NDC Projects

In order to learn more about the nature of humanity’s collective dreams, the National Dream Center periodically designs and hosts a myriad of projects that can hopefully help us (humanity) learn more about dreams in general. While the Center’s name implies national boundaries, most projects do allow anyone on the planet to participate. Projects are typically done inside a certain time window and at no cost to participants. Below is a list of projects either underway or in the pipeline for execution.

Project Año

Nov 1st – Dec 14, 2014 –– Dream contest about intending for the biggest headlines of 2015. This project is outlined here. (Status: Open;  free to join)

Paradigm 3

September 2014 – Indefinite:  Paradigm 3 is a world-changing concept that promises to move humanity into a more promising and beneficial future. It operates on the concepts of wholeness and synergy. It takes contrary viewpoints and makes a workable process for collective change.

Creating and predicting are seen by most people as contradictory, but in Paradigm 3, they not only feed off each other, but they help each other grow. Find out more about this amazing new program. You definitely want to be a part of it, regardless of how you view your world. (Status: Open Indefinitely; free to join)

This link here is an excellent starting point for figuring out how Paradigm 3 works and what the two different teams will do.

You really don’t want to miss this amazing journey. Apply today.

Project August

April – July 25, 2014  — a new concept in group dream research which tested the collective ability to predict future events for specific, future dates. Global dreamers documented their personal dreams acquired during sleep with a short incubation protocol accomplished prior to sleeping. Participants recorded their dreams electronically via “the DreamBase” (the NDC’s dream database), under the category called “Project August.”

The staff then analyzed the inputs for possible predictive characteristics and developed over 100 August headlines. The informal results of this study concluded that collective dreamers can, in fact, dream the future with a surprisingly high accuracy level. See the Project August results/final report here. (Status: Closed)

Project Uno

June 2014  — This project tested individual dreamers’ ability to dream about a specific date (in this case, August 1st, 2014). Roughly one month prior the target date, several dreamers intended to dream about the biggest headlines for August 1, 2014, and all 6 contestants hit very accurate news events within 1 week of the target date. The data pool was not large enough to create meaningful graphs and statistics, but this contest added a tremendous amount to our growing knowledge of human potential. The results of this test are discussed here. (Status: Closed)