My Dream Came True (but I can’t prove it)

This form is used to update your dream in order to reflect that it came true. This form is only for those dreams that have no news or URL link that can verify that your dream came true. For example, your pet died or a friend got into a fender bender….these typically don’t show up in the news, but they most definitely are sometimes accurately predicted by dreams.

If you do have a URL or news to prove your case, then you’ll want to fill this other form out.

After you submit this, allow a couple of days, and then you should see your dream entry in the DreamBase to switch from #1 (dream hasn’t come true) to #2 (dream has come true), and your explanation will be input into the lower comment box.


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    Yes, this dream came true.
    No, I do not have a link to prove that my dream came true.

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