Forum is back up, and….

Back from hell, thanks for asking! I have good news and bad news. I decided to speak the words this time instead of typing them out.

In this video, I explain a little about what happened, what we’ll do about it, and the longer view of the NDC. I apologize for the office area still under construction.


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Catastrophe in NDC Land

Forum upgrade failed. Database did not transfer. We are returning to earlier restore point. I have no estimated time for when this will be fixed. I apologize to all, especially myself. All is well (yeah right). Dreamers: please hold on to your dreams for now. No need to input them into the DreamBase since new ones will be lost (we … Read more

Favorite What Happened to DreamForecasts?

DreamForecasts were running weekly up to and throughout August 2014. When they first came on line in the Spring of 2014, they were quite vague and simply designed to map out the collective unconscious. However, when the predictive processes matured, NDC readers were afforded a very accurate picture of the future. Therefore, what happened to the DreamForecasts?


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Another Big Hit…time to sharpen the P3 processes!

I know some people who were feeling it, and strangely, they all came from Paradigm 1! Who says that P1 is always negative? Who says that DreamBot linguistics are always negative?

Just today Rebecca commented that, “I don’t know why but this DreamBot makes me happy!…I have this overwhelming sense of rightness, of hope, of peace. I’m practically giddy Read more

Danger vs. Opportunity: Paradigm 3’s real mission

Crisis. Has anyone in the history of the world eluded a crisis in their life? Show me someone without a crisis at some juncture in their life, and I’ll show you someone who is completely disassociated from reality.

Because of how this word is used in our Western culture, crisis denotes pain and anguish, or at least very difficult circumstances … Read more

Yin and the Art of Receiving

This article might have been called “The Energy of Attack: Transmuting Chaos” but I don’t like the words “enemy,” “attack,” etc. and went for something a bit more transcendent.

For this article, we are going to take a brief diversion from the typical DreamBlog entry and talk about the undeniable cycle that we have entered. By “we,” I am mainly … Read more

Red Alert now canceled for September

I am so very proud of the P1 dream team for pushing through some grueling P1 missions last week while we conducted an exhaustive review of the evil-looking snakehead poking through in the dream language.

For those just joining us, we recently witnessed an extraordinary surge of dream themes at the beginning portion of the month that seemed to suggest … Read more

Rewind 4 Days: Holy DreamBot…WOW!

For those who missed it, the DreamBot registered an alarming surge in some very rare dream words on September 5th, 2014. It was not only a collection of strange, unlikely religious words, but this list was unprecedented from another significant measure: The amount of increase in one of those words was completely and utterly unexplainable as the NDC … Read more

Verging on Red Alert: P1 Dreamers needed asap

If you have little time, please go straight to the end for summaries, headline prediction, and TO DO item. FIRST, on your way through to the bottom, ensure you specifically read the NDC First Axiom!

I apologize for typos in advance…this was my fastest writing/publishing to date.

I have never seen so many big and varying memes coming together all … Read more

Paradigm 3: The New Journey has Begun!

cooltreeParadigm 3 is a world-changing concept that promises to move humanity into a more promising and beneficial future. It operates on the concepts of wholeness and synergy. It takes contrary viewpoints and makes a workable process for collective change.

Creating and predicting are seen by most people as contradictory, but in Paradigm 3, they not only feed off each other, … Read more

Proj Aug Results (Section 2): Dream Overlap is Important

Important: If you are not into scientific mumbo jumbo, please at least jump to the summary and implications, because while the supporting information is lengthy and cumbersome, the takeaways are very important indeed!

There were only 2 noteworthy correlation factors found in our Project August data. The first one was covered in Section 1, and it had to do … Read more

Proj Aug: Dreams Now Public

Project August was one of the biggest initiatives to hit the field of dream research since…before the Dark Ages?

In this project, dreamers from around the world attempted to dream about future events, but instead of individual precognition, this group attempted to find the overlaps and themes, which were then used to construct predictive August headlines.

Out of the 114 … Read more

Proj Aug Results (Section 1): Accuracy vs. Time

Note: If you’d like to see all the headlines that were generated during Project August, they are all listed here, including links to substantiate those that were entirely or partially fulfilled:

Its one thing to marvel at all the amazing predictions that came true over the summer, but even more important is to investigate the data that was cooking … Read more

Hollywood: Lessons Learned could spell disaster for Dallas

This is pretty incredible I think.

On our August 5th DreamForecast, we identified a strange surge in “Clouds,” “Storms,” and “Hollywood.” We made a stab at a headline that had to do with shots at the Barrymore house, which metaphorically came true.

While there is not doubt that our prediction was matched correctly with the Barrymore situation, I’ll … Read more