PA Report 3


Project August

Report #3

June 1, 2014


Disclaimer: Although the staff strives for objective analysis in all aspects of Project August, we are still in uncharted territory with respect to precognitive dreams. Project August should not be assumed a scientific study. Any projections into future predictions should always be considered merely speculation, especially when matched with dates and locations. Readers assume full responsibility for their actions based on any information provided in or referred to from the content within this report. Readers and dreamers alike are cautioned to use a high level of discernment when reading anything related to Project August. Any material and content that discusses Project August should be considered ‘for entertainment only.’





This is the third report, and I must say that time feels like it’s speeding up on me. Didn’t I just pump out one of these reports just yesterday? Nope…it was two weeks ago.

Speaking of which…it seems as though our linguistics model does seem to be vulnerable to the same time scale issues of our dreams. Take, for example, the highest linguistics phrase on the second report from two weeks ago…”Looking house white man small going.”

I stated that this felt like a White House cabinet member would be leaving in August. This still might be the case, but the sudden and unexpected departure of not one but two cabinet members hints that there might be something greater at play in the linguistics. OR, perhaps our linguistics model experiences time errors just as readily as the dream content that supports it.

Anyway, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki is the one who left last Friday (about a week after the linguistics came out), and late this past week was Press Secretary Jay Carney. I tried to hunt down whether either of these men were short or, as the linguistics stated, “man small.” I don’t know if they are short/small or not, but “small” can easily imply the person’s position in relation to the President. Carney = small; Obama = big. The “man small” left the “house white.”


Before I get started on today’s report, I wanted to present a snippet of a dream interpretation from one of our awakened foreign dreamers. His assessment says a lot about where we are headed as a humanity….there may be troubles ahead, but all is not lost…

The whole dream episode may show a situation in the future. The book symbolizes the hunt for knowledge. We / I have to gather the knowledge and take it with me. The city may be uninhabitable – not sure if the dark clouds and the fire stands for real fire / natural catastrophe or is a symbol for social conflicts. Heading to the mountains may be the best choice. The native american symbolizes mother nature which welcomes us. The view shows the closer and the more distant future. A short time with darker clouds will be followed by blue skies. The skiing with the leather sandals shows that we may have great fun living simple, without high tech equipment.

And with that, let’s see what our dreams are telling us about August 2014…


Emotions Matter

Based on that quick look of the most recent dreams, there is one thing that has risen slightly, and that is the overall emotional tone of the dreams. In the first two reports, I discussed how the dreams seemed to be very impassionate, as if no real underlying emotional content (or at least no clear emotional trend) was present.

However, the past couple of weeks have seen somewhat stronger emotions developing, but I’m not sure that everyone will like the emotions we identified. The top one is CRYING. Now, to keep this in perspective, we’re only talking about 23 hits (from all the PA dreams), compared to some of the other word trends that get into the hundreds of hits. So, we’re talking about a very subtle emotional presence here, but nonetheless, the most common one is CRY/CRYING/or SAD. Number two is ANGRY with 18 total hits in all the dreams, and HAPPY has 11 hits.

Some skeptics will not be too keen on accepting emotional content as precognitive, but I’m telling you this is our bread and butter. Based on my experience, it’s the emotional content that has more possibility of coming true. Now, why is this?

There are a couple of forces at play here, and we return to the predicting versus creating model to start our explanation. We already know that strong emotions, particularly when matched with strong mental attention, is fanatically effective for creating something in your reality. Without the emotion to back it up, there is little motivation to create.

Therein lies one of the explanations for the emotional basis of precognition. In fact, it’s technically not precognition at all but rather a self-fulfilling prophecy. Strong emotions produce strong attachments, and strong attachments produce powerfully attractive forces. We naturally attract that which we are emotionally focused on, regardless if the content is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ If a scary dream forces us to dwell on the event, we run the risk of actually re-creating the dream (yes, even though we don’t want that dream to come true).

The other mechanism of emotional precognition is heavily rooted in Jawer & Micozzi’s fine research. Their book entitled, The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion, is jam packed with research on how our feelings are our direct link to the spiritual/paranormal/precognitive dimension. This might be a valid explanation as to why the precognitive researchers advise to look out of the dream events that seem more emotionally charged.

