Yin and the Art of Receiving

This article might have been called “The Energy of Attack: Transmuting Chaos” but I don’t like the words “enemy,” “attack,” etc. and went for something a bit more transcendent.

For this article, we are going to take a brief diversion from the typical DreamBlog entry and talk about the undeniable cycle that we have entered. By “we,” I am mainly … Read more

Hollywood: Lessons Learned could spell disaster for Dallas

This is pretty incredible I think.

On our August 5th DreamForecast, we identified a strange surge in “Clouds,” “Storms,” and “Hollywood.” We made a stab at a headline that had to do with shots at the Barrymore house, which metaphorically came true.

While there is not doubt that our prediction was matched correctly with the Barrymore situation, I’ll … Read more

DreamBot as propaganda defense: “Terrorist” isn’t recognized!!

Through the statistics we gathered throughout the summer (which shall be forthcoming in the next week or two), we have a profound sense of confidence in how the collective seems to foresee certain world events.

Although we don’t yet have statistics to fully reciprocate some of our findings, a new hypothesis can at least be generated from them, and instead … Read more

Confessions of a metaphoric dreamer

In a moment, I’m going to let Sherriann do the talking, but I wanted to introduce the topic at hand first. We’re looking at the combination of metaphors and precognition. This is a really sticky area, especially when trying to do 2 things: 1) accurately predict the future and 2) assess whether the event really came true.

Metaphors in general … Read more

Intentional Dreaming and 111

An inquisitive reader writes in and asks,

Wondering if you’ve had any dreams involving ‘111’. I keep seeing those numbers and feel they are important. I plan on trying to intentionality dream about November 1 and January 11. Any other suggestions would be welcome as I’ve never attempted this before. Thanks.

This is more synchronicity making our experience here … Read more

Gaining dream data without being lucid

Imagine waking up and somehow ‘knowing’ that your dream will come true. Unfortunately, you have no idea where the event will take place because you suddenly realize that you have no clue where your dream took place. If you knew where the dream took place, you’d have a better idea for where the event might take place in real life.… Read more

Kaboom…goes another Sky Flash

Huge headlines are coming out, and since we saw this very thing (busy-ness and being stressed out) in Project August linguistics, we’re expecting things to pick up even more.

First, the substantiation for the sky flash meme as opposed to one specific sky flash event: The world loses another big airliner….

French official: Air Algerie flight that disppeared from radar Read more

The Timing of Precognition: Taming the beast

Project August & the timing of our predictions…

We have reason to believe that one Project August meme has been fulfilled and thus we can begin analyzing the timing of this particular event.

It was the third Project August report that suggested a possible headline from Spain. Specifically, we were expecting a Spanish official to step down “amid allegations of … Read more

Push-Pull: Awaiting a new circuit

Food for thought from a very thoughtful reader. We begin this post with a copy of the email message…



Today I came across another ISIS definition (below link) and it spawned this

If there is an evil/opposite side to the isis or crisis, we know from
challenges there is a rebirth/anew… A crisis being(is) a critical point.Read more

Eric Hul on Reality Domains

Notes on Maintenance in Reality Domains

by Eric Hul

If our programmed definition of “reality” is contingent on tangible conscious awareness through the stimulation of our 5 (or more) senses (i.e. perception), then all experiences that involve this tenet must be considered “real” to some degree. The question then becomes whether or not reality itself is a discreet (yes or … Read more

JAwake on Dream Stones

GemstonesWritten by JAwake


Some gemstones are notable for their energies having to do with dreams, such as promoting lucid dreaming, assisting in a restful sleep, increasing vividness or memory, etc.

This is for all of you who want the quick and easy answer of how to aid dream recall, depth of dreams, and lucid dreaming. Take a stone from … Read more

Eric Hul on Extended Awareness

The Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic States of Consciousness

The greatest tools for accessing extended awareness

As human beings, the limits of our capacity for extended awareness are functions of our own convictions and beliefs. Although there are no rules that say we absolutely MUST limit our superficial conscious awareness to our immediate physical environment, from personal experience, there may in fact … Read more

Weekend Special Edition

I decided to let everyone veg out with a little info from our resident transpersonal dreaming expert, Eric Hul as he discusses his experiences with various modalities.

Eric Hul is an advanced lucid dreamer, Reiki practitioner, martial artist, and a researcher of transpersonal consciousness, hypnotherapy, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). This article provides a brief taste of how NLP and Reiki … Read more

Reader questions

Very astute reader writes this:

Hi Chris,

No predictions of world changing catastrophic events for August would also be a prediction, would it not? My own dreams for August have been very clear, picture wise – also unemotional. laid back, short, ‘normal’…. so far. There are implications for possible small events, in comparison to what could happen, but nothing major.Read more

Smoketown and other new memes

We’re going to begin here by presenting an exhaustive list of the linguistics run late yesterday on hundreds of dreams. I simply copied the phrases directly from the DreamBot printout. I pulled out some of the more meaningful ones and discussed them below the list.

Some of the ones that don’t really lend themselves to headlines, per se, may speak … Read more

Red alert: Possible headline is imminent

We break our usually-scheduled post to bring you some very pressing information this morning. The DreamForecast today will be coming straight from raw, unadulterated manifest dream content never before seen at the National Dream Center. In addition, we’ll discuss more relevant DreamOsophy, where the lines between predicting and creating merge and intermingle.

What’s so pressing?

The first big difference you’ll … Read more

Collapse? …and more Hul

We’re going to do something just a bit different today since I’ve been on the road this week. I’m going to post some food for the soul from our guest writer, Eric Hul, and then later in the day, I’ll hopefully get around to seeing what the DreamBot is saying.

I do know what the NON-DreamBot world is saying, and … Read more