DreamForecast 04/30/2014


The vision right now is to produce at least one DreamForecast each week here at the National Dream Center. DreamForecasts are speculative analyses of collective dreams (both in our own DreamBase, and others around the world) captured within the last week or so.

Author: Chris McCleary

And so it begins…Finally! I believe we’re finally on track with the original vision … Read more

4/29/14 Iron Down…a quick update

bridge collapse

Hopefully, everyone remembers the dream-linguistic prediction of “Iron Down.” If you haven’t read the Blood Moon Dreams report, I recommend you taking a quick glance at that first.

Last week, our first dream linguistics report identified the phrase “Iron Down,” and we hypothesized what that could mean in terms of future events. Here’s the strangest thing: it seems like … Read more

Tornados and Headlines: WOW, another dream comes true!

tornado dream_aerial

The follow-on to yesterday’s State of the World Report was supposed to be today, but this breaking story took full priority. Don’t miss tomorrow’s “Future-Look” report, which I hope to make a weekly event. I’ll explain all that tomorrow. And now, please sit down with a nice warm cup of coffee and get comfortable…

Okay, folks, this one is a … Read more





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 Think We’re the Only Ones Interested In Dreams? Think Again…

Defense Department’s advanced weapons arm funds dream interpretation research

The Department of Defense is stretching its budget into a strange new combination of science and psychology — dream interpretation.

The department’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is funding the work of two Indiana University professors using network science to study similarities in dreams shared by English, Arabic and Chinese

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New DreamBase Category


Did you dream about meeting your soul-mate…prior to meeting them? Or, have you had a soul-mate type dream that has yet to be fulfilled? We have two new categories in the Dreambase for these types of precognitive dreams. For those whose dream already came true, please input your dream into the category called “DreamMate (completed)” and for those who are … Read more

This week in closing: The rise of positivity, the undeniable synchronicities, and more new-ness coming your way


This week was a roller coaster for some, perhaps a pressure sandwich for others. A couple of readers expressed numbness, confusion, apathy, and others felt some dramatic angst. But not everyone was affected negatively. Yesterday, a staff member divulged some of her semi-confidential spiritual session that took place early in the morning of the 22nd, just hours after … Read more

Knife Juggling in August?

This dream account illustrates how to handle your Project August dreams that don’t really seem to be relevant. In short, the punchline is simple: please post them! This dream was from yours truly, and no, I don’t watch TV, and no, I don’t obsess about knives. BUT, yes, indeed, I did intend to dream about August. Although this dream really … Read more

Do Psychic Phenomena Exist?

Do Psychic Phenomena Exist?

Why My Mind Is Open to Telepathy and Pre-Cognition

People – particularly other psychologists and academics – are often surprised when I tell them that I’m willing to accept the possibility of psychic phenomena such as telepathy and pre-cognition. For many intellectuals,

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“Over the years I have gradually become convinced that most precognitive dreaming is a form of telepathy taking place between the dreamer’s future and present minds. Telepathy often seems to ignore both distance and time.”

Art Funkhouser

Source: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/dream-catcher/201404/dream-telepathy-new-data/comments#comment-603415


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40 Interesting Dream Facts


  1. Every human dreams. There are tons of people who can’t remember their dreams when they wake up, but they still get them
  2. Human beings spend roughly around 6 years of their lifetime dreaming
  3. Sometimes we dream outside of our REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement)
  4. Thousands of years ago, the Egyptians were the first to create a dream dictionary
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Your Dreams Predicted the Future, So What Now?

by Chris McCleary

Yesterday’s linguistic report set the tone for a promising new way to working with dreams. The linguistic indicators seemed to translate last week’s dream content into a valid and extraordinary explanation of our physical and non-physical environments that we are now muddling through collectively.


What’s even more extraordinary, at least to me, is that I used

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Cosmic Changes: The Cardinal Cross and More

In case someone wants more information about our upcoming sojourn (i.e., cardinal cross), this might help…


The Cardinal Cross refers to positioning of four planets (Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto) in the form of a cross. A cross contains four planets at ninety degree angles and creates two oppositions at 180 degree. Think of two (or even Read more

Project August Countdown

You have 12 days to get your dream input for period 1. Only dreamers who submit a dream will have access to the Project August reports and predictions! Everything is F-R-E-E.

We need more dreamers!


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Time traveling car

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The following dream is much more than just any ordinary blood moon dream. You see, the National Dream Center has, among all the other things going on here, established a new project that has yet to be announced. (The project was actually conceived this weekend, when all these crazy dreams were being input into the database). My

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Anonymous asked:

I don’t know if this will help you but there may be a clue in it. I am 58 and have always dreamed every night and remember parts of my dreams. The last two nights I have had a completely unique experience that I will label, “Nested Dreaming”. I have no details but I do know that while

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Iron Down…Is THIS what our dreams predicted?

This article just came out today, and I see it as perhaps a mixed blessing, if you will. To me, the collective dream prediction felt much more significant, with bigger implications. Of course, if iron ore goes down, there’s a reasonable chance that ALL metals are also headed downward. Nonetheless, this article does show, I think, that we are on

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Blood Moon Dreams: Linguistic analysis says change is coming!


by Chris McCleary; Director, National Dream Center

Anyone interested in analyzing the latest batch of dreams with me? The dreams in our DreamBase seem to have some predictive value. I hadn’t really considered the effect that the heavenly bodies were playing with our dreams, but it ended up coming out in glaring, undeniable fashion. Let’s take a look…

The recent

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Project August: keep the dreams coming!

Folks, we’re already forecasting tornadoes (with location), tidal waves (with location), Interesting knife metaphors, and some very interesting connections between two different dreams (it concerns water). BUT, what is going to happen in YOUR neck of the woods? Keep the dreams coming!

Only people who submit dreams will receive the analysis of the latest dreams and our associated predictions. No

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Loose Tightropes: A psi dream turned into a valuable reminder

Loose Tightropes

A precognitive dream that turned into one mighty enlightening lesson.

4/21/2014 12:29 AM

Summary of article: “In retrospect, the dream by itself (without the precognition) gives great meaning to my own life. However, when combined with what I saw in waking life, I’m left with a beautiful philosophical lesson that hopefully can be used by everyone.”

The Dream

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