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Uh Oh…August Dissolving

Uh oh…a non-Project August dreamer “sees” August 2014 in a dream…


This will be a rather short post, but a potentially very important one, nonetheless. Many dreams have predictive potential (some more than others), and as we’ve discussed in weeks past, most of those predictions occur about a week or two after the dream.

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Reader questions

Very astute reader writes this:

Hi Chris,

No predictions of world changing catastrophic events for August would also be a prediction, would it not? My own dreams for August have been very clear, picture wise – also unemotional. laid back, short, ‘normal’…. so far. There are implications for possible small events, in comparison to what could happen, but nothing major.Read more

Time traveling car

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The following dream is much more than just any ordinary blood moon dream. You see, the National Dream Center has, among all the other things going on here, established a new project that has yet to be announced. (The project was actually conceived this weekend, when all these crazy dreams were being input into the database). My

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Anonymous asked:

I don’t know if this will help you but there may be a clue in it. I am 58 and have always dreamed every night and remember parts of my dreams. The last two nights I have had a completely unique experience that I will label, “Nested Dreaming”. I have no details but I do know that while

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