Headline #50: Swarms of Earthquakes

Through the help of dreamer “Nipper,” we were able to piece together a definite 5.0 headline. It just so happens that this headline was also numbered with the same digits: a 5 and a 0 (#50)!

Anyhow, Headline #50 said, “Alarming earthquake trend rising in mid-August.”

Instead of blabbing to no end about this, let’s just throw out some quick headlines:

The Documentation

The big “swarm of earthquakes” started exactly when the prediction stated: mid August. First, there was Iceland:


Then, on the same day (Aug 17th), another swarm in Oklahoma!



 By now, everyone’s heard of the CA quake, which also produces a hit for our recent “Earthquake out West” prediction:




But I bet this one is new to some…a 6.9 rocks Peru…



Yes, earthquakes happen all the time, and I barely scratched the surface of the earthquakes that have hit in August, but this is rather uncanny. The prediction called for an “alarming” and rising trend, and that is exactly what we’ve seen. Two big swarms of earthquakes and then a couple of big devastating ones back to back within 24 hours.

Another big hit for Proj Aug.

By the way, 97 headlines have solid hits on them; we’re up to an 85% hit rate with an average 3.9 score. I call that well beyond coincidence. And I also call that a talented group of dreamers!


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Copyright © 2014 Chris McCleary. Except for quotes, all rights reserved and any reference about this material requires a link back to this page.


Headline #50: Swarms of Earthquakes — 1 Comment

  1. Also remember Chile’s 6.6 on Saturday:

    Here’s my favorite on Iceland’s volcano; after examining some 20 articles, I chose this one to post in a group because of the FANTASTIC photos.

    ICELAND UPDATE, subglacial movement continues