Report 2


Project August

Report #2

May 18, 2014




Disclaimer: Although the staff strives for objective analysis in all aspects of Project August, we are still in uncharted territory with respect to precognitive dreams. Project August should not be assumed a scientific study. Any projections into future predictions should always be considered merely speculation, especially when matched with dates and locations. Readers assume full responsibility for their actions based on any information provided in or referred to from the content within this report. Readers and dreamers alike are cautioned to use a high level of discernment when reading anything related to Project August. Any material and content that discusses Project August should be considered ‘for entertainment only.’



NOTE: “PH” means “Possible Headline in August 2014”

DreamForecasting is a multi-step process. First, we take all the text from the dreams and analyze just the words that were used (i.e., what was said and with what frequency). The software then separates the various word types and lays out all the phrases in a pre-determined order based on the software algorithm. The resulting chart is read for actual forecasting content or hints about important trends/phrases that could be investigated via some other source. There are an infinite amount of sources, but our primary investigation will start by looking at the underlying dream stories.

The DreamBot is very important in this process for many reasons. First, it offers an overall sentiment for the dream content, which we believe may indicate the overall feeling that humanity is attracting to ourselves and/or the fate to which we shall experience in the future (or some combination of the above).

Second, the DreamBot holds an extremely valuable indication of important trends and overlaps from the manifest dream content (Freud’s term that simply represents the images, events, and objects in each person’s dream). As we know from history and personal experiences, dreams can and do show us snippets of future events, and sometimes those predictions are played out in real life. More importantly, many real-life events are preceded by similar dream accounts from different people.

It’s that overlap in manifest content that seems to offer more reliable indicators of future events. If 30 people are dreaming about big water events, and one person dreams about an earthquake, which is more likely to occur? Our theory supports the water event as more likely, but keep in mind that this has not been tested scientifically. It is still mere conjecture. However, the famous Princeton lab (The PEAR lab) and researchers such as Dean Radin have noted that resonating intentions will sway Random Number Generators to a greater degree than single intentions in isolation. Therefore, in the constructivist model of reality, we could possibly (at a minimum) equate overlapping dream material with the PEAR lab’s multiple-person intentions. In short our resonating dreams might be swaying the Integrated Information Field and actually causing the future to happen!

Regardless of the underlying truth here, we’re proceeding with our hypothesis and looking for obvious overlaps in dream content. The more overlap, the better, at least in this model. So, now, let’s discuss our findings in order of the process steps.

Step 1: Analysis based solely on the linguistics chart

Well how about this? The DreamBot seems to be whispering something faint about a topic that I have absolutely no interest in talking about. I’d rather just continue beating around the bush to infinity, but why waste my time and yours? The top linguistics phrase in the May 17th version of the Project August DreamBot run is….

(hold on, let’s take a moment to listen to the drum beats…)

Okay, everyone ready? Here it goes: “Looking House White.”

Are you kidding me? The DreamBot might be looking at the White House, but the details after that phrase are somewhat cryptic (or rather I desire it to be cryptic even though its really not). Here’s the raw structure that gives little help on the overall vector (i.e., we’d at least like to know if it’s positive or negative, but I don’t have much feel for that here.)

1. “Looking house white, man small going” OR…

2. “Looking house white, man small going strange” OR add a few more words will provide a whole different connotation…

3. “Looking house white, man small going, strange water walking around”

No matter what results we get here, I think everyone would agree that this something could be quite out of the ordinary. Let’s chew on each one of these three statements separately…

1. Taking this first phrase literally might mean that a small man from the white house is going/leaving in August. That could very well be possible, and would probably be the most “normal” of all possibilities. Of course, the words might be better if rearranged slightly to say “man going small.” That to me seems more like the popularity or approval ratings, which could very well be possible. Therefore our first hypothetical August headlines are:

PH: President’s cabinet member [a physically small man] resigns from office.

PH: The President’s approval rating plummets.

2. “Man small going strange.” This one has an eerie feeling to it, as if the President makes a very strange decision or something. “Going strange” makes it seem as if it’s more than just a decision, and “man small” needs to somehow get placed into the context. Is the President small? Hardly, but when discussed by some “experts,” Michelle is reportedly taller than him when wearing high heels. There could be a headline out of this, but I’ll take a pass.

