“You BLEW IT on the Canadian Shootings…”

A far too giddy visitor posts a comment yesterday which said, “You blew it on the Canadian shootings today. While dreams are certainly a part of our reality I don’t think they really predict anything.” Well, as always, everyone has a part of the whole truth so what part of his statement might represent some of that truth?

If it’s the latter part of the statement, then the return question is automatically chambered and cocked (no pun intended)…”What in the heck are you even doing here, John?” As we’ve stated before, the NDC does not concern itself with proving precognition. We’re into the usefulness of it all. If it can’t be useful, then we pack up our bags and shut down this time-consuming website and all its many processes.

Hmmmm, based on the growing evidence that we have here, I’m not sure that’s going to work, but let’s heed John’s argument and go through this logically and quantitatively. Shall we? John, are you here? Would you like to look at the evidence with us? Probably not. Oh well.

In case you’ve been in the closet for the past 24 hours, the suspect named Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, walks up to the National War Memorial and shoots and kills a guard from the Royal Canadian Army…then goes into the Parliament building and ends up getting shot himself during his rampage.


Jumbled Mess of a Chart…One Point for John?

One look at this chart is sure to turn just about everyone away. THIS is more of what I expected from dream material….much more seemingly random as all the colors on the chart seem to be dancing sporadically.


However, what we’re going to do here is not to “prove” that the collective mind might have seen the Canada shooting ahead of time, but rather with a curious eye, try to see whether there was any legitimate chance of catching this thing prior to the event yesterday. Our first inspection starts with this same graph, but we’ll look at it chronologically, taking each milestone as a hint that could have or should have been heeded.

Let’s start at the left and work our way to the right.


First, Section A is our first coherent pattern, where just about all the lines are rising and falling at the same time. The words that are coherent happen to be all the major themes surrounding this shooting, including Canada, Guardian, Gun, Rifle, Shoot, and even War (as in “war memorial”). At this point, I’m really not certain how we can locate this connection out of 15,000 words all jumping around in the database. Plus, these words were in harmony a full 2 months prior to the event. That could be important later, but at this point it looks very difficult to identify ahead of time.

Now, let’s shift toward Section B, and we see a bunch of peaks in the same material. This one actually looks slightly easier to identify in the future because many of the words are at their all-time high during this period. Finding peaks in the database words is much easier than trying to find temporary correlations. However, in Section B, the location marker is left out…Canada does not participate in this particular hump series.

The last point in this chart worth noting is Section C. It seems like all the words have taken a breather, but they ALL pop up very quickly at exactly the same time. What’s more is that Section C is just about exactly one month prior to the news. To me, Section C seems like a very legitimate place to identify the Canadian shooting incident because we have three big indicators:

  1. Super tight coherency between words that describe the event
  2. Short term peaks in all the lines
  3. One of the strongest TIME aspects in linguistics work: the lunar cycle

Now that those sections are covered, an astute graphical eye could easily pick up on the next big signal, so let’s go ahead and give that word it’s own graph. On September 29th, we asked this precise question: “Who is Mike?”


Just like the significant rise of “Barry” before the national bombshell news, the collective dreamers decided that “Mike” was a very important figure on the last couple of days of September. Although it typically receives less than 10 hits out of the thousands and thousands of dream words we analyze, Mike hauled in over 50 hits about 3 weeks prior the crazy Canadian Michael shooting up the National War Memorial. Can I get a wow here? It turns out that “Barry” surged similar to this exactly 3 weeks prior to getting caught peeping on women. 3 weeks seems like a significant time period, when it comes to a name spiking in the dreams ahead of big news.

But I have even more big news, which in my opinion deserves another wow.

It turns out that October 22, 2014 (i.e. the day of the Canadian shooting) represents the first day of “New Moon.” (http://www.calendar-12.com/moon_calendar/2014/october )   Okay, no biggie, right? Well, it just so happens that “moon starting” does show up on our old DreamBot runs, and is documented on…guess what day? I’ll give you one guess. Go ahead…

ANSWER: “Moon Starting” appeared on the exact same day that “Mike” zoomed to the moon in number of dream hits! But even THIS isn’t all. Might as well direct you over to the 29 September DreamBot run, where Mike, Murder, and Moon Starting all peak at the same time: http://nationaldreamcenter.com/forum18/showthread.php?tid=4&highlight=mike    Only problem is that we had no idea who Mike was, and this is where our P1 dream team comes in.

Just like our successful Dallas run, when one or more words pops up, we send it over to the dream incubators to get more detail. Lucky for us, even though we neglected to incubate “Mike,” he showed up again later in a different WILD manner.

