Double-Top Butterfly: You’ll never guess what DreamBot found

You’re never going to believe what kind of stuff that our collective dreams can pick up ahead of time. One of the most covered stories over the past weekend is the same one I would have never seen had it not been for the amazingly reliable “double-top” pattern of one of our recent DreamBot memes.

I was working on the timeline for the amazing SpaceShip meme, and saw that “Butterfly” was quietly making one heck of a spectacular linguistics technical profile. Yes, while everyone else was enamored with the SpaceShip meme (myself included), Butterfly was quietly making a huge impression all over the planet.

Okay, so here we go: it all started on the 28th of October with the following linguistics phrase:

Butterfly smoking stare costume

Now, when you go back and look at this bot run, you’ll notice that none of these words were identified, and that is primarily because of the significant in-your-face memes that were glaring at us. However, one of our readers and awesome Paradigm 3 participants (code named Joanie), pointed this out about that run: “Honestly that list describes halloweenie~!—-haunted, space costume, chocolate, danger etc..”

It wasn’t until two days later that I actually identified Butterfly as a double top pattern. Our new algorithm worked like a champ and highlighted the word Butterfly for us. In that run, you can see that we annotated it with “DT!” as in “Double-Top!” That run was posted here:

Fast forward to Nov 2nd, and I was perusing the runs trying to establish a timeline for the whole SpaceShip meme when I got curious about the double-top Butterfly. Could there possibly be any news that would sweep the nation that remained under my radar? So needless to say, I put the word into a google search, and voila….holy mackerel!

Note: I recorded my search as a pdf file just to demonstrate the holy mackerel….that pdf is located here:

Okay, so is the stage properly set? We’re looking for a “Smoking costume of a butterfly that people stare at.” Ready? Most of you have already probably seen this:

…okay, that’s enough. There’s a million more links for you if you do your own search. Therefore, a message from Mr. DreamBot…”I wasn’t kidding about this!” and here’s another message “Are you ever going to doubt me ever again?”

I’m still rather shocked over this sequence, but there are certainly some lessons learned here. First off…watch out for double-tops. In this case, the double top was completed in just two day and the peaks were IDENTICAL (same number of hits on each peak). And for the data junkies…two days was the manifestation time from the second of the two tops to the eventual news.

Second of all, and I’m not sure exactly how to incorporate this without intense manual labor, but the most accurate linguistics is that which showed up on the FIRST peak. So, the clock starts on the second peak, but we’ll look back to the first peak for descriptive details.

Third, we are severely low on staff here because we really do need to be watching these lower-rung phrasings and not just the high fliers. This is one that we’ll keep on the back burner because there’s no way to automate, and we don’t have the manning to search these out manually. I guess the main point here is that readers please don’t assume that my green-boxed lexicon groupings are the only meaningful phrases for the runs, especially when I get glommed onto other big words. As they say, “watch my back” on the daily dreambot runs.

Well, that’s it for now. Hop on over to this link for comments on Butterfly or if you’re interested in that pdf of my search:


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