2014: Counting Down the Top 10 Predictions

2014 was a remarkable year with some pretty big headlines the world over. China passes the US in the size of its economy, the Spanish king steps down from his throne, and the western US states struggled through one of the biggest droughts in history. These were just a few of the bombshell headlines that were correctly derived from dream material and accurately predicted ahead of time at the NDC. What’s more, these didn’t even make the top 10 in our 2014 Countdown!

It was really difficult trying to rank order all these varied and spectacular predictions. For example, the fact that the Gold market has fallen on its face throughout the past few months was accurately predicted by some spooky linguistics back on July 31st, when the DreamBot2 said, Finished gold bar system known acting crash totally. One thing we learned from this particular phrase is that while these dream predictions do have a high reliability rate, they tend to exaggerate the future. Gold hasn’t “Crashed Totally,” but rather it’s down almost 10% from its high in July, but along the way it saw some very scary free-falls. All throughout September, Gold decreased in almost every market session…it looked like a mudslide.

So while there are enough predictions to actually do a top 100 countdown, I unfortunately don’t have the time to embark on that venture. I hope you’ll enjoy this compilation instead.

Just so there are no hard feelings for picking some predictions over others, the first priority was the inclusion of readers’ votes, and for tie-breakers I used popularity (the number of people who viewed the material), significance (the number of people who were affected by the event), and finally, the level of attention that was given to the meme from the mass media.

And before we begin, we need a quick shoutout to Grady and George. Grady is the one who designed the bot that we converted for use with dreams, and he uses his version for his own site: www.nostracodeus.com. George Ure’s site, www.urbansurvival.com , supports us with fresh readership periodically and was the original creator of the National Dream Center. Without the help of these two individuals, we wouldn’t be discussing a Top Ten list!

So without further ado, let’s get started.



Photo1 courtesy Ken Kremer: kenkremer.com

Photo2 courtesy ABC: http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/408017/Branson-vows-to-continue-with-Virgin-Galactic-after-fatal-spaceship-crash

Two Unrelated Spaceships Crash and Burn


On the morning of October 28, 2014, an unprecedented bot run that resembled a grenade was thrown into our laps, and still this run is the only true and spectacular double red alert in our portfolio to this day. No one voted for this story because I forgot to put it in the voting lineup. But it definitely deserves a spot in our countdown because there’s simply no way to argue against the correlation between our bot run and the news that followed in the next four days.

The double Red Alert was interpreted as two separate memes: 1. Spaceship and 2. Food. Based on a very low sample rate, I estimated an 80-88% chance that these memes would be separate events and would probably show up within 2 day’s time. Correct on one account, incorrect on the other.

Within hours of publishing this bot run and sending out our Red Alert, the first unmanned space rocket exploded shortly after launch and took over the top headline in every mainstream news outlets that evening. It was NASA’s Antares rocket (that some news agencies called “an unmanned spaceship”), which was headed to the International Space Station for a resupply. It turns out that every word in the bot run that supported both memes was adequately covered in this single story.

Although no definite confirmation was discussed about the Food aspect of this Antares story, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (sorry had to do it) to figure out what sorts of things a “resupply” spacecraft would be carrying to the ISS. But this wasn’t all.

Just 3 days later, Richard Branson’s first manned spaceship starts falling apart mid-flight, and one pilot was killed while the other severely injured as it plummeted over 40,000 feet to its eventual crash-and-burn. This was quite a story all the way around, but even more amazing is the fact that the collective unconscious already saw this event coming ahead of time.



Photo courtesy of http://usa24.mobi/news/exwhite-house-press-secretary-jay-carney-made-the-market-call-of-2014-rsx

A Strange Departure from “House White” [sic]

We weren’t particularly experienced in linguistics when this DreamBot1 linguistics took the spotlight during Project August. This strange phrase appeared in the second PA report:

1. “Looking house white, man small going” OR…

2. “Looking house white, man small going strange”

Two possible headlines were derived from this phrase, and both of them came true with very high scores:

Headline 1: President’s cabinet member [a physically small man] resigns from office.

Headline 2: The President’s approval rating plummets.

We found out that dream linguistics have similar manifestation times as do precognitive dreams, and both of these manifested before August. As if it wasn’t a big enough story that the Veteran Affairs chief stepped down, the real (and strange as the linguistics suggested) bombshell was the White House’s own Press Secretary, Jay Carney, stuns the world by saying that he was sacrificing his job to bring health back to his family life. This was a surprising yet laudable move, and it netted us a big hit for dream linguistics.



