Your Dreams Predicted the Future, So What Now?

by Chris McCleary

Yesterday’s linguistic report set the tone for a promising new way to working with dreams. The linguistic indicators seemed to translate last week’s dream content into a valid and extraordinary explanation of our physical and non-physical environments that we are now muddling through collectively.


What’s even more extraordinary, at least to me, is that I used

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Iron Down…Is THIS what our dreams predicted?

This article just came out today, and I see it as perhaps a mixed blessing, if you will. To me, the collective dream prediction felt much more significant, with bigger implications. Of course, if iron ore goes down, there’s a reasonable chance that ALL metals are also headed downward. Nonetheless, this article does show, I think, that we are on

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August predictions already?!

Enthusiasm for Project August!  Let me begin this post by recognizing the excitement in the air about this project. I’m basing this off several different measures; however, the discussion that follows is certainly atop the list. You see, even though Project August doesn’t officially begin until May 1st, I’ve already received one email from an anonymous dreamer who

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