3. This last one is the most interesting to contemplate. Taking the phrase and putting it directly into English, I can actually hear this coming from Wolff Blitzer:

“We’re live looking at the White House…the first family has evacuated due to a rare flooding in the DC area.”

The only thing I can pull up about the White House’s schedule in August 2014 is that they are apparently hosting the “first U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, DC on August 5 and 6, 2014.” I surmise that this being the first hosting for this event does, in a way, make it somewhat strange. However, it doesn’t appear to be the type of strange that the DreamBot seems to be looking for.

More Linguistics

Some of the following phrases were somewhat expected based on our previous report, but some are fresh and bring new insights.

“Saw man large going building water” (Hmmm, a new form of structured water?)

“Water large around building” (Sounds like flooding)

“Area water white around small side” (water moving very fast where it shouldn’t…Venice, Italy?)

“Front huge” (Sounds like more storms)

“Strange front walking away huge” (Expect some strange storm fronts)

“Night side large woke building front sure away different family inside” (??)


Overall sentiment from the DreamBot

The overall feel of August 2014 began to get really rushed, masculine, fast-paced, hard-work, strange, and somewhat dark (“Night side large”). This sentiment started about a week ago, and has maintained this posture despite a large number of varying types of dreams in the last week. If nothing else, I would expect a fast moving August, complete with action, intrigue, and fragments or streaks of strangeness.

One of our dreamers sent a quick email recently to inform me that “VAN” (a significant word from the 1st report) could translate from Spanish into “They Go.” Hmmmm, this has a lot to do with what the DreamBot is suggesting here, so that is very interesting indeed.



Step 2: Manifest Content and Major Trends

To begin with, I find it fascinating that no trends have stopped or retreated since our first report. As expected, though, we have some new developments starting while a couple previous trends have accelerated.

Colors.   Let’s start with the trend that concerns me the most….colors. In our last report, we had two colors that were far and away more common than all of the other colors combined. Well, that trend has actually increased, with one of them picking up steam slightly quicker than the other. But they are both shooting to the moon.

Now, however, we saw a third color come into the fore that rivals the #2 spot. It was such an impressive run, that it almost felt like the DreamBot was giving me feedback on my choice of countries from report #1. I am so concerned about this color combination, that I regret I will not be able to divulge the third color. I want to ensure that colors are dreamed and reported in a pure manner.

What’s interesting is that these three colors are specifically mentioned right together in series during 4 of the last 10 dreams, so this trend is not only significant in terms of sheer numbers, but also how closely attached they are together.


Trisecting Dream Content

For the first time in DreamBot history, there is an undeniable trisect of different predictive modalities. In simpler terms, we have actual, literal dream content that overlaps in several different dreams AND overlaps with the linguistics covered earlier. There are a couple of these trisects.

“Huge Wave” and “Flooding” memes. In the first report, we had a major trend of water. There was a “Wall of water,” a “bulge of water,” objects that were floating in the water, and big storm fronts. Now we add to our collection a tornado warning in Arkansas (yep, a different dream), a tornado warning in Alberta, massive flooding in the Mississippi River and what appears to be a East to West huge wave (but with no location marker). Water, water, water….but only in some parts, because we have a possible drought elsewhere (discussed later).

Note also that the recent DreamBot indicated a hint of “white water” and in the same line “strange.” I take that last word “strange” to mean that the “white water” will be unusual and out of the ordinary (i.e., we don’t see flooding too often that reaches “white water” status, I don’t think. So, the linguistics is somewhat matching the actual manifest content, which to me puts it in a high priority / high likelihood category.

Unmentionable, but at the same time, unmistakeable. This theme is unmentionable, but there’s no mistaking it either. The word starts with ‘ass’ then has yet another ‘ass’ and ends with ‘nation.’ One dream had no specific names and the other did. A third dream was a close corollary—the dreamer became a heckler at a Presidential speech. Interestingly, the heckler was testing the speaker with math questions. This dreamer, not surprisingly, was carted away by the authorities (Oh, and the heckling took place in Alabama). Important: the President was only a victim of heckling in all these dreams. The two other dreams were “political” but not presidential.