Photo courtesy of AP: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2690272/Putin-dances-tune-meets-Argentinas-leader-discuss-nuclear-deal-one-day-talking-politics-Castro.html

Trouble in Argentina

For some reason, certain dreamers have a tendency to remain in the same genre when receiving precognitive dreams. This story will end up being a big financial drama, and how interesting is this….it came through the same dreamer who pegged the fact that China was going to overtake the US this year in economic size. Indeed, this would be just one tiny aspect to Sherriann’s growing repertoire of successful and accurate DreamSeeing.

If you like metaphors, then you’ll certainly want to see how we finally cracked this one. Basically, Sherriann saw the woman in the above photo, and after a long research trail, ended up being the President of a country who was about to put up a big middle finger toward the Western oligarchs. This was a big story, and one that was pseudo suppressed until it appeared that the financiers were not going to win the battle.

Meet the powerful “mother entity,” named Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a native and President of Argentina. It turns out that the picture you see above was taken just days prior to the big default that the country of Argentina would endure. Instead of refinancing the vulture-like debt that the West is so well known to spring upon unsuspecting countries that need “a little guidance,” she opted to stand up and say, go to hell (I doubt those actual words came out of her mouth, but in essence that was the story).

I believe this toast with Putin probably gave her additional courage to stick it Soros and the rest. Unfortunately, the vultures attempted to make it a living hell for her and the country she mothers. Interestingly, the way we found this story was from the mental image that Sherriann was given in her dream. She saw two countries, one forming a cone and the other, a scoop of ice cream. I explored lots of possible ice cream cones around the world, but none were as definitive and obvious as these two countries, especially since the ice cream had to have “more ice cream to the right.”




Photo courtesy of: ESA/Rosetta/MPS for OSIRIS Team MPS/UPD/LAM/IAA/SSO/INTA/UPM http://scitechdaily.com/rosetta-becomes-first-spacecraft-rendezvous-comet/

Rendezvous with a Comet

ESA’s Rosetta became the first spacecraft to rendezvous with a comet, making the historic rendezvous with comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on August 6, 2014″

The news was historic in itself, but just as impressive was how this comet was seen in a dream by “lilrose8” about 2 months prior to the actual rendezvous. Her dream account stated,

I am hearing an announcer as on TV or a documentary. While he is speaking I am seeing what he is talking about.

He says the following…. A man has discovered 2 comets behind the sun. They are unusual because they are SO CLOSE. ( I see them trailing along side by side but each one is different. I do not know if he means they are close together, close to the sun or close to the earth)

How do we know that this dream refers to the comet above? Well, right at about 30 days after this dream was submitted, the scientists revealed what they had just learned about this comet (named 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko):

We had hints of that in last week’s images and in the unscheduled previews that were seen a few days ago, and in that short time it has become clear that this is no ordinary comet. Like its name, it seems that comet 67P/C-G is in two parts.

The scientific name is “contact binary“:

In astronomy, a contact binary is a binary star system whose component stars are so close that they touch each other or have merged to share their gaseous envelopes. A binary system whose stars share an envelope may also be called an overcontact binary

…and that’s exactly what lilrose8 saw…a contact binary with a very close elliptical orbit around the sun. She saw 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in two pieces before the scientists did!




Photo courtesy of: http://www.ausairpower.net/APA-Rus-Cruise-Missiles.html

US State Dep’t White Paper / July 28th

One of our Project August headlines predicted that “The State Department says the missiles were found as of July 28th.” It was a pretty straight forward call based on Tessie’s dream on May 28th:

And then I look down and see a security alert, like a white paper issued by the state department. On it, it said missiles were located on July 28. My husband was demanding my attention as I was trying to read this alert and I kept trying to get him to leave me alone because I needed to read this paper for Project August. He wouldn’t stop pestering me, so I couldn’t finish reading the paper. And then I woke up.

The biggest news story on July 28th, 2014 would end up being plastered at the very top of every news outlet: “U.S. Accuses Russia of Violating Arms Treaty.” It’s pretty obvious now, but this major headline eluded us for a couple of days until we put 2 and 2 together. It actually required a quick scan of the article to figure out who in the US was making the accusation (the State Department) and what they found in Russia (ground-launched cruise MISSILES).

Of course, the dream itself predicted the find to occur on the 28th, but what really ended up happening is that the State Department’s white paper was issued or released on the 28th. This illustrates the associative work with precognitive dreams, and thus the reason we have sliding scaled scores for our results instead of just a Yes or No.

