Timing Dream Predictions

This article serves to aid dream researchers in making time predictions for a collective set of dreams. The information herein is a work in progress, which will evolve as more experience and data points confirm or disprove earlier observations.

The original work was started in this article, where we identified a timing error in one of the largest memes of Summer 2014.

As we’ve stated many times at the NDC’s DreamBlog, yes, a lot of dreams come true within 1 or 2 weeks, but many come true much later. How can we tell if it’s going to be later? The current hypothesis is this: the more options that you see in the list below, the further in the future the dream event/prediction will take place:

1. Made a pre-sleep intention for a specific timeframe (will drift the occurrence toward that intention, but perhaps not right at the intention)

2. This dream overlaps with other dreams (the more dreams, the bigger the collective “memory” of the future event)

3. The emotional content is stronger than normal

4. The emotions between dreams overlap

5. Overlap in linguistics and/or an increasing linguistics trend

6. Specific dates are shown in the dream

In the airplane crash meme that started May 28, 2014 and which was resoundly fulfilled in the middle two weeks of July 2014, that’s roughly 6-8 weeks hence. This meme had a longer fulfillment window than normal because it hit on #1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Basically, this monster of a meme did in fact produce monster results that were within a couple of weeks of the intended month (remember that the bulk of these were Proj August dreams).

OR, perhaps the non-Project August dreams were predicting the one-week headline crashes and the PA dreams were projecting the 6-8 week crashes, the latter being much more pronounced since there were more of those dreams.

If you want to learn about how to accentuate number 6 above, see the related article about how to ascertain time and location data in the dream without becoming lucid (this article is due out shortly).