Project August

Project August

(May – August 2014)


NOTE: The dream-collection period has ended for Project August. The National Dream Center is no longer accepting dreams for Proj Aug.

What is Project August

Project August (PA) is a massive undertaking that will test humanity’s ability to predict future events through their dreams. Participation is simple: Incubate dreams and record them into the database. The incubation process is also simple: participants will intend to dream about major, newsworthy events that will come to pass in August 2014. Then, no matter what they end up dreaming, they input it into the dream database (the DreamBase) into the category Project August.

Every two weeks, the staff will analyze the PA dreams and attempt to predict some of the major events that will transpire in August. This project tests two main things: 1) can humans make an intention to dream about specific topics, and 2) can humans incubate dreams for specific time frames? Reports and predictions will be available for people who submit dreams during each 2-week period.

The only registration that is required for participation is to initiate an account in the DreamBase with a valid email address.

Expanded information about procedures and FAQs are here.

Important note for ALL participants

By taking part in Project August, participants take full responsibility for their actions. By submitting a dream or reading the project summaries/predictions, it is assumed that they have read and agree to our Disclaimer and Privacy Statements and have read the Detailed Procedures for Project August.


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