky Flash analysis.



I say again…in this last batch of dreams, there was only one dream mentioning a US location (in that case it was the Mexico border states–Texas, New Mexico, Arizona).

Instead, the top locations are England, Germany, and (#3) all of Europe. Canada, Ghana, and Malaysia were mentioned once each.

#1 emotion was Hurt and the #2 was Smile (not an emotion per se, but we track that word anyway). By itself, this information is confusing, but this trend was extremely noticeable in the dreams. On the one hand, everyone had very little money, but the general trend was contentment, excitement, being generally happy. We’ll talk about that in the headline article.

“Now or never”

The time category implies that things will either happen in August 2014, or never at all. Of course, this whole time aspect to collective prediction work is very new and unreliable at this point, but if it is speaking something, it is basically stamping August as a pivotal month…buck up folks, it’s either Now or Never.


The numbers this go around look strangely similar to past runs. The trend continues for August: the number 2 is still on top. It goes like this: #2 is on top, and #3 and #8 are tied for second. #1 is fourth with about half the hits as #2.


Hill is at the top by one hit, then Lake, then Park. However, these are extremely low hits (4-6 hits each), which is ridiculously low.


The top two colors this go around are White (no surprise) and Dark Red (hmmmm).


…and now you’re fully primed to get the headlines, but that’ll be in the next article.



Part 2: From This Article


Proj Aug: Last Batch of Headlines

Note: the dream collection phase of Project August is now closed.


Welcome to the last pre-August headline generator. This will be a much-scaled down report for the final dreams of Project August. We will cover those dreams that were entered since Report #5 was published.

Also, if you haven’t yet seen the big trends from the final DreamBot runs, then you’ll want to get some context about these dream memes, too. Be sure to check out this article for the overall latest PA trends.


Previous Memes Strengthen


General Chaos / Violence / Fleeing

The possible headlines from the “Running from Violence” section of Report #5 are still in tact, but the percentages increase because of still more overlapping dreams. In fact, Berlin, Germany gets singled out to join Chicago as a higher possibility for this “fleeing” meme:

Thus, the previous headline changes to:

Possible Headline: Violence hits new highs in wake of emergency/riot in major US metropolitan area (Chicago?) and/or European metro area (Berlin?); Probability increases to 35%.

Additionally, no headlines as of yet captures potentially deadly scuffles along the Mexican border. We already had “Scar Canyon” where bullets were firing, and now we have gang members taking hostages at 3 facilities. Additionally, a National Guard member is killed.

New Possible Headline: Fatalities mount in border standoff. National Guardsman first military casualty in border crisis. With only 2 dreams supporting, the probability is no more than about 20-25%.



A headline from Report #2 predicted a ghost town due to drought conditions.

Previous Headline: “Southern community becomes ghost town because of worst drought in recorded history.”

That headline receives a slight rise because of an additional overlapping dream called, “Parched Land.” Basically, the probability index is increased to 25% based on the additional overlap. Please note that this previous headline already has several hits on it but no community that we are aware of has actually evacuated (yet).

We also noted that all the higher risk areas for drought are, in fact, in the southern portion of the US, and they also coincide with the out-of-control border crisis.


Unusual Weather

We had a previous trend that made it into Report 5:

Previous Possible Headline: “August 2014: More cool weather on tap” or “Fall shows up early.”

This actually strengthens quite a bit, and three new dreams actually seem more like a post-pole shift environment. Basically, we’re seeing snow where it shouldn’t be, and no snow where it should be. We’re not issuing a pole-shift advisory because the linguistics have been quite firm on this issue: negligible. Therefore, we simply strengthen the above headline with an increase in probability (although we have plenty of hits on the current headline as is).


Sinkhole Headlines

Previous headlines increase slightly due to: “I looked down it seemed to be a bottomless pit”


Church + Death

As if these meme wasn’t already big enough with numerous big hits throughout July, we received hints about another continent being impacted….Africa. The only problem here is that the connection between Church and Death involves one degree of separation or causality.

In the additional dream, a very prominent [African?] leader is being memorialized at a funeral. The funeral itself is “of Ghana religion.” Incidentally, The Christian population also accounts for 71.2% of the total population, so Roman Catholic is the primary religion there in addition to Muslim.

Even more interesting is that this important public figure had a younger blonde woman as his surviving wife.

Possible Headline: Afircan leader remembered in west-African memorial.


