Assembling the Pieces: Football, Asteroids, & Theater

On October 19, 2014, one of the most mysterious DreamBot runs took place, and one of the linguistics phrases that stood out (but the translation was impossible to ascertain at the time) was “American theater football escaping religious asteroid.” As it would turn out, each of the big words in that linguistics would get time in the limelight, and Read more

DreamBot4: Same old bot, brand new face

If it’s been looking pretty quiet here lately, I’ve done a great job at keeping the tremendous activity hidden. There are so many exciting things going on here I can hardly keep a lid on my enthusiasm. But I will, because I must….at least for another couple of weeks.

Over the holidays I got a chance to really sit down … Read more

Dual Red Alerts (Updated Oct 31)

Update, 8PM CST: According to the news, our huge headline for one of the memes has come to fruition.

“Private Spaceship Bound for Space Station Explodes on Launch,” says NASA publicists. As of local time here, one cannot find any news link on the web that doesn’t have this news highlighted front and center. The story is huge, but fortunately … Read more

Favorite Barry the Rabbi Busted! Incredible Linguistics Breakthrough!

It would be at the end of September, right in the heart of some very troubling times at the NDC (amidst attacks, database crashes, and scheduled forum closures) that “BARRY” would be starting an alarming seesaw pattern in the collective psyche. We began seeing this pattern in early October and began questioning, “Who in the heck is Barry?”

Now that … Read more

WOW – Apocalyptic Grab-bag – 10/10/2014

When it rains in the collective unconscious, it POURS! It’s almost overwhelming seeing all these big surging memes coming in all at once. Where shall we start?

Wrinkle is probably the best place as any since this defies logic, historical data, and everything else we’ve come to know at the Dream Center. “Wrinkle” goes about 2 months without being dreamed … Read more

DreamBot predicted the coming SuperTyphoon!

NDC procedures may be scrutinized over this eye-opening SUPERTYPHOON that’s headed straight for Japan this weekend (the pun for “eye-opening” was accidental, but there couldn’t have been a better term based on what this picture from space is showing).

The Most Powerful Storm on Earth This Year Is Heading for Japan,” and the DreamBot4 was warning about … Read more

Favorite What Happened to DreamForecasts?

DreamForecasts were running weekly up to and throughout August 2014. When they first came on line in the Spring of 2014, they were quite vague and simply designed to map out the collective unconscious. However, when the predictive processes matured, NDC readers were afforded a very accurate picture of the future. Therefore, what happened to the DreamForecasts?


The DreamBot … Read more

Another Big Hit…time to sharpen the P3 processes!

I know some people who were feeling it, and strangely, they all came from Paradigm 1! Who says that P1 is always negative? Who says that DreamBot linguistics are always negative?

Just today Rebecca commented that, “I don’t know why but this DreamBot makes me happy!…I have this overwhelming sense of rightness, of hope, of peace. I’m practically giddy Read more

Verging on Red Alert: P1 Dreamers needed asap

If you have little time, please go straight to the end for summaries, headline prediction, and TO DO item. FIRST, on your way through to the bottom, ensure you specifically read the NDC First Axiom!

I apologize for typos in advance…this was my fastest writing/publishing to date.

I have never seen so many big and varying memes coming together all … Read more

A Glitch in Consciousness

This one is extremely short for the holiday weekend. Normally we’d have a full court press on the linguistics here, but this latest DreamBot4 run is extremely interesting nonetheless and worthy of your time. I’d like to get some heavy incubation going to interpret what this could possibly mean for humanity’s future. Is there a rip or tear in the … Read more

DreamBot4: Deflationary Warning and Proj Bluebeam?

My apologies for skipping a week on the DreamForecast. I realize we could use one right now, but I just haven’t the time. Next best thing…DreamBot4, which scours thousands of dreams for the biggest surging memes in the last week’s worth of collective dream content.

The list itself is posted in this forum, and that’s where I want the discussion … Read more

Daily DreamBot4: Humanity is Challenging our Politicians!

You don’t want to miss these surging memes, and please provide any insight in the forum thread!


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Don’t miss our daily DreamBot run which shows a brief status of the collective unconscious.


Copyright © 2014 Chris McCleary. Except for quotes, all rights reserved and any reference about this material requires … Read more

What’s Trending for Proj Aug?

**** The dream collection phase of Project August is now closed. ****

This article looks at mainly just the last couple of weeks worth of Proj Aug dreams. We ran the various DreamBot versions against these dreams and noticed some particularly interesting trends. These are important because they help support the next article, which pieces together some more possible August … Read more

Major Predictions Get Perfect 5.0 Score

If it’s not obvious by now, the combination of Project August dreams being analyzed by the webbot spinoff called the DreamBot is becoming a very powerful tool. We currently have a backlog of storytelling to do, but this one takes the cake on how the dream material is directly manifesting in real life.

First, lemme give a quick shout out … Read more

DreamForecast 07/15/14: More Floods

If the dream world was played like a stock market, the best word to describe this week’s DreamForecast would be…Correction. The crystal clear trends that have been building during the last three weeks are for the most part correcting this week.

Words like ‘equator’ / ‘north pole’ / ‘south pole’ have fallen off a linguistical cliff. This can be interpreted … Read more

Floods and Freezes: Yellow Caution Issued

First issue: Flood….past, present, or future?

Two of the biggest jumps in this week’s DreamForecast are “flood” and “Ghana” (as in the country). So, I naturally asked, “What the heck kind of DreamForecast is this anyway?”

It’s not too uncommon to see headlines about floods, which I did manage to find a couple today, but trying to find dream-worthy news … Read more