Synchronicity: The vision appears earlier than expected

This article will end up being a series of articles focused on the medium and long term strategic plan of the NDC. Important events have taken place recently, where my earlier vision has been hastened. The vision itself was a longer term plan, something that was going to come into existence at some point in the distant future.

However, the future is calling, just as in the daily predicting/creating cycles we have here at the center. Clear dreams, symbols, concrete symptoms all push me toward getting this done….asap.

I’m going to start off by presenting the different puzzle pieces to show you how insidious this has been. It was all within the last few days, and now it’s so obvious to me that my whole view of the NDC has changed, and I feel a sense of great urgency over it. First, let’s go over the evidence…the evidence of necessary change…


P2 dreamer concerned

Our journey starts with a very gifted dreamer and conscious empath, who sent me a dream about a week ago. In her dream, I was lying on the floor. Trouble had gripped me, and the door to my room was locked. People were trying to get into my room to help me, but were stopped by the locked door.

The dreamer was concerned for my health/safety and so she very wisely informed me that I needed to be careful.

My dream

My seemingly irrelevant dream occurred the night after the biggest dream surge in DreamBot history. It would be merely chance (i.e., destiny) that I ended up with the word “Monk” as my incubation topic. Careful here, I am not suggesting that I’m a monk, so keep on reading…

I was originally scheduled for something else to incubate in the P1 forum, but several late dreamers came in and desired those other topics. Monk was quite literally, the last topic available and I gladly accepted it.

I won’t describe my dream in detail here because everyone can hop on over to the DreamBase to read it. What’s important here is the meaning of the dream. For some reason, the dream was telling me a direct suggestion. The suggestion itself appeared before the dream ended.

It just popped into my head before I woke up. It said, “reproduce it first and THEN give it away.” This made sense as far the Monk incubation goes, but it didn’t seem too relevant from a news headline standpoint.

Now that the mammoth Monk story made headline news, I now see some relevance to the Dalai Lama announcement, although there’s no way that my dream identified the story ahead of time. But even though I find commonalities here, you’ll see how my dream was connected TIME wise with the Dalai Lama’s story, while the WHAT component was directly related what I’m about to write.

In other words, when the word I incubated in the headlines comes true, I’ll be accomplishing the WHAT from my dream. Thus, it’s go time (but more indicators to discuss first)


Antagonist email

We have several feeder sites coming into the NDC. We don’t have a lot of feeders, per se, but the number has grown slightly and is the main explanation for how we’ve gone from 7+ million on our worldwide alexa ranking to now just about to eclipse the 1M point. This is quite a feat for such a small operation in such a short amount of time.

I took over the NDC back in April 2014, and so I marvel at how much we’ve been able to get done in just a few months time.

As to be expected, not everyone is impressed. Just yesterday I received two antagonists’ comments. Both of them bordered on hate mail, and to be honest, they are both something I’ve never seen before stream through my mailbox.

One of them was a guest from one of the feeder sites, and his comment was sarcastic. He accused me of stealing peoples’ money on false prophecies. I didn’t have much of a reaction to this initially, but his comment continued to nag at me.

So, I emailed him back and asked him where on my site I posted a message asking for money. His response: “I never actually went to your site..” At first I thought that this was simply a side effect of the increased traffic and increased popularity of the NDC. However in retrospect, I now see this communication as perfect synchronicity.

His accusation forced me to ask this question to myself…just how will money be part of the NDC mission?


A tickle in the chest

I don’t get freaked out. It’s just not in my nature. But I do take dreams seriously. The P2 dreamer’s dream was a very helpful one that seemed like a comfortable warning to me. I didn’t perceive it as something precognitive, but rather a warning. In essence, it was up to me if I was going to be lying on the floor behind a locked door.

I’m a health conscious person. I eat generally very healthy and exercise regularly. However, I’ve been spending every waking moment in an unknowingly stressful state for the past 5 months. Day in and day out…fixated on finishing the forum or adding a new wordpress widget or tweaking the database or getting a new input form finished and publicized.

When time is limited, I try to move faster; it’s in my nature. Not only am I an achiever, but I value efficiency. Normally this is a great thing, giving me the ability to move like lightening and get a lot done in less amount of time than the average person.

But this combination can be deadly when in a chronic state. There is literally so much that can be done at the NDC, that someone who doesn’t need to sleep or eat or pee could work 24 hours a day for months and never get bored. And THAT is what is so insidiously dangerous for a person like me. Efficiency in this case only means that I’ll be able to start the next project sooner. My ability for speed and efficiency doesn’t guarantee any time off, as strange as that sounds to me now, but which is so accurate in hindsight.

