Headline #10: Location wrong, but can you say IMPRESSIVE?!

I’m going to make this one short, but I am still in a state of shock after finding this article. It was our 10th headline from Proj Aug, where we suspected a viral outbreak was going to take out 1,200 people.

The only problem was the location was a big mismatch, but how in world does dreamer come up with exactly the right amount of deaths in exactly the correct snippet of time? The successes from Proj Aug are definitely no coincidence now, especially from this major hit…

The website version of TIME had an article out as of yesterday called, Harrowing Images of Liberia’s Ebola Outbreak. This was published in a section called “The Backstory” and written by Andrew Katz.

And in this story, nowhere does Katz mention the number 1,200. The reason we bring it up is because the very first words on the page is a summary of the article, and here’s what it says…

The World Health Organization reported on Aug. 19 that more than 1,200 people have died in the massive Ebola outbreak across West Africa, with Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone at the epicenter. The situation, officials say, is considered “out of control.”

Let’s compare this to Headline #10:

Outbreak Claims 1,200 lives in Eastern Montana.”



For the skeptic…yes, I acknowledge that the location was wrong, but two other critical pieces here were spot on: 1) outbreak killing people, and 2) 1,200 people would be killed.

When formulating this headline back in early May 2014, I remember having problems with the location, but the overlap was occurring in the upper Northwest of the US (namely, Idaho and Montana). I’ve seen this before where the descriptive location was correct, but the actual state or country was wrong.

For example, someone dreamed exactly the same thing for a personal prediction. She mentioned Northwest and assumed that was northwest US, and thus predicted Seattle. However, the real world manifestation occurred in Northwest Arkansas.

I think the same thing occurred here. Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are all in the Northwest section of Africa. It’s not a perfect fit because East Montana is nowhere close to the US equivalent location for the ebola outbreak, but they do both share the big general descriptor ‘Northwest.’


I’d like to just give this dream/news a word score…speechless, because that’s what I am right now. I don’t know to give it 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 or what, so why don’t we do it a little different this time…let’s vote on it!

Go to the forums to vote on this score. I patently disagree with scores of 0, 1, and 5, but all others are up for grabs (note: we’re still doing the old Proj Aug version).

Your vote counts, so please help score this one. Note: if you have a comment, you’ll have to post it over there in the voting for this article.



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Copyright © 2014 Chris McCleary. Except for quotes, all rights reserved and any reference about this material requires a link back to this page.

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