For those with eyes to see: Secret mirror to Wall St.

Ingredients that went into this recipe include: 1 part utter shock, 1 part synchronicity, 1 part scientific research and 1 part otherly world. In addition, there are other overarching seasonings, including a sprinkle of equality, a drizzle of hope, and one gigantic heaping ladle of gratitude.

I start off with what could be the best news of all….This series of … Read more

Lakota Dream Detective: Beware the Idaho Serial Killer

Remember NativeAmericanDreamWeaver’s Project Uno dream? Our talented Lakota dream weaver is at it again, seeing glimpses of still-hidden evidence about another dead female, this time in Idaho.

Let’s cut to the chase and start with the headline news from last month:

Woman’s body found in river still unidentified

by dashby | Posted on Thursday, September 18th, 2014

TWIN FALLS, Read more

DreamBot + Uno = “HELP!” A fuse about to light?

Important: If controversial topics enrage you, it might be best to skip this article. It is never the intention of the National Dream Center to push fear or anger into the public consciousness stream. However, at this juncture in human history, dreams are converging with reality, and we must report what we see.

Therefore, by proceeding past this warning, you … Read more

Sky Flash: Turning into a Meme

For all intents and purposes, I’ve been “gone” for a few days. In reality, I didn’t go anywhere, but fell into a state of administrative trance, if you will. The response from Monday night’s radio show was very impressive, and there’s literally no way to cover everyone’s fabulous inputs and questions.

Let’s start off by talking about the topic that … Read more

Synchronicity: Lakota Style

There is something very powerful here because synchronicity is calling loud and clear. During my travels over the past two weeks, I decided to view an important multicultural video called Lakota Woman.

This movie/documentary described the siege of the Native Americans in a reservation town called Wounded Knee. The Lakota people were not treated with compassion in days past, and … Read more

Drought-Alien connection and more

Welcome to 7/7/7 everyone! BTW, 2014 reduces to 7 because 2+0+1+4 = 7.

One of our dreamers experienced 7 all night long last night…

“I am just walking,it summer warm. It is daytime and everywhere I go I see the number 7. 7people,addresses all in sevens 7,store 7items being bought .. every where 7.. I woke up very agitated “Read more

Some Dreamy Economics

One of earliest Project August dreams that turned into a predicted headline involved China inviting the dreamer to a BBQ in celebration of a great financial accomplishment.

Well, I’m not ready to pair up the next financial-type story with this dream, but I bring it up because it does have the same sort of feel here. Of course, the timing … Read more

Linguistics Catchup

We’ve got a backup on headlines recently that stand a chance to fulfill earlier linguistics…

Linguistics on 9 June: “Different life sure felt weird”

I believe we are getting a little tickle on this one. Let’s start with the symptoms and then progress to the possible cause. Perhaps this is “normal,” but for some reason this year’s weather does seem … Read more

Mind Games: ISIS…the real story

The following screenshot is from CNN on Sunday, June 22, 2014. To me, this adds to the growing evidence that ISIS isn’t really who the media is making them out to be. Let’s start with CNN’s alleged news, and then move on to FoxNews for more explanation. Reference the picture below, noting the red rectangular box.

ISIS pic

First off, is there … Read more

DreamBot exposes major agenda….Aliens

Another unexpected linguistics presented itself with flying colors over the weekend and garnered one of the highest DreamSeer scores to date. The phrase was…

Missing search alien concerned crying

While I was looking for sky aliens to fulfill these linguistics, it turns out that the DreamBot was encouraging me to look for the other variety…the human type of … Read more

Argentina update–Ice cream cone melting

If you haven’t yet seen the ice cream cone story coming straight out of a VERY metaphoric Project August dream, then you’ll want to read that one for sure, because it has world-altering potential.

This is merely an update to that story. Argentina is making everyone worried with the looming default of their national debt. If you haven’t heard about … Read more

Grand Slam in the Making

If you’re skeptical about dreams foretelling the future, then you’ll be proud of me here, because I’m not claiming any dream fulfillment………yet. This is merely a setup of things to come possibly in or very near to August.

The story comes to us from FoxNews:

US-made Stinger missiles have likely fallen into ISIS hands, officials say

Published June 16, 2014Read more

Earth cops, we have liftoff…

Most readers will have a tough time with this story. In short, our June 10th linguistics actually came true, beyond my wildest expectations. In truth, I almost left this one off the DreamForecast because I thought it had absolutely no chance of being fulfilled. I was way wrong.

Earth cops giant air show” was the key phrase.

Gosh, … Read more

Reality Dreaming and Sister Returns

There were some user interactions yesterday that are worth highlighting. The first is a response from Julie, who had some questions about her weird dream experiences.

I answered her query with my own similar dream experience, but her reply to my reply serves to highlight what the DreamScape scene is all about.

DreamScapes are designed for a couple of outcomes:… Read more

Bill Clinton (crying)

We’ve just confirmed the timing on this dream come true. Dreamer Tessie provided this dream in the early hours of Monday, June 9th, 2014:

Was outside on a rainy night on my way to visit the White House and Bill Clinton. Wasn’t excited by the journey because it was a party and I am not the kind of person that Read more

Sex & College lingo fulfilled!

The linguistics from June 3rd had a phrase in it that I frankly almost sensored from the reading audience for a couple of reasons. First, it’s not really g-rated material and second, how likely is this to ever find a headline? Seriously…honestly think about the odds of seeing the words “sex” and “college” in a major headline.

Well, 2 … Read more