Red Alert now canceled for September

I am so very proud of the P1 dream team for pushing through some grueling P1 missions last week while we conducted an exhaustive review of the evil-looking snakehead poking through in the dream language.

For those just joining us, we recently witnessed an extraordinary surge of dream themes at the beginning portion of the month that seemed to suggest an alarming onslaught of mayhem and terror in the middle and/or last half of September 2014. We initially postulated that the epicenter would be either Dallas, Houston, or possibly Phoenix based on many different factors, all of which were dream-related.

The full explanation of that would-be red alert (to include the initial headline) can be found here.


The P1 team was tasked with looking deeper into the details about what the collective mind was seeing in the last half of September. We used the same basic process that was utilized in Project August, attempting to get specific details that could not only explain what the collective was seeing but also accurately predict it.

The purpose of those details is so that our young and aspiring P2 team will have vivid focus of what and where to aim their positive intentions. However, our P2 team is still not fully operational because we have several potency tests we’re conducting before we get underway. P1 was able to begin right away because of our amazing Project August results, but the P2 concept is brand new (although it is predicated on very scientific data, largely from Roger Nelson and the PEAR Lab at Princeton.)

An aside: one of our P2 creators has volunteered to do a revolutionary test, which we’ll describe after he has completed it.


The would-be red alert that was published earlier as an “initial headline,” is now cancelled, or shall we say, “greatly subdued.” The dreamers’ results in all their missions over the past week look drastically different than our initial headline. Keep in mind that this is the first time we’ve ever predicted a non-event based on a collective set of dreams and thus we can’t say that our headline won’t happen with absolute certainty.

Instead, we can say that the probability of the previous headline has been diminished from it’s equivalent statistical probability of about 70% to now probably about 25-30%, and perhaps lower than that.

Unfortunately, it will take months, possibly years to get enough statistical data to make a more accurate percentage here. Regardless, we feel that the dreamers, throughout their recent dream missions have been given the bigger memes here, which seem to be related to other archetypes, such as religion (perhaps religious upheaval), water (either metaphoric or literal), electrical disturbances, possible bank holiday and/or closure, and even a royal family mixed in there.

Keep in mind that the dreamers only intended for September, so our reduction/removal of this month’s red flag may certainly present itself in October. We’ll keep an eye on this possibility.

Next couple of weeks

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be investigating all these memes and watching the DreamBot surges closely. This last week has been quite taxing on our team, as we temporarily lost one of our more talented dreamers to a severe hospitalization.

Therefore, unless there is something immediately pressing and immanent, our P1 dreamers are going to use this relatively low period to relax and regenerate.

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