The Fate of Paradigm 3

Predicting and Creating. Regardless of whether anyone recognizes these two processes, just about every human on Earth is accomplishing them every minute of every day. Now take those processes and magnify the energy and intensity. You now have high energy and high frequency directly clashing with behind-the-scenes reality creation. It might actually be a legitimate metaphor to envision the bull in a china shop. No matter where you turn, you’re bound to break some things.

Just a few months ago, the NDC kickstarted one of the most intense programs the dreaming world has ever seen and we called it Paradigm 3. If anyone doubts the level of intensity that Paradigm 3 delivered to the NDC, just ask literally anyone involved in the program during September and October. An operation like this requires a lot of support, else a lot of heavy labor is funneled down to just a few people. In our not-too-distant future, when we’ve got all the required level of support in every area of this operation, the NDC will hopefully navigate that delicate china shop and really begin helping humanity along in that Predicting-Creating biorhythm.

Mincing Words

If it sounds like I’m mincing words or beating around the bush, I’ll cut to the chase: We’re currently ill-equipped at the moment to carry out the functions of Paradigm 3, but instead of canceling the program, we’re officially putting it on hold temporarily. There are simply too many other projects and directions we need to take right now, many of which are simply fundamental housekeeping and foundation building. Therefore, in order to put the required resources exactly where they belong and get the Center better established, Paradigm 3 is quietly placed on the backburner to simmer and steep while we perfect all the other programs and processes that are germinating at the moment.

Let me be very clear here: Paradigm 3 is not and will never be a failure because of this temporary decision. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I think it goes without saying that every one of us got a face full of reality seeing the enormous effort that is required to keep these wheels spinning. So this article is designed to spell out what the near and medium-term futures look like for the NDC and its core and peripheral projects going forward.


Short Term (1-2 months):

– Effective now: Paradigm 3 is on hold. We will not be accepting new applications for the program, and that decision is temporary.

– We need more dreams for Project Año! The deadline ends in just one week (Dec 14th). Please consider incubating a few more dreams for the project. It will help us out tremendously. Thank you.

– Predictions for 2015. Everyone is welcome to help Sherriann and I develop some predictions for the coming year. All you have to do is notify one of us that you’re interested in helping. The goal is to get those predictions out before Jan 1st.

– Active, on-going PREDICTION-MAKING. This is our bread and butter here at the NDC. When we don’t have time for other stuff, this will continue to take place come hell or high water. Some would ask this question since Paradigm 3 is on hold: “Isn’t that what Paradigm 3 was all about…prediction-making?” Yes and I will have a separate post on how we plan to accomplish this without an official P1 team. Basically, we’ll still have missions, but they will be less frequent and anyone may participate (just like Project August or Project Año). Expect more words on this soon.

– Daily DreamBot runs will be heavily emphasized. It is our goal to continually grow and evolve the linguistics support of prediction-making. The objective is to ascertain sufficient stats and build the best algorithms to extract future reality from the collective dream content.

– The new DreamIndex will continue to be refined and analyzed regularly (ideally daily). Although the market forecasts thus far have not been well, nor very impressive, the correlation data still looks convincing that dreams can, in fact, make important market calls. That being said, I’ll hopefully have time in the next couple of weeks to generate another update on what we’ve found so far. What’s completely perplexing to me is that the 20-day averages for both the DreamIndex predictions and the actual market tracements are just about perfect, and yet I’m having problems determining the smaller daily calls. A high priority is given to this program because of it’s amazing potential.

– Website overhaul. It’s no secret that the website is confusing, outdated, even nonsensical in the fact that we have two un-bridged login screens. It’s unacceptable and causes consternation for newbies, visitors, and even our tenured experts. Before my one-year anniversary here at the NDC, I’m adamant and committed that we’ll have a new fresh website that makes sense, is very simple, and lays out just like the core missions that have been developed here at the NDC. The new \website will take at least 2 months to build (I’m finding someone to do this for us right now….a professional this time and not someone who can just barely get it to work!)


Longer Term (1-3 years)

– Continue to build the basics. In other words, continue to improve the prediction making and continue building the essential foundation for the operation. The goal is to build the community such that the operation sustains itself. I hope to have paid positions one day so that people can afford to put more time and effort into the operation and get nicely rewarded for their service.

– Reach more dreamers without advertising and marketing.

– Re-instate Paradigm 3 when all our ducks are in a row and the foundation can support the hefty load. Estimated time: TBD


A Note about DreamForecasting

Technically, DreamForecasting (DFing) is a subset of Paradigm 3; however a very mild version of it will continue, and actually this will be the only ongoing process from Paradigm 3 while the rest of the project is officially on hold. There is literally no job of higher importance in Paradigm 3 than DFing, and thus we will continue that process and even provide training for those dedicated to learning this eclectic mix of art and science.

DreamForecasting sounds simple…just look at a bunch of dream material and determine what the future will look like based on all those precognitive dreams. However, it’s actually very challenging because you first have to determine what dream information represents the past (aka Day Residue) and separate that from the stuff that is still yet to come.

Carl Jung proposed that every dream has some element of the future in it, and if he’s right, DFs should be looking at every dream to determine what is predictive and what is either day residue or just random hogwash. Either way, the process is fun and exciting, and anyone is welcome to participate. There will be no official application process for DreamForecasters until Paradigm 3 is reinstated at a future date. In the meantime, dreamers and dream seers are welcome to hop in at anytime and provide their individual take on the future. You can make your predictions as detailed or nebulous as you like. No minimum time is required and no specific formats mandated.

Additionally, we’ll provide training for anyone requesting to learn the ins and outs of the trade, except that the training will have to come secondary to all the other developing programs and processes underway.


Coming Up

We’ve got some fun stuff planned for the next couple of weeks, so continue to check back. For one, we’ll count down the most exciting predictions of 2014 and we’ll reveal the Project Año dreams (we’re still shy of 100 so far, so kick it into overdrive for the next 6 nights!)

Going into 2015, I’ll also outline some goals and objectives that we’ll work to achieve next year. We’re working on simplifying the complexity and refining the prediction making, but there’s a lot of steps involved. Thus, we’ll outline that so everyone can follow along.

So, as we move closer to a new calendar year, get your crystal balls nice and polished. Never before has humanity been more expectant of the future then right now. Something coming, now what the heck is it?! Help us find out…


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