Project Año: Biggest Initiative to Date!

ProjectAnoWaveThis project/competition ends Dec 14, 2014!

The NDC’s mega-initiative is a huge dream project that will encompass the whole year of 2015. No, no, no…don’t get freaked out….the only dreaming involved will last just over a month, but the target period itself is a whole year! That’s right, for the next month and a half, the global dreamers will … Read more

Dual Red Alerts (Updated at Oct 29)

Update, 29 Oct: Scary analysis provides a reason why this seemingly harmless “rocket” was growing so strong in the collective mind…because there was hypothesized, nefarious plans made for this spaceship, which would have changed the course of humanity. And it would have occurred right at about the time we expected the event would happen. Sounds confusing? It’s actually not: more

NDC: How does it work? Part 2

In part 1, we explored the two modalities used to make dream predictions and headlines. The NDC is based on very simple processes, but because there are so many actions required to support these processes, the website as a whole can seem more complex than it really is. The NDC structure itself is rather simple.

There are just 3 main … Read more

Favorite Barry the Rabbi Busted! Incredible Linguistics Breakthrough!

It would be at the end of September, right in the heart of some very troubling times at the NDC (amidst attacks, database crashes, and scheduled forum closures) that “BARRY” would be starting an alarming seesaw pattern in the collective psyche. We began seeing this pattern in early October and began questioning, “Who in the heck is Barry?”

Now that … Read more

Lakota Dream Detective: Beware the Idaho Serial Killer

Remember NativeAmericanDreamWeaver’s Project Uno dream? Our talented Lakota dream weaver is at it again, seeing glimpses of still-hidden evidence about another dead female, this time in Idaho.

Let’s cut to the chase and start with the headline news from last month:

Woman’s body found in river still unidentified

by dashby | Posted on Thursday, September 18th, 2014

TWIN FALLS, Read more

NDC: How does it work? Part 1

As more and more milestones continue getting trampled by our absolutely astounding team of dreamers, seers, interpreters, forecasters, and linguistics analysts (okay, yeah, you got me there…we only have one of those), it’s probably about that time to step back, use this short break to focus in on how this whole process really works.

This post will be designed for … Read more

Holy DreamBot Finalized (we think)

The original headline for this discussion is found here:

NDC Headline #16: “Announcement made on September 23rd, 2014, during communion from the Vatican’s St Peter square, reverberates throughout the Catholic world.”

As you’ll soon see, we have a very bizarre “hit” on this headline, and it happens to have been published on the proposed date, from … Read more

WOW – Apocalyptic Grab-bag – 10/10/2014

When it rains in the collective unconscious, it POURS! It’s almost overwhelming seeing all these big surging memes coming in all at once. Where shall we start?

Wrinkle is probably the best place as any since this defies logic, historical data, and everything else we’ve come to know at the Dream Center. “Wrinkle” goes about 2 months without being dreamed … Read more

DreamBot predicted the coming SuperTyphoon!

NDC procedures may be scrutinized over this eye-opening SUPERTYPHOON that’s headed straight for Japan this weekend (the pun for “eye-opening” was accidental, but there couldn’t have been a better term based on what this picture from space is showing).

The Most Powerful Storm on Earth This Year Is Heading for Japan,” and the DreamBot4 was warning about … Read more

Proj Aug #4 Direct Hit: China Overtakes US

Sherriann has just become the NDC’s go-to continent-level dreamer. She’s pegged two super big economic stories during Project August, one in South America and one in the Far East (i.e., China), and she did both of them metaphorically. Way back in April 2014, she incubated what would happen in August 2014.

Night of April 21/22, 2014 China invited the world Read more

Peace Rising: A Lesson in Transmutation

We’ve got some very interesting information to get out today, but just to make sure I don’t get accused of leading people astray, the data I present to you today does not prove anything. Stats don’t prove things to be true, but they can be very meaningful when extracted and interpreted correctly.

Today, we have but one single data point.Read more

Forum is back up, and….

Back from hell, thanks for asking! I have good news and bad news. I decided to speak the words this time instead of typing them out.

In this video, I explain a little about what happened, what we’ll do about it, and the longer view of the NDC. I apologize for the office area still under construction.


   … Read more

DreamBase is Safe, working on Forum

Please feel free to input your dreams. This is one advantage of having completely separate systems between the dreams database and the forum.

Keep dreaming, keep inputing the dreams. Keep a smile on your face and maybe it will rub off on me!


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Catastrophe in NDC Land

Forum upgrade failed. Database did not transfer. We are returning to earlier restore point. I have no estimated time for when this will be fixed. I apologize to all, especially myself. All is well (yeah right). Dreamers: please hold on to your dreams for now. No need to input them into the DreamBase since new ones will be lost (we are restoring from about 4AM this morning, 27 Sep).


Thanks for your patience.


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Get recognized for your dream talents! Project Año ends soon! Find out more by clicking here


Don’t miss our daily DreamBot run which shows a brief status of the collective unconscious.


Copyright © 2014 Chris McCleary. Except for quotes, all rights reserved and any reference about this material requires a link back to this page.

Election successful but terrifying — DreamBot4 09/27/14

We have liftoff on a seemingly significant word: ELECT. The big question is whether the lexicon is clear enough to declare a red alert. There does seem to be some similarities among the remaining words. In fact, there are several pockets of phrasings that do appear particularly interesting. Let’s take a closer look…

I’m providing this DreamBot run here since … Read more

Favorite What Happened to DreamForecasts?

DreamForecasts were running weekly up to and throughout August 2014. When they first came on line in the Spring of 2014, they were quite vague and simply designed to map out the collective unconscious. However, when the predictive processes matured, NDC readers were afforded a very accurate picture of the future. Therefore, what happened to the DreamForecasts?


The DreamBot … Read more

Another Big Hit…time to sharpen the P3 processes!

I know some people who were feeling it, and strangely, they all came from Paradigm 1! Who says that P1 is always negative? Who says that DreamBot linguistics are always negative?

Just today Rebecca commented that, “I don’t know why but this DreamBot makes me happy!…I have this overwhelming sense of rightness, of hope, of peace. I’m practically giddy Read more

Danger vs. Opportunity: Paradigm 3’s real mission

Crisis. Has anyone in the history of the world eluded a crisis in their life? Show me someone without a crisis at some juncture in their life, and I’ll show you someone who is completely disassociated from reality.

Because of how this word is used in our Western culture, crisis denotes pain and anguish, or at least very difficult circumstances … Read more