Also, during Project August, we began realizing that dream overlaps were a better gauge for future events than just “winging it” or rolling the dice on which dream material was predictive and which was not. Therefore, it goes without saying that Tessie’s dream had a similar overlap, and the overlap would give more detail about whose missiles were found.

Specifically on June 1st, Dream Yoga Master was shown a Russian agent involved in “criminal activity involving illegally made weapons.” The Russian ended up being caught and detained (albeit temporarily). This dream overlaps in that we have Russian-made weapons that were found, which was just enough overlap to identify this incredible event about 2 months prior to the State Department’s white paper and major announcement.




Project Uno: One Heck of a Dream Test!

We formed a mini competition from Project August, and because the focus date of this single-day offshoot was August 1st, we dubbed it “Project Uno.” In Project August, dreamers intended to dream about the whole month of August 2014, but in Project Uno, the dreamers intended to dream about major headlines that will occur on August 1st.

Another big difference about this mini-test was that the dreamers were on their own for this test. They received one shot to intend about August 1st and then they had to construct a headline based on their own dream, without any support or overlapping from any other dreams. The results were amazing because we had a 100% hit rate on these dreams.

Even though this was a very scary proposition, there were a handful of daring participants. It was scary because the participants knew ahead of time that their dream was going to be made public right away, instead of keeping them private until August, like the bigger Project August repertoire. The timing of our hits for Project Uno was strikingly similar to Project August in that a small portion of the dreams came true a little early, some came true slightly late, but the majority came true right on time.

So what sorts of things did we see in Project Uno? Well, the first two out the shoot were pretty eye-watering. About a week prior to August 1st, Phillip Seymour Hoffman made a major headline on financial websites even though this Hollywood star had been dead for about 8 months by that time. This made Dee Ann’s prediction the most accurate metaphoric dream I’ve come across. Then, NativeAmericanDreamWeaver stunned the NDC by correctly predicting the fate of a Michigan teen named April Milsap. Even to this day, it seems our dreamer was the only “real” witness to this massacre, but finding someone to listen to her evidence has been a challenge.

Suzanne witnessed the new Vice Fed Chief with flying colors, and JAwake correctly predicted some toxic aerial spraying that manifested in Texas, where a High School band got cropdusted during band practice. Sherriann got the date exactly correct and the number of people who would end up being rescued from a sinkhole (as well as the fact that no one would be seriously injured, which they weren’t). But the big daddy prediction was Jennifer Joy’s “Virus Goes Viral.” On August 1st, the most common headline across all news sites discussed the startling number of deaths in West Africa allegedly from the “worst Ebola outbreak in history





Koo: A Lesson from Antiquity

When reading Elyse’s Project August dream about Koo and doing some in-depth research on this single dream visitor, it makes it hard to negate the fact that Elyse was visited by the ancient Mayan god, Hunab Ku. The dream itself was very lengthy, and in it, this Koo character explains all these different constellations that have since been all forgotten by humanity.

In our extensive research of Elyse’s dream, we successfully established that the constellation highlighted by her dream mentor was undoubtedly Orion. Now what’s even more fantastic is that later we found out that the old Mayan god, Hunab Ku, actually comes from the center of the Orion constellation. And then, as if that wasn’t enough, we found that all the ancient cultures actually worshipped an entity who was from the Orion Nebula and described it as the Heart of the Universe.

And then, as if that wasn’t enough, we found out that even mainstream scientists have established a location in the Orion constellation where new stars are actually born into existence! Yes, indeed…all these phenomenal attributes about a single point in the night sky, a point just below one of the most easily identified formation of stars called Orion’s Belt.

So, this particular dream ended up as number 4 on our list not so much because of the headlines it produced, but rather by the number of people that flocked to read it. This journey might accurately be described as magical, and the lesson that Koo left for us is this: Our world is about to change. What is incredibly synchronistic also is that Elyse included a second dream snippet in this writeup. Basically, she visited Koo, then woke up briefly to record it, then her next dream was all about birthing. Every character in that dream, including the animals, were all giving birth!

Now, if we look at actual August news headlines, we don’t see a considerable amount of bombshell stories that demonstrate that our world has changed. However, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t felt this energy. There are many people feeling the waves of change; something is coming, and if Koo is right….look out!