Dream Overlaps (no direct confirmation from linguistics)

The words “Underground” and “Bunkers” get a slight rise. Last time, we were extremely concerned about “Dark order move huge underground.” The good news is that this meme stayed completely off the linguistics chart, but the bad news is that we picked up a couple more instances. Incidentally, the “Bunkers” were observed in Tokyo of all paces, with no apparent events per se. The dreamer’s car broke down, so metaphorically, we might see some sort of break down in Tokyo, where bunkers would be needed. I don’t consider this a high possibility, but the implications are quite large with three overlapping dreams here.

Sinking Ships, Evacuations, Detainment. We had an interesting meme surge about boats and evacuations in the first part of this second period. It was discussed ad nauseum in two days’ worth of dreamblog, but it has since slowed or potentially stopped altogether. I’m particularly intrigued about the notion of “evacuation,” as this somewhat re-emerged in a recent dream called “Silver Train Cars.” In this dream, people were lining up to register and get loaded onto these train-like cab cars. That definitely had sort of a nefarious evacuation theme to it, but it’s too early to assess just how this evacuation could play out…the flooding from above and the evacuation might actually be combined in the same scenario. Then again, the roundups are still on the table, unfortunately, with a new dream about trials (those who failed the trials were either killed or carted off to “the stadium.”) Interestingly, this last dream also had “masses of aliens” and the dreamer wondered “Am I a slave now?” I might as well combine yet another dream into this…a quarantine area in Idaho with military checkpoints. Apparently, the vaccinations were going bad and a new outbreak was happening. Without a better place to put it, we had a couple of dreams where the dreamer was detained, which overlaps with Evacuation, depending on the cause and intent for the evacuation itself.

PH: “Airliner crashes during low level flight.” We now have overlap on an aircraft crash, and both of them were at low level. One was trying (and failed) to climb over a wooded mountain. The other plane was in the pattern and basically stalled on final approach. It appears that no nefarious activity happened in either case. It was either pilot error or aircraft malfunction. There’s no indication for how big the planes were or how many people were on board, and unfortunately, we have no location.

PH: “Global reset means wealth to the common folk.” We discussed the possibility of a metaphoric prediction of the long-awaited global reset, and now we have a direct dream image to go along with it. Incidentally, this was from a new dreamer who did not see the previous report, which enhances its favorability. Here’s a quote directly from the dream: “The breaking news was that the president had signed into office a new law that would almost magically give people more money, thus fix the economy.” That sounds like what some are promising with the global reset, but we won’t believe it until we see it, as the saying goes. For those of you who don’t know, there is a small movement that purports the global reset brings with it prosperity packages to all of us common folk.

Something astounding: You probably didn’t know that until just two days ago (as of this writing) there was no mention of UFOs or aliens anywhere in the Project August dreams. Then, in one day, we suddenly receive three dreams each talking about either UFOs or aliens or both! One UFO was for….guess what?…an evacuation! The other UFO/alien dreams appeared to be very nefarious.

A note about protection and oversight

So far, the DreamBot linguistics have been heavily weighted toward a clearly dominate, male energy. That is quite obvious based on the presence of multiple male-based names in the linguistics (i.e. husband, brother, dad, etc.) and a commensurate lack of female names (i.e. sister, girl, mom, etc.). However, the actual dream content includes several instances (albeit very hidden from plain view) a significant mother entity present and watchful of the situation.

The female presence in the dreams is very archetypical in that she doesn’t really do anything, per se. She is simply in the background watching, observing, understanding, empathizing, and simply ready to make everything okay.

Because of this seemingly hidden presence, I like to offset the seemingly negative trials that may manifest in August. And even though catastrophe might rear its ugly head, humanity’s Mother is always there, compassionate as ever awaiting to make everything alright.


Step 3: Acknowledge the lower probability headlines

PH: “Whale trapped in Canadian waters.” This was a literal dream from someone in a very northern state. She dreamed she was swimming with a whale, but the whale couldn’t swim everywhere due to solid ice walls surrounding her.