Mystery Mega-Meme for USA

This mega meme will be identified after I describe the four substantial sub-memes. I am fairly certain that most people who read these dreams would have come to the same few clusters, so the support here is fairly obvious as you will see.

Let’s get to it, and the first issue has to do with MONEY:


1. There’s Hardly any Money!

I’ve got a big surprise here…this happens to be the biggest meme thus far in Project August with a whopping 10+ dream overlap!

All these USA dreamers were talking about the same concept: tribal people without money (or little money), a family cannot afford building costs, takes on a risky job in order to “pay the bills,” people were chasing poor people, dream starring a vagabond, “both of us are living in harsh impoverished conditions,” a family can’t buy a tree for lack of money, and even a motivational speech: “Do you want to make so little [money] forever?”

By itself, this money theme made little sense. Of course, we could easily just say that the USA is in a deep depression, which may actually be more accurate than what you see flashing on CNBC (record Wall Street highs, for example).

But I assure you that the big mystery meme might offer a better explanation. With the next sub-meme, you might start getting the clue where this is all going…


2. The Building Interiors!

There’s something strange that showed up concurrently in the latest dreams AND the latest DreamBot1 linguistics. Remember that DreamBot1 doesn’t give a lot of detail normally, but when it does, it seems to have a high hit rate.

That’s why these phrases raised my eyebrows a millimeter. These from just the latest PA dreams:

“Building felt walking dark”

“Front behind feel inside side felt strange dark”

DreamBot1 is one of the few bot phrasings that tend to stand on its own, but these phrases actually have not one but two overlapping dreams.

The first dream had a “maze of dark, damp hallways that compose the building’s interior,” and the other was in a large, dark apartment building.

Finally, when I ran DreamBot2 against ALL the PA dreams, I found this:

“Felt long dark door first really made building” (this one isn’t quite as articulate, but it could imply either a dark door or a dark building depending on where a comma is placed.)

So, basically this sub-meme says that there might not be light in some big buildings. Any idea where we’re going with this yet? Sub-meme three is another biggie…


3. Tribal / Indigenous / Spears

There is a chance that this sub-meme stands on its own and refers to perhaps areas like the Amazon, Africa, or many other places. However, when put into the bigger meme, I think you’ll agree why this makes sense.

First off, we have two obscenely close dream events. These two dreamers are watching or helping make spears, and they both use that exact word. We have two other dreams talking about tribes, and another dream talking about learning from the Amazons (a group of female indigenous warriors).

We have two dreams with red feather anklets and/or wristlets. Still another dream talks about a funeral either in Ghana or involving a Ghana religion.

This last sub-meme will probably give it all away, for all the above automatically happen when…


4. Surviving Catastrophe and/or Saving the World

This sub-meme isn’t quite as strong, but with the kinds of overlaps we had here, it would definitely be enough to create headlines for other types of topics. So, here we go…

First off, we had the aforementioned indigenous “Amazons” trying to save the planet by teaching people their basic life skills. Another dream was entitled, “Surviving the Cataclysmic Event,” where she looked out the window to see “that a huge storm has covered or taken over the world.”

Lastly, our resident lucid dreamer remarked in his dream that, “I have nobody left and must go on the road, alone, uncertain how I will survive.”


Mega-Meme Explained

Is it obvious now? Money disappears because 95% of money is digit dollars, and thus they disappear with the loss of electricity. The buildings become dark in the inside, and life suddenly turns tribal. People make-shifting ancient tools in order to survive the cataclysm.

So, you ask, what’s the new headline here? Paradoxically, I spent all this time just to say that the old headline is strengthened, and by quite a bit here. Remember that in our probabilities that no headline gets higher than 50% likelihood of happening, and this is no different.

However, we do have to honor these insane level of support in the dream content. Therefore, call it 40-50% chance for this Report #5 headline:

Possible Headline (in places where the grid is still up): Grid goes down!

Mega Meme Conclusion:

One last point of interest here is the overall PA DreamBot2, which said, “Think come date leave area light standing red sky.” Yes, it’s obscure, but it appears that people are leaving and the sky is red. Hmmmmm….

Am I preparing for this? No. There is a decent chance that the beyond-coincidence level of support here is all day residue. Just look at all the news everywhere on this issue. Of course, the question would be that if we were programmed to dream all this, then why weren’t we picking it up back in April and May?

