Lakota Dream Detective: Beware the Idaho Serial Killer

Remember NativeAmericanDreamWeaver’s Project Uno dream? Our talented Lakota dream weaver is at it again, seeing glimpses of still-hidden evidence about another dead female, this time in Idaho.

Let’s cut to the chase and start with the headline news from last month:

Woman’s body found in river still unidentified

by dashby | Posted on Thursday, September 18th, 2014

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (AP) — Authorities in south-central Idaho say a woman’s body found floating in the Snake River last week has yet to be identified.

Twin Falls County Coroner Dennis Chambers tells The Times-News in a story on Thursday that a description of the body will be put in a national unidentified victim database.

A kayaker spotted the body Sept. 9 near Centennial Waterfront Park.

The 5-foot-7, 177-pound woman with hazel eyes was dressed in black, had no identification and lacked distinguishing features such as a scar or tattoo.

Investigator Dave Benefiel of the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office says she likely jumped to her death from Perrine Bridge.

But he notes foul play is a possibility because it’s unusual that no vehicle or personal property was found nearby.


In summary, the 3D world has an unidentified female alleging to have committed suicide; however, in the dream world, we see much more vivid warnings, from not just one Lakota dream, but two (so far).

Both dreams actually came after the news incident, but since our dreamer lives several states away, her dream was definitely not chalked up as day residue. Instead, we see it more as a call to action.

9/27/2014 8:28am Spirit Guide shows me a shallow water source, out in the middle of nowhere, a swampy area in the north. The body of a young woman will be found here, the man who put her there has killed many women. Serial killer I hear a woman yell out from behind me. I get an Ariel view of Idaho. I see hunters around the area. It is tragic that this wonderful woman’s life was cut short.

Most dreamers would go insane with dreams like this, especially with the unavoidable and potent emotional baggage that comes with these dreams. This spirit guide has selected our Lakota dreamer because she knows she has the experience, benevolence, fortitude, and insight needed for this type of work. Three nights later, her spirit guide returns with more info:

9/30/2014 8:32am I am standing in a river, knee deep. The water is very cold. I hear the wind in the trees and I feel a storm is coming but I cannot move. I feel frozen in time. I am so scared; I feel someone or something from the woods watching me. My face is up towards the sky, I see blue skies and white fluffy clouds. I feel so alone, as I watch the eagle fly above me.

“Why can’t I leave this place” I ask myself.

There is no answer, silence except for the sounds of nature all around me. I can faintly hear the sound of water running over rocks, like a waterfall. Soon the water sound is much louder… Am I hearing the sound of large white water rapids? I do not see them. I feel blind, I can look all around but I can’t see anything until I look up, then all I see is the sky, everything else is my senses, smell, hearing, this is the only way I know what is going on around me.


Would anyone like to volunteer to receive these types of dreams? Didn’t think so, and that’s why NativeAmericanDreamWeaver is such an important dreamer for the NDC and humanity.

So now that we’ve located pertinent news that seems to fit these dreams very closely, how shall we proceed? First and most importantly, we should warn folks in Idaho to stay alert for a possible serial killer running amok. NativeAmericanDreamWeaver is no slouch when it comes to accurate dream information. One peruse through her Precognitive Trophy Case should be compelling enough to at least heed what this woman sees in her dreams.

Second, we now officially have too many incubation requirements for our all-star P1 dream team. They have missions similar to Project August where they incubate specific details about certain events, places, or times, and right now they have a LOT on their plate, not to mention the recent DreamBot warning of July 4, 2015 and now this big Idaho serial killer.

In this case, we do three things: 1) appoint a willing DreamReader to analyze DreamWeaver’s September and October dreams for further hints or details, 2) await further instructions from the Lakota spirit guide, and 3) request more dreamers for help in supporting this potentially deadly case. Dream incubation has been extremely successful in the past, but we simply do not have the manpower right now to cover all these important contingencies. Hopefully we’re wrong about the potential hazards up in Idaho, but we feel this one is particularly important news for those in the Twin Falls and surrounding area.

As always, if you have information about this case or if you experienced similar dreams, please post a response in this discussion. If you would like to participate in forensic dreaming protocols or would like more information about Paradigm 3, please visit this link.



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