The 2014 Polar Vortex

We opened the dream database for Project August dreams starting in April of 2014, and one of the first big memes right out of both the actual dream content and early linguistics was that the weather was very strange for August in the northern hemisphere. Some of the dreamers, for example, noted that the trees didn’t have leaves, cold and ice appeared, and so we hypothesized initially that something big was coming for the southern hemisphere. The linguistics in the second run was even more distinct and clear: ‘Earth food hard ice.”

From there, several dreams came in talking about crop loss and more weather anomalies. We were forced to consider that this phrase might be about the northern hemisphere and created a predicted headline that said, “Unexpected cold front freezes major August crop harvest” (PA Headline #31).

In about 5 weeks from publishing that headline, we began hearing about a strange weather anomaly called the Polar Vortex, where cold Artic air was going to drift down and cool off a major portion of the continental United States and Canada.

In subsequent news, we found that that almost 100% of the Northern States’ 2014 grape harvest was obliterated by the unusual weather. Grapes can be an August harvest, as they are reaped between August and October. Grapes are indeed a major crop because we don’t just eat them, we drink them as wine and other delicious beverages. Oops, not this year….

This whole icy-food, Polar Vortex meme is a star example about how to create more accurate and reliable predictions: We pick out linguistics that are clear and congruent (i.e. overlapping) with one or more dreams of the same events/memes/actions/outcomes. When dream material overlaps directly with the linguistics, the probability of the prediction coming true increases in relation to how clear and congruent that overlap. In the case of the frozen grapes, this high scoring prediction paved the way to that revelation and thus deserves a very high position in this lineup.





Enough said…Dallas. That’s really the only clue we were given in the first few daily DreamBot runs ever conducted. It was our very first big bombshell meme established by the new DreamBot4 in mid-August 2014. But what do you do with a one-word hint?

Here we are with a single word implicating Dallas in a big possible headline in the future. However, sometimes big memes that appear in the linguistics can represent “day residue.” If some team just won the Super Bowl, there might be a lot of dreamers suddenly dreaming about that team in the week following the game. That would be day residue.

However, there wasn’t a real, substantial, day residue explanation for this Dallas meme. Therefore, we hypothesized that something big was coming in Dallas, but we desired more detail from the dream incubation team. During Project August, we realized that some amazing data can be collected and analyzed for specific details about future events. All that’s required is to simply ask for a dream about the future, and you can specify the topic, the location, the date, etc. Many times you don’t get exactly what you think you need about a future event, but when pooled into the greater context of collective incubated dreams, this modality is very potent.

This Dallas meme started on August 18th and then manifested completely on September 30th. It sounds like a relatively tame period of time, but this journey was quite tumultuous to say the least. Here’s the general flow of our hard work on the big Dallas meme (note that there is a much more exhaustive timeline and analysis in our previous summary located here):

Summer 2014: All summer, dreamers saw specific details of the coming virus

August 18-21: DreamBot versions 2, 3, and 4 all pick up red flags about Dallas; Red Alert is issued

August 23: Predictive headlines are developed based on incubated dreams for the time period ending JUST prior to the actual Ebola event. 95+% success on the initial headlines, including Napa Valley’s huge earthquake, the hoaxed Twitter bomb threat on the plane from Dallas, and the gas explosion near a Dallas day care center all came true within a couple of days.

September 6: New DreamBot4 meme of Terror/Mayhem/Doom matches some unfinished business in the Dallas meme, and so the connection is made between possible terror event and Dallas, especially with 9/11 anniversary coming up. Red Alert published as “Verging on Red Alert.”

Dream Incubations: Dreamers come up empty on terror/mayhem events coming up in Dallas for the period ending JUST prior to Dallas’ Ebola news. In other words, dreamers were told to incubate dreams about whether Terror would occur in Dallas during the period Sept 6th through about Sept 25th.

September 14th: Red Alert Cancelled for Terror + Dallas. In other words, since the dreamers didn’t see anything terror related, the draft terror headline was cancelled. Instead, the main theme from the second batch of dream incubations was “Covered in White.”

September 30th: On this date, all the emergency response members in Dallas were literally covered in white, as the US’s first Ebola case is confirmed.

The full explanation, timeline, and conclusions can be found here.

Dallas was huge in many different aspects. First, this meme was our only meme so far that showed up in 3 different versions of the DreamBot. Second, it demonstrated not only that dreamers can incubate about specific details of the future, but this method can actually work to weed out possible events. For example, the dreamers specifically told us that there were not going to be any terror-related events in Dallas during that timeframe, and we were able to correctly cancel the erroneous connection between Dallas and Terror. Also, this was our first big statistical layout, making the case that big changes in dream linguistics can offer big insight in what is coming in our future.