This dovetails back into the timing aspect again. As we explored in weeks past, we hypothesized that the Project August intention got our foot into the door of the big room called “the future,” but it didn’t guarantee that we were seeing specific images of August, per se. If we take this emotional concept of precognition and turn it backwards, this might explain why our PA dreams are becoming slightly more emotional now compared to 4 weeks ago. One further hypothesis is that the July PA dreams will but considerably more emotional than the ones right now.

In other words, the lack of emotion from weeks past may be less to do with a neutral August and more to do with a lack of ability to really connect with August events emotionally. As we get closer to August, we’ll be looking to see whether emotions get stronger, and whether the later dreams have more precognitive value than the earlier ones. That certainly will be interesting.

More Linguistics Taste Test

When analyzed linguistically, the PA dreams show “Evil” having the exact same number of hits as “Love.” Humanity still at the fork in the road? The top numeric is surprisingly not the number “1” but rather “2.” Does that mean anything?

From Source 1:

Two: The symbolic meaning of number Two is kindness, balance, tact, equalization, and duality. The number Two reflects a quiet power of judgment, and the need for planning. Two beckons us to choose. The spiritual meaning of number Two also deals with exchanges made with others, partnerships (both in harmony and rivalry), and communication. Two urges us out of our indecision, calls us to unite with like-minds, and like-ideals. Two asks us to exert our natural flow of judgment to do what is best for our souls.

From Source 2:

As the most feminine among all numbers, the 2 is also the most underestimated — at least, when it comes to power and strength. After all, she is almost always gentle, tactful, diplomatic, forgiving and understanding. Certainly, she likes to keep the peace and will avoid confrontations as much as possible.

There’s something here for everyone. Humanity seems well divided between ‘evil’ and ‘love,’ and the ‘2’ says that we’re just about to come together and choose our fate. Here’s the paradox…according to the second meaning of ‘2’ the collective unconscious is ready to do this tactfully and diplomatically.

Wanna see something C-R-A-Z-Y? Just before going final with this report, I have one of our all-star dreamers submit this analysis of her recent dreams. Note that I already had all the above information already in stone before receiving her dream analysis:

“UNITY” was actually a part of my protest dream, “we are marching for unity” as I recall in my dream of protests.
“Unity” I labeled as #30 simply because without “Unity” we are divided! To unite as one…is to change as a whole! To adapt and change, must be apart of our transformations to begin a new! COMPASSION CHARITY AND LOVE!



Full DreamBot Linguistics

Some of the other linguistics phrases really pop right out. Keep in mind that there are many more phrases, but these seem like the most newsworthy (from highest frequency hits to lowest):

The difference between DreamBot1 and DreamBot2 is the algorithm for laying out the words. DreamBot1 looks for the bigger picture stuff and possibly the biggest headline, while DreamBot2 is the only one that picks up the greater details and the more unusual trends (for example, it picked up the vampire story from days past). Let’s look at both here…


1. “Looking around white house large going kind water inside front walking”

2. “Door house white going large water kind front side walking”

3. “Room house small going old water through front building side sure”

4. “Saw going white water large front kind side inside”


1. “Before building two…Plane”   [note: the phrase might also be “Plane before building two” or “Before plane two building” or “Two Planes before building”, etc.] Also, this particular phrase overlaps with some of the manifest dream content discussed later.

2. “Date huge”

3. “Strange [was] wanted; came few sky”

4. “Brown office full”

5. “Lady moment moving plane”

6. “Hear immediately money need sleep”

7. “Control group help life line”

8. “Grey hurry keep kept low show standard story.”

9. “Father found high male mountain phone playing saying watch window”

10. “Earth food hard ice”

11. “Angry attention become camera class”

12. “Heard image kill living nice quickly”

13. “Son starts towards town”

14. “Military morning mother order”

15. “Security smaller somehow”


The DreamBot1 is arguably the one that identifies the biggest trends, and if taken at face value, the White House looks to be flooded in August 2014. As far as DreamBot2, we have a lot of headlines that could come out of all these phrases. Obviously, we’ll be looking at overlaps in this linguistics compared to the actual dream data. But if taken at face value, we’re looking at these possible headlines:

“Climate Engineering exposed in Congressional hearing…programs halted for Fall 2014.”

