A Peek into the Forums

As I go off to start compiling today’s DreamForecast and predictive headlines, let me quietly introduce a couple new areas of the NDC. I believe the forum overall is now refined enough and appears to be very stable, so let’s start checking it out…

Don’t worry, this article is not meant to be your official introduction to the forums, but … Read more

Fireworks exploding on Headline #90: Paradigm 3 needed ASAP!

Reporting the amazing hits from Project August is so far beyond ego-level touting. Now it’s just getting downright scary. When the Spanish King stepped down, I thought that was pretty amazing, as it was our first really big Proj Aug “hit.”

But then the wall of fire took out a neighborhood, just like the PA headline said. That was a … Read more

Headline #103: “You’ve been warned” (for a second time)

In the words of one our news articles that we’ll present later, “You’ve been warned.” Yes, but that was actually the second warning. NDC readers were actually warned way back in May that this summer was going to be unusually cold.

The future is finally catching up with us.

We actually had two big headlines associated with unusual cold weather, … Read more

Exciting New Connections: Ginette Matacia Lucas

The National Dream Center introduces a prolific dreamer and public figure to our operations here. Please welcome Ginette Matacia Lucas, who is best known for using her well-honed dreaming talents in the field of forensics.

Ginette has a plethora of well-documented dream predictions, but her real specialty gets showcased when working with police departments, the FBI, and other governmental bodies … Read more

Headline #36 & 109: North & South Borders ripe for PA hits

In the South…

We’ll begin in the South and work our way up North. Headline #109 said, “Fatalities mount in border standoff. National Guardsman first military casualty in border crisis.”

I am happy to report that we don’t have a 5.0 score to report in the South; however, in order to make the projected headline even possible, a … Read more

Headline #95: The Beginning of the End for Treasuries

Or perhaps this is the end of the beginning. Regardless, let’s start with the news that came out today…

U.S. Investment Outflow Hits Record as China Cuts Holdings

By Kasia Klimasinska -2014-08-15

The U.S. posted a record cross-border investment outflow in June as China and Japan reduced their holdings of Treasuries and private investors abroad sold bonds and notes.Read more

Intentional Dreaming and 111

An inquisitive reader writes in and asks,

Wondering if you’ve had any dreams involving ’111′. I keep seeing those numbers and feel they are important. I plan on trying to intentionality dream about November 1 and January 11. Any other suggestions would be welcome as I’ve never attempted this before. Thanks.

This is more synchronicity making our experience here … Read more

Moving to Phase II: Comprehensive Scoring System

A new scoring system at the NDC will be starting immediately after Project August ends. This article outlines the overview of this new system and describes why it’s needed.

Let’s begin with an example…Project August Headline #9 said: “Something in the Southern Hemisphere?”

Can anyone tell me how this headline is at all useful? If we want to accomplish great … Read more

Headline #90: Sparks fly to a near perfect score

This news deserves a whole separate article even though we’ve already covered it previously. Headline #90 was calling for major violence in a US metro area due to rioting AND we issued a non-Proj Aug warning about impending racial tensions. Because we’ve been consistently reading the collective unconscious, our readers have been privvy to receiving glimpses of the … Read more

Headline #1: Falling Knives

Since I’ve got a lot of personal business to attend to today, I’ll make this one quick, and I’ll make it about me. My only contribution for Project August (in terms of dreams) was the very first dream called Knife Juggling.

Basically a woman and man were intently watching knives being thrown around, but I wasn’t watching the knives, I … Read more

DreamForecast 8/12/2014: Hospital and Base Closures

If you’re new to the NDC, then welcome! We’re still in phase 1 of formulating predictions based on collective dreamwork, and thus some of the content seems dire and substantially negative.

Stay tuned, though, because the success we’re having here will carry us directly into the next phase, where we actually get to choose the outcome ahead of time…or at Read more

More Hits: Hollywood and Guns

Let’s first look at the status of last week’s non-Proj Aug headlines. We had a lot of linguistical inferences, but came away with only two headlines:

1. Conflict over guns: Lawmakers clamp down on firearms

2. More storms in Hollywood: Shots heard at the Barrymore house

What we’ll find is that the trends were spot on, but the headlines were … Read more

Headline #90: “We are currently experiencing a riot” (updated)

We have ourselves a double-whammy hit here (which is quite unfortunate if you look at the type of predictions that were made.)

On the 27th of July, we made a petition to our readers that had to do with racial tensions appearing imminent. This warning was derived from a substantial overlap between dream material and linguistics phrases, and the … Read more

Headlines #111, 112, 113: All about Bus and Hillary

These three headlines weren’t perfect hits, but they are nonetheless striking and worthy of discussion. Let’s go in order…

Bridget writes: “Headline #111 looks like you got a hit!”


I’m willing to bet that most people have already seen this news out of Tibet. When I first saw the news, I saw a very high DreamSeer score, because all … Read more