Dallas also confirmed the concept of the closer bush vs the further tree. In other words, dreamers sometimes end up seeing something smaller and nearer as compared to the bigger event that is further away. We actually warned about this just prior the Ebola event. Most importantly, Dallas was extremely helpful in demonstrating the concept of our future Paradigm 1 team. Dream incubations can see future events, and the effectiveness of the modality is multiplied exponentially with the amount of people participating.

Dallas…..so many great lessons and important hits. What an incredible meme indeed! What NDC prediction could possibly surpass the Dallas meme?




The RACE for Supremacy

Wow. Where in the world do even begin this journey? How’s this for a start…

On July 16th, 2014, one of Tessie’s Project August dreams overlapped with some other people who were seeing chaos in a big metropolitan areas. Our dreamers were fleeing for their lives because of significant riots and strife. As we’ve already established many times already, the NDC seeks dream overlaps to help us triangulate the future, and this particular overlap that was dubbed “Unusual Violence/Running from Violence,” helped establish Proj Aug Headline #90: “Violence hits new highs in wake of emergency/riot in major US metropolitan area (Chicago?) and/or European metro area (Berlin?).

That meme had the most support in Project August’s Report #5 and thus was given a lot of attention. However, none of these 7 overlapping dreams delved into enough detail to describe the source of the emergency/riots/chaos. What’s most interesting is that although none of the dreams could determine the source of their emergency, riots, or chaos, the linguistics was right on top of it without us being able to connect the two together! The 2 juxtaposed linguistics phrases were inferring a race supremacy meme:

  1. Egg Nazi analytics
  2. 2014 Black first place

So, we had already established Headline #90 without these linguistics, but then on July 27th, we created another massive warning about a completely different meme where we did utilize these linguistics. This time the supporting documentation all surrounded the notion of race issues that were becoming immanent. The title of the article cried out, “HELP! A fuse about to light?” and the main gist of the petition concluded that “We have a major divide that seems to be poised to worsen in the near future.”

Going into August, we had two totally separate memes that could have been combined, but our lack of experience prevented us from connecting the dots. There was: 1. Chaos/riots coming to a metropolitan area, most likely Chicago and 2. Race-based conflict.

There’s no better teaching method than experience itself. After the Michael Brown case and the resulting riots in the outskirts of St Louis (a huge metropolitan area relatively close to Chicago), the light bulb came on: These two memes are from the same event!


Case Closed. So why is this #1?

Reason #1: The sheer bulk of headlines from the race-based riots is amazing. For example, here is a sample of headlines from NBC News about the event. This long list doesn’t include any news from anywhere else on the web and successfully indicates the level of attention this single story has received throughout the last 4+ months.

Reason #2: Time hasn’t resolved or even dampened this issue. Taking from the same laundry list of NBC articles, we’ve seen “Ferguson Protesters Stage ‘Die-In’ at Missouri Mall,” and that was on Black Friday, over three months after the original event. This other interview suggests that “Racial Divide in US is Deep and Doesn’t End with Ferguson.” (Hmmmm, that sounds almost verbatim from our original warning before the Ferguson wick got lit)…

Reason #3: it was a local event that wants to be managed by the very top. “Eric Holder Announces Justice Department Plan to Target Racial Profiling”

Reason #4: Not only was the National Guard been dispatched in St Louis, but the “National Guard Presence Ramped up Significantly.” This level of military oversight is non-existent for any other of our top ten list.

Reason #5: We’ve seen activism from this local event spread like a wildfire to just about every US metropolitan area. Big pics from all these cities are located here: http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/michael-brown-shooting/national-outrage-u-s-protests-ferguson-decision-n255986

Reason #6: We’ve seen hyper sensitivity over racial disequilibrium growing exponentially across America. Plus, we’re seeing strikingly similar events in different cities. In New York, a white police officer named Pantaleo was caught on film confronting and apparently killing the black Eric Garner. Protests again spread across the country, including downtown Chicago, where they shut down Lake Shore Drive. Baltimore protestors took out an even bigger interstate in a similar manner, but the biggest looting might have been Oakland.