“UPS [or any other company with brown logo] tops its forecasted profit numbers” [caveat: one actual dream seemed to show the opposite of what the linguistics said…” they were brown, rundown storefronts, empty buildings,” which would imply that UPS or any other brown company is going bankrupt in August.]

“Elite cabal surrenders….begging for lifeline.” (or moreaccurately…) “[insert big name getting tried for financial crimes] seeks amnesty from shareholders.”

[a non-headline…the linguistics suggests that we will see more of the same] “Greys scurrying to keep secret…just keep feeding the people lies.”

“Unexpected cold front freezes major August crop harvest” [note: ice makes an interesting appearance in our dream content. Not only did “ice” make 16 hits in the linguistics (by the way, the DreamBot only sees ice and not words like nice), but one dreamer dreamed of Iceland. The dream itself didn’t have specific details about Iceland, though.]

“Major network virus unleashed…kills hardware instantly.”

“New dawn in warfare….there isn’t any!”(Okay, that’s a bit extreme, I agree. How about this…) “New treaty forces American troops home from [Iraq? Afghanistan? Korea? etc.] [caveat: “Mother Order” can easily imply the opposite meaning, so nuclear weapons are unfortunately not out of the question with #14 phrase above.]

Finally, #9 above sounds strangely similar to the headline that “6 missing climbers feared dead on Mount Rainier.” Now, here’s the ironic thing…the last thing anyone heard from the hikers was done by satellite phone, which really rings true from the linguistics. So, since this was all from the Project August linguistics, will we perhaps find the bodies in August?


Manifest Dream Content


I was in some kind of craft (massive, like a blimp, (or like a C-47 military transport plane) [which I just googled, because I never was military]. It was odd, though, because this “transport” didn’t seem to have wings (but, hanging out of the back end of one of those planes, one is not aware of either the wings or the tail. – We were falling out of the sky,

We’ve already covered a lot of the airplane meme ad nauseum in earlier posts. If you haven’t seen the Red Alert post and a couple of subsequent ones, I recommend reading those straightaway. The overlap of planes, airplanes, jets, etc. is clear, and it extends to non-PA dreams. For this section, I’d like to simply cover the location marker that I promised in an earlier post.

Most plane dreams included no specific landmarks or locations. However, one non-PA dreamer apparently witnessed a plane headed toward Nashville, and it crashed. Russian invasion plane was apparently in a big city “possibly Chicago.” Another non-crash dream saw palm trees at the airport, which represents some tropical area.

I think the best overlap we have is a Project August plane crash dream.

First off, this dreamer apparently had her “man that I love” actually flying this plane. I bring this up because I’m putting down a lot of money that this caused our dreamer to have very strong emotions about this dream, and what did we just say about emotions? They may have some enhanced predictive characteristics to it. Anyway, she never stated where the plane crashed, but immediately after she witnessed the impact, she received a call from a friend in Knoxville, TN. Is that just coincidence that of all places her friend would be in the same state as where the other plane was headed? The two Tennessee cities are spaced about 2.5 hours apart, and here’s a picture from Google…


Possible Headline: “Airliner impacts the ground between Nashville and Knoxville.”

Possible Headline: “Airshow disaster: the unthinkable happens.” (note: there’s no airshows planned for Tennessee this August, and there are no locations that match any of our current dreams. However, we do have a PA dream with an airshow crash, so this headline is without a location marker.)

[note: I’m currently investigating the Boston plane crash to see whether that completes the airplane crash meme. I’ll have my analysis on Monday’s post]

Another airplane dream had to do with scrambling military jets (or she felt that this was the case). The dreamer stated that the pilots had full visors and oxygen hoses, and that they had been training for the event that she was witnessing. She stated that the jet was very high tech, and that they were being scrambled.

Possible Headline: “F-22’s scrambled from [xxx] to intercept [xxx]”


While we’re still on the topic of airplanes, I would be remiss if I didn’t account of one of our expert lucid dreamers from the UK. This dreamer in real life happens to be an aircraft engineer at London Heathrow. Anyway, in his dream he finds himself at a regional airport in the UK and through his expert dreaming skills, flies around to locate a certain problem. Apparently this dreamer was told that in August, someone will intentionally attempt to hijack a small regional aircraft “and use it as a tool for terror.”

