Welcome to the National Dream Center™

2rockbeachThe NationalDream Center™ collects and analyzes dreams primarily for their predictive characteristics. Dreams are well-known for mirroring back our true selves, helping us determine what kind of world we are actually creating. Additionally, many of us have one, many, or a continuous stream of undeniable, precognitive dreams (those that accurately predict the future). In short, our dreams are our future!

Therefore, we need your help. We need your dreams to have a better picture of where humanity is headed. What is our vector, and will we like our destiny? Our publicly-searchable database, called the DreamBase, is the repository of all our glorious and not-so glorious dreams. Please help us today and log your dreams with us…it’s free!

…where dreams converge with destiny!


More about the NDC’s mission

The National Dream Center™ integrates waking reality with the unpredictable nature of dreams, but with a twist. We work with the assumption that humanity’s fanatically-unpredictable dreams can actually show us a reliable glimpse of the future. What is humanity creating? What is our destiny…and will we like it when we get there?

The original vision of this site was exactly that…peeking into the future by way of collecting dreams and analyzing them in a myriad of ways. That vision is still in tact, but we’ve broadened the scope. This site now works to provide knowledge to the readers, helping them become a closer part of humanity’s experiential understanding of dreams and dreaming.


Common areas of the site

The most obvious area is the DreamBlog, where we supply daily material based on DreamForecasts, actual dream material, world news, etc. Also available to our guests are:

1. The DreamBase™ (is a large database that houses dreams)

NOTE: When a dream comes true, simply fill out this form so that it’s documented and you receive full credit for that precognitive dream/event.

2. The Forum. This is where all sorts of discussions are happening daily. For example, the DreamBot4 run is published daily, which identifies the biggest trends happening the collective dreamscape. In the General Discussion area, we talk about all sorts of dream-related matters, from encounters with a deceased person to nightmares and much more.

NOTE: The Forum is not connected to the DreamBase. Although they will be bridged in our future software platform, our guest unfortunately require two separate logins…one for the DreamBase and one for the Forum. Of course, you can match the same, but you’ll still have to sign in twice. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.

3. “How to” section (a growing list of items for the reader, such as how to remember their dreams).

4. Periodic Projects (for example, Project August was introduced in Summer 2014 to determine whether we can collectively dream the future. More projects are scheduled.)


Please also visit NDC: How does it work?

What is DreamForecasting™?

DreamForecasting™ is a new method of assessing the human condition and it’s vector. It not only observes the current state of the collective mind, but it also looks for probabilities of where humanity is headed.

The method looks at a large amount of recent dreams from various public dream databases on the internet. This action is termed “the DreamBot,” as it spiders to the various dream inputs from hundreds of people around the web on a daily basis. The DreamBot is a technology that was developed from Grady at Nostracodeus.com.

But the process doesn’t end there. Dream content is scanned, parched and analyzed. Actual human readers quickly hone in on trends, archetypes, and other relevant symbols that can triangulate what is really happening in what Jung called “the collective unconscious.”

The actual forecasting is based on overlapping dream content, except a final filtering process is applied to the final dream analysis. The filter is basically a Positive/Negative scale algorithm that is also based on Grady’s technology.

Typically, a current DreamForecast is embedded inside the main DreamBlog article that is published daily.

What is DreamOsophy™?

DreamOsophy™ is simply the act of marrying up dreams and philosophy. It is the search for the most fundamental nature of dreams and dreaming. Because of the unseen aspect to dreamwork, much of the ideas and content are highly speculative and should be met with an open but discerning mind.

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