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Very astute reader writes this:

Hi Chris,

No predictions of world changing catastrophic events for August would also be a prediction, would it not? My own dreams for August have been very clear, picture wise – also unemotional. laid back, short, ‘normal’…. so far. There are implications for possible small events, in comparison to what could happen, but nothing major.

I am wondering though why no one dreamed of the police shooting in Moncton, NB, the refinery explosion in the Netherlands or the Seattle University shooting. Are the energies too small to pick up? as opposed to the combined energies of the plane events that were about to occur? I’m looking at my ‘Supply Plane’ dream as a near future unpacking of the plane news (cargo). Based on the plane dreams being mostly meant for August, I would have to say that there could be another plane event grouping in August.

For me, if anything is to happen that was reflected in a personal dream, it happens within three days or so.

What are the numbers to the left of the Dreambot2 phrases?

Interesting stuff….




Thank you, Sherriann, these are very critical points for everyone to consider.

Let me start by talking about August. I touched briefly on emotions in our latest Project August report (#3), but let’s go a bit deeper. There are two main reasons why emotions might be somewhat tame about August, and our astute reader actually hinted at both of them:

(Possible reason for low emotion in PA dreams):

1. Nothing big will happen in August, or

2. We haven’t gotten close enough to August for people to really feel it out yet.

In precognitive dreams, the emotions can be a big spotlight of things to come, either by recreating the dream (a self-fulfilling prophecy) or because the dreamer actually “remembers the future” better when the emotional memory is higher. The latter concept can go into all sorts of implications for learning and memory, but I’ll stop here.

Either way, emotion is the gateway to the future. The emotional tone in PA dreams has actually increased since our first report, and as I look back, I think this actually to be expected. Based on the premise that most precognition takes place about a week prior to the actual event, then if we want to feel it out further than a week, we have to “stretch our minds” that far (taking a quote from the newest X-men movie).

So it’s my premise that the further out you try and dream an event, the lower the emotional tone and thus the lower the felt sense of what will take place. The only events that we accurately dream now for August would have to be the really big emotional events in August, and even the huge events will feel lower in emotional tone than if you dream about tomorrow’s big event.

Here’s another consideration. The fact that a Canadian dreamer is generally emotionless in PA dreams could also be locational. In other words, the event really needs to trigger a future emotional response in the dreamer for it to “come through” in a dream. Therefore, a Florida event or Netherlands event won’t be picked up by a South African, not because they won’t hear about the event, but because the future emotion won’t be high enough to trigger a dream scene in advance.

Lack of Precognition

“I am wondering though why no one dreamed of the police shooting [etc.]”

Here are some possibilities:

1. Precognitive dreaming is a sham, doesn’t exist. I cannot support this stance because of my experiences, and the recent success we’ve had in the DreamBot.

2. The dreams and DreamBot found the headline prior to the event, but the DreamForecaster didn’t pick up on it. Basically, the event was in the tea leaves, but the one making the guesses failed to see it. This problem exists in two flavors.

a. The DreamBot. It might be too cryptic to pick it up some headlines, or the language used might prevent it. For example, let’s say that a shooting happened. The DreamBot returned 10 “gun” hits and 10 “firearm” hits. Really, the total is 20, but the program didn’t add those together. In this example, “blood” was also at 20 hits which should have come out as “Gun blood.” Incidentally, our program does make some of these adjustments, but it can’t be done in all cases. For example, “storm” cannot be assumed to always be weather-related, because a person can “storm” out of the room. There are hundreds of these types of examples, so our algorithm does it’s best to minimize these errors.

b. Actual dream content. Some dreams come true literally; this can hardly be denied by anyone. While the DreamForcaster does attempt to read a lot of dreams to identify possible events, I don’t have the time to read through hundreds in the daily DreamBot runs. For literal precognition, I pretty much restrict myself to just the DreamBase dreams. I don’t read any dreams from other databases. NOTE: I do read all Project August dreams to minimize this problem.

3. The event was dreamt, but the person(s) who dreamed it didn’t record it in an online database. Of all the billions of dreamers in the world, the DreamBot only sees a tiny fraction of those dreams. The first issue is that the majority of people don’t record their dreams, and the other reason is that many databases are private, typed in a foreign language, or some other factor.

4. This one is the lowest probability, especially if the emotional tone is any guide, but what if some news events are “fake?” Take our missing Malaysian plane, for example. The media has a whole dialogue going on about where the plane could be, but our dreamers are saying something completely different. Who’s right? Will we ever know? Basically, this point here says that the event was dreamed, but there was a mismatch between reality and what the news source put out.


What are the numbers to the left of the Dreambot2 phrases?

After further insight, I believe the numbers will need to be changed. I wanted to show the severity or “importance” of the phrase, but this chart simply doesn’t do that. For example, “satan” shows up at the bottom of the list because it had the fewest overall hits in the dream content. But when put next to its average (about zero hits), “satan” is actually alarmingly high. So, to answer your question, I think the numbers are actually meaningless, because we’ve seen some amazing foreshadowing from various locations on the chart. In other words, there doesn’t seem to be a ranking of predictability yet in relation to where they are, so I’m going to do away with these numbers. It was the first time they were shown anyway…no one will miss them 🙂


Thanks again, and keep the questions coming!


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