Email Alerts Now Available

The National Dream Center is now offering email notifications for critical DreamBlog updates. We will limit the email notifications to weekly DreamForecasts, any urgent trend / caution / red alert, or high-level news that fulfilled a previous prediction (only those with a high DreamSeer score will be included).

Also, the NDC vows to never use your email for any other … Read more

Sky Flash: Turning into a Meme

For all intents and purposes, I’ve been “gone” for a few days. In reality, I didn’t go anywhere, but fell into a state of administrative trance, if you will. The response from Monday night’s radio show was very impressive, and there’s literally no way to cover everyone’s fabulous inputs and questions.

Let’s start off by talking about the topic that … Read more

DreamForecast: Humanity Waking, Vol 2

Note: this article is part two of the latest Dreamforecast


This latest version of the linguistics basically serves to map out specific areas of the collective unconscious. We’ll look at various topic areas that typically arise in dreams to: 1) see what’s subtly surging in the collective unconscious 2) store meta-data on these areas for long-term storage and analysis.… Read more

To Catch an Impression: Seeking Advanced Tactics in DreamLand

First off, let me tell you one of the biggest trends from all the people writing me in response to my latest appearance on Coast to Coast:

These prolific precognitive dreamers have been shoved into a societal box, complete with chains and a muzzle to keep them from talking about their Divine Gift. I’ll perhaps provide examples in subsequent posts, … Read more

Another great time…

Thanks for the great interaction last night, everyone! I had a great time with George Noory, but now I find myself very sleepy. We have a backlog of great news to get out, but it will have to wait until after some shuteye. I’ll have something out by this afternoon timeframe; perhaps I’ll even include a dream or two (‘course then again, maybe not). Feel free to sign up for alerts…I’m sensing another might be right around the corner. It sure helps to have a Lakota dreamer volunteering her time, and she’s got a very keen eye for GREAT news!



Coast to Coast Radio Tonight with George Noory!

Join George Noory and me tonight at Midnight Pacific time.

That’s 3:00 AM to 5:00 EST at for a full 2-hour discussion about all the significant events unfolding that were accurately predicted by our Project August dreams and DreamBot runs. Also, we’ll cover the rest of the headlines on tap for the whole month of August. You’ll not want to miss it, especially since they’ve got the whole hour before discussing EMP….YGBSM….Sky Flash?!!

Is this synchronistic or what?

Hope to see you there!


What a Finish! Proj Aug #5 Now Public

August 2014 seems to be presenting something spectacular through the eyes of Project August and our last pre-August report. This lengthy, 23-page of a nail-biter is provided to the general public free of charge, courtesy of the world’s first collective dreamers (and successful collective predictors at that) and the world’s first collective dream predictor (yours truly).

Before you click the … Read more

Radio Show: Sat, July 19th

Attention all night owls: I’ll be on Radio Amerika this Saturday night, 9 to 10 pm PACIFIC time, so 12-1 am EST. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to talk about the major phenomenon going on right now in dreamland…many Proj Aug dreams are unfolding a tad early, with uncanny accuracy.

Link to Mp3 recording is here:

Other links:

Live … Read more

Important Proj Aug Update

I have finished going through all the dreams for period 5, and this batch of dreams does have quite a bit different texture to all the previous periods. We do have some different dreamers, including several from overseas, but here’s the deal…even the old PA dreamers’ dreams are strangely different.

This post outlines what everyone can expect for this last … Read more

Major Predictions Get Perfect 5.0 Score

If it’s not obvious by now, the combination of Project August dreams being analyzed by the webbot spinoff called the DreamBot is becoming a very powerful tool. We currently have a backlog of storytelling to do, but this one takes the cake on how the dream material is directly manifesting in real life.

First, lemme give a quick shout out … Read more

3D Printing in Search of a Villain…Quick!

Two realities are colliding, and its up to the National Dream Center to ensure our dreamers remain fully informed as our dreams and destiny converge into one tangible, congruent goo of a reality.

One of the lesser-known memes on both sides of the equation is coming to life, and this one has everything to do with Project August. I used … Read more

Sky Flash: Even more 7s

The world loses yet another Malaysian Boeing 777, and our dream material comes to life. Is this is a “hit” or a message, or just coincidence?

I argue that the 7s are vitally important here, but I’m not so sure that this is what our dream material was projecting for us.

We had a rash of airplane crash dreams in … Read more

Economic Parody: 3 Pillars Deteriorating

Is it just me, or have we officially entered the House of Mirrors economy? Although I have better things to do with time right now (like compiling more Project August headlines, running important DreamBot scripts, and getting ready for Saturday’s interview), I feel compelled to ask some more vital questions about the state of the world, particularly if no one … Read more