State of the World Report: The battle for supremacy


Guess where we are now? Oops, trick question…it has two meanings. I’ll actually cover them both in this new type of report I conceived this weekend.

The literal version of “where are we now?” refers to the internet url. Some of you are reading this on the Tumblr blog, and others have found their way to our new WordPress site! Surprise, we’re in both places. No need bounce around, though, because we’re planning on keeping both locations active. All you George Ure fans out there will probably enjoy the main site better because it has an rss feed in a responsive layout. You pick whichever meets your needs…

The other translation of “where are we now?” refers to the title of today’s blog. This weekend, I finally got out from underneath some heavy duty tests and reports that were due last week for my third graduate degree. Without that weight on my shoulders, I could really break free and receive some creative thought with how to evolve our daily/weekly/project reports.

I already had a positive view of predictive dreams just based on my experience, but after the last Blood Moon Dreams report, I have a whole new appreciation for what is possible with our collective dreams. It seems that the whole reason the National Dream Center was created (the Ure/High duo) has so much potential, just from the original vision itself.

Overview of the new report style

In just a second, we’re going to lay out the state of the world, but we’re going to do it in a very eccentric fashion. Most people would simply spit out a bunch of news headlines and summarize their opinions of how they see the world.

In our application, we will actually use our collective dreams as our starting point. You see, so many high-minded individuals throughout the ages used their dreams as a mirror for the self. Freud is credited with initiating dreamwork for humanity, but he was actually more of a plagiarist than a genuinely authentic creative thinker (this not to say that Freud was useless, but we have to at least acknowledge that many of his ideas were already laid out prior to his 1900 book, The Interpretation of Dreams.).

So, even before Freud and Jung, was a man named Christian Friedrich Hebbel. All the way back in 1850, Hebbel said:

If a man would collect his dreams and examine them, and would add to the dreams which he is now having all the thoughts he has in association with them, all the remembrances, all the pictures he can grasp from them, and if he would combine these with the dreams he has had in the past, he would be able to understand himself much better by this than by means of any other kind of psychology. (Van de Castle, 1994, p. 112) 

The best way to understand yourself, according to Hebbel, was by way of dreams. This will be the core of concept in all follow-on work here. We consider dreams to be one of the best mirrors of our true selves. And then we add the next big ingredient, the collective unconscious of C.G. Jung, and voila…you have the makings of a great giant mirror that shows us what kind of a collective mind we’ve created.

Then after we establish where we are as a race, we can then look at our vector. None shall know where they are going without first knowing where they are. This report will be just the state of our world. Throughout the week, then, we’ll look at where we’re headed into the future. Note that the follow-on speculative work to hunt down our collective direction will require the use of our dreams, too, but we’ll also introduce the linguistics of the internet buzz, to really hone in on what the tea leaves are saying.

Of course, the discerning mind has already picked up on the seeming contradiction here. On the one hand, the dreams will tell us where we are, but they will also tell us where we’re going?! What absurdity! This guy’s a flake!!

Take everything you think you know about dreams, and toss them out the window…and welcome to my world! I simply can’t believe I’m doing this for a living now…trying to categorize dream content into the following 3 categories:

1. pure absurdity

2. past ‘day residue’

3. future reality (either by creating it from the dream or the dream predicting it)

If anyone has any more distinct categories for me, I’m all ears, but these three are absolutely apparent in most of the dreams that are dreamt under my own roof.

The Collective Dreams and the Great Mirror

My first run of this fanatically-unheard-of procedure gave me the chills, but not in a good way. Without divulging too much of how this process works (mostly because at this point I know it will grow and evolve, but also it assuredly will put you all to sleep), let me just say that I had a very small pool of available dreams with which to initiate my work….and the results were scary…I’ve never seen anything so negative in my life! I even made a quick note to my mentors of the ugly bleakness.

Good news, though, my friends! The simple act of increasing the size of the sample without increasing the time window did some amazing things, and so now the stage is properly set. What are our recent dreams saying? The following analysis is from a fairly hefty sample size, considering that they were all dreamt within the last week from various locations across the country (probably a smattering outside the border, too)…

What’s the hottest word in our collective dreams?


You’re now asking, “How in the world is this exciting or “hot?” At first glance, this is just one boring word, but I’m telling you there is much more to the story.

Around and around we go…the word itself signifies a routine. Are we a routinized society or what? This single study, by itself shows us exactly where we are as a race: so entrenched in our ways, going day by day through the same ol’ rat race of life. Anyone ready for something NEW?

