Headline #2: Bundyfest registers a hit!

Way back in our very first weeks of Project August, one of our dreamers was taken on an astounding, metaphoric dream journey. Within days, out popped our second headline…“The Bundy Ranch Goes Nuclear!”

Not only is our #2 Headline NOT weakening, but it’s actually multiplying to other places on the US map. Although no bullets have fired yet that we know of, tensions surrounding this original meme are certainly escalating.

In fact…

BLM, local law enforcement tensions near breaking point in the West

By John M. Glionna | Aug 4th, 2014

(First, some “share-lines” from their readers):

Western sheriffs accuse BLM of elitism: ‘They have a hard time recognizing our authority’

Federal authorities feel so threatened in some rural areas in the West that they patrol in unmarked cars

‘Right or wrong, some equate BLM’s law enforcement operations to the Gestapo of the World War II era’

(Snippets of article …)

James Perkins sees the federal Bureau of Land Management more as a belligerent occupying army than a government agency serving U.S. citizens, including those like him in south-central Utah.

Perkins is the sheriff of Garfield County, a rural bastion the size of Connecticut with only 5,500 residents, where 90% of the land is maintained by the BLM. The relationship between local law enforcement and often heavily armed federal officers has always been tense, and now threatens to reach a breaking point.

They didn’t mince words.

“Over the past decade or so we have observed and experienced a militarization of BLM’s officers,” said Leland Pollack, a Garfield County commissioner. “Right or wrong, some equate BLM’s law enforcement operations to the Gestapo of the World War II era.”

For those of you who want the quick summary…basically we’re not looking at just Clive Bundy / militia groups versus the far left / naked protesters (yeah, you heard me right….look up BundyFest). Now the struggle is much higher. We’re talking two well-armed governmental bodies here, and they claim it’s “at the breaking point!”


If you’re new to the NDC, then welcome! This article explains how one of our 119 Project August headlines came true (or at least registered a decent hit on our DreamSeer scale.) We’re still in phase 1 of formulating predictions based on collective dreamwork, and thus some of the content seems dire and substantially negative.

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More Irony (or is it oxy-moron?)

These situations certainly aren’t easy, but to make matters even more convoluted, we have groups FIGHTING (their words not mine) against both the bickering parties. Here’s the bi-line…see if you can catch the irony/oxy-moron:

“A new report from a national organization dedicated to fighting hate groups and racism takes the government to task for mishandling the April 12 armed showdown with Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy.


Hmmmm…an organization “dedicated to FIGHTING hate groups.” Does that make it a hate group that hates hate?

More headlines:





DreamSeer Score for Headline #2

Although ammo hasn’t been used yet (that we know of), this situation has escalated considerably and terned into an ominous meme, almost into something that could be subjectively considered “nuclear.” It’s gone from purely private folks (the far right vs the far left) to now an inter-governmental posturing and even some significant threats.

A perfect 5.0 score would obviously require a bigger scuffle that what we’ve seen, but these troubling headlines do register on the DreamSeer scale. The number is certainly debatable (hinged on what people would consider “nuclear,” but we will start off with a 2.5, particularly because this matchup is no longer in private hands, but rather two well-armed, well-trained groups, with the fire being stoked by a hate group that hates hate.


Next up…the trouble in the Pacific could register yet another Proj Aug biggie…stay tuned.


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Copyright © 2014 Chris McCleary. Except for quotes, all rights reserved and any reference about this material requires a link back to this page.

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