About 12 days after the collective spike in Mike, two sequential dreams from two prolific dreamers came in simultaneously on the same morning and both dreamt of a Mike/Michael. Not only that, but their Mikes were both perverts, they were large men, and NADW’s version is actually a cold hard murderer, and calls him “just like Charles Manson.” Check out the dreams:



This overlap was clear and congruent, and I bit off on the bait (the bait being “Professor, teacher, pervert” and not the killing side of things). My headline was produced on the same day (Oct 10th), and I now realize that I had completely forgotten about the earlier spike in “Mike” 12 days prior. Really, this overlap was not a headline generator, but rather an overlap indicating a need for incubation. In short, yesterday’s antagonist visitor John got it right, “you blew it on the Canadian shootings today.” Answer: Yep, and with all these VERY significant pointers, I can’t argue with John. The collective was trying to warn us, but we just didn’t heed the words.


What About Canada?

This study would certainly not be complete without at least a glance on the words that might give us clues about WHERE an event might occur. As you might be able to imagine, Ottawa isn’t even on our list of cities, so we go straight for the country.


“Canada” certainly doesn’t seem to be increasing in significance, but “Canadian” appears to be a bit more popular. Although, with these types of graphs, our DFers would certainly not bat an eye, so it would be completely unfair to call the quietly rising slope precognition. Instead, we call it bland and uninteresting.

A couple of theories could explain why Canada wasn’t shooting to the moon with the other words, and obviously the first suggestion would be that the idea of linguistics and dreaming is simply hogwash and cannot predict future events.

Our antagonist visitor yesterday (who even seemed giddy at the notion that “we blew it on the Canada shooting”) said, “While dreams are certainly a part of our reality I don’t think they really predict anything.” Sshhh…I’m trying not to get NativeAmericanDreamWeaver’s heart rate up. Let’s not spoil it for her and tell her that all her precognitive dreams were all just coincidence, okay?

The other option is the idea of proximity. Canada is a big friend and ally of the United States. We even have a few beloved Canadians dreaming with us here at the site. However, the proportion of US dreamers in our collective DreamBot runs versus any other country is heavily weighted toward the US side of things (like to the point of probably 1,000 US dreamers per every 1 Canadian dreamer).

It doesn’t mean that US citizens/dreamers don’t care about significant Canadian tragedies; it means that much less emotion will be stirred when the news comes out. Precognition rides the emotional underpinnings. Or is it the other way around? Regardless, the lower your emotional reaction in the future event, normally equates to a lower significance in the precognitive arena. Thus, the idea of proximity does tend to affect precognitive dreamers. The further someone is spatially from the future event, the less likely they will be to pick up that precognition tickle.

According to our location markers here, the only way we could have picked up on the Canadian location would be further dream incubations, which is something that our P1 dreamers are getting much better at being able to do.


The Victim of the Shooting


The final opportunity we had to hunt down this news was the fact that Mike shot a guard at point blank range. I scoped out “Guard” in the historical charts, and much to my surprise, the average hits is less than 1.0. So I went with the next closest word that is relatively popular. It turns out that Guardian shoots up just 5 days prior to the event. This was definitely some opportunity to pick up on this, particularly if we had more dreamers where we could hunt down these near-daily spikes.

On the 17 October run, “Guardian tea signal royal.” http://nationaldreamcenter.com/forum18/showthread.php?tid=213&highlight=guardian . I think most people erroneously pegged “Royal” to England, but it could very well have been Canadian. After all, Canada’s military is royal (i.e., the Royal Air Force) and military reservists were killed. However, the “Tea” in the linguistics really threw us off the trail and seemed to confirm the English version of Royal.


Final Conclusions

All in all, there actually wasn’t a whole lot of brand new lessons here. We already new about words that skyrocket in the dreams. We’ve seen numerous of them by now…Monk, Barry, Dallas, etc.

We’ve also already identified congruency and correlation as having precognitive characteristics. However, the trick is to identify this while all the other memes are popping and dropping daily.

We also need to be less hasty with our dream overlaps. We need to remember to do a final incubation AFTER a headline is generated to see if we are on the right track.

Moon cycles and celestial events continue to impress us when looking at current and future events. Instead of looking at hard date timelines, we need to be cognizant of when celestial events occur because the connection to dreams and reality are proven, striking, and even inspiring.

Lastly, we really do need more dreamers to cover different geographical areas. We needed a Canadian team of dreamers who would have been more emotionally attached to his news headline. In fact, we need teams of dreamers speckled everywhere geographically, because even though dreams ARE non-local, locality does tend to come into the picture with precognition, and it probably rides the tails of emotional waves.

And for our antagonist John…you were right! We DID blow it.


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