Definitive Guide to Sky Flash: August 2014

We’re going to keep the Sky Flash meme updated via the comment section of this article.

Please submit your Sky Flash stories as they happen. Include a link to the appropriate news article and don’t forget to supply the date of the event! We’ll discuss relevancies and DreamSeer scores in that comment thread.

Article orignally named “Clearing up the

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Want the Future to come to you?

The National Dream Center is now offering email notifications for critical DreamBlog / DreamBot updates. We will limit the email notifications to weekly DreamForecasts, any urgent trend / caution / red alert, or high-level news that fulfilled a previous prediction (only those with a high DreamSeer score will be included).

Also, the NDC vows to never use your email for … Read more

What’s Trending for Proj Aug?

**** The dream collection phase of Project August is now closed. ****

This article looks at mainly just the last couple of weeks worth of Proj Aug dreams. We ran the various DreamBot versions against these dreams and noticed some particularly interesting trends. These are important because they help support the next article, which pieces together some more possible August … Read more

Aug 1st: False Flag Averted, Virus Still on the Table…

Several Project Uno dreams have made some seriously staggering hits already. We’re within days from gametime (August 1st), and I have both good news and bad news.

The good news is that a false flag event predicted by one dream will not happen (or let me say that the percentages have drastically diminished) which is obviously fantastic news. … Read more

What a Relief: Uno dream fulfilled without False Flag!

Who would have figured that this would even have been a hit for Project UNO?

The headline was this:


I had a squirrely idea about the context here, but I had my untrained eyeballs on a possible Atlanta or Phoenix false flag … Read more

1st Non-PA headlines: 5.0 isn’t a bad start!

The National Dream Center has been conducting DreamForecasts all throughout the summer, but we have not issued any possible headlines like we did for Project August for several reasons that are beyond the scope of this article.

However, once we reached a significant threshold on successful Project August headlines, we knew the technology was strong enough to carry it over … Read more

DreamBot + Uno = “HELP!” A fuse about to light?

Important: If controversial topics enrage you, it might be best to skip this article. It is never the intention of the National Dream Center to push fear or anger into the public consciousness stream. However, at this juncture in human history, dreams are converging with reality, and we must report what we see.

Therefore, by proceeding past this warning, you … Read more

Cleaning up the Sky (Vol I)

Note: This article got too unwieldy. I was going to cover both Airplanes and Sky Flashes, but its way to lengthy. So, in volume 1, I’m going to cover the genesis of Sky Flash and break out Airplanes. Then in volume 2, we’ll revisit the Sky Flash theme to clarify some things.

This two-volume article might also have been called … Read more

Black 1st Place: Linguistics Breakthrough?

It’s always nice to see linguistics coming right out into the headlines. I was just recollecting about how the June linguistics predicted some new surveillance blimps going up along the East coast. The DreamBot accidentally called them “cops” even though they were officially labeled as military aircraft. Sarcastically, I asked whether that really makes a bit of difference in … Read more

Uh Oh…Two dreams converging

Even with all the success thus far, I still get stunned when certain memes build up right in line with either our expectations or the dreamer’s impressions. I’m going to do it a bit differently this time, trying to approach this devastating problem with solutions instead of feeding the collective creation engine.

To prove my promise, I’ll start off with … Read more

DreamForecast Vol 3: Storms and Wars (or Riots?)

NDC Weekly Headlines (Beta): Unprecedented but clamoring for meaning. (Note: no email alert was granted for this article because of how new this process is, but there are some somewhat pressing headline-related specifics for the Midwest persons and those living near the border.)

I hope everyone caught this in the latest DreamForecast…that we are working on extracting headlines for … Read more

Kaboom…goes another Sky Flash

Huge headlines are coming out, and since we saw this very thing (busy-ness and being stressed out) in Project August linguistics, we’re expecting things to pick up even more.

First, the substantiation for the sky flash meme as opposed to one specific sky flash event: The world loses another big airliner….

French official: Air Algerie flight that disppeared from radar Read more

Sky Flash: Turning into a Meme

For all intents and purposes, I’ve been “gone” for a few days. In reality, I didn’t go anywhere, but fell into a state of administrative trance, if you will. The response from Monday night’s radio show was very impressive, and there’s literally no way to cover everyone’s fabulous inputs and questions.

Let’s start off by talking about the topic that … Read more

DreamForecast: Humanity Waking, Vol 2

Note: this article is part two of the latest Dreamforecast


This latest version of the linguistics basically serves to map out specific areas of the collective unconscious. We’ll look at various topic areas that typically arise in dreams to: 1) see what’s subtly surging in the collective unconscious 2) store meta-data on these areas for long-term storage and analysis.… Read more

DreamForecast: Humanity Waking, Vol 1

Sorry this late. As luck would have it, a pretty nasty storm swept through our area and took out everyone’s electricity in its wake. I’ve been on emergency power all afternoon….my system right now is being run by a marine battery and inverter. Always nice to have on hand for times like this…

I split this DreamForecast into two posts … Read more