This suddenly springs back to the linguistics “Before building two….plane.”

This dreamer does not receive information about whether the plot was successful. I suppose the answer there lies with who is sponsoring this alleged terrorist [dreamer indicates he’s from Egypt.] If the plot is from the terrorist himself or just his small terror cell, then it probably won’t be successful. However, if he’s actually a patsy from some state-sponsored organization, then….all bets are off.

Possible Headline: “Border guards foil a hijacking plan”

Possible Headline: “Egyptian militants seize regional airplane.”


Societal Crash?

The crash meme has exploded into the August scene this past two weeks, seeing 19 or so hits in the overall dream material. One of our dreamers accounts for three of them, and she explains her interpretation after her third crash dream…

This is the 3rd crash dream for me while on this project: a slow moving airplane that crashes and two car crashes. All crashes involved turning left. It occurred to me after the airplane crash and reading notes about it that vehicles aren’t the only things that crash. So do economies.

This dreamer brings up a very valid point…our economy, propped up beyond belief by a flood of fake digit dollars could be said that it is “flying high.” But according to E-MC­2, everything that goes up, must come down….eventually. This is quite an interesting parallel, and “left turn” should also be taken into consideration.

At this point, one of our other beloved dreamer’s dreams is a very interesting match to this crash meme. Incidentally, this dream involved a tornado metaphor to possibly get the same message across to us.

In this dream, a funnel cloud sucks up a woman who resembles the Statue of Liberty. In the dream, the dreamer remarks, “OMG, She looks like Lady Liberty!” The reason we suspect this dream is metaphoric and not a weather prediction is because as soon as the lady was swept away, the funnel cloud disappeared. Plus, a big gentleman in military garb was chuckling as the lady was swept away, to which he explained that he was sent to kill her (Lady Liberty?)

As amazing as this is, that is not even the worst part of the dream. The whole dream drama started with the words, “The people betrayed from above” and “All food is dead.”

So, if there’s anything predictive out of this dream, which event comes first? Is food declared dead, and then this kills Lady Liberty, or is Lady Liberty devastated which dries up the food supply?

Our answer may be on the table already: World Bank warns of food riots as rising food prices push world populations toward revolt. Of course, coming from the World Bank, one must still wonder which causes which. After all WHY would food prices be rising? Is it all supply and demand, or simply because of we live in a defunct economy that tries to expand the money supply in a manner that is totally incongruent with the Earth’s available resources?

Interestingly, this was not the only “Lady” archetype in our dreams. A foreign dreamer actually had a dream that reminded him of a Queen or British monarch…

She was small, maybe 1.60m, whitehaired, I estimated her about 80years old. She held a walking cane and wore a white bridal costume and a pair of dusky pink high heel plateau sandals! – The guests were aghast at this sight. At this moment the daughter of the old lady stepped to the door and locked it from inside. [Old lady] cried out loud and shook the door with all her power. Knocked again and again. I felt some kind of sadness for her and begged the daughter to open the door but the daughter didn’t retreat. Meanwhile the guests drank and talked. Some were full of sympathy for the old lady, others disgusted. The old ladies crying got quieter and quieter. After a while nothing was to hear. Some of the guests were drunken and puked to the floor.

Does this at all sound like what’s happening in the today’s world? The Old Lady or Lady Liberty is sinking fast, but everyone’s too high or too entertained to care.



The missile meme started with the aircraft carrier dream, where the dreamer saw the aircraft carrier getting pelted with missiles. Now that we have a large book-full of PA dreams, we notice that we have seven instances of missiles, so it’s a growing trend, one that probably now exceeds the old VAN trend (which has suddenly halted all progression, by the way).

So, here’s the latest missile dream, or at least a snippet of it. I provide this direct wordage because I thought many people will be empathetic to this dreamer’s experience of being prevented from reading an important newspaper article….

