NDC: How does it work? Part 2

In part 1, we explored the two modalities used to make dream predictions and headlines. The NDC is based on very simple processes, but because there are so many actions required to support these processes, the website as a whole can seem more complex than it really is. The NDC structure itself is rather simple.

There are just 3 main sections of the NDC, all playing a pivotal part how we manage the dynamic activities here:

  1. The DreamBlog (the public landing page)
  2. The DreamBase (a dreams database)
  3. The Forums (where the grunt work is accomplished where the fun happens; where headlines are formulated)


Let’s scope out each area and describe the purpose of each.


This is where you find yourself reading right now…the DreamBlog! It is nothing more than a large collection of articles and writings about precognitive dreaming and other various dreaming topics.

Navigate your way around by the main menu above, or you can select categories in the sidebar to the right to narrow down your area of interest.


The DreamBase is nothing more than a place to input, search for, and display dreams. It uses an ads management database converted for use with dreams. The software isn’t perfect, but we’re cleaning this up day by day. We do intend on improving this database as time and money become available.

Dreamers who are registered in the DreamBase can log their own dreams for several purposes. What could be very unique about the DreamBase is that our dreamers cannot modify their dream once it is input. The reason for this policy is to allow for future dream validation if and when the dream “comes true.”

But even if the dreamer doesn’t think the dream has future value in terms of precognition, the dream is still valuable to the NDC because our various DreamBots actually look at those dreams for linguistics analysis. Each dream is a minuscule portion of the overall collective unconscious, which is something C. G. Jung postulated as dreams holding past archetypical events and future events as well.

So in essence, the DreamBot is one of the few ways researchers can see a snapshot of the collective unconscious and draw meaningful conclusions and inferences about possible future events.

The Forum

This is the brand new area of the site, and it’s where people are making a difference in our world. Because of our new Paradigm 3 program, we needed a platform where we could collectively figure out the future, and then collectively make a few tweaks to the future, if need be.

There is a lot of work being accomplished behind the scenes, and most of that work is in the forums. We are:

  1. Publishing daily DreamBot linguistics runs, which will give a quick snapshot of memes and trends happening in the global dreamscape.
  2. Publishing future headlines based on dream incubations and linguistic runs.
  3. Laying down mission sets for participating dreamers to see the future.
  4. Training DreamForecasters on how to read and analyze dreams and develop reliable and meaningful predictive headlines.

…and much more.


All the areas of the NDC website are completely free with no strings attached. You can simply visit and observe, or roll up the sleeves and help us out. Here are all the ways you can participate:

1. Email updates: Want to get notified when something big crops up at the NDC? Sign up for email alerts on the easy form at the top right of this page.

2. Log dreams: We accept run-of-the-mill dreams and the big prophetic dreams. Simply register and start filling out the form.

3. Help identify future trends. You simply look at the recent dreams, and then look at the linguistics. See any overlaps? If so, you’ll need to register in the forums and post a comment in the related linguistics thread.

4. Find news for our headlines.

5. Dreaming with a purpose. Join Paradigm 3 and help us incubate future dreams. This team is called P1 (Paradigm 1).

6. Help create a better future for humanity. Join Paradigm 3 and help us CHANGE the future. This team is called P2 (Paradigm 2).

7. Become a DreamForecaster. This is most difficult and challenging position at the NDC, but it’s also extremely rewarding. You’ll be looking at dreams, linguistics, and P2 intentions to determine humanity’s most probably future.


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Don’t miss our daily DreamBot run which shows a brief status of the collective unconscious.


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