Strangely, Milwaukee looks to be next, but not based on Michael Brown or Eric Garner, but rather from an event that happened about 6 months prior to the Ferguson case: http://wbay.com/2014/12/22/national-guard-may-respond-to-milwaukee-protests/ …and many other examples, including this late add on Christmas eve, and we’re back to ground zero again…St Louis, MO: http://www.allnewspipeline.com/Another_Police_Shooting_In_Missouri.php

Reason #7: The allegations, facts, and witness accounts are shrouded in mystery, leaving a large speculative door open for the big A word: Agenda. Here’s what I wrote in the original article warning about a racial conflict.

“DON’T forget: The DreamBot reads the collective unconscious, and therefore, it might have picked up an agenda. In other words, the collective landscape might be a result of what someone wants us to think. After all, look at all the headlines above. We might actually see the Uno dream play out as a false flag event, and specifically because they see (through their own linguistics) that humanity is primed and ready to hate each other.

Be watchful. Look for agendas!”


Asking the Right Questions

So the warning about agendas was back in July, saying first that racial tension was immanent and second, that this might end up being an illusion. Luckily, I don’t have get all conspiratorial here to exemplify my sentiment. As the mass media paints all protestors of being one particular race and all the police as the other race, let me ask a question. Aren’t there any black police? Answer: Just as I’m typing this out on December 26, 2014, here’s the main story from Drudge with their headline pic:

Well I’ll be…. This group of police officers appears to be half white and half black. I’m sure that the proportion across America isn’t 50%, but it begs the question of whether mass media and/or the Eric Holders of the world might be over-representing the white police officer actions in order to push some hidden agenda. Just a question, not a push of my own agenda.

Before we move to the next associated question, let’s pan down on that aforementioned Drudge Report and look at the supporting sub-headlines. Check out the next picture and look for the second headline down there. It says, “Opposition reaches new heights,” and although they are talking specifically about opposition to Mayor de Blasio, the statement itself sounds a whole lot like headline #90: “Violence hits new highs…”


Next question is: Aren’t there any white protestors? Hmmmm…let’s go back to that recent “Die-in” protest in the Missouri mall. Here’ s a picture. See any whites?

Photo: http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/michael-brown-shooting/ferguson-protesters-stage-die-missouri-mall-n258126

Although it’s hard to tell the exact proportion, I’ve got to say that it almost looks roughly close to the same percentage of mix as Drudge’s police picture! How about another protest picture?


Wow! Are my eyes deceiving me or are there actually more whites in that protest than blacks? I’m personally one who can’t stand pointing out and counting different races. I don’t make this a habitual practice, but I do it here because I really do see the inkling of a slanted story. Is America’s youth rising up against racism from the police force, or are they activists against police brutality? Newsflash: there are black police being violent against white offenders, black offenders, and hispanic peoples. There are also white police being violent against black offenders, white offenders, and hispanic peoples. I’ll even bet there are hispanic officers beating the fool out of blacks, whites, and hispanics. There are white protestors, black protestors, and all other races participating.

Interestingly, Reuters blogger, Amana Fontanella-Khan identifies some of this by looking at the US problems from the eyes of other countries. She writes, “Across the world, people are learning different lessons from #BlackLivesMatter….Police brutality weakens the US ability to pressure foreign governments on human rights questions.” She also comments that “Protests are justified by eroding freedoms, both in France and the US.”

It almost appears like the agenda is to mask the police brutality behind the emotionally charged concept of racism, even if that racism is but 1-10% of the whole sample (if that high). The next obvious question for most people would be, “If there is an agenda, then why would they need to do that?…What would be the point?”

The point is quite clear to those who can look objectively at the evidence. As debt-based monetary systems enter their terminal stages (especially exaggerated by fractional reserve banking and interest rates), history has repeatedly shown that oppression marks that final drawdown period. In short, this is completely NORMAL, and the answer isn’t to band-aid a fake relational gap. The answer is to change the root structure to one that supports its citizens rather than enslaving them in debilitating debt. We need a holistic community that investigates problems for deep root causes, rather than placing band-aids on the symptoms. The hardest part is gaining a system that eliminates the need and/or monetary incentive for big corporations to control the very thought patterns of the people they are supposed to support. And with that, I’ll leave you to your vices and imaginations, for all those Utopian explorers have all failed in the past.

The point is….Utopias don’t exist and cannot exist, but we CAN have a better system than what is in place today, and by all means one that transcends the need to analyze, count, or otherwise discriminate based on one’s skin color. Our collective level of consciousness does matter, but first we have to have a system that supports a higher one.

Photo: http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/michael-brown-shooting/police-cases-spark-protests-miami-la-n263001



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