Dreamer predicted Michigan murder and more…

We had a few more headlines hitting it big yesterday, but I need to keep focused on the future. Time permitting, I’ll get to the other news soon (in addition to formatting and publishing all those Proj Aug headlines I promised).

The reason this post is so important is because a dream from a very gifted dreamer reveals a potentially troublesome agenda that might be playing out now.

Of course, when we get into this level of work, it becomes exponentially more difficult to locate the absolute truth. Therefore, I simply present the information here, and then it’s up to you to figure out whether there’s anything to be concerned about.

Project Uno

We begin with a Project Uno dream. These dreams were collected from participants who intended to dream about August 1st. They got one shot at predicting a big August 1st headline based only on what they dreamed.

So far, Project Uno dreams have had some incredible hits, such as “Virus goes Viral” and several others. Let’s focus on this one now…

Two teen boys kill a teen girl, the boys have associations with the Nazi movement/party.

The kids were parting in the back country when the Murder occurred, in Michigan.

Grief, Loss.

The mother of one of the boys says “My son didn’t kill anyone, don’t punish my son and ruin another family because of the loss of this young girls life.”

***In my dream there was blood on both of the boys hands, and there are others who know what happened but they are too scared to come forward***

Note: FULL DREAM is documented below in the appendix.


Michigan—Teen Murdered

This is the same dream we cryptically referenced in an earlier post, but did not release specifics because this case was still under local investigation. But let’s go back a few days ago to get the dreamer’s impressions. This is the email I received just hours after Michigan’s April Milsap was tragically murdered:

Chris this the girl from my dream.


Now I am questioning my abilities, shouldn’t I be able to use this gift to help people or stop events like this from happening?

I am so distraught over this one, I am sorry. The pain, I can feel the pain from my dream as if this happened to my own daughter. I think this pain is more than I can bare….

This is soooo not @#$%ing right!

The dreamer verified that this teenager was in fact her dream character based on age, hair, looks, and most of the other details that have since come forth.

In fact, because this gifted Lakota dreamer had much more dream details about this murder, I encouraged her to contact the authorities/investigators, which she has done. For those unfamiliar about this case, basically a 14-year old female teen takes her dog for a walk and goes missing. One article says this…

Millsap was reported missing by her mother last Thursday after she failed to return home from walking her dog, which she did nearly every night. Her body was found hours later by a couple walking Macomb Orchard Trail near Fulton and Depot roads.

Police said the girl’s Border Collie, Penny, stayed with Millsap’s body until she caught the couple’s attention.

The teen’s death has been ruled a homicide, although authorities have released few details about the cause — except to say that she was not shot or stabbed.

According to reports, a text message was sent from Millsap’s phone to her boyfriend, indicating she thought she was about to be abducted. The message stated “Omg. Wtf. I think I’m being kidnapped,” the Macomb Daily reported.



Apparently, the investigation was too much for the local police units to handle. They have now escalated the process and invited the FBI to participate.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

On the one hand, Milsap’s murderers do NOT deserve to run off scot free. But on the other hand, when is it too much in a free society to interrogate every single individual on the street?

The Big Question

Probably the biggest thing that stands out in the dream is the affiliation to Nazi-ism. The only connection to the Nazi movement thus far is that two white teens were seen near the crime but have not been seen since.

Perhaps this dream was all literal, in that Nazi-ism was, in fact, the impetus for the murder. However, there is yet another possibility…

The huge motif of Nazi here might actually have been a precognitive warning. Some alternative news has published videos and text that describe the FBI’s search in Michigan to be extraordinarily invasive (Nazi-like).

The first indication is the fact that they’ve set up checkpoints:


By the way…the best pictures of these checkpoints and the case as a whole are here (notice how this news is so big now that the UK is reporting on it):


But the big question is why the FBI is apparently putting big X-marks on everyone’s hands as they are being interrogated? This aspect is being reported by big sites such as The Blaze:


(an aside: notice how this last article was published right on Project Uno day, and is the closest action to Nazi-ism out there…door to door searches, branding and categorizing people, etc.)

