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Please make it a habit to make your way over to the Dream Memes forum regularly (ideally everyday). There are many sources that can generate a new Dream Meme, but it is imperative that we get at least a couple of intentional dreamers to support the new hot trends. By support, I mean incubating for more details about WHAT-WHERE-WHEN on whether the new meme is projected to arrive in our physical reality.

Also be ready for a dream that doesn’t seem relevant, but document it anyway (unless it is just too personal to share). The symbology or metaphor you receive may mean nothing to you, but it might enlighten the rest of us.

Even if you have very little time in your day, it won’t take long to quickly glance at the major DreamBot4 trends. Those will be posted daily over in this forum (it’s a sub-forum of the link I shared above). For example, today’s run (Aug 28, 2014) seems to extend yesterday’s growing meme of a food borne illness.

We really need some dreamers incubating for more details over there. If the food borne illness is real, for example, we’ll need much more certainty before we get the future Paradigm 2 team on the case. Please head over there daily to see what incubation is needed.

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