DreamForecast 07/01/2014: Trends growing


It’s really the only word I know to describe this week’s DreamForecast. Do you remember last week’s discussion about the tremendous changes that were happening in dreamland? Well, most of those trends have actually magnified!

For example, the month “November” is not only still on top of all the months, but it actually increased an additional 219%!

November is … Read more

The DreamForecaster Misses

Project August dreamers: please bookmark this article…important checklists at the end of the article.

In this article, we’ll go through an actual news event that happened this weekend. It resembled on of our Project August dreams, but unfortunately, the event was not picked up by Mr. DreamForecaster himself (me). We’ll look at ways to prevent these sorts of oversights in … Read more

Eric Hul on Reality Domains

Notes on Maintenance in Reality Domains

by Eric Hul

If our programmed definition of “reality” is contingent on tangible conscious awareness through the stimulation of our 5 (or more) senses (i.e. perception), then all experiences that involve this tenet must be considered “real” to some degree. The question then becomes whether or not reality itself is a discreet (yes or … Read more

PA: “Financial Corruption”

Before we get to the “Kill / Voice / Computer” linguistics, how about some more economic trends I forgot to mention?

We continue inside the Project August (PA) economic theme here, because I wanted everyone to know what we’ve been following. The financial corruption theme posed by PA dreams is ramping up, and I have a couple of real headlines … Read more

Some Dreamy Economics

One of earliest Project August dreams that turned into a predicted headline involved China inviting the dreamer to a BBQ in celebration of a great financial accomplishment.

Well, I’m not ready to pair up the next financial-type story with this dream, but I bring it up because it does have the same sort of feel here. Of course, the timing … Read more

Ohio Nonsense

There’s a mainstream story out about Boehner wanting or promising (can’t quite tell the intention here) to sue the president over executive orders. I’m sure this is intended to make some people feel good that some justice is being served, but what actually happens should Boehner win?

So let me get this straight…the Presidential position has been escalating the use … Read more

Two growing memes: Will the lid blow?

One of the most curious memes coming out of recent August dreams was that of death and church. The more direct content focused on the Catholic Church, making me think of a literal death of one of the important clergy members. Hopefully not.

Important rewind: Recall that on 28 June 1914 (one century ago from this coming Saturday), it … Read more

JAwake on Dream Stones

GemstonesWritten by JAwake


Some gemstones are notable for their energies having to do with dreams, such as promoting lucid dreaming, assisting in a restful sleep, increasing vividness or memory, etc.

This is for all of you who want the quick and easy answer of how to aid dream recall, depth of dreams, and lucid dreaming. Take a stone from … Read more

Linguistics Catchup

We’ve got a backup on headlines recently that stand a chance to fulfill earlier linguistics…

Linguistics on 9 June: “Different life sure felt weird”

I believe we are getting a little tickle on this one. Let’s start with the symptoms and then progress to the possible cause. Perhaps this is “normal,” but for some reason this year’s weather does seem … Read more

DreamForecast 06-24: Pole Shifts and Brand New Memes

Get your Project Uno dreams in…only a couple of days left !!!

This might start off sounding the same, but I assure this week’s Dreamforecast is showing some very interesting changes. I like to start with the weather because like in individual DreamWork, weather terms can enlighten us about the inner states of the dreamer.

Remember, I’m not at all … Read more

Head’s Up

I’m currently working on the DreamForecast for tomorrow. There are quite a few new trends showing up, so I encourage you to return to see the final product. I haven’t even gotten to see DreamBot2 yet, so I don’t know about any linguistics phrases. However, DreamBot1 looks incredibly telling already….lot’s of unique and weird types of storms developing and a … Read more

Mind Games: ISIS…the real story

The following screenshot is from CNN on Sunday, June 22, 2014. To me, this adds to the growing evidence that ISIS isn’t really who the media is making them out to be. Let’s start with CNN’s alleged news, and then move on to FoxNews for more explanation. Reference the picture below, noting the red rectangular box.

ISIS pic

First off, is there … Read more

DreamBot exposes major agenda….Aliens

Another unexpected linguistics presented itself with flying colors over the weekend and garnered one of the highest DreamSeer scores to date. The phrase was…

Missing search alien concerned crying

While I was looking for sky aliens to fulfill these linguistics, it turns out that the DreamBot was encouraging me to look for the other variety…the human type of … Read more

Eric Hul on Extended Awareness

The Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic States of Consciousness

The greatest tools for accessing extended awareness

As human beings, the limits of our capacity for extended awareness are functions of our own convictions and beliefs. Although there are no rules that say we absolutely MUST limit our superficial conscious awareness to our immediate physical environment, from personal experience, there may in fact … Read more

Argentina update–Ice cream cone melting

If you haven’t yet seen the ice cream cone story coming straight out of a VERY metaphoric Project August dream, then you’ll want to read that one for sure, because it has world-altering potential.

This is merely an update to that story. Argentina is making everyone worried with the looming default of their national debt. If you haven’t heard about … Read more

Proj Aug: DreamForecast for Report #4

I’ve been working like mad to get the fourth Project August report finished. I’m telling you, now…if anyone tries to read it in one sitting, well, just don’t do it. This one put me on a very wild adventure, but I hope that everyone benefits, especially the dedicated, brilliant, and amazing Project August dreamers that have been supplying me with … Read more

Shock and Awe


I’ve unknowingly developed a habit of shocking some of our precognitive dreamers with revelations about their dreams. The latest was a real shock to our pleasant Sherriann, where we got some of her very cryptic dream somewhat uncovered. Her exciting dream adventure has definitely started.

trainAnd for my next trick, I’ve got a super big train headed directly … Read more

Join us Saturday Night

Hey everyone…I’ll be discussing more dream-related predictions with Daniel Ott on his radio station, The Edge AM, June 21st at 8:00 PM EST. Daniel is a sharp-shooting radio host, so there’s not going to be any hiding behind fake, fluffy, or iffy information. You can even help him by calling in and pounding me with questions.

The Edge AM has … Read more

The Mother of all ice cream cones

Some of the Project August memes are really ramping up. Although we’ve got tons more content to dish out later this week, possibly as soon as tomorrow, this article just didn’t have room in our huge PA Report #4.

So it goes something like this…


The Ice Cream Cone

One of our many cherished Project August dreamers was given … Read more