About the DreamBase

How does the DreamBase work?

This site was built around a dream database, dubbed “The DreamBase” We encourage our registered guests to log whatever dreams they wish to share. Some dreamers restrict themselves to only dreams that feel precognitive, but ALL dreams are welcome.

To properly document precognition, the key is to log the dream before it comes true later. If in doubt, go ahead and log the dream. To do so, guests simply press “Submit Dream” in the gray menu bar toward the top and then write as many details that they deem important for their particular topic.

Later on, when the dream comes true, you really want to get credit for that precognition, and thus dreamers fill out this form to fully document what came true. Documentation is so vital for not only the dreamer (ranking, qualification for certain projects, and recognition), but it’s also a key component in our analysis and observation of collective precognition. Once your dream is validated as precognitive, we’ll start your own public trophy case in the forums.

In short, log all dreams, monitor your outer reality, and then record that which comes true (having a lot of fun all the while!)


A common question is: Does the NDC allow remote viewers, seers, people who are psychic or highly perceptive and intuitive etc.to submit their material?

Answer: Yes, we value all forms of intuition here at the NDC. Unless specifically prohibited (we’ve had a couple of projects disallowing non-dreams), seers may put their intuition, remote viewing session, meditative vision, etc. anywhere we accept dreams.

HOWEVER: you must specify what your modality was. You’ll notice in many DreamBase inputs that the person will say “This was a daytime vision” or “my intuition says [xyz].”

If your dream / vision / remote view / intuition can come true in the future, then the ONLY ACCEPTABLE documentation of that prediction is in the DreamBase! We have a forum that displays validated dream/etc. precognition, but the dreamers claiming precognition must have it documented IN THE DREAMBASE, because that was set up to not allow editing once submitted.

Then, when your dream / vision / intuition comes true, you simply fill out the form “My Dream Came True,” and we’ll validate if for you.

In summary, you may put non-dream visions anywhere that dreams are input at the NDC. This mainly includes the DreamBase and the forums; however, if credit is desired later, the only acceptable place is the DreamBase. Wherever you put non-dream intuition, be sure to explain your source or modality (e.g., I remote viewed this scenario and received….)

What if my dream comes true but it wasn’t in the news?

Many precognitive dreams will come true without making it into the news. You should still fill out the form to document your precognition in this case. Without the News URL, your dream & event will be considered an unverified precognitive event, which simply means that it doesn’t hold nearly as much weight as a fully documented dream-event sequence.

By documenting your unverified experience, this will still improve ranking and qualification status. However, the data will not be included in scientific study and there will be less chance of being used in formulating DreamBlog articles.

In short, it is still imperative to document these precognitive events, even those that are unverified.

What if my dream already came true before recording it in the DreamBase?

Precognitive dreams that have already come true in waking life, should be input into the category called, “Documented Cases.” Any flavor of dream is welcome here, from petty to the extraordinarily earth-shattering. The only caveat is to ensure you describe exactly what part(s) of your dream came true!


Guests are reminded that dreams are not private in this database. If privacy is strongly desired, the guest is encouraged to not provide personally-identifiable information in the original sign-up. This is publicly-searchable dream database, and its main goal is to identify precognitive dreams (i.e., dreams that accurately predict future events). The dreams can be searched for, read, analyzed by anyone in the public domain.

Once the dream is submitted, the dream is moderated by a human being to reduce the risk of litigation (for example, sexually explicit words will be omitted and anything else the moderator deems “too risky.”) Note: the content itself will not be changed…questionable material will simply be deleted. In this vain, guests are reminded that any dream may be deleted at anytime by the moderator for any reason.

Once the dream is input into the database, the staff at the National Dream Center analyzes various characteristics of the dream description for informal research purposes. By submitting a dream report, the dreamer/guest agrees that the staff may use that dream for publishing their informal, public blog.