One person said, “I foresee a MASSIVE lawsuit alleging 4th and 5th amendment violations for using this practice. The simple fact is that such checkpoints are inherently illegal. I suggest EVERYONE tell the cops that they do NOT consent and will NOT allow any search.”

If you’re interested, one of the local news video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICJoTxf1Wbw



So now I ask you, which is it?

a. The killer(s) have a connection to the Nazi movement

b. This whole situation has morphed into Nazi-ism?

c. Both

d. None of the above.

The whole reason I stress the importance of Answer B is because some alternative sites are claiming that this situation is either a test of Nazi-istic viability OR worse, an actual pretext for this type of search/seizure/identification in the future.

Who’s right? I don’t know, and I can see both sides. My hope is that D is correct, but I have this strange feeling that Answer C might be correct.

Time will hopefully tell, but either way, our resident Lakota DreamWeaver gets another hit here, even if it’s metaphoric (i.e., Answer B).


Also see our ongoing dreamer’s thread on this issue: http://nationaldreamcenter.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=21&pid=1523#pid1523


Appendix (Entire Dream)

Lakota Dreamer shares the full dream…

I am walking down a path in the middle of nowhere, (County) There is a hill or mountain to my left. I am on my way home,  I notice my curly hair bouncing next to my face as I look out over the trees/shrubs. There are two teen boys, white; they are talking to me and trying to get me to come and party with them and three other people, two girls in a black jeep, the kind with the top off in the back.
One of the girls is hiding behind the jeep, she is the one who has put the boys up to harming me, she doesn’t like me, she is a classmate from school, and she is dating one of the boys, he wants to impress her. The other girl, dark hair, past her shoulders, very pretty is talking to a young male on a blue motorcycle. The jeep has several bottles of booze in it, they are partying out here.
The murder is quick but a blur, the scene is spinning, I can feel hands on my body someone is holding me around the neck with I think their arm, I am gasping for air, I feel pain in my stomach, I cant see anything, I am crying tears, but no sounds come out.
I am no longer in the body of the young girl, I am now standing outside of the scene watching, there is a voice coming from behind me, a woman yelling “They have Nazi Connections”.
I see both boys now with red on the palms of their hands…. they are both guilty, this is symbolic. I see the other two girls hiding behind the jeep and the boy takes off on his bike.
As I am walking up the mountain/hill I see a town below, it is a small town, the houses are far apart and one of the boys is standing next to his mother outside of their modular home. She is holding the boys shoulders and speaking to the press. She says her boy did not do it. Again I hear the voice coming from behind me and again yelling “They have Nazi Connections” there are a lot of voices now yelling at the boys, like a mod of angry men and woman.



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Dreamer predicted Michigan murder and more… — 4 Comments

  1. If the police did not do everything possible to catch the murderers the media and the community members would be hanging them, judging from the local news article people are freaking out

    • Can’t argue with that, Dean. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Nonetheless, the nazi archetype is quite alive here, which, by the way matches the incremental runup in the weekly linguistics (and Project August for that matter). Thanks for the comment (as always).

  2. Psychic impression: The motorcycle is a Yamaha dual sport (street/off road). “Felt” this after reading in the dream “blue motorcycle”. Impression was of a blue and white motorcycle (Yamaha dual sport colors) 125cc to 200cc, possibly 250cc, no larger. Feels closer to 175 cc. My impression was verified by one of the articles describing a blue and white motorcycle. I read the article after I had the impression.

  3. News Update: August 6th 2014.

    Armada teen April Millsap’s cause of death: Blunt head trauma, asphyxia

    ARMADA, Mich. (DETROIT FREE PRESS) — An Armada teen whose body was found in a wooded area north of the Macomb Orchard trail two weeks ago died of blunt head trauma and asphyxia due to neck compression, according to a death certificate filed today in the Macomb County Clerk’s Office.

    April Millsap’s death certificate states that the approximate interval between onset and death was minutes and lists her manner of death as a homicide.