After all, Dick Cheney was warning about it last Spring / early Summer, too, and we didn’t have this level of EMP support in our dreams. If it’s day residue, then it means that it takes awhile to program the masses.

If it’s not day residue (and thus is strictly predictive), then this implies a lower-order headline event. In other words, it won’t affect all of the US; it would be more regional. Why do I say this? Because if this event were continental in scope, I’m convinced that the emotions would have been “remembered” way back in May.

Anyway, sorry for no definitive answers here. If you haven’t already, please stay up to date on Sky Flash, as this mega meme here actually falls under that big one.




New Memes / Headlines

Bridges and Buses

As we’ve already seen from the trends article, Bridges are hot going into August. However, there are no clear catastrophes associated with them. The only tendency for the dream bridges are that they are risky (too narrow, too old, etc.)

One German dreamer offers a couple of bridge dreams, and one of them actually explodes starting in the center. It is a heavily-traveled bridge when the explosion takes place.

What’s extremely interesting is that the very next dream is from a USA dreamer about a European bus explosion while they are on vacation. What have we seen from back to back overlapping dreams? Yes, indeed, they’ve all come true.

Therefore, I’m wondering if the exploding bridge and the exploding bus are actually two dreams about the same event.

Possible Headline: Bus explodes in the middle of [European] Bridge! OR [European] Bridge explodes…Bus full of people freefall into [European] River.


Additionally, buses have their own overlap. One dreamer says that they, “boarded a bus and that was the most dangerous part of the trip.”

Possible Headline: Terrorists target bus in [Country?]


Hillary Clinton

Would you believe me if I told you that two dreamers on back to back nights dreamed not only about Hillary Clinton, but that she was the next President of the USA?

Obviously, that can’t transpire in August, so I’m putting some marbles that Hillary will make an announcement in August:

Possible Headline: Hillary seizes the world’s attention: Announces 2016 Presidential run


Peeping Tonya

Instead of “Peeping Tom,” we have a very strange trifecta of snooping females. This one has me baffled. Two different dreams all center around windows (one window breaks and the other snooper fidgets with the window).

In total, we have three peeping women who are snooping on other women. Could we see some unexpected news about female spy agents? Check out this DreamBot2 linguistics from ALL PA dreams: “Begin girl looks notice person turn work”

Possible Headline: Female spy agent detained in [??], raising a controversy about gender in the field.


Feeling Elated

If you were to guess about the emotional state of our dreamers based on the mega-meme above, wouldn’t you say that fear and worry would be at the top? That’s why this is quite strange, because on many of the mega-trend dreams (i.e., the no money, dark buildings, and tribal dreams), there’s actually a strong sense of elation, as bizarre as that sounds.

For example, “Honestly, if I could stay and LIVE in a dream… this would probably be the one” (this is the Amazon dream!)

Also, a dreamer in a dark building is “feeling elated.”

Possible non-Headline: Civilization is stoked as it returns to its roots…living with Nature.




Possible Headlines from Single Dreams:

Just like previous reports, we provide this section because single dream events do come true, although at a less reliable rate.


Improbable Headline: Ancient massive city located under the depths of the ocean. (BlueMagneticEagle’s dream)

Improbable Headline: NASA analyst dies in explosion (Elyse’s dream) and/or NASA keeps quite on blue comet (Elyse’s comet dream)

Improbable Headline: [a story that connects CIA in England with Islamic indoctrination, which might come out in the third week of August] note: might also sound something like “extremists infiltrating high government agencies.” (nuit777’s dream)

Improbable Headline: “2 Rulers: South America does it again for the second time” (NADW’s dream, and we have no indication what this might be. If another ruler defaults in South America, they would join Argentina and fulfill this headline.)

Improbable Headline: Fish fall from the sky. (Tikaratt’s dream)

By the way, do fish really fall from the sky?

Can it rain fish? April 30, 2013   Yes. Although rare, there are numerous instances of fish falling down from the skies. Of course, the fish do not really “rain” in the sense of condensing out of water vapor. The fish that fall from the sky are just fish that used to be in the sea. So what puts the fish up in the sky in the first place?


That’s all folks! I’m sure I missed a few valuable headlines from all that tremendous dream material. However, 100+ headlines is quite a few. It should keep us busy over the next few weeks as we quietly await reality to manifest.

Expect in the next few days a nice legible list of all the Proj Aug headlines, many of which have already come true. Dreams converging with Destiny…gotta love it!



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