A Glitch in Consciousness

This one is extremely short for the holiday weekend. Normally we’d have a full court press on the linguistics here, but this latest DreamBot4 run is extremely interesting nonetheless and worthy of your time. I’d like to get some heavy incubation going to interpret what this could possibly mean for humanity’s future. Is there a rip or tear in the … Read more

DreamBot as propaganda defense: “Terrorist” isn’t recognized!!

Through the statistics we gathered throughout the summer (which shall be forthcoming in the next week or two), we have a profound sense of confidence in how the collective seems to foresee certain world events.

Although we don’t yet have statistics to fully reciprocate some of our findings, a new hypothesis can at least be generated from them, and instead … Read more

Congrats, Apology, and Request

Been awake for too many hours, so making this one very short. I want to apologize to a couple of dreamers…I hadn’t realized that not all form submittals were forwarded to our inbox, and therefore, a couple of dream validations have been overlooked. Unfortunately, I have an urking suspicion that there are more you who submitted forms for “My Dream … Read more

Confessions of a metaphoric dreamer

In a moment, I’m going to let Sherriann do the talking, but I wanted to introduce the topic at hand first. We’re looking at the combination of metaphors and precognition. This is a really sticky area, especially when trying to do 2 things: 1) accurately predict the future and 2) assess whether the event really came true.

Metaphors in general … Read more

A Revisit of Headlines #6 & 25: If only there were bonus points!

Headline #25

Do you want a bigger name in the elite cabal surrendering? Forget it. This headline was already maxed out, but we’re looking for extra credit on Headline #25.

It happens in the final throes of our target month, August 2014. It’s not like we really needed this headline…after all, we’ve already had several big financial scandals taking down … Read more

DreamBot4: Deflationary Warning and Proj Bluebeam?

My apologies for skipping a week on the DreamForecast. I realize we could use one right now, but I just haven’t the time. Next best thing…DreamBot4, which scours thousands of dreams for the biggest surging memes in the last week’s worth of collective dream content.

The list itself is posted in this forum, and that’s where I want the discussion … Read more

Headline #23 inches higher; Sky Flash fulfilled!

Headline #23 predicted that “Southern community becomes ghost town because of worst drought in recorded history.” We’ve already had multiple hits on this headline, but no communities have become ghost towns as of yet.

In prior hits, there was only talk about how this drought has been the worst in history and how they may have to start … Read more

A 3rd Dallas Hit: Are you blown away?

Just like the previous bomb threat prediction, we are very pleased to announce that our third of four Dallas predictions has successfully come to pass without any loss of life. There has been extensive damage to someone’s property, but 5 children and their mother escaped a tragic situation that could have been total disaster.

The predictive headline stated, “On Read more

Getting this a lot lately…a question about non-dreams

The question is…Are you accepting not only dreamers who have prophetic dreams but is NDC also open to remote viewers, seers, people who are psychic or highly perceptive and intuitive etc.?

Answer: Yes, we value all forms of intuition here at the NDC. Unless specifically prohibited (we’ve had a couple of projects disallowing non-dreams), seers may put their intuition, remote … Read more

Yet Another Big Headline Hit…Bomb Threat

Well, it wasn’t the chaos we expected, but having experience in the aviation industry, I can guarantee a 100% chance that there was chaos in the cockpit of this American Airlines flight from Dallas-Ft Worth Airport. But before we get to the news, let’s reiterate the predicted headline posted about 24 hours prior to the news coming out.

Non-PA Headline … Read more

Scoring: Change 4 posted + Sherriann’s latest validated precog

Link: nationaldreamcenter.com/wp/how-to/score-a-dream/

This change is very profound, I believe. Historically, if dreams are to come true in real life, the bulk of them do so within a week (that is according to JM Debord, whose link is on the right sidebar).

Therefore, it makes sense that people not be penalized if they are not given a specific date in their … Read more

3D Printing: We have our first villain!

As we’ve stated before, 3D printing absolutely REQUIRES a villain, and now it begins. If you remember, 3D printing has just enough potential to pretty much wipe out every major areas of the manufacturing sector, including (but certainly not limited to) biomedical supples, plastics, telescopes, you name it. We’ve even written about how the military and prison systems are testing/using … Read more

What’s Paradigm 3

Intro: What is Paradigm3?

Paradigm 3 is a new process of interacting with our collective reality. Currently, we seem to be tossed about, to and fro, by the two different forces affecting our daily experience. By not being aware of these forces, they both run havoc in our lives.

Most people might accidently make the mistake of equating the two … Read more

Scoring: More validations today and Change 3 added

Congrats to Sherriann, who receives her first validated dream and NativeAmericanDreamWeaver for yet another great hit.

Doing some validations this morning got me to thinking about how we haven’t defined which direction to score (news TO the dream or the dream TO the news). For USEFULNESS of precognition, we can’t take a dream and try to inject it into … Read more

The odds were against them (#10.1, 35, 65, 69, 96)

There are literally numerous amounts of headlines that fall under this category of being completely unexpected yet they brought big, bombshell type hits. For example, who would have thought that a meme would in fact develop in August about an Obama 3rd term? Unheard of, right? Or if you do hear about it, it surely wouldn’t be mainstream talking … Read more