Mid-Month status, some PA hits, and headline pruning

Stats. We’re looking at an 81% hit rate at the moment on all Proj Aug headlines with an accuracy just below the 4.0 level (3.9 to be exact). An astonishing 92 headlines have hits.

In general, we don’t like to accept hits with less than about 2, but there were a couple of exceptions. For example, headline #8 was one of those predictions that falls into the category of ridiculous, but since I jokingly put it into the report, I felt obligated to keep it (remember this one… Old Underground Test Facility Will Be Converted into a Mal-Mart). With a virtually zero chance of coming true, a mainstream story hit the headlines on Aug 13, 2014 that I actually saw a backwardized comparison.

A young teen went “underground” at a Walmart, and actually set up a living arrangement inside the store! He lived “underground” for 4 days without anyone having a clue! In essence he converted a Walmart into his own underground living space, so I have it the lowest score on our list….a 0.5.


Headline #24

Not sure if anyone was paying attention to the train-crash window for headline #24 (Aug 13 and 23), but we actually had two big derailments. One of them was a terrible train collision in Arkansas with toxic chemicals on board. The score here is 5.0, but deserves more because of the multiple hits (in my humble opinion).


Headline #79

How about headline #79, where a US senator was going to get caught with an extramarital affair. Well, we have a hit here, but it comes with imperfection. It’s a state senator, and she was not quite yet in office. I’m actually impressed with this story, and I’m imagining a world where all political folks would come straight out and admit their indiscretions. Read this and imagine a political world where this was the norm (admitting faults publicly)….

GOP Candidate For State Senate Ends Campaign After Admitting Affair

The Huffington Post | By Sam Levine

Posted: 08/13/2014 5:59 pm EDT Updated: 08/13/2014 5:59 pm EDT

Gia Arnold (R), a candidate for New York state Senate, ended her campaign on Wednesday after admitting she had an affair.

A Republican candidate for the New York state Senate ended her campaign on Wednesday after announcing that she had a recent affair.

“I have made personal decisions that have ultimately resulted in the necessity of my stepping down from the campaign,” Gia Arnold wrote on her campaign’s Facebook page. “I participated in an extramarital affair beginning in August of this year. It was an excuse for an escape from an already declining marriage. I cannot regret the decisions I have made, but I can admit to being happier presently than before.”

“It is for my ex husband, my children, my family and friends that I must publicly admit to my actions as I believe honesty and integrity are of utmost importance in life,” she added.

Arnold also published her cellphone number and said that she was willing to talk with constituents.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a high score either, but the words Senate and Extramarital Affair are quite a big hit, especially when it happens in the target month.


Headline #83

You can’t miss this one because it rounds out a 100% success rate for Project Uno! Headline #83 was calling for a plane to spray out a bunch of toxins, and that’s exactly what happened on 350 band members in Texas. They got cropdusted during band practice!

“If it was your average low-flying crop-duster type plane, there’s no way the pilot could miss a crowd of 300+ people,” wrote one USA Today commenter.


Headline Pruning

As I gain more experience with what is possible in dream prophecy, I just simply stutter when looking back on some of my predictions. Just looking at them now makes me squirm in displeasure.

I decided to do just a little bit of pruning on the ones I consider “senseless” and “unfair to both parties.” Here were the rules I gave myself….I was not allowed to close out headlines that had no hits or that I simply thought would never get a hit. The second rule was to eliminate those headlines that hurt both communities: 1) the dreamers / predictors and 2) the skeptics / onlookers.

For example, we had a headline called “The Otherlies.” I can show an emphatic 5.0 score for this headline, but it just feels wrong because there’s no real substance here. In essence, there’s no pure score that can satisfy either camp. Plus, I can simply say “The Otherlies” on any given week and get a plethora of supportive news to develop a high score. Therefore, Headline #48 is gone.

Headline #9 is also now deleted. “Something in the Southern Hemisphere” just gives me the willies. Both camps here have to acknowledge that something happens everyday in the Southern Hemisphere, and I have enough material to give us a 5.0, but it just doesn’t feel right claiming it. Therefore, that headline is gone.

Headline #64 is scratched off because it said, “Something BIG is birthed.” Well, first of all, what is considered BIG and what is considered birthed? Absolutely ridiculous and unhelpful. Incidentally, I have a few hits here that can give this headline a technical 5.0, but again, I feel like a used car salesman if I attempt to take credit for it. Therefore this one is gone also.

Does the Pruning Affect the Stats?

The pruning actually hurts our stats. It doesn’t affect the hit rate by a noticeable level (+/- 0.1%), but our average hit score actually goes down because of this move. I’m doing the pruning out of principle, and I actually see several more I would like to delete, but I decided to limit this move to just the bare minimum.

I’ll have an updated version of all the Proj Aug Headlines sometime early on the 22nd.


Happy Dreaming (or if you’re just now waking up, Good Morning!)


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Copyright © 2014 Chris McCleary. Except for quotes, all rights reserved and any reference about this material requires a link back to this page.


Mid-Month status, some PA hits, and headline pruning — 2 Comments

  1. I also submitted “Obama Second Term” that is one you didn’t think would hit either… strange how the news headlines fit the dream predictions even if the words in the news article sometimes seem like a different topic.