Project August Final Report (Summary)

Throughout the summer of 2014, a group of dreamers from all over the globe participated in a revolutionary dream initiative called Project August. Hosted by the National Dream Center (NDC), this 3.5 month collective project was designed to see how well a group of dreamers could intentionally see the future.

Each participant accomplished a specific incubation protocol prior to going … Read more

Proj Aug #4 Direct Hit: China Overtakes US

Sherriann has just become the NDC’s go-to continent-level dreamer. She’s pegged two super big economic stories during Project August, one in South America and one in the Far East (i.e., China), and she did both of them metaphorically. Way back in April 2014, she incubated what would happen in August 2014.

Night of April 21/22, 2014 China invited the world Read more

Proj Aug Results (Section 2): Dream Overlap is Important

Important: If you are not into scientific mumbo jumbo, please at least jump to the summary and implications, because while the supporting information is lengthy and cumbersome, the takeaways are very important indeed!

There were only 2 noteworthy correlation factors found in our Project August data. The first one was covered in Section 1, and it had to do … Read more

Proj Aug Results (Section 1): Accuracy vs. Time

Note: If you’d like to see all the headlines that were generated during Project August, they are all listed here, including links to substantiate those that were entirely or partially fulfilled:

Its one thing to marvel at all the amazing predictions that came true over the summer, but even more important is to investigate the data that was cooking … Read more

Headline #31 & 103: With an exclamation point!

Still have doubts on our August cold headlines? Not that 31 and 103 needed any more support…


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Headline #76 gets a hit from NYC

I was originally worrying how in world could we ever receive any sort of hit on Headline #76, which said, “False flag in NYC…plan failed; citizens arrest alleged perpetrators.”

I mean, how in the world would we ever know that a false flag failed? Well, lucky for us, the connections were quite easy here, although it doesn’t amount to a … Read more

A Revisit of Headlines #6 & 25: If only there were bonus points!

Headline #25

Do you want a bigger name in the elite cabal surrendering? Forget it. This headline was already maxed out, but we’re looking for extra credit on Headline #25.

It happens in the final throes of our target month, August 2014. It’s not like we really needed this headline…after all, we’ve already had several big financial scandals taking down … Read more

Headline #50: Swarms of Earthquakes

Through the help of dreamer “Nipper,” we were able to piece together a definite 5.0 headline. It just so happens that this headline was also numbered with the same digits: a 5 and a 0 (#50)!

Anyhow, Headline #50 said, “Alarming earthquake trend rising in mid-August.”

Instead of blabbing to no end about this, let’s just throw out … Read more

3D Printing: We have our first villain!

As we’ve stated before, 3D printing absolutely REQUIRES a villain, and now it begins. If you remember, 3D printing has just enough potential to pretty much wipe out every major areas of the manufacturing sector, including (but certainly not limited to) biomedical supples, plastics, telescopes, you name it. We’ve even written about how the military and prison systems are testing/using … Read more

Fireworks exploding on Headline #90: Paradigm 3 needed ASAP!

Reporting the amazing hits from Project August is so far beyond ego-level touting. Now it’s just getting downright scary. When the Spanish King stepped down, I thought that was pretty amazing, as it was our first really big Proj Aug “hit.”

But then the wall of fire took out a neighborhood, just like the PA headline said. That was a … Read more

Headline #103: “You’ve been warned” (for a second time)

In the words of one our news articles that we’ll present later, “You’ve been warned.” Yes, but that was actually the second warning. NDC readers were actually warned way back in May that this summer was going to be unusually cold.

The future is finally catching up with us.

We actually had two big headlines associated with unusual cold weather, … Read more

Headline #95: The Beginning of the End for Treasuries

Or perhaps this is the end of the beginning. Regardless, let’s start with the news that came out today…

U.S. Investment Outflow Hits Record as China Cuts Holdings

By Kasia Klimasinska –2014-08-15

The U.S. posted a record cross-border investment outflow in June as China and Japan reduced their holdings of Treasuries and private investors abroad sold bonds and notes.Read more

Headline #90: Sparks fly to a near perfect score

This news deserves a whole separate article even though we’ve already covered it previously. Headline #90 was calling for major violence in a US metro area due to rioting AND we issued a non-Proj Aug warning about impending racial tensions. Because we’ve been consistently reading the collective unconscious, our readers have been privvy to receiving glimpses of the … Read more

Headline #1: Falling Knives

Since I’ve got a lot of personal business to attend to today, I’ll make this one quick, and I’ll make it about me. My only contribution for Project August (in terms of dreams) was the very first dream called Knife Juggling.

Basically a woman and man were intently watching knives being thrown around, but I wasn’t watching the knives, I … Read more

Headline #90: “We are currently experiencing a riot” (updated)

We have ourselves a double-whammy hit here (which is quite unfortunate if you look at the type of predictions that were made.)

On the 27th of July, we made a petition to our readers that had to do with racial tensions appearing imminent. This warning was derived from a substantial overlap between dream material and linguistics phrases, and the … Read more