PH: “New technology from South America reduces humanity’s oil needs by 56.6%

Something magnificent may be coming from South America. One dreamer was given several images chronologically, and she reported “feeling” the impressions more than seeing them. First, there was a mother presence. Next, a figure of two countries that together formed an ice cream cone filled with a scoop of ice cream. Next, the numbers 566 showed up. Analysis: There are a few places on the atlas that could comprise the ice cream cone, but none as prominent as South America (the cone would be Argentina, Bolivia, and Uruguay, and Brazil would be the ice cream). I believe it’s widely accepted that the number 5 means “travel, motion, adventure,” which screams a big confirmation of the DreamBot linguistics. But the number 6 is twice as strong in this dream, and it means:

The symbolism behind number Six is legend. With Venus as its ruler, Six represents harmony, balance, sincerity, love, and truth. Six naturally reveals solutions for us in a calm, unfolding manner. We invoke the Six when we need delicate diplomacy when dealing with sensitive matters. The spiritual meaning of number Six also deals with enlightenment; specifically “lighting” our path in areas we require spiritual and mental balance. Sixes beckon us to administer compassion and consciously choose forgiveness in a situation.

Therefore, I’m seeing big, empathic, compassionate events from South America this August, whether it’s a new technology or some humanitarian outreach, perhaps even to the country with the 3 colors from above.

PH: “Southern community becomes ghost town because of worst drought in recorded history.” This German dreamer was embedded into a small city with dust and debris blowing. The houses were flat and simple, and everything was yellow and brownish….thirsty.

PH: (Between Aug 13th and Aug 23rd…) “Train derails and crashes into embankment.” This is a single dream account where the dreamer was shown the numbers 13-23 on a calendar.

PH: “[Insert name(s)] is brought up on financial corruption charges.” This was a high velocity dream inside a large skyscraper, but we don’t have the details to determine what company and/or the names of people involved. It did seem to indicate that two individuals were involved, and we know that one has dark hair and brown eyes.

PH: “Fart paper invented by burned-out housewife/entrepreneur!” I couldn’t pass this one up. Of course, I never expect this to be a headline in August, but the dream itself was too funny to ignore. I thought the dreamer deserved a little praise for submitting it, and I will reiterate that the dreamer did, in fact, rehearse the pre-sleep intention. But that is exactly why I am hopeful for this particular dream. You see, of all the dreams we’ve had so far, this one has the most energy exuding from it. BY FAR this dream is the most lively and passionate dream submitted for Project August. The events and descriptions match the top emotion in the dream: HAPPINESS! Other than one man with a scowl, everyone in the dream was adventurous and happy, even though their routine would normally seem boring and drab. In short, August may bring much of this same sentiment. We’ve explored all these troubling topics and catastrophes which might invariably be dreaded. But somehow humanity will achieve overall happiness this fall, specifically in the month of August! Remember, the whole month will be one big maze, adventure, and FUN!

YIKES! Economic trouble: Lastly, you may expect the prime rate (the lowest interest rate charged by banks) to be 9.1% next Easter and 11% next Christmas (2015). No, this isn’t August 2014, but that’s a literal translation of one of our dreams.


Well, if you can believe it, this was just a review of the more obvious trends and motifs. If our dreams have just 10-30% accuracy, then you can expect a busy and hurried August. No matter. Happiness and the mother connection is always there underneath it all. It’s up to each one of us to connect to the underlying Essence, for without this, catastrophe looks ominous, scary. But the world isn’t scary at all when you can find the hidden joy, serenity, and bliss that only comes from inside. So, go there often, but be sure to remember that space come August!

Be well everyone, and thank you for your dreams!


Copyright © 2014 Chris McCleary. Except for outside references, all rights reserved.


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  1. Sorry I don’t access to the first report but here is a question for everyone, what newspaper? Should you focus on One newspaper headlines? Or the biggest headline for August? I am asking to see what happen will be printed in New York papers for the first week of August. As the headlines for a London paper is going to be different then the headlines for New York and Los Angeles.