2015: A Look Ahead to the New Year

As the elves are quietly wrapping up the 2014 predictions into a Top Ten list and our DreamForecasters are working overtime trying to derive predictions for the coming year (from the Project Año dreams and linguistics), I thought I’d take some time to document what 2015 might look like with respect to the NDC’s mission and internal operations.

I think … Read more

NDC: How does it work? Part 1

As more and more milestones continue getting trampled by our absolutely astounding team of dreamers, seers, interpreters, forecasters, and linguistics analysts (okay, yeah, you got me there…we only have one of those), it’s probably about that time to step back, use this short break to focus in on how this whole process really works.

This post will be designed for … Read more

Holy DreamBot Finalized (we think)

The original headline for this discussion is found here: http://nationaldreamcenter.com/wp/2014/09/rewind-4-days-holy-dreambotwow/

NDC Headline #16: “Announcement made on September 23rd, 2014, during communion from the Vatican’s St Peter square, reverberates throughout the Catholic world.”

As you’ll soon see, we have a very bizarre “hit” on this headline, and it happens to have been published on the proposed date, from … Read more

DreamBot predicted the coming SuperTyphoon!

NDC procedures may be scrutinized over this eye-opening SUPERTYPHOON that’s headed straight for Japan this weekend (the pun for “eye-opening” was accidental, but there couldn’t have been a better term based on what this picture from space is showing).

The Most Powerful Storm on Earth This Year Is Heading for Japan,” and the DreamBot4 was warning about … Read more

3D Printing: We have our first villain!

As we’ve stated before, 3D printing absolutely REQUIRES a villain, and now it begins. If you remember, 3D printing has just enough potential to pretty much wipe out every major areas of the manufacturing sector, including (but certainly not limited to) biomedical supples, plastics, telescopes, you name it. We’ve even written about how the military and prison systems are testing/using … Read more

Nasty linguistic phrase registers a hit…Unfortunately

Remember this ominous phrase: Satan realize control somewhere August?

You heard me right.

For those who’ve never heard this linguistics phrase, it came out from the DreamBot run in Report #4.

However, the headline extractor himself (the DreamForecaster) did not expect to see a literal expression of this phrase in the headlines. Therefore, we conjectured a couple of other … Read more

Headline #57: Forces deploy, making yet another PA hit

This quote that came out today is priceless not just because it creates yet another Proj Aug hit, but also because it represents true American naivety…

“Today, America is coming to help,” Obama said — while also stressing that U.S. troops wouldn’t be returning to Iraq.

First off, we learned from Kosovo that you can’t win wars from the sky.… Read more

Headline #102: Women gone wild (bare-headed newsreaders)!!

Headline #102 was one of those really strange memes that just popped right out in three overlapping dreams, but getting the headline out the jumbled mess was quite a challenge to say the least. The headline predicted:

“Middle Eastern women seen climbing out of cultural subservient ‘hole’”

It was one of those headlines that I was extremely reluctant to publish…I … Read more

What can change the world?

Do you remember Elyse’s big dream, where she was given mega-insights about the cosmos? Remember how she was warned that “everything is about to change?” So, what kinds of events can really change the world? I mean REALLY change it? The typical answer: natural disasters, sky flashes, EMP, viruses going viral, big fires, maybe an invention that is more useful … Read more

DreamBot + Uno = “HELP!” A fuse about to light?

Important: If controversial topics enrage you, it might be best to skip this article. It is never the intention of the National Dream Center to push fear or anger into the public consciousness stream. However, at this juncture in human history, dreams are converging with reality, and we must report what we see.

Therefore, by proceeding past this warning, you … Read more

Black 1st Place: Linguistics Breakthrough?

It’s always nice to see linguistics coming right out into the headlines. I was just recollecting about how the June linguistics predicted some new surveillance blimps going up along the East coast. The DreamBot accidentally called them “cops” even though they were officially labeled as military aircraft. Sarcastically, I asked whether that really makes a bit of difference in … Read more

Uh Oh…Two dreams converging

Even with all the success thus far, I still get stunned when certain memes build up right in line with either our expectations or the dreamer’s impressions. I’m going to do it a bit differently this time, trying to approach this devastating problem with solutions instead of feeding the collective creation engine.

To prove my promise, I’ll start off with … Read more

Kaboom…goes another Sky Flash

Huge headlines are coming out, and since we saw this very thing (busy-ness and being stressed out) in Project August linguistics, we’re expecting things to pick up even more.

First, the substantiation for the sky flash meme as opposed to one specific sky flash event: The world loses another big airliner….

French official: Air Algerie flight that disppeared from radar Read more