And then I look down and see a security alert, like a white paper issued by the state department. On it, it said missiles were located on July 28. My husband was demanding my attention as I was trying to read this alert and I kept trying to get him to leave me alone because I needed to read this paper for Project August. He wouldn’t stop pestering me, so I couldn’t finish reading the paper. And then I woke up.

The other dream instances were similar. The dreamers didn’t see the missiles being fired; they simply noticed that they were there. One dreamer was in a bunker or facility where nuclear missiles were being displayed, and another dream took place on an aircraft carrier. In all cases, missiles were spotted, not fired.

Therefore, this latest missile dream is almost a capstone to the other dreams, and the “white paper issued by the state department” could become a headline in August (or late July as the dream stated). But what would the headline be?

Possible Headline: “US missiles found in enemy cache”

Possible Headline: “State Department says the missiles were found as of July 28th

Possible Headline: “Raytheon delivers its last order of missiles to the USN”

And then we have another recent overlap with a more generic term “weapons.”

…I become an individual investigating a criminal activity involving illegally made weapons. Two of these weapons have several parts that where copied off of a 3D printer. The investigator realizes the individual who printed them is a Russian special forces or Russian agent.

Possible Headline: “State Department finds Russian weapons cache, apparently printed from a 3d printer”

Grand Canyon

Would it be significant if two Project August dreams talked about moving/flying through the curves and bends of the Grand Canyon? What about if they both talked about how lush and green it was? Next, how about I tell you that these two dreams (of all the PA dreams we’ve had) were not only dreamt on the same night, but they just so happened to be plugged into the database right next to each other! Uncanny.

So, let’s dig into what these dreams are all about. The first dreamer was mesmerized at the pattern of UFOs flying around in the canyon, and so the dreamer went to investigate.

The second dreamer was actually flying through the Grand Canyon, just as the UFOs were doing in the previous dream.

[Here’s a quick aside: What are the chances that the first dreamer actually dreamed of the second dreamer? In other words, the second dreamer might have actually looked like a UFO to the first dreamer as he was flying around the Grand Canyon. Obviously, we can’t prove anything there, but it’s interesting nonetheless.]

Okay, so both of these dreamers found some sort of living beings in the canyon. The first dreamer saw people hiding that looked very tribal, and the second dreamer found hundreds of sick eagles that were clearly hurt.

For me, there seems to be something meaningful here, but the headline seems difficult to ascertain. Perhaps in the Grand Canyon area, we will sadly see hundreds more birds found dead, just like we’ve been seeing all over the US in the last few years. More on that later.

There’s another way to look at these Grand Canyon dreams, though. The number of eagles that this dreamer saw was “at least 500.” Being that the eagle represents the US, we wouldn’t happen to be talking about another possible metaphor for the dying USA? 500 just happens to be an easy multiple of 50, and there’s 50 states in the US. In the dream, all the eagles were sick, dying, or hurt. They were all on their backs.

Possible Headline: “All 50 states facing bankruptcy by 2020.”

Dead Birds

An interesting overlap has occurred in this meme. Just like the airplane topic, this one actually received a recent non-PA dream to support it. So, first we have the Grand Canyon dream and then we receive a couple more similar PA dreams, plus another non-PA dream.

The second PA dream looked eerily similar to the Grand Canyon dream. Here’s a snippet:

I can see the freeway is littered with dead birds, as the bend becomes straight and goes under the overpass

Basically, this dreamer is navigating through bends in the road (like the flying dreamer navigated through bends in the canyon) and saw tons of dead birds.

…and then on the 31st of May, we were given a dream entitled, “Death of a rare duck.”

Possible Headline: “Hundred of birds found dead in the Grand Canyon.”

Possible Headline: “Rare species of birds moving towards extinction.”

It is also interesting to note that one of the earlier PA dead-bird dreams had the opposite outcome. The dead bird was revived by our caring and compassionate dreamer, but the bird ended up morphing into something else…

suddenly it demonstrated some small signs of life. I picked it up hoping to revive it. I took it to the kitchen counter and placed a few droplets of water on the counter. The bird drank them and grew somewhat stronger. I fed him a few seeds and he grew even stronger and turned into a fat, grey dove. I fed him some more and he turned into a red and white striped tiger alley cat. Very affectionate who stretched up to jump into my arms.