So, when an efficiency-minded achiever has no free time, they do things even faster, and they unknowingly begin to get nervous. “Have to get this done…must hurry….must get it done…”

This is quite dangerous because of the chronic stress, and the main organ who gets the brunt of that stress is the heart. Is there any coincidence that chest pain is present? It’s not pain, it doesn’t hurt. It’s annoying, and it has me concerned.

YippYball and Balance

A program I developed during my transformation and second Master’s degree teaches that balance isn’t static. If we choose the middle road and stay there, it might feel comfortable and safe but it won’t net you any real life satisfaction. Plus, there’s little you can accomplish if your life pendulum isn’t swinging, because life is all about two basic states: BEING and DOING.

In YippYball, life is maximized when you know when and how to correctly BE and DO. It teaches that everything is cyclic and the better you can assess and live in accordance with the cycles, the more creativity, life satisfaction, life meaning and much much more is at your fingertips.

My model teaches that you can purposefully take yourself out of the normal cycles for short bursts of time without too much penalty. But when you remain out of the correct cycle for too long, NATURE WILL CORRECT the imbalance.

When we DO too long and miss the swing back to BE, we collapse. Nature will take over when you get too far outside of the proper cycle, and that is exactly what’s happening with me. The work I have done to establish and grow the NDC has been extremely rewarding and never really taxing from a mental standpoint. It’s been rather rewarding, but now Nature is warning me that the cycle is over. In fact, I’ve missed numerous cycles back to BE in the last few months, and that is extremely dangerous for a couple of reasons.

First, I obviously need to get my heart back to a healthy state, which is doable. Second, I now realize that I have put the NDC mission itself in jeopardy because I am quite literally a single-point of failure (this is where my dream discussed above comes in).

Therefore, we must get started on the long-term NDC plan before this single-point of failure…..well, fails.


NDC: The Vision

Putting all these puzzle pieces together leads me to one easy and obvious outcome. My long-term vision now becomes an immediate priority FOR ALL OF US.

The new vision involves one word: Community.

The NDC is now owned and operated by me, but as of this moment, I’m announcing that this will not be the case going forward. Ultimately, the NDC will be owned by a trust or some non-profit group and operated by ALL OF US, as a community of dreamers, visionaries, seers, lightworkers, conscientious beings of hope and love.

Over the next few days, I’ll outline how we’re going to move ahead in all of this, but I have to do so in very few words and very little allotted time. This doesn’t mean I’m dropping anything, but it WILL MEAN that in the next few days (probably weeks) I will personally slow down. I have to.

And I need some volunteers to pick up some of the load. Since the infrastructure is now fairly stable with the new forums, most of the admin stuff will likely not need a lot of maintenance. I will be shutting down all comments on the DreamBlog and de-activating our contact page. If visitors have a question or comment, they’ll have to sign up in the forum to ask it.

That’s just the beginning, with much more to come and specifics of how we’ll proceed. I started a new Community Forum to discuss these issues:


– A potential health issue is forcing me to ease off many of my commitments

– I am still giving 100% to this project, but I must scale back on the amount of time in the short term to get me back to balance naturally (avoid a collapse). This will not be permanent, but will function cyclically with the ebbs and flows of my personal YippYball swings.

– We are currently in the most successful and expansive period that the NDC has ever seen, down from an Alexa rank of 7+M to almost below 1M in less than 5 months.

– The momentum WILL continue, the NDC WILL continue, the mission MUST continue.

– The vision was to make the NDC a community and that vision is still well in tact. However the timeline is moved.

– The NDC is HUMANITY’S PROJECT. NDC is a community of dreamers who will change the course of humanity itself. I am but one key player of the NDC’s mission while I’m still here in this plane.

– I will outline how we will proceed in the coming days and weeks. We’ll have 100% volunteer force who all each contribute a very small amount of time to support this world-changing initiative.

– The NDC needs leaders who are committed to the mission and will take this project to the next level. The more leaders the better. The more leaders, the less load on each person. This project shall not die. It is too important.

– I will still be doing important and NDC-sustaining events, such as big radio shows, designing and developing our final big software platform, accepting people into Paradigm 3, etc.


Like I said, this post is the first in a series called, Building the NDC Community. Thank you all for your support and positive intentions!


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