And by ‘new’ I’m not talking about a new iphone or a new way to spend more time in front of the TV. I’m more concerned about a whole new paradigm. For starters, how about a new way to produce electricity… one that might help us evade the chains of Big Oil and Edison/Morgan’s pay-as-you-go electrical travesty.

How about a Tesla paradigm, where you don’t have pay anyone for your daily consumption of electricity? ..and this may be getting too far into our discussion for tomorrow and beyond, but have you seen that some breakthroughs are coming through? The levy is breaking, and overunity technology (a more realistic version of the term ‘free energy’) is really making a strong presence in the world, even though you’d never know it if you only read mainstream news. Take for example the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG). You’ll want to head to this link immediately after reading today’s post because they have free plans on how to make the machine. Oh, and its Tesla’s technology, with an upgrade!

There’s lots more examples of a new paradigm, but let’s see where our cyclic dreams are showing us first…

Escapism at its peak

Next two words…’going walking.’ We as a race are growing tired of the confinement. It’s like being a kid when it’s raining out for days and days…you get shut-in syndrome. You get tired of the boring routine, and you get up and declare, “I’m going walking!”

Look at all the people seeking an escape. Whether its promiscuous sex, video games, drugs and alcohol, heck, even workaholism and some forms of spirituality on occasion…they are all modes of escaping our immediate reality. One of the clearest indicators I can give on this topic is the unbelievable, alarmingly-high suicide rate among active duty military members and our vets. (An aside: the pentagon wouldn’t lie about suicide rates would they? Check out that apologetic article)

We as a race are tired of going around and around endlessly, and just about all of us are addicted to the wrong forms of “going walking.”

Something still interesting

Recall that on our last report, the word ‘car’ was parked just above ‘house.’ Well, I find this next item extremely interesting. You see, not only was I reviewing different dreams from last time, but I added a WHOLE lot more of them in this sample. Only one word stayed in the same position: dream (#1 – not surprising), but what did move were the two aforementioned words, and yet they stayed in the exact same relative position…’car’ exactly one word ahead of ‘house!’ I feel like this is definitely telling us something. We are on the move as a society…always on the go. I don’t have a lot of other indicators thus far on this issue, but I’ll be watching it closely going forward.

…and our words we shall remember later

The last grouping is a reminder for us that we are creating our reality, collectively, and one of the strongest creative forces we own are our words. Sure, our words are conceived with a thought, but the power of that thought is manifested with our words. The last three words in our algorithm are…

“Words, Remember, Later”

In essence, when we experience our reality later, we shall remember what we spoke into existence in the first place. Our thoughts and our words do have tremendous power. Be mindful and take inventory of your expression.


The battle for supremacy: A taste of tomorrow…

I knew this report was going to grow long, and thus I wouldn’t have time to highlight what I’ve already found for the future. Of course, I couldn’t hold back and already took several peeks at the source data for what I call “the battle for supremacy.”

We live in a very dualistic world. Most of the predictions you see out there are weighted very heavily to one of two extremes. They’re either always positive or always negative it seems. So, what I created is a dual-tracked word list that is extracted from each of the two camps. I then get to figure out how to filter the two sides, and take a stab at what actually is manifesting in the future (same thing goes for the dream analysis, but I’ll get into that next time.)

Could it be that some predictions are somewhat “tainted” because they only consider one of the two extremes? I’m not saying my program will be any better, but my theories include both sides. And for those wondering if I’ll thus only stay in the very middle of the two extremes, you’re absolutely wrong.

So, what’s the big taste for tomorrow? In very synchronistic fashion, displayed a very telling indicator for their latest batch of dreams. Yesterday (April 27th), they said that last week’s predominant color was ….white! And another sign of hope: ..

Oh, you gotta love it, and I hope you like our exploration this week. The battle for supremacy rages on, though. Which side will win? Or rather, which side will we create?

P.S. Do you own a database of dreams on the internet? The more dreams we have, the more accurate of a picture we can get for the globe. Right now, all our dreams are US based for the most part. This may not sound intuitive, but the National Dream Center does not restrict borders. If you have dreams in your country, let’s talk. The goal is not to steal your dreams and bring them over here, nor steal your subscribers. The idea is that your dreams are counted in our algorithm, solely for the purpose of getting a better global picture, and not one that is constrained to the US only. That being said, I also need more US based dreams. The more the merrier. Thanks for your help and support everyone!


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