Layered Dreaming

As you probably know, the word “dream” is an umbrella term that covers a variety of experiences pertaining to a state of consciousness different from what is assumed to be a “waking state”.  The interesting assumption here is that physical perception within a domain of consciousness is somehow separate from other domains.  In other words, we sometimes assume that our waking life is not a dream.  Perceiving a difference in mental states (a differential caused by consciousness in motion) is what allows for this distinction.  From my experience however, this may in fact be an illusion.

This may sound a little strange, but after remembering thousands of “dreams” in the waking beta state, as well as having access to the ones I’ve forgotten (in a mid alpha meditation), I sometimes find it difficult to feel a difference between the reality of my dreams and my waking life.  I suppose this could be because I’ve spent so much time traversing other mental realms, that my local “reality” has expanded to encompass our “other” less limited functions.  Obviously, this took considerable time to assimilate into my personal model of existence, and not without a headache or two along the way.

If the only “time” is indeed the present, and everything is being created NOW, then it may be that all experiences are in fact layered to some degree.  It’s just a matter of how they are perceived, oftentimes (and somewhat ironically) in retrospect.  I’ll send you a more detailed analysis soon, but basically the layering of dreams may come from a unified present-past “recall” of experiences occurring sporadically (for me at least) during moments of expanded awareness.  After waking, it is simply a knowing-ness that several dream experiences have occurred simultaneously, similar to how you feel in the signal line during stage 4 of CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing).  Everything is remembered, but it is not possible to discern any “gaps” between dreams (I call these “splices”).  Since my standard protocol involves using a digital voice recorder during the night, many “standard dreams” are clearly demarcated by the order during which they are recorded.  However, in the case of layered dreams, ALL 6-12 dreams are recalled AT ONCE.  Each dream has a “start” and “finish” but I experience them in my mind as “stacked”.  Obviously, the first time this happened to me, I was overwhelmed, so it took some time to get used to.  By the way, this is different from what I call the split-screen phenomenon that I experienced in some of my early OBEs (Out of Body Experiences) which I can detail for you later.

Personally, the differences between “regular dreams”, lucid dreams, “tangent” OBEs, “flash” dreams and concurrent life experiences (parallel, time-displaced realities, often called “past-lives”), is clear, although each one is technically a different perspective on the same “reality”.  Even though there have been so many, I’ll be glad to share some of my findings with you regarding techniques for adapting fixations to control the direction of these experiences.

Finally, regarding the pre-sleep intention protocol for Project August, I have found that a distilled passive determination during the hypnogogic state works better for me every time.  In no way do I want to change your SOP, so I will stick with your procedure, regardless of the result.  However, is it alright with you if I experiment with my way once in a while?


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