Aircraft Carriers

There is an old trend that strengthened in this period, and it has to do with warships and aircraft carriers. Now, unfortunately, there’s not a lot of detail here, other than the one carrier being hit by a missile. The other carriers/warships were mostly just witnessed as being there, but not really doing anything.

Maybe in August there’s an aircraft carrier that is slated for the boneyard, or maybe there’s a new contract to build a couple more. The only thing I’m really convicted about is that a headline will appear about a carrier, but we don’t yet have enough overlapping guidance on what the content will be.

The manifest content nor the emotional rise about carriers leads me to believe that the carrier headline will NOT be war related (or at least not directly).

The Otherlies

This might be the biggest uptrend of the whole batch…discussion on UFOs, aliens, space stations, Orcs (they lived below the surface), and a few other “Otherlies.” I don’t expect a sudden rash of media attention about this topic, so I’m not providing any expected headlines. Of course, this won’t stop certain individuals from experiencing some of these phenomena for themselves, but don’t expect to see anything in the NY Times or on Foxnews. The only reason I include it here is because of this definite trend in the collective dreamscape, and of course, there’s a .000000000000001% chance of a major headline with this particular topic area. Therefore, I covered my bases just in case.

One dream in particular talked about some sort of evacuation or kidnappings. It was explained this way:

…I cower in the shadow of the wall and watch helplessly as several alien craft use white light beams to “suck up” the “most evolved humans” and destroy everything in their wake.

Another one was fairly comical, encouraging me to think that the war or struggle with any otherlies can be fixed with our minds alone…

After an unknown period of time, one of the “Orcs” comes up to find me on one of the top levels of the building. He looks to be slightly shorter than myself, with pale yellowish brown skin, Asian-looking, shirtless, chubby and holding a rusty serrated knife in his left hand. Now that I see him, I can’t help but feel “sorry” for him, despite his rather comical appearance. For some reason, everyone else in the building seems to ignore him. Several times he attempts to stab me with his knife, but I am able to slow his movements down with my mind until he eventually gives up. With him, is some sort of “pet” that resembles a small wiener dog. The dog has an immediate fondness for me (as I do for the dog) and this seems to irritate the Orc.

If there’s anything concerning about the Otherlies meme, it’s that they all have more emotion in them than all the other dreams (in general).

Lower Possibilities

These headlines come from single dreams, but as we know, single dreams can very much predict the future!

“Spanish official steps down amid allegations of extramarital affair.”

“USGS earthquake system down for maintenance on August 18thand/or “Alarming earthquake trend rising in mid-August”

[Note: this was based on this dream: I see the USGS significant worldwide earthquake chart. the USGS chart shows no significant earthquakes on August 18th. a week before the 18th I see about 6 significant earthquakes and then another 6 significant earthquakes after the 18th]

(12 August) “California beach town flooded.”

(13 August) “Mudslide near San Francisco devastates local community.”

Plus, there will be some big news in the education field. There’s really no emotion attached to this topic, so it shouldn’t be terrible news. It might have something to do with the biggest educational institutions (something to do with size). The biggest learning institutions now happen to be in Moscow, Tokyo, Pittsburgh, Bangkok, and Chicago. Perhaps the headline will be:

“[Country name] introduces plans for the world’s biggest educational institution to be complete by [year].” or “[educational institution] receives international grant for furthering the study of [xyz]”

“Emergency practice in [Atlanta or Phoenix] goes awry…causes probe by local citizens.”



I must say how grateful I am at the level of dedication from our participants. The dreams in this last period, in particular, have been diverse, passionate, and seemingly very relevant to what might be coming in August.

I also need to thank the same dreamers for submitting their seemingly irrelevant dreams, too, for this dream content helped to give more clarity and richness to the DreamBot results. Thank you everyone for your time and dedication. Documenting dreams is something that takes an investment in time and energy, but it can definitely be very rewarding. So, I hope all of you have received at least something edifying out of your own dreams, and I also hope you’ve received something meaningful out of this report. Have a great fortnight…I’ll see you in about two weeks.

Don’t stop dreaming!

Copyright (c) 2014 Chris McCleary. Except for quotes, all rights reserved.



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