Yet Another Big Headline Hit…Bomb Threat

Well, it wasn’t the chaos we expected, but having experience in the aviation industry, I can guarantee a 100% chance that there was chaos in the cockpit of this American Airlines flight from Dallas-Ft Worth Airport. But before we get to the news, let’s reiterate the predicted headline posted about 24 hours prior to the news coming out.

Non-PA Headline #13 said, “Chaos ensues in Dallas in wake of …Bomb threat at Dallas/Ft Worth Interntl Airport.”

Behold a bomb threat on a plane from Dallas-FtWorth on August 24th:


With the standard scoring format of WHAT-WHERE-WHEN, the scoring goes like this:

WHAT: 5 out of 5 — Chaos ensues over a bomb threat. Absolutely correct. A fully-loaded passenger plane diverts into Phoenix Sky Harbor to scope out the bomb. Just ask any of the passengers, stewards, and pilots, but be sure to ask them about BEFORE they learned where the threat came from! If you fail to specify that, they’ll most likely return to their memory of anger after they found out it was a hacked tweet! But prior to that, there was fear and, well, chaos.

WHERE: This one is tricky, because the plane originated at the very airport we predicted, but the bomb threat itself may not have been known when still in the vicinity of Dallas airspace (otherwise, it might have turned around and landed at Dallas…although they’d probably be too heavy to land without first having to dump a bunch of gas).

Regardless, we are allowed to use metaphor here, meaning that our predicted Dallas/Ft Worth is metaphoric for where the plane originated from. Thus, we begin with 5 points and subtract for unidentified metaphors. In this case, it’s quite obvious what the Dallas/Ft Worth represents. Therefore, the minimum metaphor penalty is subtracted. Thus: 4.5 out of 5 points.

WHEN: This was the biggest detractor of the sequence. Our target was 20/21 September, 2014, but the actual event was almost a month prior (24 August). Therefore, 3 points.

Overall score is 5 / 4.5 / 3

To see how events are scored, go to

Two hits on our four Project Dallas headlines. Which one will be next?


Oh Gosh, almost forgot. Our resident expert on just about everything has his trophy board started. Dean’s first validated precognitive dream is here:




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Copyright © 2014 Chris McCleary. Except for quotes, all rights reserved and any reference about this material requires a link back to this page.


Yet Another Big Headline Hit…Bomb Threat — 3 Comments

  1. First, congrats on the hit Chris. Good work.

    In the movie the 5th element, the main charicter is named Dallas corbin. Lilu, (the 5th elelement) falls into his cab. The first decernable thing she says is “big bad da boom”.

    In my studies, i have discovered the formula for the vehicle “time”, where all memories/thoughts are in capsule. The 3, 6, 9 matrices.

    3) past past, past present, past future.
    6) present past, present present, present future.
    9) future past, future present, future future.

    All memories/thoughts lay within this matrice. The matrices establish the fixed vector points of the matrix lattice. The proto-gestalt work within latice to develop the archtypes of the Gestalt. Gestalt is the shape or form of essence being. Having said that. Events minor or major are in essence form of being. Even the Gestalt develops archtype within thits lattice working as proto gestalt within a higher complex system development of greater Hyper Gestalt form.

    What is identified as un-conscious form, develops the archtypes for what is labeled as sub- conscious form, which intern develops the archtypes for the next layer identified as conscious form. Using the same lattice patterN to structure it’s matrix.

    Precongnition is no different. The layer of the matrix and established matrice vector points may seem more complex, indeed they are, but they still use the same established algorithm.

    Now, back to looking at your “hit”. We see a form of it in existence in an older movie: The 5th element staring Bruce Willis. Dallas -corbin in a flying taxi, “big bad a boom.”

    It has been my experience with future viewing, that abstract can be exacted by viewing what lays within the maduli (sp)(Latin for wonderful) spaces. Because it is there, the archtypes are developing. It is no different in memory’s and dreams. The same “law’ apply’$ to all forms. Example: (3)DNA devolves the archtypes for cells, (6)cells develop the archtypes of Human form, (9) form develops the archtypes for replication of new new form (babies)

    With that, your hit lays within the 3, 6, 9 matrice. Since it is the second form, (the first being the movie) there is yet another form being developed at this juncture in dynamics within the established matrix patterns.

    When I read “The Dallas” I first recognized that it could be slang. For “The Dollars.” Because of its original form a movie. Art. With that being said, your “hit” should take another form once its archtypes have fully developed.

    I don’t have free time for the Web much anymore, plus I have my own interests and study’s. Still, I have known George for a while. I like George. So I hope that helps. George doesn’t communicate with me directly, he doesn’t have too. 🙂

    Have a wonderful day.

    P.S. I am a horrible at spelling and auto correct has a mind of its own. I hope that is understandable. Plus I can only see one line at a time while typing this with all thumbs. Lol

    • A. I have no time to respond, but enjoyed the read. I completely agree with what I believe to be your overall, underlying suggestion here…that what we’re predicting here are all “symptoms” (if you will) of the bigger theme or archetype that has presented itself….Dallas. I absolutely agree, and I think that is the biggest reason why the DreamBot succeeds to begin with. It sees these big memes developing, and our dreamers can easily tune in once they know what’s happening in the collective mind. If I assumed too much from your excellent post, then I apologize. Thanks for visiting, and hope you return regularly!

  2. At the person who read my comment and didn’t post a reply but thought the question. “Dream catcher.”

    Yes, like a dream catcher. Dream catchers are a physical manifestation, representative of the matrice vector points and the mesh of the matrix. Because the matrice vector points and the mesh of the matrix is in and of itself a “product” of a developed archtype at a lower vibrating system. See: holon.

    A 9 point dream catcher is a more accurate representation of the mesh. Because we are bound in this galaxy by the laws there in, the golden ratio and fibernaci sequence dictates the dynamic growth patterns of all true forms. Dreams are not an exception.

    At Chris,

    Yes, “attriubutes” of juxtaposition alignment, would be a more accurate descritor/identity than “symptoms”. However, I get the jest of your reply.

    I think that is enough feed back from me for a while. Hope that helps with the development of your own matrix mesh.

    Until we meet again.