Moon AND Mars Rising

I really wish I had more time to investigate, but it does appear that the DreamBot and Project August are really coming along. A few very interesting headlines appeared in my field of vision last night that generated at a minimum a silent “wow” from me as well as some possibly significant DreamSeer scores.

Let’s begin with Israel…or better yet … Read more

Push-Pull: Awaiting a new circuit

Food for thought from a very thoughtful reader. We begin this post with a copy of the email message…



Today I came across another ISIS definition (below link) and it spawned this

If there is an evil/opposite side to the isis or crisis, we know from
challenges there is a rebirth/anew… A crisis being(is) a critical point.Read more

Floods and Freezes: Yellow Caution Issued

First issue: Flood….past, present, or future?

Two of the biggest jumps in this week’s DreamForecast are “flood” and “Ghana” (as in the country). So, I naturally asked, “What the heck kind of DreamForecast is this anyway?”

It’s not too uncommon to see headlines about floods, which I did manage to find a couple today, but trying to find dream-worthy news … Read more

The Smoking PA Gun

Head’s up everyone: as August gets closer, we’re watching the 3D printing meme getting more and more pronounced. This time, we get a double-whammy from main stream media and alternative on the very same day.

First, let’s get a warmup with something that the BIG orthopedic corporations are NOT going to like…

3D-printed prosthetic arms rescue child victims of warRead more

Radio Show Tuesday, July 8th, 8PM EST

I’ll be on the Brent Holland Show (aka Canada’s #1 rated “Night Fright”) on Tuesday, July 8th, at 8PM EST. To listen, you’ll go to this link, and hit “WinAmp B” to hear the live show (note that you will need WinAmp to listen, which is a free download at To see the schedule, hit “Schedule B” in the upper left of this link, or just click this link. You’ll notice “Night Fright” with Brent Holland is from 8-10PM EST on Tuesday.

Plus, there’s a live chat associated with the host station, which is Revolution Radio. Thanks for all the support everyone!

Warm Regards,


Trending 7, Peak Moon & White House

The last two DreamForecasts have been quietly presenting us with something that I believe deserves more attention. The numbers forecasts, in particular, were vying for our attention. I knew this while writing the posts, but it wasn’t very clear as to where the message was taking us.

I recently came across a recorded video of Christine Lagarde (she’s only the … Read more

Quick Update: Speed and momentum

If you’ve noticed that the National Dream Center has boosted its performance or internet speed, you can thank Mr. George Ure, who spent an amazing amount of time tweeking all our settings to speed everything up. This is great news and I’m absolutely impressed about all the responsiveness we now enjoy at the site.

However, some of the features that … Read more

DreamForecast 07/01/2014: Trends growing


It’s really the only word I know to describe this week’s DreamForecast. Do you remember last week’s discussion about the tremendous changes that were happening in dreamland? Well, most of those trends have actually magnified!

For example, the month “November” is not only still on top of all the months, but it actually increased an additional 219%!

November is … Read more